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My Channel was HACKED by Cyber Criminals... GRWM | Thomas Halbert

33 886 views | 1 Dec. 2020

I can't believe this

I can't believe this happened to me but thankfully I was able to get my channel back quicker than people who have been hacked just like this before. I'm very grateful and I hope you guys know that!

In this video I cover what led up to my hacking, how I got hacked, and who hacked me. I also cover some other things as well.

Check out @CreepShow Art video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eECVcLsUiS0&ab_channel=CreepShowArt

Checkout @Angelika Oles video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my2276s-kP4&ab_channel=AngelikaOles


Intro: 0:00

Twitter Drama Stuff: 3:45

Leading Up to the Hijacking: 7:10

How I was hacked: 10:55

Who Hacked Me: 20:24

Outro: 27:43

♡ give me attention ♡

↳ twitter: @thomasbeautyy // https://twitter.com/thomasbeautyy

↳ tiktok: @thomashalbert // https://www.tiktok.com/@thomashalbert

↳ instagram: @thomashalbert // https://www.instagram.com/thomashalbert/

↳ more socials: https://linktr.ee/thomashalbert/

✉ BUSINESS EMAIL // [email protected]

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Thanks so so much for watching ily

Thomas ~~

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Thomas Halbert. I got a really stale name but that's ok. WELCOME TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!! First off all, I'm definitely not your typical beauty guru or beauty youtuber. Since the very start of this channel i've always kept it real and honest about everything. YES I may do the typical beauty reviews, makeup reviews, makeup and beauty content but it's all done with honesty and transparency with good vibes, humor, jokes, and authenticity. I hope you stay awhile and enjoy my channel! SUBSCRIBE and LIKE pls ily. oh and i'm very sarcastic so like LMAO yeah

FTC Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by VeChain Foundation

lmao jk but imagine


I love how detail-oriented you are when doing your makeup. Obsessed with this look!!! So flawless ily you're so strong <3


So happy you’re back! You look great.

Brittany Gottschalk

You’re so right about other influencers getting so many chances and so few consequences. Your mistakes have paled in comparison and your growth shines bright!❤️❤️

nancy garcia

Dude I saw that and was like ain’t no way Thomas is behind this

Savannah Bray


Harley Christie

I've MISSED you girl ?

Meghan Dupre

I’m just here for the algorithm!! ✌?


I’m too high to think of a comment rn but I’m dropping this for engagement


Never knew about this video and all of my notifications are on.


This just happened to my brother Dear Gamer


I love Me some Thomas Halby! I'm Glad you're back & I hope you are here to stay & slayyyy! ❤

Leslie Sanders

I never left you honey!❤️?


Omg!! Glad you got your channel back!!!

Kelsey Kauffman

River Phoenix, is that you?

James Searles

Not you saying they sponsored you ?

Kos sy

This was on my recommended!:) good luck in life thomas


that foundation came back to bite you, some huda voodoo

Evvy Rose

Let the algorithm be eva in your fava
-Hunger games

Heather Hemler

This happened to the most undeserving person. You have bettered yourself. Period. Not that you were evil to begin with I mean JESUS.


Glad you're back thomas!! I know you had a rough year and I hope all is well!

Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

Ignore everyone and do your own thing xx you are such a talented artist people see that. I love what you are doing today you’ve got me inspired with my look again :) Don’t get caught up in the drama - stay in your own lanes

Stephanie Nicholson

I got scammed out of $500, about 2 weeks ago. I feel your pain and embarrassment of falling for this shit. So sorry babe.

Kelsey Wardell

I saw this and it was awful. I felt so bad. Glad you got this resolved. Also love the blonde on you. Great color.


I’m glad you’re back :) the situation was terrible and I’m sorry you didn’t receive enough support.


i’m late but hi mom glad u got ur youtube back


I had to search you out. Last I heard you were hacked and now there are several new vids I haven't seen

Let'sGetGlam !

Love you Thomas. Glad things are back to normal! Looking good as always!

Arianna Brieann

“Hey please stop unsubscribing damn” I fucking love you lmfao

Milena A

Thomas. Your feelings are valid.

Sam Arsac

I love you and will always be here to support you.

k8 rules

hi just here commenting and liking to boost that engagement bc i was DiSSApOinTed not a lot of coverage by other channels was here for this mEss!!

Mona Dovina Prodaniuk

Hey Thomas. Happy you got channel back. Been subscribed for 3 years now cause enjoy your blunt reviews. I've seen alot of growth past year. Stay positive and just keep pushing. Every day is a new start. Hugs from Canada ?❤

Ashley Anderson

So happy you got your channel back. Love seeing your face!!


Hi Thomas, my name is Ceci not swagy my 9 y/o sister changed my gmail thing. ANYWAYS. i love your makeup look for this video! I hope you have a wonderful December and things look up for you. Love always

Рил Слав Гф


Vicky Turner

Hiii Thomas

disciple of Jesus christ

Jesus loves u all so much and he just wants u to genuinely love him back pleaseee read ur Bible and pray

Kelsey Coates

Yikes! Sorry that happened to you but thankfully you got your channel back quickly! I like your new background btw ?

Ana Mar

Even hacked you look stunning! ☺️

Courtney Halchak

Your intros are so entertaining! I’m so sorry this happened to your channel and your identity. I can’t imagine the frustration.


Love to watch your stuff cause you look like my ex from middle school

Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

Thank you so so much for sharing how this happened!

Dixie Rae

Back Dooring with a limp wrist so adorable I live. Big hugs.


Commenting to try to boost your video! I also copied link, hopefully it is helpful.

Robert Johnston Camacho

Post the vid

Teodora Aleksic


Ashley Anderson


Brenda Lopez5

???the eyelashes had me dying ? idk y. So sorry about you getting hacked ? I’m just barely starting to come back onto YouTube again, been stuck on IG. Miss your channel ?


I cant get my old Twitter back because of the recovery email process and all the crap that goes with it. Now its not such a big deal to me as bad because I am not a influencer or comment too much. I mainly have it to keep up with people but still its a pain. And some one hacked into my Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter at one time and someone is still messing with my Instagram to this day. It aggrevating to say the least.

Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone

So sorry this happened to you. Having been a victim of fraud when I was in college, I know how devastating it can be.

Lily McVay

I think you can rebuild this channel. You are always real with your viewers. I never get bored with your videos. I have seen you ask your viewers for what they want to see from you. Even if you just became strictly a story time channel I don’t think people would be upset with that. You always keep it real and people respect that.

Jessica Graham Smith

I just love how funny you are i been a fan even with the crap you hold your head up and keep working !!!

Mary Kintz

Thomas ? is a born storyteller! ???

Lianna Sierra

Why is it all the other influencers can make a mistake, big or small, and get forgiven like it's nothing the next day, but Thomas can't? I hadn't even realized that until he said it, and it's true.


What's with the witchcraft in the background

Gabby O'Callaghan

Excited to watch your upcoming videos and keep supporting you

ArtofFacts 96

Omg im so glad you're back

J Dub SnoBunni

Hows yall day?? Im late to this video. ?

Paige Faith

Omg! I just saw I was unsubscribed ? immediately subbing again ?


Bout to run up these commentttssss

beautiful Sin

I had seen VeChain on my recommended (but im already sub'd still) but I ignored it and didn't think much of it because Im used to getting a variety of things, but damn sorry you got hacked!! That sucks!

Ashley Anderson

You do deserve another chance. Whole heartedly.

Black Samurai

Why do people with the same name as my always got to be weird ??‍♂️

Bella H

U should do a smoking video or sum ??

Genisis Kommavongsa

omgggg why do ppl do this?! i've never understood why they hack other ppl's accounts like what was the reason...


While i was watching this video i had a notification from another latin channel being hacked. Apparently it's a problem that is happening all over YouTube ??
But at least they are having support of other channels. I don't get why you got so much hate ? jeffree the coackroach star has been surviving for more than ten years. I just don't get ?
Take care, be careful and you don't have support from other channels but we have your back, your viewers.

Xoxo ?
Abrazos from Chile ??


it will be okay! everything will be okay!?

Holly Fogg

I love your channel! I always feel like im just chillin with the homie when im here

maddie moncada

ALSO NOOOOO please feel free to talk too much!! I literally don’t care and will listen to every single thing you have to say please don’t speed it up?❤️


i empathize with you sm thomas. you deserve more than what u get

Letxa Dovales

Im glad you have your channel back! Im sorry for leaving but I thought I subscribed another channel for error but Im back again! Im glad you didnt suffer any really even scarier thing from the hack omg!

Zainab Lobaton

Seen and subscribed with all notifications on ?

brittanee willett

I’m honestly glad you’re back ?

Psyche Infusions

I'm glad you had got your channel back ! :) - also, love your deck in the background.

Lindsey B

That day sucked! I was so worried for you! I spent over an hour tagging YouTube and the YouTube liason to try to help out.

Piia Virkki

Wish u all the best Thomas ? liked and subscribed ✌️

Alyssa Torres

I’m glad you got your channel back!! ❤️❤️❤️

AnimeGirl 8792

Be wary of email especially influencers

Morgan Lohr

I was hoping to hear about the company that was on your account. Like what was their connection with the people they were showing up as?!

I saw the live stream and how they were accepting donations ?


Ahhh , missed you ! ?

J Dub SnoBunni

Xoxoxo love you Thomas


Tysm for this video! One of a youtubers I watch who had 99.5k and were supposed to hit 100k tmrw got hacked by these frauds and they are still having the live go on. The youtubers name is Typical Mallu Couple and they changed their name and pfp, the name to Vechain foundation


I'm so glad you got your channel back so quickly. It was so insanely frustrating with the back and forth with Youtube...

It's funny how I actually had the same feeling as you at 18:00 when you were talking about how the hackers could have done way more worse to me like blackmailing or ruin my life. Like thinking the hackers were kind of nice but not really at the same time.

I'm Tickled Pink

YouTube unsubscribed me!

Christopher Morales


maddie moncada

I’m so fucking glad you got your channel back!!!


We love you. Glad ur here and f*ck them all


Of course the drama channels are DM'ing you now that they all hate Jeffree. So transparent

aliina Boricua

Idk if its helps, but you were recommended on my YouTube with huda foundation

Alexandra Saadi

You have been through so much at such a young age... I’m so happy that your still here. You’ve got your health, you’ve got people that love you... you’re not alone. Not everyone can say that... I can’t say that.
So, cheers to you mate!! I hope getting things back in order goes smoothly for you?

Elise Patterson

Glad this is getting sorted out! I'll make sure to comment x

Jacob Knopik

A rule I’ve learned...never expect anything out of anyone. Then you’ll never be disappointed by them. It’s a bitch to learn, but it helps. And your not a loser if you live with your parents, at least not all.?so many different reasons one can end up back at home.

Sam C

boosting the algo! been around for a long time suga keep going <3

eli !

u: i've never gotten hacked! me watching this, having had my passwords leaked multiple times n hacked at least twice because I use the same passwords on everything....


Even the most aware people, even smart people, even informed people, will still fall for stuff like that. A guy once tried to scam me to send him money for him to buy drugs, using his dog for pittyness, the first time he asked, i gave him like 10bucks, no biggy, i had money to spare at the time. Then he came back a little bit afterwards telling me he was struggling and if i could, i shut him down completely because he was already too shady before, then i found out he used to scam a lot of people to get money for drugs...trust me no one is safe. Nobody deserves shit like this. Glad youre back.

Jann Orlind Nogra

An authentic, organically-made comment not just to boost the algorithm ?

Payton B

My boyfriend being confused when he gets spammed by texts of your videos lmao


im glad u got ur channel back ?

Ashley DeLuca

Commenting for the algorithm so this video gets more views hopefullyyyy



Vechain foundation

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VeChain Hack & Sunny Lu Explanation

23 105 views | 14 Dec. 2019

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Sunny Lu pay a hacker to hack a YouTube channel with million subs YouTube Channel Name "AkosiDogie" I think he pay the hacker

Ben Abrams

Ethereum has been hacked for $30 million usd. This is a slight bump in the road that will only strengthen VeChain in the long run.


Plss send nuke to china before its to late

XRP Music

I still don't know how I feel about this. I'll gather an opinion when more comes to surface on this.

Ho Kevin

Sunny Lu return back my VET coins

Eka Putra

You stupit boy


Sunny is dumb, eh kao berani beraninya hack orang

Sarjana Gamer

Now indonesian youtuber get hacked by fuckchain

Pandesal Gaming

Wtf they hacked Akosi Dogie yesterday and named it Live News. then now they fckn aimed at her girlfriend Chixmiss, which the channel is renamed to Vechain Foundation. I don't even know who the fck this Sunny Lu is.. I just have a bad feeling with this guy..

Ris Danial

Recently This Company Hack A Youtube Channel With 1 million subscribers!!!
They Changed The Youtube Name From BTR Ryzen To VeChain Foundation

Heri Amq

account Vchain Sunny Lu recently hacked of the Account Youtubers Indonesia Ryzen Gaming Pro Player PUBG by removing the Content and do Live Streaming


bodo dia yaa hack' acc orang ngada otak memang

MO Memes


Surya Arizon

He hacked proplayer pubg mobile from indonesian , faaaaak vechain!!


ngl u sound like trump

Panji Jagiswara


robben oioi

You so stupid bro because you hack

Chupu Radin

If I have a channel. he hacked my channel and I will take out hiroshima bomb nucler

Jerry Massey

What a standup guy. Full transparency shortly after a major situation. Another reason to love the project. Thanks for sharing!

Juliana summer Marco

heck you sunny lu chixmiss is my idol and you hack her youtube what a shame

Rasya Putratama F.A

Wow dog, don't have to hack people's YouTube accounts, you're just like taking people's sustenance, you idiot, I pray for those who hack YouTube accounts, people reduce their livelihood even don't give aminn ?

Allan Katy

VECHAIN acordou ????


Hes another obe hes Akosi Dogie a vlogger just got hack turn into Live News


This man hacking indonesian pubg pro player shit

Vechain foundation

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Blockchain Governance: How Decisions Are Made on VeChainThor

34 939 views | 22 Jul. 2020

Totally Aint Cheems


Reu B

When will it reach $1, I bought 3 VeChain over a year

Tímea Nagyné Marosvölgyi


Jannah Perez

Bkit nyo ni hack Ang channel ni Marcus T

The Tester HUN


Dinie Eliessa

First hack acc Ryzen then Isa Isarb

Adnan 25

Anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing

Laci _Gaming

Mert kell feltorni videosokat????

Frost HaikaL Official Gamerz

lu Akun Aku Hack Kamu RRQ.Haikal.Official Gamerz2

akosi ridZ

Fuckkyou hacker

Mangesh Karale

Don’t hack to our khooni Monday channel

ice bear

Anakkk ajggggg


Why did you break the Beniipowa Canal?

Dimas Prasetyo

Fuck For Your Company
Your Company Is Trash hahaha
companies that don't sell

Naning maryanti

E ada orang gila santet you

Mohammad Izzat

Hacker nub

Toyo77 7

Report this Channel

The Tester HUN

ll tactical nuke in coming

marvel dan oriel

Makan tu uang btc lo ngentd

Fika Rahma

Peter anjing

Esr Machine



végre visszakapta beniipowa a csatiját ezaz

Zsombor Deme

Hacker noob ???


Fck u

Adrian Gamers Offcial

Kasian Chanel hack gak dapat subs

sujatna jatna

Gua santet lu anjing ngehek akun Yutub orang siap siap lu di penjara atau kembalikan akun Yutub orang ini

De filipinaダーリン

Everyone just screenshot he's face in put some memes

Mateus Gamer

Mano vão se ferrar seus hacker de canais por que não criam um canal pra vocês


Fuck you sorry, marcusT



Chairil Haqi

fuck you

Mr Yum Games

your bitch daughter go for the winter

Sandi Rahmat


Sandy Aditya Sutanto

Gini ni gabisa bangun YouTube dari bawah Ampe atas,makanya ngehack,ga berkah kata ilham

Muhammad Najmi


xX_ProPvP_ X X

3100 dis like ye noob benipowa pro

Itz Dan

Vechain poor

Albrecht Packa

Vaporware. Centralised database.

Muhammad Aqil Zikri Alvares

Anjing lu ngapain hack akun ryzen gue report akun lu


Hackerr poop

Hambalko Matyas

You are all trash @wechain foundation F*CK YOU??



Razz King

Channel isa isarb kena hack babiii

Hendra Pratama






faras hazzim

uuu ge heck aku rayzen


Udah enggak ganteng mahu ngehack anjinggg

Itz Dan

Vechain dont have money


Woi Dajjal bangsat

Noval Mazdi

Please return Ryzen's account, you bastard

Ahmad Ahfa

Fuck you

De filipinaダーリン

Just wait our hackers in the Philippines well take your account..we hacks some of the websites in china and do you now the (I love you virus) we well send it to you!!! Fk hacker.

Julius Agung

Hacker foundation wkwkwk

Comedy Four


Ben 10


Naning maryanti


Counter Blox Exploiters Police

Fuck your stupid company stop hacking youtube channels


los chinos que hackean cuentas? jaja

Judah Malabayabas


akosi ridZ

Guys just report dis shit

Harsya Rafi

You stupid

Megha Malhar

Daaaaa ...TMC channel neeee enthin hack cheythuuuuu????????

Marvin Rivera

Stop Hacking kuya Marcus



BReady MarVin

Dont hack MarcusT account! Give it back and u freaking deleted all his vids! Bakamitai!!!

Kairei James Orbon

Pati si kuya marcus t hinaked monaren ?

Counter Blox Exploiters Police

Fuck VeChain

Itz Dan

Fuck vechain

Azriel Ahsan

Anak kontl

Pepe0510HUN _YT


Chairil Haqi


Itz Dan

Vechain stupid

Mozher Arumpac

Give back marcus t youtube channel

harithgaming 123

Kerja ape tah ni

ice bear

Hack my idol BTR Ryzenn???? Hahh

PH Gamezz

Tangina mo hacker.. Fvck off menn... Dont hack people's acc menn....

Magalih Ahyan

Hati Hati Saja Orang Indo Keras Bisa Kena Santet Kau:)


Anak anjg

csontos dávid


Ahmad Ahfa

Fuck you

Mandalorian PUBG

Akun YT Redfacen Balikin Tod


banyakin dislike nya ya bund

Aldo Saja

U know fuck??.. yeah this channel??


Ini akun sendiri kah apa akun orang yang kau hack.
Is this your own account or what is the person's account that you hacked



Andy Willy

Report akun youtobe nya

Davica Horne


Andy Willy

Balikkan akun idola gue

kapan jadi youtuber

Main main kau ya sama juara dunia

Cleen Ball

Hack for account "Alex Alvarez" ⛔STOP HAKING!⛔

Chairil Haqi



basszátok meg

jodel leona

HACKKKERRRRR ???????????????????????????????????????????

Kuys Nald's Vlog's


Levii_ke496 YT

Fuck you Vechain Foundation you is hacked Beniipowa,Dezső Bence,2side

Andy Willy

We anjing kau hack akun ryzen

ice bear

Punya otakkk.?????


We asuuuu kau balikin akun ryzen atau gw lapor ke youtube biar lu di tankap polisi

Toyo77 7