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Save Orbs - Red Star Rate Adjusted UP - MARVEL Strike Force - MSF

32 747 views | 27 Feb. 2020

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ledzepaldo 777

These are must be spending big money on this game. Hoarding all these orbs and still smashing Ult 7 and nearly ready for DD3?

Owen DL99

“Just make it up when I say it” hahaha


milestone orbs can drop some of the mini uniques so i would open them to help take characters to 14

Seminole Warrior

Something must be wrong with my account, I don't have my 8 red 8 yellow star Red Hulk.....


Prince Charming

I’m like 2 shards away from hela to 3 stars so I agrressivly opened hundreds of premium orbs but didn’t get her. I did get sinister tho to 4 stars so it wasn’t a waste at least


I hoard zero. FTP, 684 days, 4.8 mill cp

Faust Tsui

orb opening event happens twice a year, it's not a one time thing

Der Fledermausmann

Man I was just discussing this on reddit but if they really wanted to go hard, they could release 10 characters a month for a decade and still not have finished all the Marvel Characters. It's insane. Once you get the time displaced and multiverse guys in... There's literally no stop to it. I mean they could just make up shit as well, like the bastard child of wolverine and she-hulk, and his sister/cousin/niece, the bastard child of Hulk and X-23.

They don't exist... Yet...

I'm personally looking forward to Emperor Doom who will power creep the yet unreleased Dr Doom who will likely power creep the unreleased Doombot, who will power creep Age of Ultron Ultron who is the final form of existing Ultron who will get a kit rework following dark dimension iv: dark electric blue-galoo.

I jest but if you search your feelings... YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE, LUKE (cage).


Captain Marvel's drop rate is atrocious for such a good character. :( Hopefully they can increase it again in the future. (I know that's worse for older players, but for newer players, the difficulty of getting her is EXTREMELY brutal.

That being said - What TCP would you recommend that people start to consider hoarding, give or take?


With basic orbs I leveled Colosus to 3 stars.

Six Gage

Milestone orbs didnt count toward orb event either

Jonathan Hadden

The entire premise behind these strategies is that the reward is assigned when opened. Most game apps actually assign the reward as they're won, making the opening nothing more than a graphic reveal. Unless you KNOW otherwise from a FoxNext programmer, when they change the orb stats (characyer/ drop rate), it will ONLY affect those Orbs that are won AFTER the change, making hoarding a wasted effort.

Sam Grig

Red Hulk was playable in Marvel Avengers Alliance. He was actually pretty good on defense for a while.

irwan affendi

Im save my orb..but when im update the game...done...all my orbs gone...nice....?

Drew Lewis

Was a hard choice kind of for me but I ended up using my gold star to upgrade Rescue to 6 Red Stars. Saving my other upgrade for Captain Marvel or Phoenix though like you. I pulled my first 7 Red Star last week Cyclops!

Andreas Friedrich

For whales like you its easy to Hord orbs all the others should just use them


click bate. u make the title sound like we should save red stars for something that is coming

Kyle Vale

How often do the rates on the orb drops change? Should I be checking every week? Month?

Aiden Meadows

I never use to horde orbs but since the avalanche orbs milestone I have now started but seriously what is the drop rate on hela in premium orbs I’ve opened about 30 so far and not got her once I need to make use of the 6 red I have on her

Rahthepredator Davis

Love when you 2 guys come together to do a video both you guys ROCK!!..Ohemgee 2years in been following ya.


Careful hoarding alphabet raid orbs. I sat on Black Panther alphabet raid orbs too long and they disappeared when the orb was updated to something else. I have the ticket response that the shards are technically still there... just can't get to them.

Alfredo Borja

I farmed Stryfe for about a week in one.of the stores

jay howard

This becomes a habit instead of a strategy. The premiums are absolutely worth opening now with the update of characters inside. There’s a line between strategically saving orbs and keeping your account back.

Always enjoy the videos either way??

Talk Show

We want so much resources

BrettMan Good Reel Hunting

Good video and advice! She Hulk will be released when the Disney Plus Show comes out for her (same as Moon Knight)

Dennis Wolzak

Red Hulk!!! Yeahhhh. Hehe :)


Its easy to horde when you whole rooster is like 7* and you don't need most stuff....

Insane Native

Omg account overview time 12 min valley time on account see u next time hulk smash

William P

And Hydra minions! ? #WeNeedMoreGold

Marcelo Picosse

Love your vídeos. You are great!


Just make it to where if they’re not used with in two weeks you loose em

Joshua Kirkland

Your green screen graphic is crazy lol

Matthew Young

Black Bolt isn't going to hit premium, he's a legendary.

Steven Mills

Seems like these guys were told not to push hoarding orbs.


I disagree.. we should definitely hoard red stars, considering that the drop rate for good star drops are shitty.. might as well summon in bulk....lol


who wants to see the red hulk on here? Galactus anyone?

Generally Speaking

If midgame players open 10 at once..they will increase power much quicker

Ryan Hernden

I pulled a 6RS Sinister. Can't wait until he's farmable. I have him at 3GS

Christoffer Boesen

I didn't know about the changing percentages either.. Nice to know.

Roderick Mosley

You guys are Awesome!

Insane Native

Sounds like a intervention

Generally Speaking

Open 10 gold's at a time omg... maybe I'm lucky but I've hit 1 millions a bunch of times

Juha Meriläinen

I'm an end game or nearly end game player with chronically bad luck with red stars. I opened a bunch of orbs when Yo-Yo and Cyclops had high drop rates, even several elite orbs, and all I was able to get was 2rs Cyclops and 1rs Yo-Yo. After watching this video, I couldn't help but open five more, even though there's only 4% drop rate... and I managed to get both! Guess how many stars I got? 2rs Cyclops and 1rs Yo-Yo!!! Is the FN trying to say to me that I should quit this game?!

Michael DiModica

Damn it Valley. Why couldnt you give us Joe Fixit?!

Cole Valentine

I don't know how to direct message you so here is the newest goldgate issue......LEVELGATE!!!! my alliance mate got to upgrage Phoenix from 70 to 71 and 72 for 30k..... and to 73 for 75k. I have a screen shots. Is this a issues some players are having?

Generally Speaking

I heard orbs cuz Orbs at Once gives me much much...one more... much better drops

Brandon Sorensen

I recently just found it.....but under advanced settings you can switch to open multiple orbs at once....ITS AMAZING FOR TIME SAVING

Jimbo Robbins

I would save training and abilitiy orbs. IF they do the orb opening event again and IF they keep the same pt values per orb those two I mentioned had some of the highest value.

Don Rubix

8:51 Blitz harder

Keith Keith

Yeah. I open my orbs when I get them but with the atrocious drop rate for my fave CM, I'm gonna start hoarding the milestone orbs for a while.

Great vid. Nice to see Valley with you.

Charles Stebbins

I'm a mid-game player. Most of the characters on my roster are at 5 gold stars or 6 gold stars, but still 100 - 400 shards away from 7 gold stars. If I hoard orbs, I fall behind. Ergo, I don't hoard.

orlando melendez

Thing 7 star and 7 red is a beast. Was lucky enough to pull that 7 red

Jesse James

Ok, good to know.....also love when you two collab

Mike Conner

I got 50 Hela from a premium the other day, so open them all!


I hoarded for a bit before cyclops and symbiote event, but after seeing and confirming they weren't needed for them I just opened them all.

RS is the only one I hoard and wait for a new toon release.

I should hoard blitz and maybe raid orbs since don't need any blitz and just need namor from raid.

Premium orbs just have so many toons that even if they add a toon you won't get many of the new toon anyway


I pulled 3 6red stars the other day, think the change is slightly in effect already EDIT: 2 of these were from basics 1 from a 5rs orb

Ryan Elliott

So I’m level 68. I’ve been saving my orbs since the last orb avalanche. Should I not be saving them? I have over 300. Thanks

Robert H

7:37 I miss these so much. I'm still a new player and these were awesome for me. I hope they are brought back after the new spider man event is over


You got my subscription. I hope I will also be successful one day, it's just a pity that small channels almost don't get any support from big channels.

Insane Native

Save all your raid orbs f2p in case they put a asgard in that shop and your blitz orbs

Dutchrudder's Gaming Channel

I have 200+ milestone orbs as well, waiting for SSM to be added, and hopefully a slight rework to the % chance for character shard drops.


Red Hulk would be awesome. There're a lot of Hulks out there, starting with Banner Hulk, Red, She, Red She, Doc Samson, A Bomb, and notable villains Abomination and the Leader. And a lot more I'm probably forgetting. Maestro and Mr Fixit are also Banner Hulk's but of a different variety/timeline.

Vortimous Vandamage

Valley, lately im low on training mats as well... Kingpin orbs drop gold training mats and is a great source for them. I know you know this, but still worth mentioning to everyone that may not know. I always seem to hover around like 10k amounts for kingpin orbs and at 600 a pop, its not that bad for 7-20 gold training mats....


Save orbs for what? The more this hoarding is encouraged the less they are going to ever do a orb event lol

Onyx The Dog

FoxNext, make 2 different Milestone orbs!! The exact same shards with the exception of 1 having Coulson and 1 having CM! That way we can target the character we want!

Lumberjack Bear

I would love to see a Hulk-synergy team! I would like for it to consist of Hulk (Protector), She-Hulk (Brawler), Leader (Controller), Amadeus Cho (Support), & Red Hulk (Brawler with a Taunt, like Ms. Marvel). Other good choices would be Hiro-Kala (Hulk’s son - force field user), A-Bomb (Brawler that gives Bleed & Heal Block), Absorbing Man, Grey Hulk, and Abomination.


I’ll do it, but not because you told me to.

M1lk L1zard

I used my 6rs upgrades on Phoenix and SS. SS wasnt exactly the best choice, but I love her in many game modes so I figured why not.

Isaiah Rose

HA! Rulk!

Elo Gaming

Thanks for being two positive role models, polite and kind, family friendly. The gaming world needs more like you guys.

Alex Leonard

I love you two so-so much! You guys are hillarious!!!

Justin Sprinkel

You and Valley are the best! Love seeing you two collaborate. Best wishes to you both.

Teodor-Alin Borbely

I saved all my orbs since the game keeps crashing for me, lol.


Me Sinister is available in Milestone and Basic Orbs now... stop hoarding them. ?

Tayo Knucka

Yeah 4 characters is too much with the amount of resources they give us. And now added hydra rework. Upgrading blob and toad wont happen for me until may June lol

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0 dislikes is impressive

Spencer Rich

so unlikely! Damn

caleb balderama

really glad you're back man hahahaa


I just got into the game because of you. I’m knight-7 right now. It’s pretty fun. Love the content man.

dzulrizki andwiyoda

Congrat pz for winning the season 6 esl

Candra Kira

can someone please tell me how dragon synergy work, actually until now i dont get it how to place a piece who guarantee 100% starting mana


Wasting eggs and then hating on Zeus? What happened PZ ;)

Russell Spence

That was a CRAZY game...

The Grate Pretty

Get some PZ's dive in the bed!



Hoan Le



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Missed this PZ enthusiasm when you took a break. LETS GOOOOOO!!!

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Opening Energy Sources Orbs Chest !

3 149 views | 29 Jan. 2021

I got many energy sources

I got many energy sources collection and got the chest,

Cahyo Nugroho

Ngiler bang ?

Imrane Dechraoui

Hi fj

Imrane Dechraoui

You are always the best



Nicholas Browning

I opened a high-energized chest and I got 80 orbs of high arcane dragon, and since I had 28 heroic joker orbs, I am summoning a heroic!


Wow ??????

Daniel Maquiling

I love your content pls like me


Nice that's my favorite dragon.

Virgie Montalesb

Wow you got so many of it your lucky im still trying hard to get all of those event chest??


I’m doing that right now

bolakedah kedah

10 minutes ago

Parth Playz

what app do you use for face

Bilguun bayr12

Lol worst event ever


I love you FJ have a good day

michael eka surya ciaputra

Hello i am Indonesia

Broken World

Fj pls shout out

Rajwant Sandhu

Plz reveal elements of high whisperer dragon

Donald Evans


Daily bread

I only Got 45 because daily I log on to watch videos or go on the hydroelectric quest and get the power cells


Wowowowowoowowowowowo. Cannot belaeave

Blade Of The King

I am early yey and btw u are the best

Pandji Asmara


Marijana Marunčić




Pandima Devi

Super video fj

Angiel Anhel


Hanswan13hp hanska dragon


Cirilo Marco V. Palag

Fabulous Joker: having lots of heroic
Me: having only high white queen :(

Beast Longhas

Hey I also making a dragon city video, But my video are too slow to grow up but thanks fabulous your my inspiration to making a dragon city video. ♥️♥️♥️

Haziq Nawfal

Still cant open it :(...

Anyways,Your Video Are lit FJ?

King James Ty

Wow u got pure titan epik

nirmal raj

Bro fabulous yt another game content creator.. https://youtu.be/tnIUScrfrtk