Great work intellipaat team

Highly understandable voice, and clear explanations great work!

Is this meant for IT guys?

Excellent tutorial. I came away with an understanding of how things are organized in Microstrategy

Can we create manual filters with drop-downs for example in 1st filter - Region, 2nd filter - Store, 3rd filter - District, etc., I would be appreciate if it can be done. ?


Vc é muito talentoso! PARABENS! Te admiro!



O mizeravi e um gênio=>=


Caramba o maluco é brabo !!!


1:11 rasseln

Amen. ❤️?????

Thank you! Praying for OnePassion Ministries from Canada!

Precious ? thanks be to God for the persecution that I'm not worthy to suffer!! Blessed be the name of the Lord and his praises will last forever ? Thank you Pastor Steve Lawson for your faithfulness in the work of our Blessed Saviour who gives us the power to endure for his precious names sake!! Thanks be to God for his blessings and his word ??

I thank my God for your devotions. I need this!

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Say word Bagman!

On point, shared.

Btc over 14k xrp... <.25cents... woo hoo

I was told xrp's always last to pump, but when it does, there's no looking back.

Numero dos


kalo udh beroperasi normal apa harus booking tiket juga min? soalnya aku coba ambil antrian/booking ga ada pilihannya di krl access

Tarif nya jangan dibuat flat lah
tapi ada tarif jarak pendek/jarak jauh
...spt di KRL Jabotabek lah...

Alhamdulillah stasiun srowot aktif lagi

Motif2 di badan dan di langit2 krl akan digantikan oleh space iklan...hehehehe

Kalo pembayaran cash apa bisa ?


Love Primetime!! I know he was on The Falcons, Ravens and 49ers, but he will best be known for his time with COWBOYS!!!

Prime is not only the Goat but a great inspirational and wise person ?????

You didn’t invent me so you can’t prevent me.

Love it

Anytime Deion speaks I listen period always ????


This was amazingly helpful. ??

Do these IPTV apps automatically know your location? So they will automatically show UK and Ireland based channels on launch? or are they assuming you are from the USA?

does it work with samsung smart TV, how much please?

Thx for this info. New owner of a fire stick 4k here. Man, I could listen to u speak all day. Salute' Tee

I would like for someone to make an iptv music service cuz went playing music on these iptv they all freezes or buff and I’ve try a lot of iptv service and my first test is the music when they freezes or buff that’s when I know that theirs going to be problems,ok Apollo tv is the best one I’ve seen in years but some of the music channels won’t play,I love theirs ON DEMAND MOVIE AND TV SERIES,SOMETIMES THE TV CHANNELS WOULD WORK RIGHT NOW TRYING TO WATCH A LIVE CHANNEL AND GUESS WHAT NO VOICE LOL I CAN NEVER SEE A GOOD LIVE PROGRAM CUZ ONCE U START TO WATCH WHAT EVER IS ON APOLLO CHANNEL IN 30 minutes it starts to freezes,now I always clear my Cache,close what ever apps might be running in the background,restart my fire stick,see here we go again trying to watch live tv and it’s buffing,I can’t never watch a decent program meaning live on Apollo it’s only good for tv series and movie,I have to watch live tv on another iptv service it a good thing I have another iptv service and this one only cost me 5 dollars,anyway again I wish someone can come up with IPTV MUSIC SERVICE ,hey don’t get me wrong I still love APOLLO TV,,,,,,,BUTTTTTTTT


Great video, you can find all NFTs out there on https://playtoearn.net/non-fungible-token

How do sell art, I finally know what I’m going to be

Where do we buy these - anything in Binance

Nuts...no, they're not fruit, but this NFT stuff is.

That must be Cryto Lark from 1990 :D


I love the name: StartAlexSmith

Wow, a youtuber that promotes a wallet instead of raid shadow legends... amazing

My grandpa does not use .308 to hunt elk in the Alaska wilderness, because there are no elk in the Alaska wilderness

Please do how to play recruit.

1:53 OUTSIDE B OUTSIDE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I 've used green leaf, patanjali n aroma treasures...bt found green leaf best.. Aroma doesn't smell gud.. Will try others also

Good work

patanjali is always best

wow ka chaiye kha milega

nature's aloe Vera gel is best... for oily skin.... so me use nature's ... best product

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I cant slide an option to the right dude. I have the kik browser but it has already preset websites. I just cant find a search button.


Nice one bro

Great video, loved how you added your brother in it.


first hahaahah a no viwes yet

Mashallah your baby is soo cute

i love you queen!




please help me. i download properly but i wanted to update new version i messed up everything. when i plug in and hold left button its say update if i hold right button its say bootloader. please tell me how to get back my coins.

I have to be honest this was barely any use.. it was sloppy at best.. this presenter is so full of waffle and pithy life coaching words.. but it is so insincere I could cry.. sorry but been bumping into this channel for 15 months and it's the same old silliness..

can i ad more ledgers to my account?

why will it only let me add 4 apps? if say I need a firmware update but i am out of data space.

Does my Ledger Nano S need to be connected to receive coin?

Can I open the Ledger, get the ‘receiving coin’ address,
send that address to the sender and then disconnect the Ledger?


Binance hesabında kredi kartını direkt kullanmak mı daha kolay yoksa papara kullanmak mı?

Selamlar. Bu borsalardan alınan cüzdan kodları değişebiliyor mu. Mesela Binance den alınan ETH cüzdan kod u değişiyor mu?

hocam merhaba. emeğinize sağlık öncelikle. bir de kısa bir sorum olacaktı.
TL çekim işlemi ekranında bir problem yaşıyorum.
şöyleki; papara hesabım yoktu önceden. arkadaşımın papara hesabına yolladım. sonra da ondan aldım.
arkadaşımın vatandaşlık numarası orada yazılı kaldı. silemiyorum ve değiştiremiyorum. kendi vatandaşlık numaramı yazamıyorum.

bu sorunu sizce nasıl çözerim? teşekkürler

papara komisyon alıyor demi

Merhaba şuan güncel olarak onaylı olmayan hesaba para yatırma-çekme limiti ne kadar?

39 views | 3 months ago days ago

When he smacked the pasta on his head lmaooo

"Feed the board" ?

4 115 views | 6 years ago days ago

Luciana Paluzzi is one of my favorite Bond girls. With her long flowing red hair, seductive voice, and all.

145 517 views | 3 months ago days ago

He got alittle hottie with him tho

Wow this is gold.

He was even better on Bang Bus.

LOL that's the money he used to start building his empire

I thought this was in the 90's based off of the quality and how young Malice looked... That's until they said "most searched on Yahoo in 2006".

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Economics is not science and highly subjective and hence always political. Never these two can be segregated.

Neeraj ji please start in Hindi too.

I guess he is back home ?

Looking very fresh today Niraj.

I guess he is back home ?


Excellent Tim!! Great information!

Unfortunate it had to to happen the way it did and you were the victim, but sharing your story has made us aware of some of the things that we can do to protect ourselves. There are once a year auctions around here that people donate to so that the club or organization can raise money to support themselves and it's done by volunteer auctioneers.

Recently went with cash in hand to buy a old Ford truck, had 3 I found on Craigslist, EACH one the person selling was NOT the owner per title etc, one said their uncle gave it to them & he supposedly signed & dated everything, another he was selling his step dads truck LOL , I passed them up, YES one long discussion with one helped to throw up some red flags.

I would buy from a dealer because I would not trust any auction, I have been to some to watch but not bidding.


This is very helpful for potential buyers. Thank you for putting this out.

There is a premium placed on price for buying from a licensed and bonded auction house, or dealer for insurance against possible scams. Bonding gives insurance against stolen property, and communication with lien holders. Reputable factory dealers offer that plus you know safety systems are fully functional. I don’t care who the private seller is, there should be a small price discount for forgoing those assurances even with every receipt in hand.

I grew up with small farming town life. Even the poor farmers were as honest as the day is long. Life has evolved and it’s rare to find a fraction of the honesty and honor any longer from anyone. There are a few but spotting them is difficult. Luckily my dealer is one of the best. Their word is worth more than a signature.

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Everyone:jade is so funny
Me:cat is so cutee

I love cat


But the bunny was OK ! 000 the bunny was far from OK.


Italy Vatican and the whole nation Pakistan power outages, Trump is in Colorado bunker thinking btc crashing?

I’m really glad I’m the first to comment on your wonderful videos

Hey mate can I ask you for advice in which place in the uk would be the best to sign up and buy stellar? I will do my own research, but need help pointed in the right direction

Can I have $1,000,000



God this is all a creepy nightmare ?


What are your thoughts on Biden calling himself "a significant consumer of health care"?


Блин у меня всё прошилось нормально тока телефон не включается. иногда при нажатии вкл вибрирует и всё равно лежит как кирпич :(

Драйверов не было установлено,вот и не шло.

Спасибо большое, очень помог. Всё оказалось гораздо проще, чем я думал. Ещё раз благодарю.

спс большое без твоего видео не смог бы ничего понять!!!!) ещё раз спасибо!)

1 088 views | 3 years ago days ago

Thank you for all the help you are providing to the community. I have learned a lot from these broadcasts already. Cheers ?

468 views | 2 years ago days ago

this is just UNREAL!!! lets ride this wave!!! triple overhead here we go!!!

Oh my God. I had to go to the ear doctor on that one

lovely vid!

I still have 11111 shares of PJET from this morning lol I was waiting for a dip to buy back in but it’s up even more now! 148% Unreal! How high / low will this go?

I read that Kaly has an "Extraction" deal with Puration. How much does this have to do with the spike?

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Maintainance workers cleaning those windows win.

This should have been built in America here at home. The Americans help make this Company. Apple .Co are Traitors to all Americans who helped make them great. Apple is now working for and with Communist China "CCP". They need to be banned from America asap.

Smash that unlike button

Will you please make a thin slim ( watch )(watch )

How ironic an Apple building built with all Windows.. ; )


No, you are certainly not alone in becoming more attached to the ones that you've saved. Who could fail to love an underdog which made it back to health from near death? I have a tiny little zygo back bulb (the only surviving pseudobulb) which had an even tinier new growth. I thought, what the hey - let's give it a chance - and now it has two little roots! ♥️♥️ The setback will be terrible I'm sure, but i don't really care ?

You should definitely try more Trichopilia Orchids, I used to have Tortillis and Suavis in Hermosillo, Mexico which is a city in the north, a very warm and dry city! 47 degrees celsius on summer, and even being there with me, it managed to bloom for me every year, punctually! They’re the best! Now I live in New Jersey and been struggling so much to find the suavis one ?

Hi I have a phalaenopsis when I bought it it had about 20 buds most of them shriveled fell off about a year later new stem had three buds all shriveled fell off now just left with stem also base went yellow and the leaves fell off has a few air roots some wrinkled can't see roots in clear pot is it dead. Also I have a oncidium in clear pot with no pseudobulb but have leaves and it is wobbly in pot when I had it it was in bloom with one spike following year two spikes now haven't flowered for about two to three years is it dying. Do you have any videos on this Thanks

Hey guys! Just reminding you that in the description you will find additional links related to today's video and also links to my Orchid Care for Beginners series, Care Tutorials for Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Oncidiums, etc., links to products I use & more! I receive so many comments and messages daily on all my platforms, it is impossible for me to get to all, but I try to link videos on the most common questions in the descriptions of my videos. You can also search for answers on almost ALL orchid related topics by typing in the YouTube search bar 'missorchidgirl' followed by the orchid subject you want to learn more about! I have many many videos and I think you'll find a video from me on the subject, just in case I don't get to answer your comment. Thank you! ??

Thanks to your videos I managed to save one of my phals with black rot. I would have thrown it away had it not been for the fact that I saw somewhere (can't remember where) but one of your vids had about black rot. Anyway, I only had two half leaves left on it after cutting it all away and it had been set back for the last two years but finally, it put up a flower spike this year! I'm so glad I didn't toss it away. ? Thank you.


So its added can you use it though?

I added mine but google says they wont use preay cards.

Everything I use it it says defined


love this one

nice reeview of Chinese ETF

Nice tips! Great job :) I subscribed

Very nice!

HTG molecular was always one I watched!