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Iconomi Coin Value Will Skyrocket

4 712 views | 24 Jul. 2017

The ICONOMI Digital Assets

The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management Platform is a new and unique technical service that allows anyone from beginners to blockchain experts to invest and manage digital assets.

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1337 Coin


narendra dharra

What are the price expectations within next 2 months from your POV


I really have a bad feeling about iconomi. It just doesn't make sense to let their ICN token skyrocket to the moon and then have to do buybacks. It would be ridiculously expensive.


How do i get a iconomi wallet or address?


Do not listen to anything he say unless he disclose he got paid from pillar projects. now the coin shit in itself


Update Iconomi?


2:17 your first pronouncement was correct.


Neo & Safex to the moon.

John Smith

I also used shapeshift to get ICONOMI. Hard to get it on the few exchanges that are willing to do biz with folks in SE Asia.
The thing I like about the create your own portfolio thing is that if you're doing well, others can invest in it too, essentially making you a fund manager.


Any chance of another huge crash?

abir rohoman

How to be open any coin wallet account?

Dylan Charrat

Hi Crypto Space, thanks you for all your videos. I invested in Ripple 4 months ago and i am still holding my coins. I am searching some info about the possible impact of SEGWIT on RIPPLE XRP? but i do not find anything interesting. Do you have any expectations ? Also, i am thinking about selling some XRP to invest in ICONOMI before august 1st, cause i think XRP will be flat for a while !

Thanks a lot


Lewis Duncan

UBIQ and TRST are seriously undervalued also.

Arthur Nepomuceno

Rest in Peace ICONOMI.

Matchpool coin

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Cryptocurrency Spotlight: Guppy

8 views | 28 Dec. 2020

Watch a basic introduction

Watch a basic introduction to Guppy in this edition of the Cryptocurrency Spotlight series by Vacant Minds Media.

Matchpool is a decentralized matchmaking protocol where it helps people matches with each other. Examples include dating applications, membership clubs, business matching, and so on. The matchpool platforms helps people to manage their community pool. The Guppy token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Guppy tokens, also know as GUP, are used to make payments inside the Matchpool app. Guppy tokens can be purchased or earned on the platform or traded on exchanges. Matchpool uses Guppy tokens to incentivise matchmakers to correctly match members together. Guppy can also be used for any other kind of payment between members on the platform. Matchpools trusted algorithm rewards members Guppy tokens automatically across the platform for matches.

Learn more about Guppy at https://matchpool.co/ and follow @matchpool on Twitter

Learn more about other cryptocurrencies in the Cryptocurrency Spotlight series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKIehW5BR8xUJhnY9qFf_mG4_MMdS1CMf

Music by The Great North Sound Society (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4E3HatXP9GaegXWubwKf9A/)

Brought to you by Vacant Minds Media: Media We Deserve. Visit Vacant Minds at https://vacantmindsmedia.com and follow @VacantMindsTwit on Twitter.

Matchpool coin

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Margaux Avedisian - Beginners Guide to raising money via Initial Coin Offerings

21 031 views | 14 Jun. 2017

Margaux Avedisian -

Margaux Avedisian - Beginners Guide to raising money via ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). How to plan and execute a successful crowdsale - The Blockchain.NZ

Brought to you by BlockchainLabs.NZ


Wow, I gained new knowledge after the video. There's this app called BenePit.io who gives tokens when people use their phones to make a call.

Sharmin Sultana Diba

Informative video, but love to know more about the ICO offering companies like scidex.co and others.

Steve Elijah

Best video to listen on implementing real time ICO

Lead Benefit Director


Lead Benefit Director

No token sales!!!!!!!!!

Lead Benefit Director

No token sales!!!!!!!!!

Lead Benefit Director

No token sales!!!!!!!!!

Margaux avedisian

Hi everyone, thanks for watching! Check out some more of my videos here www.youtube.com/margauxwithanx and subscribe!

John Spencer

Damn she smart and pretty ????

Lily Cohen

It is very worth to buy a ICO which have the high rated value , like blockgrain ICO they are booming into the market....lets see . Please help me if you review them..New to this era..

Гражданин Миша

damn how come she gets what blockchain is but I don't?

Wesley Carlson

Hey, Found a new ICO that looks really good. This is a great time to invest in Falcon Coin. You get paid in bitcoin and looks to be just as good as Bitconnect. It does give you better returns in payout from what I can see. Check it out... It's worth it from what I can see. http://falconcoin.co/app/CI/customer/register?Ref=wezzzlyc

Gustavo Albericchi Du Rocher

now, 3 years afterwards, which ICO's actually weren't high tech scams?
i mean, not only those that the people ran off - if those ever happened - but mostly, those that came afterwards and said the "unfortunately the money is over and we weren't able to fulfill our dream".
i'm really curious.

this is not anywhere close to crowdfunding, because people buy it to get money, and they end up making the scammers rich, and so... which would be the reason to fulfill the promised business?

s s

It seems as if she's wearing vibrating underwear or a buttplug.. Kudos horny girl!

Ewa Lewandowska

This was awesome, super useful. Thanks Margaux!

Lead Benefit Director

Dutch auction is last years

Greg 612AB

Calling it a token sale instead of ICO changes everything. It will keep you out of jail.

Lead Benefit Director



Chronic high rising terminal makes this difficult to listen to, which is a shame as content is good.

Ron Bass

Hey all, participating in my first ICO, in dmarkt.io PRE-SALE, friend suggested to invest while bonus applies. see here http://bit.ly/2yrYnE7

Alexander Moss

Definition of a security from the SEC - "an investment contract for purposes of the Securities Act means a contract, transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or a third party. 66 S.Ct. at 1103." Sound's like tokens are securities to me.

Lead Benefit Director

Gnosis is is old!!!!!

Feeding Human,Animals ,Insects,Birds.

If you try #Trptoken its will #monetize your #life #viral ..#travel #ethereum #ICO #Bitcoin

Richard Hurkmans

Clear explanation Margaux, thank you for sharing your knowledge.


dat feel when ethereum is now $1100+

rodee slongs

Great video. So inspirational. Could you also do some about Scidex?

Jonathan Natad

#ICO #QPSE #QompassMarkets #Qompass .io

Incorporated on the Qompass Blockchain is Qompass Trader technology, which moves it further to the next level by
offering subscribers the best of both worlds. Qompass Trader also puts in the fingertips of subscribers the ability to
convert crypto holdings into fiat currency at any POS or ATM worldwide at all times, using Qompass payment
cards. The success of the Qompass platform, as well as the Qompass Blockchain, can be attributed to its
connections with the financial market and the powerful interlinking of exchanges around the world.

Click the link for more info:

Lead Benefit Director

Hashgraph is the only bitcoin tech that will survive while all others will fail