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OG Nike Legend & OG Nike Air Ship (1st shoe Jordan wore in the NBA)

4 706 views | 22 Jan. 2013

Here are 2 pairs of

Here are 2 pairs of extremely RARE Vintage Nikes. The Nike Legend and the Nike Air Ship. In my video I stated the the box for the Legends was the 1st box that Nike used. That was incorrect. My apologies.


Veeery veeeeeerrrryyy nice video!!! Haha. What was your ebay username? Didn't catch it.


Wish I could catch a pair of these

Natural Born Baller

Can u sell them to me for 3.2 million?

Larry Williams

Wow! you scored so hard pre air force the real deal banned first jordans in so many words lol

Ricky Rude

No I still have them.

Eric Hafizovic

Dude don't sell those!!!!!Those Nike air ships are a piece of basketball history!!!!those are super vintage

Miguel Med

Do you still have them?




Did u already sell the Ships?

Global One Love

Very Nice!  I was a "Ballboy" for the Denver Nuggets back when Jordan was a rookie & he gave me his Nike Air Ship's that year....   If you'd like to check em' out the photo is on my twitter account. @tjayswann - just thought I'd share that info....   God bless...

Ricky Rude

Thanks I appreciate it. My ebay username is yzer450.


reminds me of the nike terminator. i know this shoe came first but im sure this was the inspiration.


Jordan wore the Mid 8 holes, not the high 9 holes


How much are you asking?


Michael Jordan wears Nike Air Ship not Legends.

Ricky Rude

Which ones? The Legends or the Air Ships? Or both? Lol. They are so clean. A piece of Nike history here.

Og ship

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Ship design: Introducing 'Storm', 'Gale' and 'Breeze'

2 416 views | 30 Nov. 2015

Ulstein introduces new

Ulstein introduces new segments in offshore ship design: ULSTEIN PROVEN SOLUTIONS.

Og ship

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The OG Ship. They knew each other before everyone ?

2 959 views | 1 Dec. 2018