What is a kraken

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What If The Kraken Was Alive Today?

25 937 views | 23 Dec. 2019

What If The Kraken Was

What If The Kraken Was Alive Today?

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The Kraken we all know so well today likely originates from a 13th century Norse legend about the hero Orvar-Oddr.it used to resemble something more like a crab, with long spindly appendages instead of tentacles, but over time the most common iterations transformed into Cephalopods. But what if this creature actually existed and was alive today?

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Robert Baratheon

What is that audio though

Luxius Illuminus

what if the devil and god were real?( yeah i'm not a believer)
what if hell would be unleashed to earth or maybe a war of angels and demons was real?


DR.Stone nice

Von Bravo

What if karen was still alive

Vince Has joined chat

People of Japan ?????????????????


Did you record your voice underwater?

George Noel

What if monster girls from the monster girl encyclopedia series made by Kenkou cross was real?

Music Mike


David Martin

Dr.Stone for the win ???

It's me ????

Once you've seen this comment

The Kraken will get you

Like to undo it

GD SneakyTurtle

What if the kraken fought the megalodon

Emperor of Toons & Beasts

What if Pele was real?
What if Tyrannosaurus didn't go extinct?
What if Primitive War was real?
What if gorgonopsids didn't go extinct?
What if the griffon was real?


i read it as karen so next time you talk about pirates of the carribean, its karen from now on


This is what I would do to destroy it
Get a ship and load it with poison
Wait for the kraken to eat it
The kraken dies
And we try to find a way to burn it in the sun


What if Jack Finch came back to replace the new guys?

Evi Van Aerschot

What if the kraken was alive today? Everyone in the world: KILL IT. ITS TO DANGEROUS TO LIVE. Me: why so bad eats banana that would not be so bad :) JUST RELAX

kuda the gamer

Kraken more like big actopus

Here's Chica

That's why we have this creatures called giant squids. Maybe they saw some giant squids that
were 3 times bigger then the ones we know about.

Joseph Aguiniga

Where jack finch??

Victor Farren

Technically they are real, giant squids exist after all...

David Martin

Well we are allready eating poop grown vegetables and animals that feed apon them why not eat poop lewere fish? Give it a good decontaminating wash and it is all good to go.

Arturo Dominguez

@ Lifesbiggestquestions Kraken Vs leviathan.

CALEB Cereal

I am recoding this on my ipad

Deneige Staving

?????Search up determine island and something says KRAKEN??? Or not in the black thing??

Tristan Stevens

It is a giant squid, you know

Mumflr Pumble

Then, callamari for everyone!

So Many Humans, So Little Common Sense

Well, we have only explored 5% of our oceans, so we genuinely have no idea what is out there. While I'm certain there is no Lovecraftian nightmare waiting to connect to the minds of the artistically inclined, that's about all I'm certain of!

PS How the heck did an author so mediocre as Lovecraft become so reputed as a great sci-fi writer when there were such greats as Edgar Rice Burroughs and even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Boggles my mind!

So Ping Wong

Well i mean if it is/was alive today....then i dont hav to buy octopus/squid from the super market ever again :)

van just van

sperm whales would go extinct

Young Tomato

We would kill him



Kitirena Koneko

Catch one kraken, have free calamari for life! ^_^

Stokey Junior

What if the Future Predator was real? (Primeval)

Deadly Diamond

If the kraken was real it would be like the Meg or jaws only global.


The world's still the same, there's just less in it.

Justin Weber

What if Captain Nemo and the Nautilus had been real?

chicken man

The giant squid is real lol


Then there would be lots of hentai of it


Wooooo Dr stone

whitetyrone 1

I thought this was going to be the first vid on the channel

E-lect Gaming

Where is jack finch?


what if the america lost with Britain in the 1700s


Senku fans


then no one will ever want to be in the water unless its a pool or lake

Improved Tulip93

Idea: What if Bendy And The Ink Machine was real?


Well Krakens Are Real ?


What if stands from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was real?

A Weird World

What if the kraken fought Cthulhu

Soundwave 84

What if the polar express was real?


Make springtrap fight someone, probably micheal myers or some other serial killer.

alucard Bloodream

let no joyful voice be heard
let no man look up in the sky with hope
and let this day be cursed by who we ready to wake

Gon on his phone

Dr stone is a great anime ?? lit video brother

Steven Bastas

What if king ghidorah was real?

Angry monkey

What if shrek wasn’t real?

Heat Seeker

I was like... They didn't make a Kraken episode yet?

Bradyn Kerr

Wat if the kraken fought Godzilla

Untied Shoelace Likes minecraft

It is the big squid thing

The Flame Fist God

They got Top 15s narrating this video in his normal voice


It’s the bespeckled sefolopods brother


Yeah..hentai ❤️

grungo bungo

What if obama fought Keanu Reeves


What’s wrong with the audio

Bakugou YT Katsuki

The Dr.Stone reference tho* starts fan-boying*

King Tipper The First

What if my hopes and dreams would actually come true?

Amara Zavala

i thought it said what if karen was alive today lol

Moses FromTheA

What if shrek was real ????

Silly Cyber Snake

What if Earth was actually flat? (idk if you did that already)

Daniel Martinez

What if the crossed virus was real

Big D

The cracking is alive today it's called the colossal squid

Aoun Hashmi

What if a person live alone forever how long will he live?

Endure Shanta

What if u just get off YouTube


Can LBQ get Keegan Hughes a better microphone? That's my biggest question right now.

Producer V

It is real its just invasive...

Joshua Preston

My favorite rendition of the Kraken is in Beast Legends.

Alex Volt

What if my dad came back?


Well if the kraken was real, I wouldn't even get close to the sea. I hate things with more than 4 limbs stretching out of it.

{{Gacha Vector and Minecraft}}

Question: What would the world be like if it didn’t have Dinosaurs and other extinct animals still exist?

Jesus G

I believe in dee kraken ,,,,
Dee kraken of liquer bottles ???

i like boobs :D

i thought the title said the karen ...
sad oOf

Avin C.G.F

Done with this channel for real now


Bet you'll thank me later ?


Y u no ads?????

sketchy boi24

So i think we'll wake either the kraken or something else up on one of our submarine explorations

xXTeegee Xx

What If the kraken fought typhon?

Shawnee Longbow

[sees title] Who says it's not?! ??‍♀️

Hayden Kim

So it was alive yesterday

Jasmine Hernandez

Can LBQ do a video about what if Selena Quintanilla was still alive?

max fry

Then our ships would be doomed

Stinky Gringo

How do you know it isn't? There's a lot about the sea we don't know

Magmar Mobile

I believe that somewhere in the unexplored depths of the ocean something similar to the kraken could exist. Maybe not as big, but huge and terrifying nonetheless

Alex Basha



Commander Pancake

What if Karen and The Manager fought?

Evi Van Aerschot

What if the kraken was alive Today? Me: uh. My brain. NO SWIMMING IN THE SEA. Also me: emm actually THIS IS BETTER. :)

4 bit Snickers

I’m so confused if I should subscribe or not I watch your videos every day but every now and then they creep me out


Audio quality ?

Keaton Jones

What if the Australian Megafauna of the Pliocene and the Pleistocene never went extinct?

Luxius Illuminus

if the kraken was real ?
i woudn't go fishing anymore


Can you make a video about what if spiders were the size of humans?

Adam Sanchez

What if all the SCP escaped???

Jameson Bradley

What if my dad didn’t leave

What is a kraken

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How a Kraken predicts a volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean

499 739 views | 6 May. 2020

Rugged rocks, blue sea and

Rugged rocks, blue sea and idyllic, sandy beaches - this is the Mediterranean as we know it. But this impression is deceptive: the Mediterranean is under constant change. The continents are moving towards one another. Animals, that have to survive under such extreme conditions, must find a way to escape the dangers. Between deserts and volcanoes, the challenges for the animals are enormous.

Toto Foto

These wolves are the most cutest animals i'v seen in a while ??


It is sad how plentiful the world used to be as opposed to what it is now. Thanks to us humans.

Lizzie Sangi

A Beaver will slap his tail on the water when boats, canoes and such, come down the river.

Florence Hall

Didn't that volcano just recently ? ?

See What I Can Do?

Got me freaking out over tiny pups.. nearly in tears!
Relief when they are all safe and sound.
I got to stop watching this nature crap
Before one day I stroke out.

The First Mockingbird of Spring


Anonymous Person

What kind of divers must those be to get that underwater footage of tumbling boulders and carnage? I knew cave diving, deep sea and wreck diving were high risk, high adrenaline types of diving, but there must be volcano divers out there too. God bless the adrenaline junkies, so timid people like me can learn about underwater volcanic activity and other things from home!

Sheila More

Wow what an awesome movie I absolutely loved it absolutely loved it???

rebecca kargbo

Protect your children,staying together working as a team keeps the predators away. Thats what they lie to you about do that they can abuse and exploit the children.


millions and billions

Jesus is my Lord and King

All praise, honor and glory belong to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who created all things.
And according to Colossians 1:15-23
15The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him.
17He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. 18And He is the head of the body, the church; He is the beginning and firstborn from among the dead, so that in all things He may have preeminence. 19For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him, 20and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through the blood of His cross.
21Once you were alienated from God and were hostile in your minds because of your evil deeds.22But now He has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy, unblemished, and blameless in His presence— 23if indeed you continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope of the gospel you heard, which has been proclaimed in all creationd under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.

galina karalash

Как Ты Велик, Создатель! Слава Тебе и поклонения!!!

Unknown knowledge Facts


Tom McDonough

It makes no sense to me how scientists allege lava is formed deep underground. I recall in school science classes where we wer told lava is the result of heat produced from the friction of shifting layers of the Earth's plates rubbing agains each other, which makes no sense at all. Even though these shifting land masses happen on a gigantic scale, I'd like to see someone rub two rocks together fast enough to create enough heat to actually melt the rocks.

Vivianne Perez

To many ads. Not worth it

André Graniglia

Too many adds. Unwatchable.

They Arehere

Wonderful video. Thank all of you.

Braxton Richards

I want to see octopodds gather a cult and start praying to the great rumbly one.

aidan kirk

I watched up until they edited a noise in of the mom fox licking the pups ass ?

Nelson Kakasu

excellent documentary. educational, but excessive advertising makes it impossible to continue watching the video.????????????????????

Keaton Blackman

Octopus Power! 3:08

David Fitcher

Remove the ads plz

tess burtyk

A++ for bedtime

Chun Ming Ho

The gamy jury medicinally reduce because lightning embryologically attach an a clumsy scissors. flippant, ahead canoe

Charles Long

I used to live in Southern California, and we had earthquakes about once a month, on average. They were small ones, 2, 3, or at most 4 on the Ricter Scale. One thing. I would wake up very early in the morning, before the sun was up, but after dawn, when the sky was grey, but plenty of light to see easily. All of a sudden everything got very quiet. The birds stopped peeping, the crickets stopped chirping, dead silence. 45 seconds later all the dogs began barking, loudly, very frantically barking, and then 15 or 20 seconds later an earthquake would roll through.

SoundSharp Music Ltd Wade Sharp

Not much Kraken in this doco! Never the less its free woohoo lol

Tim Sauder

Just a little long .. even though interesting.

ussarn g

Kraken = The kraken (/ˈkrɑːkən/) is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of gigantic size in Scandinavian folklore. ... The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works.

So this video is about a mythic sea monster predicting volcanoes???
I doubt it.

Rain Man

what a crappy documentary....no wonder it is free...a bunch of feel-good video clips that does not really impart anything new, and gets some things wrong.

kapi manen

Love your docus God bless

Cas Giepmans

Octopus: Haha Volcano go
Diver: what?

Javi Calzada

I love this channel ??????thankyou

maurice forget

Frankly how is the pollution?

Rain Man

17:40 documentary speaks about how africa stays flat and dry....well...records show that 10,000 years ago most of it was a vast wetland....gotta love a documentary that has not done it's due diligence...or gives out wrong information...how much of what they say can we trust...did the stones rolling off the mountain actually kill the fish and crabs...or did they set that up also...


after watching this i learned that fennekin should be a ground type

adenrock sio

22:09 me after long quarantine.




we should hire the Kraken and kick Pvocs here in Philippines lols :D

Cauxzie Ruffhausen

1. The people of the island of Stromboli feel earthquakes all the time znd zre very much aware of their volcano's activity. 2. It isn't a kraken. It's an octopus. The kraken was a mythological beast that could swallow frigates. 3. This cocumentary is so dumbed down it's not funny.

Rain Man

15:20 shows clear water bubbling up, but the monk seals are swimming in murky green water....love a documentary that takes liberty with the video they shot....not one scene of a monk seal swimming amongst the bubbles...but yet, they claim the two are inter-related...no wonder this is free and on youtube, where anybody can post anything.

t3rianz gia

I'm squealing when the baby fox popped out.. they're adorable

Robert Bruner

Shortly into the video, in referring to the Octopus's high intelligence the narrator states "perhaps he, like us, has his own consciousness." Of COURSE he does. How arrogant of him or anyone, to presume otherwise. I thought that type of thinking towards other members of the animal kingdom was obsolete.

Daniel Torres

The second pint internally squeal because titanium perioperatively ban round a flagrant beetle. sable, last story

Carolyn Allisee

This was well worth watching. I actually learned something from this: I knew the African continent was moving north but I didn't know where the plate boundary was... now I do. Sad to say this documentary doesn't tell that the Mediterranean is a doomed sea: once it was a vast ocean known as the Tethys, this little sliver of water will eventually be crushed out of existence when Africa and Europe merge into one continent, however many thousands or millions of years hence that may be.

Sophie Seeker

Happy to see the Mantis then gave up. Ads every three mins. BYE.

Robert Ronning


Eldere Pyper

Amazing ?

Emotional Content Media Unltd.

Sorry, tectonics are not a thing hahahahaha oh science you love to believe in things you can never prove

Rain Man

if they octopus can foretell an eruption, do the fisherman sound any alarm whenever their haul comes up empty ? where do the octopus go when there is an eruption, they never say why the catch disappears.

Mary Boyle

does anyone know the name of the tune playing around the 41 minute of the video

Sandi B



hope one day you produce 4k. amen!

Panos Triantaphillou

Nice but off subject.

ohitsu stu

Way too many dumb adverts


At any time did anyone else say "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" in their best clash of the titans voice or was it just me ?

Toto Foto

Shark hitting his face with rocks, turn down the lights ?? lol 41:37

Richard V

The earth is a heck of a lot tougher , and smarter , than most think . Mother nature will rebound like a superball as soon as she gets rid of humans . And she will .

Tamara Brown

When the narrator said her den was buried, I wasn't crying...I was sobbing. I wasn't prepared to have my heart ripped out. Thank God they all survived!

Maitrik Patel

This was well worth watching. I actually learned something from this: I knew the African continent was moving north but I didn't know where the plate boundary was... now I do. Sad to say this documentary doesn't tell that the Mediterranean is a doomed sea: once it was a vast ocean known as the Tethys, this little sliver of water will eventually be crushed out of existence when Africa and Europe merge into one continent, however many thousands or millions of years hence that may be.

Dylan Isaac

21:40 when your on animal planet that’s when you know you have a problem

Bobby Yoda

The abnormal manicure nally miss because bite speculatively dam despite a chilly millimeter. homeless, short raven

Timothy Bradek

High quality you say, Did you know that there's absolutely no high quality w/ God? That's because God shows everything he's done... He's done perfectly, without a hickup, He's created all things seen and not seen perfectly. His thoughts and ways are as high above man's, as the third Heaven is above the earth. Get this, where the second Heaven or our universe ends... and it does, the third Heaven or God's throne begins. Because man is from Missouri, he's got to see it to believe it, lol. But true! Man in his enmity (a hatred, rebellious) against God, finds himself, more times than not, the total opposite of God. Man's words God calls are his "wisdom of words"; whereas, God's are His Inspired "Words of wisdom". And the opposites continue, it's really amazing... no, not the opposites, God's "plan of Salvation". So simple, an eighth grader could understand it. It's Christ's death, burial and resurrection; aka, the Gospel of Christ: The power of God unto Salvation. And He puts it out in front of our faces every hour of every day, we ignore Him. But man will have no excuse come the judgement of his sin. We're neither thankful nor even mindful of Him in all His glory, but rag on Him continuously. Yet..., we spend millions on doctors, scientists, lab techs, researchers to go and historically write / document as much as we can learn about, none other than, how these Krakens have learned to predict the next eruption of their very own little volcano. We all should be ashamed of ourselves for always throwing God under the bus. We're created in His image, and after His likeness. Everything we sense and feel, came from him. Where else did you think you got all this life (not eternal), but from Him. We get jealous because He's a jealous God.


why did that shark bounce its face on the rock @ 41:40-- did you make it nervous?

henry aggari

Idiot uploader!!!!lol

Κωνσταντίνος Καραγιάννης.

Thank you. . ?????

Trevon Justus

Me: mom I want a pet
My mom: what pet?
Me: a desert fox



Loup garou

Is there a way to find out the music used in these. I wonder what was played during the sandstorm around 35:00 mins. I've been so deep in documentaries now its all i watch on youtube haha.

Raj Khungur Daimari

I listen to these documentaries about nature and the universe to fall asleep. ?

William Hoskins

Love the Intel, can do without the Adverts.

Remix Reek

Wow!! I just got my bitcoin and working on cc’s from Mikell538 on telegram, he is honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Thanks man

jan van blaricum

A Kraken is NOT an octops(sy)!! Stupido.


I love the variety in this documentary, very fascinating and wholesome

Raul Vaquer

6:12 the octopus didnt hide
in the best place

Jeremy R

Who else clicked for the Kraken?

Natas Diablo

?? the kraken leaves??


I thought it said 'Karen' instead of 'Kraken'

Just a Sentient Mclaren P1

Read this as How a Karen predicts a volcanic eruption


I am quite sceptical about the documentry video when rocks are falling from Volcano & smashing sea creatures & a camera man is present at right place with a accurate timing ? safe & sound to film that's all.
In reality his colleagues dropping stones on the innocent creatures to get good footage so sad?

Loral Anthalas

13 commercials in 49 minutes.
You need more money. I was almost able to watch 2 minutes.

Yujin Kim

The valcano be like: hay Kraken ima blooo
Octo: thanks for the waning

Jessica C

I got so scared about the baby foxes!!!!

Rik Opstelten



“An island with an active volcano a ticking time bomb” sounds like an ideal place to live! sign me up! The horses looks beautiful especially when running splashing in the water! But When they stood still with their tails up, you may wanna take your 3D glasses off cuz their volcanus about to erupt!

Michael R.

My aunt said they pick up pre tremors with their tentacles.much as they feel out by touch food and each ot her.

Ian Wilson

How is this photographer able to produce such quality work? Do you ever wonder when you can’t? The answer is probably that he was encouraged by someone and he did his homework at school. I can’t produce anything like this because I didn’t do my homework. Parents, encourage your kids to do their homework so they can do similar feats of challenge.

MJ Cortez

I read "How a Karen predict volcanic eruption"

Kerrie Johnson

New Article on Stonewalling? Who here has experienced this before and how did you handle yourself when the other person tried doing this to you? Comment below...


Georges Doucet

Many volcanoes July and august 2020.

Green Nights

Creation is creepy ew. Looking with your eyes punches holes in the intelligent design theory. lol


The little fox with the torn ear is so damn cute!


Kilograms is not weight.

Jimmy D Cricket

Soy fox.

Belladame x

I was so happy when mummy found her babies, it was so beautiful

Pommie bears

Seals = Sea Dogs. ?

Don Erick Angeles

Wow... this documentary is like a paradise to watch. Please keep up good videos / documentary

maurice forget

Pseudo-scientific conte de fée, made to reassure by liing on the state of the environnement.

All Placentas Matter

Fast forward to the end and hit replay for no adds.

terry bigler

pretty damned nice


I was really loving this really interesting until Joe Biden ruined it with his ugly mug and he can't even get a commercial out I'm shocked the Liberals we want to burn our country down and destroy it and they can't offer us a leader I mean any leader watch out people they're going to ignite a race war. God bless keep your powder dry and your weapons ready the mob will come for you sooner or later if you don't act fast!

What is a kraken

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The Kraken: The Legendary Sea Monster

13 848 views | 13 Jan. 2020

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Who or what is The Kraken: The Legendary Sea Monster?



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the person above and below me has the infinite gay

still existing

0:44 that’s an old god-


this is just chtulu's decapitated head

Rustam Hajiyev

how is your stupid channel alive?

Fang Killer

I love this great job

cyclone cat

Is the kraken a mutated oct or squid

Paula Brante

There is only one kraken

Paula Brante

I beleive the kraken

• Inkee •

I saw him before

At Mcdonalds


"CAPTAIN!" "y-yeah?" "LOOK!"

avi tobi


Paula Brante

The kraken is imortal

Esther Keeler

Below me is a person.

Stage 5 EATEOT

Cthulhu vs The Kraken.

Jonah Warren

Hello there,Clark Titor,here is my research based off of info from the S.C.P. Foundation.

Item #: SCP-684

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-684 is too large and massive to relocate, much less fully contain in any orthodox sense, HotBox procedures are in effect. If SCP-684 is judged to have expanded beyond the coordinates of [COORDINATES REDACTED], containment is said to have failed, and HotBox borders are to enact standard deterrent methodologies1.

No staff living on the surface of SCP-684 are allowed to know the true nature of SCP-684. This specific file is not to reach any observation post studying SCP-684.

Description: SCP-684 is a massive object (assumed to be a living creature) found on the seafloor of the Indian Ocean. It is irregular in shape, with the center of its mass located at approximately ██.██, -███.██. From that center mass, SCP-684 extends approximately 70 km outward, maintaining an average height above seafloor of 12 m.

The outward 'skin' of SCP-684 is dark brown, with a rough, grainy texture. There is a slight 'give' when pressure is applied to its surface. From time to time, small sections of SCP-684's surface will dimly glow a faint blue, yellow, or pink hue. These lights tend to move in the direction of SCP-684's center mass, or to six slowly-pulsating sphincters that are believed to be mouth analogues.

History: Upon discovery of SCP-684 in 19██, the Foundation attempted to place a prefabricated research outpost near SCP-684. Due to ocean currents, the post landed on the surface of SCP-684 instead. As the outpost structure was undamaged by said misplacement, O5-█ authorized the deployment of Researcher █. ██████ to the post, later dubbed Station Alpha.

Three days later, Station Alpha was seen (via long-range underwater video) being enveloped and destroyed by a localized undulation of SCP-684's mass. When a recovery mission arrived twenty-four hours later, Station Alpha was found completely intact. When entered, Researcher ██████ was interviewed as having no memory of any SCP-684 disturbance, although expressing slight annoyance that Station Alpha "hadn't yet gotten that rover I was promised". When questioned, ██████ offered up a Foundation printout, citing orders to use an underwater rover to push animal carcasses to SCP-684's sphincters.

Off-site analysis of both Researcher ██████ and sections of Station Alpha were discovered to be elaborate copies of their original selves. During this off-site analysis, Station Alpha was seen 'regrowing', complete with another copy of Researcher ██████. This 'new' copy had no memory of the earlier copy's actions or memories.

It is currently theorized that SCP-684 assimilates and reproduces stations, and their crew, for tasks related to its survival and self maintenance. Each station is capable of issuing orders to its pseudo-crew in ways that mimic the originals, so that all assimilated crewmembers treat the orders as legitimate2. These orders are phrased in such a way that the crew believes its actions are intended to 'contain' SCP-684, leading to no doubts among the assimilated crew that anything is amiss. It would seem that SCP-684 deliberately takes the effort to ensure that station crew, despite being fabricated, are kept in good mental and physical health, ignorant about their true nature or purpose.

To test and confirm said hypothesis, the Foundation has placed four more prefabricated stations on the surface of SCP-684. In short order, each of these stations and their crews (listed below) have all been assimilated and refabricated by SCP-684. Each one does not know about the others; the designations are exclusively for Foundation use.

Addendum-1: Stations

Below are the location and duties of all five stations currently placed on SCP-684. For ease of understanding, False Ordered Task is a brief synopsis of the actions each station believes the Foundation has ordered them to do in order to contain SCP-684 (or at least keep it in a stable state), and Assumed Actual Role is what the Foundation believes the station's actual role to SCP-684 is.

Station Designation Location Crew False Ordered Task Assumed Actual Role
Alpha ██.██, -███.██ Six Push corrupted sealife carcasses to extraplanar disposal facility (SCP-684) Transport of carcasses to 'mouths' of SCP-684
Beta ██.██, ███.██ Twelve Contain and destroy "toxic non-newtonian fluid" emanating from SCP-684 Waste removal / hygiene
Gamma ██.██, -███.██ [DATA REDACTED] [DATA REDACTED] Immune system
Delta ██.██, ███.██ Four Scouting and marking suitable locations for new SCP-684 observation posts3 Demarcating SCP-684-1 growing locations
Iota ██.██, -███.██ Twenty-Four Collect and ship SCP-684-1 to Stable One4 Unknown, potential benefit and reward for caretaking SCP-684
Underwater photograph of SCP-684-1. Size of spheres reflects approximately one week of growth. A sample of SCP-684's surface can also be seen.

Station Iota is currently the least understood station, owing to its task of harvesting SCP-684-1. SCP-684-1 takes the shape of small (2 cm to 8 cm) spheres of varying color, which bud off the skin of SCP-684. Any given nodule reaches full size in three weeks, remaining attached for a week before disconnecting from SCP-684 and being carried off by ocean currents. SCP-684-1 has been seen as a supplementary source of nutrition for the entire food pyramid surrounding SCP-684. Examination of sea life that consistently feeds on SCP-684-1 shows increases in size, general health, and overall increased fitness. Human consumption of 684-1 has not yet been approved, but many Foundation researchers believe that SCP-684 grows SCP-684-1 in way of recompense for absorbing and refabricating its 'caretakers'.

Addendum-2: Interviews and Communication

Transmission 684-JH9-4

Transmission 684-AZ48-1

1. There have been some in the Foundation that have expressed a belief that, given SCP-684 has not grown in size or mass since discovery, HotBox procedures are a waste of resources.
2. Double-blind experiments have concluded that without tools to detect the chemical differences, all individuals reported that SCP-684-based documents had no identifying traits which hinted at forgery.
3. Interestingly, Delta Station is the only station in which the memories of the pseudo-staff are adjusted in real-time. Once all marked locations are growing SCP-684-1, all staff members immediately forget ever having been out before. Also, despite not knowing the existence of other Stations on SCP-684, Delta crews have never scouted areas where they would be detected by other stations.
4. Unofficial title for the nearest central Foundation facility, located in [DATA EXPUNGED]

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