Pattern day trader rule workaround

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What Happens if I Get Flagged as a Pattern Day Trader?

6 307 views | 28 May. 2019

In this TradeHacker Video

In this TradeHacker Video Lesson, we'll go over what happens if you get flagged as a Pattern Day Trader.

For full details, watch our video!

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chiefN8 *

Could i just change brokers? If im marked as a day trader?

Lucas Whittaker

Can I still trade after hours or during pre hours if I’m flagged as a day trader? Please respond lol

Andy Liu

is it possible to have a day trade warning or lock in thinkorswim? so that if i forgot and try to close a trade, it will give me a warning first.


If your account gets flagged as a pattern day trader and you have less than $25,000, does that mean you can start opening positions again after 5 days? I don't plan to do it but I'm jw.

FT Section #

I was flagged and ETrade stated in keeping with FINRA's PDT guidelines, we've disabled
your account's sweep functionality (if any), thereby placing your account in the default Cash Balance Program. Why? What should I do? I have over $25k in my acct.

Tim Hladik Jr.

What if I trade under a different EIN tax ID as a pattern day trader... Can I trade again?

Cesar Rz

Hello, i got flagged with 1 share in my portfolio, can i sell that shared and get my money back? not looking to buy that share again.

Silent Whistle Blower

Fuck them. I do what I want. Already on my 4th day trade today. Profit is $24,173.10. I can wait for after the penalty time. I guess now I can continue, since I'm above 25k. I'm a lair. I don't have that much money.


Does this transfer to broker to broker or does it reset?

Armando Orlando

Hi, I just got a restriction for pattern day trading rule... do you know if I can open position whit another account whit “fidelity” for exemple? I would like to open some position for long term and don’t want that this violation I did could affect mi posiotion... thanks...


If my margin account opens at 31k goes under 25k in the same day but goes back to 31k eod is that still going to get me flagged even though its back at the above 25k mark?

Mahmud Chowdhury

Can you continue making any trades other than day trades during the ban?


Does the PDT flag prevent new trades for 5 days or 90 days?

Kevin Hurley

So if I trade a stock I bout Monday on a Tuesday can I do that and buy it on another day down the road?


This really pissed me off. I don't know why Robinhood didn't say anything until the last moment. I was never informed before i started trading. If they warned me before i made the mistake then I wouldn't be mad, but they issued the warning after I made over 6 trades in 1 day, so I'm guaranteed to be flagged for the next 3 months. I was so excited because I turned $20 in $100 in 4 hours. I was on a roll, and now everything is getting sucked back into the market.

k d

So basically only rich ppl can day trade


So when you get flagged, you just got to wait 90 days until your account turns back to normal and you can do 3 day trades a week like if you were before you were flagged? Is that business/trade days or normal days?


HI! can i still swing trade if flagged as a pattern day trader ?

Xime Mora

I'm flag for the second time... but i just have holds for long term i dont care if the retrict me for 90 days... i want to know and none could answer my question is: if i know that a jus have 4 holds in etf and my rest cash it's just $150. they take away my cash for be flagged?

Pattern day trader rule workaround

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Pattern Day Trader Rule Workaround (PDT) | Day Trading

798 views | 2 Oct. 2017

In this vid, I go over the

In this vid, I go over the different types of workarounds for the pattern day trader rule (PDT). I show a few options and a stock alert rang towards the end of the video, so I had to pause it to clock in my profits..


Thanks man

Kenny Leung

hate the PDT rule, thanks for the vid

Pattern day trader rule workaround

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What to do after a pattern day trade restriction?

37 241 views | 1 Dec. 2018




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Hector Ramos

Just got the day trader prompt today and It caught me off guard. It said if I do another trade I’ll be labeled As a day trader and me thinking ummm okay nothing wrong with that are you judging me?!?


I have the same problem and it ot over 30k

Abolisher ROS

I can still cash out right?


Fuck robbinhood

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberhelpm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I'm no longer restricted

dakota bennett

Wow thanks for explaining what the PDT is like none of us knew..

Dragonfly [Sagatiaej]

I'm taking my money out of Robinhood asap. This is horseshit.

NC Styles

I panic. Lol ?


If I move to webull, would I be flaggged in there too if I was flagged in Robinhood?


What’s the best app or website that’s free to day trade?? Or do I need to go to a bank or financial institution

Dat Hoang

If restricted, can u still sell shares?

Michael Jameson

Why tf do they even have restrictions. It's my money let me play with it

No Name

They are pulling this shit on me as we speak. Couldn't buy Friday and allegedly can't for 90 days and it's literally sitting there above the limit, all liquid, as we speak.


Bleh Robinhood is kinda buggy maybe a broker that costs a little bit of money would be less buggy.


Great content !!!Thank You this almost happened to me also, thank you. Hey if you have moment, Could you do me a favor? Can you critic my channel I would love it you could I really value your input can you help me out?
Here is my channel from a Cholo Perpective. https://www.youtube.com/user/97fernandez thank you for taking the time.

J Reynolds

Thanks G!

Shujayet Hossain

My total investment on Robinhood is $40k.
Can I buy and sell as many times as I want in 5 trading days without having my account froze?
Thank you


If you need help taking off restrictions from your account, then i strongly recommend you go contact BANJODEV on instagram about it, he helped me fix mine...

Hisokahisoka Gon

So we can buy and sell 4 times a day? And the next day we can do another 4 times?

Robbie Southern

Yeah it happened to me I’m new trading, hopefully I don’t do it again :)

Justin Titus


Johnny B

Yup 2nd day ever investing iam already flagged

Alex To go

I have over 25k. Wonder if I will be restricted lmao


I tuned 14k to 51k in 2 days during the spi breakout. Then i lost 17k but it's ok im pulling out and getting a new account with another site. Robinhood glitches costed me over 5k in losses.

Jake N

I have all my money in a stock that is iffy and they said I need to hold it in there for 90 days or my account will be closed, its pathetic

Zain Alyaman

Blah blah blah

queensofspades decs

Why is there an error when I try to deposit funds? Taking cash out will make your account under $25k "

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberprogramm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I could withdraw my money...

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberhelpm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I could withdraw my money

signaler li

Why your account only has $912.98 now? Did you withdraw the money or you lost the money?


I don't like how you scam people into going to ur websites with impression of getting something for free and then ...sure enough I had to enter my credit card info....I won't subscribe to the person who not honest....

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberhelpm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I could withdraw my money

maxjoey sirrock

That because you under 25000.00

funny videos Era

I have 0 day trade and I have couple options due in 2 days what can I do? Any suggestions please

Sebastian Moore

It’s like you will be flagged and I’m like is this a bad thing?

Judene Waugh

Were you able to trade after you switched to another broker or you had to still wait 90 days


They talking about account above $25000
It”s mean buying power (cash) above $25000, or money in the stocks above $25000, or both together? Thank you

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberprogramm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I could withdraw my money...

Dom Bennett


Margina Masaru

Prices go up and down all the time on the stock market,day trading is part of the stock trade options. I think it's ridiculous and a typical Goldman & Sach's Sutton Bankster move to capitalize on interest & dividends and profits because for 90 days their banks are going to collect interest on money people have invested in stocks and shares and that's how they profit.

Junior Savoy

What's the difference between margin and cash account?
Account Type Net account value Day Trade Margin trade Short selling
Cash account Unlimited unlimited NO RULE NO RULE
Margin account $0-2000 3 day trades in 5 business days No No
Margin account $2,000-25,000 3 day trades in 5 business days Day trade: up to 4 times Yes

Lenny R

Day trading is also called options correct? Dealing with calls and puts?

mary rose

I finally fixed my robinhood account back with the help of a professional hacker on Instagram. @ whitealienhackers

Eli Kissinger

While banned, can you still withdraw your money?


Do your homework dummy

Mario Navarro

I just got flagged , so let me get this right....
I can only close my open stocks , or every stock I buy I have to wait till the next business day to sell?

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberprogramm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I could withdraw my money...

Vegas Sharp

I'm new and didn't think options applied but just got the ban on Robinhood. Two questions. Is it a 90 day ban or a 90 trade days ban? Also am I flagged or just on Robinhood? If I deposit in say webull, my account wont be flagged?

B.A.B.Y. - Investment Consulting & Research

There are a lot of rules to this app. I have, personally, never used it but I'd love to try it out. Given the fact that a lot of people are having a lot of issues I probably won't be using it as a prime broker but if it ever comes to Europe, I'll give it a try!

sindhu g

I am marked as pattern day trader for 90 days on oct 14 with balance 23k$ deposited amount on oct 16 with closure balance 27K$.when can I expect restrictions to be removed from my account

Lean Locker

Any Update? I just transferred 30k to my robin hood to avoid this? Have they fixed? crap.

Jeffrey Brandel

I really need to know. Can I still trade at all if my account is restricted ? Can I swing trade? Or manage my positions open on other days? Please lmk because I may need to break that pdt rule today.

Guy Romine

I have no idea why you'd be flagged. You had over 40k in there. I'll try to do 3 trades per week even if I hit 25k ?


So I am currently banned for 90 days but it stills let me buy options can I options trade?

Best Buy

you should sue them

Ethan Gavin

You really don't make profit trading if you keep on losing and winning. Honestly i was tired of this back and forth so i contacted Mr Edwin Earl. He is top tier, definitely the best i have ever traded with.

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberhelpm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I'm no longer restricted

Guy Romine

I got flagged Thursday because the market was closed on Wednesday and it didn't count toward the 5 day wait. Even though the app showed my day trades were cleared on Thursday...


Just don't use this app


If you really want to take off the restrictions from your account and withdraw your money, then go on instagram and contact BANJODEV he helped me fix my account. That's how i was able to withdraw my money

Jane Mike

I was restricted for a week and some days till I was referred to cyberhelpm on Instagram, he helped fixed mine and I could withdraw my money


Can you still trade crypto if you are flagged

Johnny Osborne

I day trade 120 shares of Apple as well as contracts. I still get hit with the day trade warning when I'm about to pass the "Today's Day Trade Limit." If this limit says '40k' I can day trade all I want but cannot pass this number. I must wait until the next trading day.

Jacob Lebed

Can’t you just delete the account and remake it?

Hmong Vang

I just used 3 patterns day trading and my account shows 4 patterns day trading. FUCK ROBINHOOD


I made many sells by parts in the same Company. can I sell all my shares after Im restricted for 90 days?

Anjelia Rayamajhi

That means I have to wait 90 days to get out from the restrictions and after that 90 days only I can do trade and take out my money ???? that’s so bad I didn’t know about that I was beginner and I did that now I am restricted for 90 days and even I don’t have 25k to trade daily this rules are so bad.

Ekrem Unal

I did 3 day trading in a day. Can i still do one last one? Or is it going to be restricted with this 4th one?

big c pimp daddy

25k of equedity? Or 25 k of your own cash ? Or 25 with your cash equity and the margin?

Pungkuts Papowini Sümpūv Tükūr

Robinhood really be on some pussy shit

Alec Baktamian

I just don’t understand WHY this rule exists. are they trying to protect rookie users? I think its kind of stupid

Kelli Howell

So if I’m not mailing more then 25 k then I’m ok right ?


Can I transfer my stocks from Robin Hood to Fidelity??

ronald josafat

Is pattern trading per stocks? If I have 25 different stocks can I trade them all 1x in 1week.? Or I can only trade 3x overall per week.? I don't get pattern trading

Mike RunSolo

So u can't go over 4 same day sells within 5 day right?