Iridium prices

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most expensive metals on earth explained in Telugu salivate metal

17 585 views | 10 Jun. 2019

These are extremely rare,

These are extremely rare, valuable and silvery-colored metal is commonly used for its reflective properties.


Platinum. ...

Gold. ...

Ruthenium. ...

Iridium. ...

Osmium. ...

Palladium. ...


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silver most expensive strymon iridium telugu impulse response salivate metal

Bellamkonda Dharmapal

Pularin.& fullerene means what

Telugu University

thumbnail unique ga cheyandi

M.v. Shiwaramm

Sir metals and their telugu names dorike books cheptara

subhareddy sanagala

Me videos anni okesari chusesanu super andi baga explain chestunnaru

Rahul Rao

Bro , information and explanation banana undiee .... Kaniee editing ok... Kaniee English padaluu akuaa. Vadandieee...... ???? All the for it channel

m. giri prasad

I have 5 pices 24 grams.7799198912

Joyal Thomas

I have 100 years old lightning protection air Terminal.

vaggi siva babu

Starting lo text and images ravataniki Ela edit chestaru
Naku explain cheyara

Iridium prices

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Waldorf IRIDIUM: Review and full tutorial (applicable to Quantum too)

156 289 views | 15 Jul. 2020

Pretty much every

Pretty much every important feature of Iridium tested and reviewed. If you'd like to know what to do with all those features, check out my ever-expanding book below:

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Check prices here (affiliate links help the channel):

► Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/32XoB

► Thomann: https://www.thomann.de/gb/waldorf_iridium.htm?offid=1&affid=369

Other Gear in the video (affiliate links help the channel):

► Blackbox from 1010Music: https://amzn.to/2DEV15i

► Adam A8X Monitors: https://reverb.grsm.io/Adam-A8X (affiliate link)

Other places I hang out:

► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loopopmusic

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My music:

► Bandcamp: https://loopop.bandcamp.com

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0:00 Overview

7:50 User Interface

13:00 Osc controls

13:55 Wavetable

18:10 Waveform

21:15 Sampler

22:15 Multisamples

24:25 Granular

27:30 Live granular

28:40 Resonator

32:45 Kernels synth

38:00 Subharmonic kernels

39:05 Kernel macros

41:40 Stereo filters

45:15 Digi former

47:50 Effects

50:30 Modulation

53:10 Controllers

55:15 LFOs

56:10 Envelopes

57:15 Komplex mod

58:30 Layers & unison

1:00:20 Arpeggiator

1:01:40 Sequencer

1:04:13 Pad config

1:05:00 Pad trig sequencer

1:06:55 Misc

1:08:10 vs Quantum

1:09:00 Pros & cons

I was asked how Iridium compares to Hydrasynth. Here are some pros and cons:

Hydrasynth pros:

- Less expensive

- Velocity and pressure sensitive pads (desktop) poly aftertouch and ribbon (keyboard version)

- More filter and reverb models

- Different wave mutators vs digiformer

- Macro mode for the knobs

- More flexible arpeggiator

- Desktop version is smaller and lighter, and comes with rack ears

Hydrasynth cons:

Monotimbral, 8 voices vs Bi-timbral and 16 voices on Iridium

No resonator engine

No custom wavetables

Shorter wavetables (8 vs 128 waveforms in a table)

No sampler/granular playback engine

No engine like the kernel engines

Mono filters as opposed to stereo filters in Iridium

No proper sequencer vs two sequencers on Iridium

Want to email me personally?

► Ziv (at) loopopmusic.com

NOTE: Occasionally I’ll try out affiliate marketing and include affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via affiliate links. The content of this clip is entirely my opinion, and was not paid for or dictated in any way by the company creating the gear. Without addressing the particulars of products shown here as they might be under NDA, gear shown on this channel may be either sent by the manufacturer, on loan for review or bought at a discount.


If Waldorf spent 0.1% of their time updating the Pulse 2 as they do ploughing all their development time into their shiny new gear I'd be even more impressed.

Unfinished Monkey Records

Someone sponsor me NOW

Dreux Donelan

Thank you for yet another masterpiece. This slab sure seems like the synth to end all synths. I can't even imagine where they go from here, how could they probably improve on this? Now to compare to the Peak/Summit to figure out which one will be the 'last synth I will ever need' ?


Why having unbalanced outputs instead of balanced?

cat videos

I don't think it has enough features. Pity.


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this practically a software synth built inside a fancy controller for it.. if it is, how can they justify that price for it.

Tobi 9000

With this machine i would leave the realm of making music really quick.

Sascha Haber

So who is waiting for the behringer clone ? :-D

Douglas Brown

My question is, As I already own an Arturia Keylab 61 MK2, is there an substantial benefit to owning the Quantum over the Iridium?


I think many of us are fetishists in one way or another because we like how these machines look, and from that perspective I recognize the work that Waldorf has done, delicacy in aesthetic design, and of course, engineering. I want to think that one day KYRA and IRIDIUM will be inside my Stuff

Tarifa Nocturna Jazz

You paid that money for doing this video? abaut 2.000€ ? Dont need to. Its a great machine for playing. Anyway waldorf has some cheapers things.

Digital Diezel

!Polyphonic sub harmonicon! 38:50 lol this thing can do it all.

greyscale dub

He better not get to keep all this gear

Alek Vila

This synth is incredible!

snoop dogg dank kush

those are some small pads


Just watching the first bits shows the touchscreen to be tedious and that continues throughout. Loads of retries there. Filters sound meh and so do the effects. I'd have preferred analog filters at this price. "Nice ok" is a euphemism.

jean luc Dubinator

2500$ no rack ears ? Hard pass for me.


Got one. No more time to spend on Youtube now. WHAT A SYNTH !!!

Pincho Paxton

I think it would be a good addition to my collection if I had the money spare.

Paul Salamone

This is like a Microfreak for adults :)

Simon Le Grec - Official Producer Channel

Ultramazing sound

Anthony Rother

Iridium & Quantum already legends

Adrian Roethlisberger

law of diminishin returns, it is the same for synthesizers or headphones or any other lifestyle-products, you get 90% of these sounds with a used 600-dollar hydrasynth.

Mike Geary

I like how connectivity is one of the first things you address because often it’s one of the main factors that determines weather or not I’m interested in a synth.

Anthony Wall


blue name

at which fast modulation speed appears "aliasing"? https://youtu.be/NrCjtVZZLTw

DKE H-Wave

For what music styles the iridium is made? Ambient, Film, Berlin School, ...for sure but also for harder things like Techno?


I just found your channel a bit ago trying to learn about the TD-3 from Behringer. Your videos are so in depth and show information that most others skip over, including comparisons. They've been a godsend my guy, thank you so much :)


Great video. The only bummer for me are the pads. They’re super tiny and aren’t that responsive.

Snack Pack Productions

Ughhh sell my hydrasynth+tr8s for this??? Idk what to do.

Loafer69 Keysndrums

It looks like arturia pigments in a box?

Music Died With Dad

what about novation peak? pros/cons


Imagine this + the Hydrasynth desktop together...game over and how cool would they look side by side?


I was thinking of picking a an access virus but I think you've changed my mind.


Imagine if all the old Warp IDM guys had these

Sri Das

Are the knobs on the right too close together?

Robert Fischer

Hi. How is the "state-variable" filter here different from any other filter type? I'm used to "state-variable" meaning that a filter can gradually interpolate between LP-Notch-HP states, like the Sequential OB6, or maybe LP-BP-HP states. Does the Iridium do this? If not, how are its state-variable filters different from any other filters? Thanks!


Really good for sound design


I'm lost.. So many functions, options etc.. Maybe it's because I'm a complete beginner xD

Tam James

I'm quite new to synthesisers and have watched many posts, hydrasynth, udo super 6, Sequential, Wavestate, Opsix etc but for some reason my gut Instinct is swaying towards this. I make all genres of music but these sounds are a delight. Should I get this or the Quantum?

conflict beats

wow they made serum a real thing


Good day! I am seriously considering buying a Waldorf Iridium. The waiting time is a bit long, however. Before I actually strike, however, I wanted to ask you again for your professional opinion and assessment. Do you think there are some worthwhile alternatives? Regardless of the price. Or even cheaper ones with similar performance? I can't find any. In terms of price and performance, I don't see any competition either. What would you say? A recommendation, maybe even from a completely different sector or perspective that I haven't even thought of? I thank you for your efforts and work. Have fun and continued success.

Matt Kaz

It's an amazing synth, but the price is insane here in Australia. I'll stick with my buggy old Blofeld thanks.


i hope they release a version without big display and this touch buttons, like the VIRUS TI.
So the price will be reduced by a half!

Симон Шишкин

like a Massive Synth))))

HAID3N Official

Can I afford it? Yes. Do I want it? Yes. Do I need it? Nope...

Ashton Khan

If you "need more sounds" than this has just to make good music then you dont belong anywhere near a synth...

Alex Young

Way too many options, too much menu diving. People really don’t account with synths like this, or the moog one for example, that having essentially infinite depth to a synth quickly becomes more of a hindrance then a positive quality.


Good that you got a chance to make this review, extremely valuable for an Iridium newbie!

Marc Brassé

I think the only true omission is poly AT / MPE. As it was on the Quantum, including its keyboard.

Jonathan Scott

man i can't wait to get my hands on this thing


Regular instruments: what notes to play?
Synths: what kind of sound do you event want for your instrument?


Why does Waldorf not get the upper buttons straight ?? Rather odd for a +2K synth ... Another issue is that samples can not be transmitted/received from/to a computer over the usb connection. Huh ? Roland V-synth XT released in 2005 does that ! Instead you need to write your samples on a USB-stick from your computer, than plug it into the Iridium and load them. And finally, no digital I/O connector...? Was this synth developed by engineers or wood-bees? Hello guys @ Waldorf, what year do you live in ?

BASED Sample

It looks like Serum in a box!


Great Video..Almost reminds me of the Hydrasynth Desktop...

Digital Beat Music

Do not buy Jaguar when you can just afford Fiat.

Silent Discretion

Looks like it's time to rob a bank


I hope to see Jexus get his hands on one of these...or better yet, a Quantum.


This is a plugin-in taken out of your daw an put on the table lol

Thomas Cole

What country is the Waldorf iridium manufactured?


Thank you .I can watch this presentation twenty times and I will still learn something each time .It is comprehensive reflecting the depth of the instrument .

J Whitty

the wavetables all sound the same...how disappointingly overpriced


How easy is it to learn the software and mapping? From first impressions it looks incredibly complex and intimidating. But I’m sure it’s a lot easier to learn than it looks.

Johnny Jawbone

That's the sexiest looking synth I've ever seen. My God what a thing of beauty.

Vector Hold

Oooooof, that price

Sam Yaza

Sometimes I hate watching this channel lol
I really don't need this. But I want it.
I've purchased over 3000 dollars worth of physical gear and software in the last 2 months.
I saw the video on the Waldorf IRIDIUM, and said way too loud "I gotta get me one of those"
My wife looked the screen, googled it, and came back and said "You know I can blame your disappearance on COVID right?" LOL
This is after I said there's no way I'd pay that kind of money for something I don't need.

Dominus Thirteen

I'm gonna just hang on to my XTK. The sound of this new synth causes sterility. All the programming depth imaginable doesn't makeup for bland uninspiring sound.

I Make Beats

Hell na, this thing cost more that my MPC X!!!!! what the???? just for a synth??? no drums Hell No... Really nice sounds but just not worth it for the price to me!! The learning curve seems High as well.. ??


And only costs a kidney and a spleen.

Xeno Analysis

my god


Is this the most INSANE hardware synth of the new decade?


31:45 Top Buttons aren't aligned ; - ) I would rather things like this as "Grooveboxes"! (I guess bi-timbral means you could have a percussion and a tonal patch playing simultaneously.)


What do you think? I'm about to buy the device. Do you somehow still see an alternative or even a different solution with the same power and performance in any respect? Of course, regardless of the price. Let me be part of your thoughts.


Oh, Waldorf... for $2,500 you really think they could have at least thrown in velocity sensitivity on the pads. smh

Theodor Gerth

so complex its spelled with a k :D


It’s funny how the value/cost in my mind always gets twisted with digital synth hardware. I sort of get it for analog gear, with all those fancy bits inside, but for digital my brain goes, “so it’s a cheap tablet computer, audio and midi interface and some knobs, buttons and LEDs running an app.” and that colours my judgement of what the price should be. I know that’s simplistic and unfair, but it’s just what happens.

Eclipse Sound Patches

what about routing options?

greyscale dub

Looks cheap, like volca cheap

John R

Damn. Was really considering going modular, but for $2500 you really can't even touch this thing with eurorack ?

Zachary Teibel

I'm watching this to feel rich

Jose Cortez

I sold my microwave 1 and I dont miss it but I feel like I need this machine.

Through Zero

was gonna comment "oh my god why is it $2,500 that's so overpriced" and then he said it's basically 5 synth engines in one


The amount of detail and in depth knowledge you convey with each piece of hardware you review just keeps blowing my mind.


would it have been too difficult/expensive to implement the connectivities (physical I/O) and multi-timbrality like the "Access Virus TI2" had, in this modern and high-end synth? sine it seems like pushing it's versatile software capabilities through a thin straw out.

Jnny 718

Thank you , great stuff

Knobexploit music electronics

Sounds meaty!

Tony Scharf

This synth absolutely IS overkill, which is exactly my kind of synthesizer. I'm going to put this on a stand with my Kronos and just overkill the universe.

Richard Smithson

Can you set the LFOs to be positive or negative?


Just sold my Blofeld and now i saw this video...lol hmmm this is very nice !!

Astro Naut

Are the cons adressed?


depressing interface and who needs bells nowadays?

Justin Krezelak

Nobody pronounces it "dig-ee". Unless you pronounce the word DIGITAL as Diggee-tal.... which obviously isn't the case because "digi" is just an abbreviation for digital. Maybe if English isn't your first language.

Francisco Jaen Velazquez

What a monster!!!!

Max Powers

This thing would make me scratch my head more than Nick Bat.

Pascal Costanza

I’m wondering how you would compare the granular capabilities of the Iridium/Quantum with the GR-1...

Desirable Jodie

That's the biggest dongle for a piece of software ever


Meh, after all it seems like a lot of menu diving for what you could get with a software vst, especially regarding the granular engine wich i don't find particulary impressive... It may sound good, but not for the price it's sold at. The live granular function is nice tho. I also like what it does with it's Kernel and Resonator modules... But for FM there's other alternatives out there, such as the Kodamo's Essence FM. The Wavetable section is ok... But idk, it seems like a lot of fuss for not that much under the hood finally, as much as i love it"s design. 16 voices compared to the 8 voices from the Quantum is nice tho. I didn't noticed if the lack of analog filter made such a difference or not (having barely tested the Quantum myself).


Ziv, forgot to ask: did you ever sort out the matter of the Keystep Pro and the iridium losing contact (6:45 into the review), while the Keystep didn't? Arturia published a firmware for the Keystep Pro exactly a week after your Iridium review was published to YT, do you know if that new fw fixed the problem?

Licht & Liebe


stupid Name

Impressive controls, unfortunately sounds very dry and lifeless :(