Why does airdrop fail

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Hilarious AirDrop Fail

201 views | 24 Feb. 2011

Game Clip - My Airdrop

Game Clip - My Airdrop Fall down to the mountain.

Why does airdrop fail

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How to AIRDROP (Transfer Photos/Videos) from iPhone to Macbook & Vice Versa (STEP BY STEP)

386 104 views | 9 Mar. 2019

I show you how to

I show you how to wirelessly transfer photos and video using airdop from your iPhone to Macbook (iMac computer) and vice versa step by step. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks.

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Ethan Shi

wait how do u transfer the photo from finder to photos in mac it doesn't go to photos


What about the cloud
I thought the photos and videos were synced by the cloud ?


FIRMLY TALKING, thanks for the video awesome!

Eliezer Otero

What does it mean when you have something called "devices". I see it in my iPhone when trying to send from my iPhone to my Mac. But I have try it and it doesn't do anything. At the end, when I touch the airdrop windows, I have two opciones, Devices (with the name of my Mac) and Other Contact with the name of my Mac. It just works with Other Contact, but if I touch the name of my Mac in the device user list, it doesn't work.

YETI Official

Thank you!

letha wells

I'm having trouble using air drop on I phone 8

Sebastien Mitchell

when I follow all the steps my phone simply says upon tapping the airdrop icon. 

BUT I HAVE LINKED MY COMPUTER TO MY PHONE. bluetooth is on. 5g network is working. I indicated under the airdrop control to share with contact only.. reboot both devices.... nothing... I have never in 7-8 years of having Mac phones and expensive MacBooks been able to download my videos from phone to laptop. EVER...

Kavinaya Selvaraj

Does anyone know how to get the airdropped pictures in chronological order? ( based on date and time stamps)


It doesn’t show my MacBook when I try it

Micheal Stew


Jackie Mesa

Thaaaaaank you!! Part of me was prepared for this not to work but when it does it is so handy.


Can I choose destination folder when transferring with airdrop, specifically from iPhone to image capture on MacBook Pro


For everyone that can’t find their MacBook on their phone - if your Mac is older than 2012, airdrop is not supported

Black Baron

Works no longer after Apple Software Update. " No People Found " it says.

Senem Sahin

Thank you so much ☺️

Simona Bawden

Not working . I have Bluetooth and wifi on and still not sending the photo from iMac to iphone8 .It will send from iPhone to iMac ,,,very interesting ?......please help !?


Every time I press accept, it never gets put into my gallery!


Thanks for making this task simple! An excellent demo!

idan Korach

For those having trouble connecting - Make sure you get your iphone really close to your macbook.
Mine didn't work too, until i got it very close to the screen of the mac

Mike Torre

works, thanks alot


It says canceled


Does this still work with the 2020 MacBook Air?

George Azzopardi

So i cant do this with eternhet connection wifi has to be on ??

Mark Smit

I case, after this video, your transfer from iPhone -> Mac is not working, make sure to switch off your Firewall on your Mac! It helped me :)

Jonathan Hatchi FromBrokeToSuccessful

Thank you


never works

enriquez photography

Thank you so much .

Think_Sharp Media

my phone couldnt find my Mac .. though from Mac i connected my phone easily ..

Mel Fisher

Thank you so much for this. It was driving me mad, I didn’t realise my MacBook had blue tooth

The Mad God

2:33 is what you came for.

Sarita 2010

i do it on it on macOS sierra and it says i don't have my iPhone connected and i don't know how to connect it.


can you do this with a song?

Play. Exe

Sir, why are you yelling at me? I did nothing wrong...


Very helpful thank you!

Oreo, Coco and Brownie

Works just fine, thanks!




does not work


Doesn't work ,very cumbersome, in fact downright archaic. It sends stuff ,but where into the ether .Rubbish

Pamela Kelly

Thank you for this! :)


2020 anyone???


If its not working for you make sure that you choose “everyone” instead of “contacts only” on your mac. It wasn’t working until i did that

Its the boss x

You can do the same for music ???


thank you

Jamil Gotcher

Thank you so much! I usually just email myself the photos but I knew about air drop but didn't know all the steps.


I like how your password is 11111111


Thank you! I've been looking to put a video from my imac to my iphone 8 and I was finally able to do it. Thank you so much for an easy to follow tutorial. And I also learned something new today, airdrop.

Lumia Kangas

I can't turn bluetooth on


mine did not work

Calibxr _

yo he talking in uppercase

Tom Cook

AirDrop is awesome

Nika Hinrichs

It worked for me


Ok but how do I do the opposite?


I have a problem, in settings airdrop is not there and when i swipe the screen it wont let me activate it

loony poison

Can it go to multiple people at once ?

Marianne Petersen

One simple sentence. YOU ARE GOLD!


Didn't work. Can l do it with a cable?

Arnold Dave

thanks its work




oh finally...somebody who can explain stuff well. thank you

Hacking Tribe

Right-pointing triangleRewards will be distributed at jan 14 2020


Yesss omg love you !!!!!! It worked


I really needed this. There was another video which wasn’t as specific as this one

Armaan Mohamed

Can you do it on ipad

George Fox

Thanks mate

Rohini Devi

Thank you so much

DiAna Grg

you are a boring guy

Thomas Cool

you deserves heaven


I don't got the "GO'

Bus Driver Jak

worked, thank you dude

pronoshree bharali

Thanks man

Matthew Cheung

I'm trying to transfer a LUT bundle file for lightroom but airdrop doesn't work. The folder is approximately 600mb. It finds my iPhone but it won't transfer anything over.

M7md 779


Andrea Viverito

Thanks. Now I'm going to try it and hope it will work.






Thanks so much for this video!

gummy Bear17

Can you do it with an iPhone 6



Genuine Airdrop

#huobi global giving 50 NFTS & 10000 wax tokens free https://youtu.be/QMgTU1_PAB4


ty. I finally understand it no one else helps!


Thank you! Now i can record and edit on my mac

Susanne Johnson

This works! Thank you! I was able to follow the directions and complete my task. I think those who are transferring too many files at one time are having issues and need to use a cable. Just a thought.

Allen Seferagic

Technology is going reverse, I can't airdrop 30 gigs worth of data. Back in the day we could just plug it in and transfer straight to the folder.

Salma 2004

Thank you ?

Nika Hinrichs

Thank you! :)


when I try and import a video it says it sent but doesn’t show up in my camera roll?? PLSS HELP

Vantrice Neal

Very great information thanks



Laura Burcroff

how do u get the airdrop banner to show up in the corner it goes to the bottom on mine. i want to be able to click download or decline

M. Doan


Aiden Wang

u alsome

Dane Hanson

I'm not able to get the bluetooth icon on my mac and airdrop doesn't connect. Any recommendations? I watched this video and went into bluetooth file exchange but that didn't work.

alioune diop

God bless you thanks ??

Floppy Games

ty mate

Isla De la

so can not do this if there is no wifi and only have hotspot???

Moufidath Radji

Your the best


iPhone 8???

Flynn Nolan

Thank you Ray Romano. Everyone loves you now.

Its the boss x

You can do the same for music ???

Show Bread

Trash never works just like iTunes which has been hot garbage since day 1

Why does airdrop fail

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