Wallet printing

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how to start Wallet Printing Business

166 views | 21 May. 2020

Start your business

Start your business

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Wallet prace keya ha


acha ye

Wallet printing

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3D Printed Compact Wallet

253 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Slick minimalist wallet

Slick minimalist wallet that fits your pocket seamlessly.

You will need 24mm fabric elastic band.

Money Strap = 80 to 95mm x 24mm fabric elastic band.

Side and Bottom Straps = 40mm by 24mm fabric elastic band.

Straps are sewed to the clips using the holes closes to the center of the wallet body when fitted. If you prefer you can also sew the second strip of holes which will have a stronger hold and less elasticity due to reduced travel.

The strap will clip into the body. No need for glue.

Warning: If you test fit the clips after printing you may have a hard time getting them out. In case you need to remove them use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the clip hooks together and then use a large flat nose screw driver and twist the head in between the body and the clip and it should come out. Or simply use pliers to break the clip hooks by squeezing hard and print a new one. Approx 9 mins per clip.

More details on thingyverse including the stl files.


Wallet printing

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Credit Card Wallet - 3D Printed!

3 817 views | 25 Jul. 2019

A cool little wallet I

A cool little wallet I designed and have been using for a few days. I love it! Here it is on Thingiverse:


Laerte Lee

AMAZING! Thank you!

Nick's Garage

link is broken. plz fix thanks :)


Bro, Love this thing. At 3:45 you should make a slim enclosed section for cash. I personally would love that.


what is that cube thing?


What happened to the stl? Link broken

John Zoccano

I printed this as I think its really cool, but the cards are a bit too tight in the housing, so I am gonna re-print and enlarge by maybe 3 or 4%.

matt trembly

hey man the link is broken again....i want to print this and use it on the same setup you have it. Cube and all. Can you fix this for us?