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Zoom G3Xn Guitar FX Unit - Massive Sounds Mini Price!

780 223 views | 12 Jan. 2017

For more info on the Zoom

For more info on the Zoom G3Xn go here - https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/G3XN/multi-fx-units/zoom-g3xn-multi-effect-processor-w-expression-pedal

We're running this in to a couple of affordable amps (The Boss Katana 50 & the Fender Bassbreaker 15). The guitars are a Chapman ML3, a Fender Custom Shop 54 Strat & a PRS S2 Singlecut Satin.

We were really impressed - how about you??


Lee & Rob

Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

Twitter: twitter.com/robchapmanmusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialrobchapman

Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0

William Molina

Is there any huge difference between this zoom and the Mooer ge200 in quality and sound. ??

TheEagles 77

That birds effect sounded a lot like Chris Isaak Wicked Game to me

Smokin' Jim

This plugged into my Mesa TripleRectifier would be interesting and LETHALITY!!


Zoom G5n or G3xn? Which one should I buy?


15:35 Ohhhh I don't wanna fall in loveee with a $160 pedal boarrds

Butz Bravo

Made from where that zoom g3xn? Thank you


Len oglem

Rajat Rai

Grungefuzz gonna be in my ep


ZOOM 3GXn ❤️???
This effect processor has an amazing true real sound. Plus for metal works ??


i bought a ZOOM 9001 in 1995 and that cost me £150 it got stolen at a Gig in 2004 so i never bothered replacing it but i am getting one of these it's a Bargain for what it dose


Dam M getting confused... which one is good g3x or g3xn..!!!
N why...!!!
Which one sounds good N easy for used...!!

Joel Menezes

15:40 which song?


Love this Equipment. Merry Christmas to me. What is in that Tele? Is that an additional pick up notched in the fret board?


look like it sound better with single coil because when he switch to the guitar with Humbuckers it sound bad!

G Henrickson

Such dry humor. Such steadfast aplomb. May I have more Sir?

Corent Sudibyo

wow is that corona in bank 1? wow you said corona at 2017? wow dude, so much conspiration here lol

Michael Schimkat

"The Jimi patch has no wah wah".... Massive expression pedal on right hand side of box. Lolz.

Susheel Mathews

Rob Chapman, I'm a beginner on a budget I've bought a Pacifica 112v and my processors of choice were Boss GT-1 and Zoom G3xn. I'm completely torn between them both I would love it if you made a comparison video plz pretty plz


15:53 what song is it?

1 Numerak

where is R channel connected? i know about Left but what about Right?

David Reinhard

I'm curious, why would I not want to use this pedal on higher wattage amps? Or are you implying that you wouldn't want to use it on a Vox because of its inherent gritty tone?

Jake Juntilla

Great video!! Now we need a Zoom G5n review

Tommy Hahn

this review is terrible its not some toy where you play with the volume on every tone so stupid

Marco Andy

15:19 Enter Sandman - Metallica (Riff)


This is a remarkable device, regardless of price. The interface is completely intuitive, it’s very well made - solid! Super flexible and Zoom’s Guitar Lab software for your computer is really nicely designed. Very easy to update your board and configure with new patches or effects. Best of all is that Zoom continues to push out new patches and effects years after the release.

I love the format - acts like three pedals on a pedalboard. Very easy to use on the fly.

Sure - there are individual pedals with drippingly gorgeous tones at heinous prices that kill this device in sound, but as a complete package with an incredible array of effects this product is on its own. The remarkable price is just the cherry on top.

David Allanby

12:24 The lick, before it became famous!!


Hi how do you connect this Zoom? Is it to front amp or amp return?

Susheel Mathews

Boss GT 1 or zoom G5xn? please suggest me as I'm a beginner and I would like to buy one of these two ... thank you in advance.

Noah Fremont

Have been using this for about 2 years. One of the best purchases of my life. Continues to impress me as more effects are constantly made. It’s super well built and feels like a professional piece of equipment for a low price.

Joshua Alzate

Do this one is better than the Line Helix Pod Go?

William Molina

Hello. I have an zoom g3x totally new. I'm thinking about selling it and buy the mooer ge200 in second hand in very good condition. Is it worth it.??


Nice going.
However, which direction is the Signal going?

Steger 13

i know this is a older vdo but can i plug this into speakers?


wonder how many units this video sold, I know I got one

Amit Hitang

Intro sounds more like You shook me all night long tone from AC/DC.

Bill Graper

I have the G3X, and the one thing I haven't been able to get is the "clean" somewhat heavy distortion for rock chords (like a Bon Jovi "Always" distortion). They all seem a little muddy, which is cool... but I want a less muddy hard rock distortion as well. Any suggestions?


Can i plug it directly in Studio Speakers?

Sean Moore

I want to find out what lee playing when the birds effect comes on, sounds amazing love that airy sound

William Molina

Between the zoom g3x and the mooer ge200, which is the easiest to handle.??

Eborda Romel

Here in Philippines thats expensive


Does this sound ok through a PA system in a club or hall? I've heard software effects can sound hissy at high volumes plus there is latency

Chris Ian

I bought the same processor, it sounds good in my SS practice amp but when I plugged it in my Peavey 6505 it sounded muffled and absolutely horrible, even in the send/return for reverbs/delays/mods only. What can be the reason?

Tuhin Tulsyan

Can I add beats or back tracks to be able to.jam along?

Amit Saikia

Which one is better- boss gt1 or zoom g3xn??

Sneharghya Sil

Does this come with noise suppressor?


Just bought one. Now all I need to do is learn to play all my instruments.

Bernhard Fischer

i wanna have this :D especially for the expression pedal. Can i hook this up to my PC and use amplitube 3 with it?

TheRedStoner MC

This video is 50% Guitar solo's and 50% the guy on the right getting interrupted mid sentence by guitar solos.

Sartaj Hanspal

14:51 I need those speed hats


0:37 "Rhythm" what is this !? I can’t find it

Portuguese Beer

Cant you do a G5n review?
Cheers ??


Intro is straight The Cult

Thelonious Coltrane

How can you switch from one tone
preset to another while playing live?
Are you going to turn the tone
selector with your fingers while
playing live? Or can you do it with your foot
while playing live?

Ori Arbel

Does it have a wah?????

Patrick Shannon

To me zoom and TC electronic are the two best sounding pedals out there. Beringer and boss are both nowhere near what they are.

Alvaro Antonio Ocampo Grey

This Zoom or the Mooer GE 200?

Forest Fifer

4:40 the first effect says Corona....

World As War

10 of these or a hangover?????

me: can i have both?:D

kamal randhawa

Zoom g3xn or boss ?

Joseph Smith

This video has sene me looking for individual effects pedals. Everyone of the settings sounds awful.

Dušan Vilimonović

What do you think about audio interface?

Tim H

I own one of these and I can tell you that the real gold is found in tweaking your own patches. The effects are outstanding and the compression is stellar. I use it with my katana's front end and it works well with the katana's effects. This unit rarely gets the kind of respect it deserves in demos because the truth is it outperforms units costing three times as much

Armz Ran

This month i will buy this crazy effect.. From Malaysia

Son Of The Sun

2:17 CORONA PRESET. What did Rob Chapman mean by this. Did Rob Chapman got inside information on the future? Is he a time traveller? Insert X-Files theme here.

Move Play Lift

That moment when 'Chappers' Yngwie flicks his pick to the adoring YouTube crowd... gold standard

Luis Gutierrez

I was considering getting this for my Katana 50 and then I find this video. I was considering changing my 50 for a 100 so I could use the GA-FC and expression pedal at the same time, but it will be less expensive to just get this instead.

Shivraj Karkera

Stupid processor has +1 octave pedal but doesn't have option for -1 octave pedal. Idiot piece of trash.


can somebody explain to me if patches for the G3n also work for G5n? Since both use Guitar Lab i thought there might be no issue.

Andrew Aviles

For anyone watching in 2020, these zoom pedals are still awesome, theyve added firmware updates, patches, and a software editor so you can edit or manage everything from your computer. Highly recommended!

Juancarmen Oviedo

I cant download oficial zoom new patches by using guitar lab 6.0. i click on "news" and available patches appear but when i select one, nothing appears on The main screen. The firmware of my g3n is 2.20 and i have Windows 7 64 bits. I also see that patches are no longer available for Direct download on zoom official site. Anyone can tell me how you download zoom new patches with guitar lab?

Mal Gray


Zombieland aka USA

it's hilarious/sad observing two old school snobs review modern gear...but hey, people are sheep.


Thank you guys so much!
I was very torn between on what to get for an amp. I'm a very beginner here. This video is really helpful


Can you do a whammy like for Rage Against the Machine solos with this?

Patrick Shannon

Yeah the only thing out of place up there was that crappy telecaster. Otherwise it was all great.

Em Galdo

09:46 esos son presets de fabrica o de usuario?
Como se separa uno de otro?


Is there a reverse reverb on it?


Can get my G5 to sound better than the Helix I sold.


I'´ve got the impression they don´t now how to use it very well. They haven´t prepared the video and tjast only try to publisi¡ze the product without displaying any instructions of use in a methodical and clear way. They only press and press the buttons of the device but my botton is tired of such a mediocre video. Luck and cheers boysl

Laurie D.

Do you just have 2 amps connected to it for the stereo effect?

Blue Boy

I had one then sold it. I want another for my daw. I reckon it sounds pretty good, well to me anyway.

Knowledge 1468 Shark

Watched 2 minutes and bought it

Rudie Kazudee

This thing sounded like a piece of shit

Massimiliano De Angelis

hi ..cool so using this zoom like this in stereo in a real amp u must disable the cab sim in a zoom patch?

Rana Mathew

That intro jam was beautiful

Jeff Parry

4:10 every guitar player rofl...

Joe Bloe

I own this one and the G1X Four. No difference. At all.

renner kikon

u guys r rich thts y u guys find it cheap ....

Ivaylo Matov

You should do a review on Zoom G1Xon or a comparison with Hotone Ravo and/or Mooer GE100

Alvaro Antonio Ocampo Grey

It would be really nice to have a review of the new G11 :'D

KYROS Bamin Richo

Please my personal request iam so confused because budget.
Can someone suggest me -
G1x4 with boss ds-1/2 for distortion or g3xn

Burney Jerard Soo

Any plans on doing a review or demo for the Zoom G5n?


Will a pickup upgrade have any effect in the sound with this processor ???
Im looking for upgrading to SD 59/JB from stock ltd ec256 pickups.

Michael Santos

26:19 what song is that?

Sam Pilsbury

If this had an audio interface for your DAW it would be perfect


Es un increíble procesador de efectos, tengo un par de meses con el y es estupendo, me anime a comprarlo por este tipo de reseñas gracias!!

Better Days

Can I do the Intro of nice to know you and pardon me by incubus, using this?

I'm planning to switch from analog to multi effects, I'm just a bedroom player, and just want a more simpler effects ?, Analog is more expensive for me.

Need you feedback guys, much appreciated. Great Video by the way.

Jezz Bass

Thank u

Robert Michalscheck

Terrible demo,didn’t hear one clean chorus sound or different effects,mostly heard bunch of boring talk,they think they are clever,but they are anything but.

Shonjib Das

Zoom G3XN and Boss GT-1 processor, Which is better?

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