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Paul you sure will be missed...Until we meet again my friend.

Yes Mr. Esters plays in that band. His son Randy is my next door neighbor ~!~!

Such an appropriate song to hear right now. Rest in Peace, Mr Paul.

This song hits so much different with him gone. R.I.P. Mr. Paul

Rest In Peace our brother. He and I recorded that song and so weird to hear now. A good soul!



Don't worry, I didn't get any adds <3

cuz its fucking restarted make a vid bout it

0:09 Off he jumps into the trash!


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I absolutely love sea animals when u grow older I really wanna be a marine biologist so I will study a lot in college I also really enjoy eating sea animals it’s really good :) I also have NEVER tried uni before but it looks delicious ?

I really love your how-to content, like the persimmon and steamed fish!!! We want more

Without reading the title, I thought this was “perfectly fried whiting filets with some golden corn meal”

Looks like a tongue

Wait a tick laddy, you dont cook it? That just outright not British that is!


Naw, the Finger’s totally balanced. It costs a fortune to fire. /s

OKAY. I'VE BEEN WAITING TO MAKE THIS COMMENT FOR WEEKS: You really gave the 'finger' to balance didn't you? I'll show myself out to the gallows.

so you've discovered the finger! this makes the boss fight freakishly easy. my fave weapon apart from the finger is the 1000 round machine gun.

Need to take time to make may PS1 emulator run smoother. Very buggy right now. When i use a machine gun it does zero damage in game...

The widescreen setup looks good TBM!


to create synthetic long stock. do i have to enter both trades manually or platform usually have synthetic entry?

What's the point of going synthetic long when you can just buy a call.. isn't it a directional play? Synthetic seems like it has more risk for no reason

and how do we cope with assignment on the short puts? roll the puts? Buy the shares, but then we must have enough money.

too much risk to the downside! Bull put spread instead of naked long put, but then it costs more but we are hedged to the downside.

Explained like stereo instructions


Any buyer is there please contact

Onecoin === one IDIOT

Pliz stop this kind of unofficial news

OneCoin !!!!!!!!!!

Its a frud company. Plz see detail on BBC news story on one coin


VI VID is the hidden gem


Wow cool a bunch of info on more shitcoins thanks

Great job done with Maskoffweb,com service they credited my bitcoin wallet with £6.000 hack transfers today

LRC Loopring is also coming back from 2018

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the monthly stoch rsi on digibyte just crossed bullish ,,its on its on its on !!!!


Moderator kills me with the “umms”. But good topic and worth a watch.

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Thank you for the info sir.. :)


Double suicide ending not really necessary; too easy a way out--would have been better if they just continued to live making each other miserable; otherwise, fantastic film--Kirk Douglas at his usual best.

This was great, thank you very much!

Good movie.

Rip Kirk Douglas

That actually was a pretty good movie! Thanks!



that intro is pretty long. impressive

wp dude clea plays!

yesterday i played a match against jax and my score was 0/3! because I want to trade in level 3 without trying to dodge his E! after this game I said oh shit RTO has a video how to beat jax! I watched it and in the match right after the first I still played against Jax again and my socre 5/0 1v1 in 20 min! thank you very much RTO

even in a 10 min game you get the 6/0 dream. RTO>SRO


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Huge fan of EXPR. Friday was just the beginning for them with lots of room to run. I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits $5 in a few weeks and $10 in a few months. Will Meade who made the tweet on it also called GameStop at $5 and it’s now over $65! EXPR definitely has good days ahead!

I have Robinhood is having Webull necessary?

Notification gang, thanks for securing us profits every week!

Do you know start up « sky fi » nano satellite, what is the ticker? Merci


Am I the only one that hate all those "wannabe happy" songs ?

All the views were mixed up



4:28 ??? Khalid is the best


3:19 nice beat bro

Unlike other video's transcript for this video plays in a different language than English. Can that be changed by the viewer?

please make some video of how to measure data in SPSS or any statistical computer application. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO

You are an excellent teacher and a fantastic composer.




account details se kaise kare

Atm wala option click karte hi cif no nahi aa rha hai account number and date of birth aa rha hai

Tq so much sir

Sir isee use kerne se koi benefits he ,,like cashbacks


Good tips
I really love it ✨?

Are you using Bollinger Bands in your day to day trading?

Did you actually tested that strategy? with the 60 bb length?


Congratulations! Must be a surreal feeling.


that’s suppressive to see how Poloniex is getting worse with days, it used to be a reliable platform before

Syscoin has a very dedicated dev team, I don't understand how an exchange could de-list it. Definitely a mistake. Maybe they don't want to do the upgrades needed for the upcoming upgrade.

maybe they will delist Grin sooner?

how to delist peercoin? Are you crazy ?

How to withdraw my bsv coin in polonix. Which wallet is working in india

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The weeb meme is too kyoot and kawiiiiiiiii

* makes bunny hat portal * there of you want to see creachers like me jump throo

Fukkin ossss many cr. Words yo shut yo m Mel


The Chara one is actually good


okay so with the boat glitch i quit the game and reopened it but i went of forums and they said fly away from harbor then fly back and it works to reset it

How do you get to the broken Isles

The boat vanished as soon as I turned in the quest idk what to do


भाई आपकी age क्या है

Abbe sale glliz kiu kiya

Sir when will Skyler character come in our server please give me answer

Bhai Mujhe DJ Alok de do please

Tum karoge to bahut achcha Ho Gaya yaar


Thanks for not over complicating it

Thanks it is way too convoluted to find this place and no one else was explaining properly.

Great video, short and to the point. Thank you!

anyone every try to move the camera while watching a video like this?

You saved my life! I spent a lot of time looking... thank you very much!


Yesssssss new videoo


Nice set man,nice all video set XD

Ayoo cool set lol

Next 5Dl Set Black/Cyan


What if u can’t drive yet?

Can a person have 2 wells Fargo accounts???
Or 2 chase bank account???

How about savings

You don't reply people on comment, how can we subscribe when you don't even reply

Thank you very much sir


There's a bit of a problem with your technology theory. Technological development isn't a line, it's a twisting, branching thing that leads you to a thousand different things before you get to what you want. If they got to the point where they were making super ice swords and advanced camo gear then they would have civilizations so advanced that they never would have actually lost any of their wars. Magic just makes more sense in this case.
Now the valyrians, they could be science (if we discount the semi-historical accounts of them actually using magic as well as the examples in the show/books). Valyrian steel? A chemical in dragonfire alters it. Glass candles? Requires an energy current to light up. I mean, we know that these are magic but they could actually be explained away as science. White walkers? Not so much.
Also your explanation relies on psychic trees and ignores the inability of different species to interbreed so it already uses magic. We started off with warcraft levels of biological sense.

So a Targaryan rode her dragon south across Sothoros for years and did not find its southern end. Even halfing that trip accounting for return trip Sothoros is crazy big in area of land mass. Why wouldn't the lands of always winter follow suit. Also I'm 99% sure grrm has said that Os is a globe, so theres definitely wrap around. Also like you mentioned, the azor ahai/long night mythos extends over to far eastern Essos, where the five forts are... Which are by far the most interesting feature in the world imo given their size, construction and mysterious purpose. I dont claim to have any answers. Another thing to recall is that this wont be a typical good v. evil tolkien tale, and we have a bittersweet ending to look forward to(if ever penned)

So how did finding out that the COTF created the white walkers change your theory? It does keep up with the fact that they are humans, therefore dangerous. Do you think it will be the same in the books?

Sir your video is good I like to point few facts for you in the new encyclopedia of Ice and Fire there was Warg King it reads that he lived after the "War of Dawn" rule the area name Sea Dragon Point. That is where Starks got their Warg's abilities from please check it out awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Warg_King

A different level of intelligence in this video and very well done. I’m thinking if you combine the last portion about the Lord Commander and his love, combine it with Secrets of the Citadel’s History or Future and Smokescreens most recent video 5 days ago about where this will end and how... you’ve got the whole picture. Chills

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Good pickup line, Marth

When will she meet Ridley, i think they could team up greatly

at least they didnt ask if she was on the menu

Marth just wants to know the secret to get his Melee arms back


So that is why team spirit paint its so expensive.

I think what annoys me the most is all the unnecessary spaces in function calls. m_wtf->is( this )

Could someone check Escape from Tarkov code? ??

they talk like a bunch of angry black mesa employees


Cảm ơn ad đã chia sẻ. Kiếm rất nhiều PHT rùi.

Chi mình hỏi như chơi game thì số PHT tự động chuyển về hay mình làm sao. Bạn có thể hướng dẫn đc k.


Cám ơn bạn chia sẻ

phần mềm đào Tiền tốt nhất


Dribble dribble dribble... should practice how to explain to make a pb n’ jelly.

Awesome video man! Will you be doing any e90 videos like this one?

Hi, is it possible to clean oil service by using ISTA on my e46 m52tu25 engine ?

dean ie53 3.0d 200 i dont have pulse and 12 v power to my injectors and no start

Mine doesnt want to read the info of the car.. 316i e90.. What do i do wrong