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Can You Make Resin Tools?!

197 411 views | 10 Feb. 2021

I woke up one morning

I woke up one morning after a dream about a resin drill bit and this is the result.

I had to try this.

Want To Make this Project?

Drill Bit Set: https://amzn.to/3a5uoV9

Bit Hole Gauge: https://amzn.to/3rF3hWQ

Silicone Mat: http://amzn.to/2zqriW1

Rubber Gloves: https://amzn.to/3aRVoGM

Mixing Cups: https://amzn.to/3tIddAt

Mixing Sticks: https://amzn.to/3peIfgd

Surebonder Glue Gun: https://amzn.to/2ThoM1a

Mold Release: https://amzn.to/3qblAT6

Air Compressor: https://amzn.to/36YFJ7b

Total Boat Resin: https://amzn.to/2NdayhG

Ryobi Drill & Driver: https://amzn.to/3aUnfGp

Filming Gear:

Canon T5i http://amzn.to/2GeNLuj

Rode Mic: http://amzn.to/2DjlBLq

Joby Tripod: http://amzn.to/2Djv5Gr

LED Lightbox: https://amzn.to/36snyDQ

Turntable: https://amzn.to/3ocGmQn

Please like and share!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peterbrownwastaken

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kludge1977

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kludge1977

music by Jason [email protected] audionautix.com

General Griffin

Using that resin drill bit is like if you tried to drill something in a dream. LOL

Gail Adie

Do the follow up please!!!

JDM crew

It kinda bugged me when he didn't answer the first "Is it hard wood or soft wood?" question directly

Hubris Inc

Good on you for driving robbies! best screw drive out there!

Weird World

Doooo it :)


What about balsa wood.


I would definitely like to see a follow-up video plus with the mold you get a lot of decorative drill bit out of resin but with the best reason you can find I think would make a much stronger drill bit really enjoyed the video thank you

Olivia Valentine

Do the follow up video!


Add metal dust to the resin.

Kris Gschwend

I need a follow up!! This was great, so much fun. You always come up with such great ideas, even if just for fun. ??

Karl Singer

Don’t use plastic bottles, use lego bricks! You can build any shape you want and you need way less silicone. It takes some time to build the mold, but silicone is expensive. It saves you a bunch of money.




I like how this guy refuses to pre drill holes, that would make the screws work better at least


Bless your wife for speaking for the dummies that watch xD

Also very very interested in a follow-up!

Kacey Shawler

Do the follow up.

Zach Hawkins

Me clicking the video without looking at the channel name.

"Oh this would be a cool project for Peter Brown to do. He does better quality resin projects than anyone else."

titles roll

feels stupid

Panda Hockin

If you drill a hole smaller than the screw it would work and for thosewho say its cheating its not its what you are suppose to do source im a wood worker

Richard Orta

though not useful
the cast screws would make nice ... whatever. charms.


Bet, follow up!!!

Red B

Yeah let's see the followup!

OG- Nesley

Ha screw section of the video would have made a great ED commercial lol

Kathryn Nuthall

Of course we are interested, I've never worked with resin in my life but your videos are so entertaining that I want to find out what you are making with every upload.

Josefine Gfys

A follow up is definitely in order

Trap Moose

it’s not that the tools didn’t work, it’s a matter of what materials do they work with?


No pilot holes. Test ruined. UNSUBSCRIBED!

craig spacht

Please do the follow up! I always enjoy your videos!

Michael Brown

okay, here me out, try to cast the drill bit again, but make three. each one different in the sense that they contain, steel filings, carbon filings, and ceramic (really hard stuff) filings. then maybe try that and see if the performance changes?

Angela Stuart

Had a few giggles at that ? good experiment though, what’s next?

Ryan Jones

The screws would probably work if you pre drill the hole.
Please follow up!

Aaron Tate

Yeah follow up.


You are one of the few channels left on YouTube that I continue to watch. If it weren't for the likes of you or Mike Patey (and a very few others), I would have uninstalled YouTube long ago.


Follow-up pls

lee poirier

Great job, follow up please!!!!

Jacob Jennings

Follow up! Hooray!

Ben Keys

Fun fact of the day if you drill a pilot hole and then cut some lines from the top of a screw to the head (minimum of 1 maximum of 4) you can make a makeshift threading tap... it’s not amazing but does well in a pinch but you also have to be extremely careful as it’s a screw and can not only cause a split in the wood but also can strip out the threads you make if you aren’t careful enough... haven’t tried it on metal because I don’t have any thick enough metal and I’m pretty sure the screw would break


I wonder how much we really get to see vs. what he has recorded, considering the number of times he's said "...or you'll (probably) never see this footage...".

Anna Huffman

So much joy

Kalijah Anderson

Yes please on the follow up

Cherrie Hays

Would love a follow up.

evil brat

You only think it bombs if you Think It Bombs. . . . what is your follow up on this? Have me curious.


I feel like it'd be okay for sheetrock. Maybe.

JoAnna Dealey

I love your videos, I'd love to see a follow up


How to make a fleshlight ????


Resin hammer hammer in a resin nail


i want to see follow up

Jeff Mundkowsky [Foggy Mountain Workshop]

Why not do a follow up. I though the drill bit might actually work. Was an awesome casting anyway !

Dan J

They have a really neat look though!

Cregar Back

fallow up would be cool


Yes do more it’s awesome

Michael Retzlaff

I don't think there's a world where you release a video we AREN'T interested in, Mr. Brown. We come to these videos to see you. The projects all play second fiddle to you, sir.

Waylon Thatcher

We gotta get that follow up dawg

Katie Mick

Your art interpretation got my like. GIMME DAH FOLLOW-UP!


Jb weld epoxy not the fast set but the real stuff and let it set for a few days


Dip Ice Cubes - When it melts it'll have water sloshing around in little compartments.


so theres that glass hammer the boss asked for

Rush W

I wonder if the drill would have worked on ice or soapstone

Bill Naivar

Your problem is heat. As soon as each item started getting hot it melts.


I wanna see the follow up

Joseph Ball

That's a weird way to make a fleshlight dude

Wally Meerschaert

epoxy tools... with some pulverized steel shavings? You are not going to stand a chance against real tools, though I'd like to see resin vs. aluminum.

Chase Leim

Use yellow dye and red dye one into each

Kketansa Art

Did Abraham Lincoln really say that? ?

Logan McLaren

Oh goodness, please do a follow up. I loved this, and I can't wait to see the next one (if it happens).

Kathleen Snell

Definitely do the follow up. Also the resin drill bit is a terrible tool, but I think it would make a beautiful “icicle” ornament.


Follow up follow up follow up!!!!!

William Johnston

Maybe add fibers to the resin to help give it more strength?


so ur saying i just gotta hold my pee for 2 hours?


Encase honeycomb in resin


god bringing up the mycarta hammer, feels like i just watched it yesterday and yet i hear you say "a couple years ago" and it actually didnt occur to me it had been that long. how time flies huh?

Nick Yanski

I’m in for another one

Loki the Cat

The resin bit might be something good for drilling styrofoam or something.

Andrew French

Always interested!


I was not expecting resin to be so pliable! I wonder if it was the heat, or if it’s just soft when not faced by a human...

I’d absolutely love seeing more of this, especially if it continues to produce more dance partners.

Gary Generous

I’d love to see the follow up video

Daniel Perkins

we want more

Broken but Asexual

Yes do a followup.

Final Fantasy King

can you cast a four point arrowhead in resin?

Peter Spadotto


Aric Bergthold

Vote yes for a follow up.

Wally Meerschaert

hobby stores have balsa wood, don't they?

Mike Jaz

Make the resin a composite, maybe add metal powder or very fine particles of aramid fibre.

cheese lad

Pete... y do u do these things

Jason U

Let's see the follow up!

Jordan White

Glass fiber reinforced?
Whatever it is, do it!


I really want to see a bunch of colored resin screws in some sort of piece, cast inside clear resin like they're meant to be fastening or holding something in place.

cat moth

Those resin nails are lovely! A set of colorful ones suspended in something might look nice ?


do it!!!!!!!!!

Kari lynn

Follow up sounds interesting

Tiffany Sandmeier

Anyone think he should have started with something ridiculous to drill into like finger jello. Which made me think of jello molded into a finger.
Jello, cake, etc. Things you would never drill into, but that are really soft.
FYI don't eat the food that was part of the experiment.


you need way harder epoxy, that stuff is soft. use extra hard bartop resin. It will probably work


Mix iron fillings into that and then cast them with that mixture, would be super cool

Margaret Hood

Definitely interested!!!

Kalijah Anderson

Resin tools are really only good for Styrofoam.


I would like to see your follow-up plan

Branden Ruckus

Follow up

Joe Miller

Let’s do the follow up

Jo G

Follow up, please.

Sand Axis868

Would it work if the it had a start or if the screws can hold.. like pre drill the holes and use the rosin screws?

amelia hansen

Follow-up for sure!!

Jeremiah Bullfrog

Based on this video, I think resin would make a dandy mallet - especially if you found a way to embed a weight into it. And if you figure out how to do that, you could try for a DIY dead blow mallet. Obviously, torsion and tension are not resin's strengths, but it seems to handle compression just fine. Make your own vise inserts! Or those caps for clamps to avoid damaging whatever you're clamping together?

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Volume 50

61 views | 27 Oct. 2020

Come humburguer

Come humburguer


Brabo Fanny

Volume 50

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DJ Aidy B - Volume 50 UK Bounce Mix 2019 WWW.UKBOUNCEHOUSE.COM

171 406 views | 14 Nov. 2019


DOWNLOAD: https://ukbouncehouse.com/forums/downloads/uk-bounce-house-dj-aidy-b-volume-50-uk-bounce-mix-2019-download

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/djaidybao

Register @ ukbouncehouse.com ~ Free Downloads! ~ Scouse / Donk / UK Bounce, wigan pier, packs, samples, music, mixes, tracks, and much more. Connect with DJ's and Artists on the forums.

#bounce #scouse #scousehouse #donk #bouncy #bouncyhouse #bouncehouse

#uk #ukbounce #poky #hardbounce #donky #bumping #purebounce #btid #ukbounceclass #ukbouncehouseclass #hardbass #wiganpier #pumping #makina

John Spencer

Doinky garage

Tony Parker

Whats the first tune called?

Tom Jack

Where’s best place to get tracks like this from??

Robert Cook

Canny beat it mad way it way the tunes bouncing yabadaba


This mix should get me through Christmas ? ?

Paul Leather

Yesssss Aidy B loving the first tune !

Terence Howarth

I’ve just had sex with my ex boyfriend listening to this I hope his new boyfriend don’t see this comment ?

Three lions on our shirt


aggelokaragianni karagianni

Great mix. @27min???? Please

Bradley Oliver

Sat hear moist .... hope Santa has me some new knickers

Joanne Finley

woohoo impossible to stay still you gota be bouncen to the tunneees

Spuddy Pukka


Nicky White

Bit of cheddar, bit still bass line is rolling. Feels a bit euphoric. Let it roll

Michael Whit

sweet ass mix

Dan Dan

Seatbelted ??


What's thextune from 1min?

Karl Butler

Sweet luv tunz l

Ben Parkinson

What’s the tune that mixes in at 7:10????

B1G B01

Any of u lads know what song is at 15:17 It's pretty dutty.

Gemma Flanagan

What's the song at 13 minutes plz x

Paul Sleigh

Absolute bangin! What's the tune from 12mins?

Poppy Lester

Bad boy bassssssss

kelsie x

Keep them coming ????

Dale Taylor

Tune at 5 minutes in banger ?

mike docherty

Good o mix that, thanks.

Gemma Rodgers

As old as u feel r girl u feel ????

Jess Harrison

Nearly bounced out off my bed listening to these banging tunes loving it I wish you well top tune my daughter has it on as well I just had to be a bore and tell her to turn hers down before neibours complain she's 15 and dancing round her room lol good times

Alexander Haldane

Banging mate ??

Brown Gold

Allan diverity am caven ye

Simon Jäger

Tracklist incl timestamps please someone

Kirsten Taylor

This mix of 'wish you well' (18:40) is by far my favourite, absolutely banging, the whole album is on fire ? ? ?

Rob Bushnall

38 minutes in absolute bouncing!

Charly Brown


Raul jimenez vaz


Lee Ob

1:01:39 BANGIN

Kieran McCoy

What's the song called at 5 minutes

Sam Patterson

Banging tunes keep it up lads

Terence Roscoe

Brings bk same messy nites ???

Spuddy Pukka

Sik mix ?

adam garrett

What a banger


Bangin mix this ??? ? ?


Sickkkkk ? l̺o̺V̺e̺ I̺t̺

SmashYaPasty 87

My Renault 5 GT turbo is now complete with these tunes love it

Edu Rgarcia


Expekt The UnExpekted


Stephen Booth

Pure bangin bounce

Gemma Rodgers



First song remix name ?

Jamie Smith

Fking mental head blowing ????

Gym Head

Belta bruv ?

kally blain

What’s the song at 27mins plz

Liam Smith

Rep it N•

Good stuff

Kelly Britcliffe

Whats the Track id for the 2nd track please mate x

Paul Kane

Cracking tunes

dominic mcloughlin

cry with andy and cally will never be beat anyone got a HD upload?..

Gemma Flanagan


Callum Shinks

Song at 8:40?

dominic mcloughlin

79 down? wankers great mix searching everyday finding top spins like urs thanx..


1:09:00? Anyone

Steven Johnstone

Sweet set pal ????

Gaz Cee

few Belters or mash-up in their!!
Bouncy as fuk.. ?

Nada Komelj

T O P ????


?????? loving it

Poppy Lester

Enough respect

Rachael marie Hughes

Just absolutely love this one I’m well in the mood for BoUnCe ?

Michael Meechan



1:2:55 this completely took me to another dimension, couldn't stop dancing! I need this song soooo bad.

DJ JACKO ScouseHouse - Bounce - Bumpin - Pumpin

??Bouncin Bouncin ??


Am nearly 60 and Bounce is my life, keep up the good work, sure beats Radio One and the so called dance scene ?