Unicomp ultra classic

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Sticking keys on Unicomp Ultra Classic

197 views | 4 Oct. 2019

Demonstration of sticking

Demonstration of sticking keys on Unicomp keyboard. Specifically, right right shift and enter keys have sticking issues.

Unicomp ultra classic

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Unicomp Classic 104 Buckling Spring Keyboard Review

8 642 views | 10 May. 2019

Buckling Spring Unicomp

Buckling Spring Unicomp Classic 104 Mechanical Keyboard Review, with audio typing test. The legendary keyboard is made new again.

Unicomp Website: https://www.pckeyboard.com/

Unicomp Amazon Storefront: https://amzn.to/2LAlPaD

Unicomp uses the same machines and tools to create buckling spring keyboards the same as the later versions of the IBM Model M.

The noise to the keyboard really is another level of sound compared to any cherry mechanical keyboard switches. And the tactile feel is so responsive it feels like typing away at a typewriter, but this usb device is easy to use with any modern computer. It works on both Mac and PC, and they have different versions for the key layout.

As always, shot on the Fujifilm X-T2 : https://amzn.to/2C6OmOb

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#Unicomp #BucklingSpring #MechanicalKeyboard

This buckling spring keyboard is a modern reach into the past, sort of a “New Old Stock” type of keyboard. Since it is made by the same people on the same machines as the Model M were they aren’t actually clones of the original. They are the original, but just new. Now there were several iterations of the Model M, so these are like the newer versions of the Model Ms, the older ones had thicker cases and thicker plates of metal in them increasing durability rigittity. Unicomp boards have some bend in them if you are trying to flex them, but it isn’t an issue while typing.

Since I have never used a Model M board before I don’t have anything to compare this to, but I really like the feel. The whole press of a switch is very mechanical and satisfying through each press.

A little history lesson, the IBM model M set the standard for how keyboard layout has been for nearly ~~~years now. They didn’t create qwerty, they just put all the modifiers in a fashion that works for computers and most full sized boards still harken back to the Model M. IMB split their printer and keyboard making departments into Lexmark. In 1995 Lexmark spunoff into their own company and the next year in 1996 they were planning on shutting down their Model M production in favor of cheaper less durable rubber dome keyboards, but several of the employees couldn’t sit by and watch this travesty. They purchased the license, tooling, and design rights to buckling-spring technology. In April of 1996 Unicomp was founded as a business to continue production of Buckling-Spring Keyboards.

The feel of a buckling-spring switch to me, is way more mechanical than a normal cherry or cherry clone. It is something I didn’t understand in other reviews of this board how much of it is feel. The force curves don’t explain it. You really have to feel it.


I love that poster, where did you get it please. I own three Unicomp keyboards and am looking at getting another.


Buy link provided...

Ellenor Bjornsdottir

Do you have a contemporary Unicomp IBM Model M? I've heard (from Modern Classic) that the tooling in the coronavirus era is so worn that a new one feels like a 5 years worn-in model year 1991 model M.


Is that LED overlay the standard now or did you swap it out?


I learned on teletype and have used pretty much all of the keyboards you have mentioned. In all honesty, there is a definite sound diff, yes. However there is a tactile thing going on. The original model M that I recall had a heavier key action and you would know 100% if you had pressed a key or not. I now use a very basic HCMAN with blue switches and yes have tried the unicomps. IMO, and I stress, IMO, unless the action on the key has a higher resistance and IMO, the key is heavier, its not ever going to be close. Another key factor for me was cost, anything over 110 US is really shameful in all honesty. Keyboards were never ever supposed to be high end items, but then again, once you add the word vintage, be prepared to add a few 0's. Good video however

Devyn Hepburn

Interesting that it comes with a modern Windows key. The pictures on Unicomp's website seem to show the Windows 9X/2K key.


O.K., but, the 103-key version is better than the 104-key — and you know it.


sadly unicomp has really bad marketing and many people don't know you can buy a new model m

Matthew Hill

I have one of these in the Mac layout. Indeed, it is very nice to type on and sounds great, but the build quality and consistency are not the best (unevenness in panel matching, some keys rub each other, a few are slightly higher than others, etc.) Also, it seems you cannot get them with a backlight, if that matters to you.


Unfortunately, in 2020, the factory tooling seems to be worn to the extent that the newer keyboards are less finely machined than older models. In addition, the parts appear to have been markedly changed, such that newer devices weigh less than perhaps one-half what did older. Still a great keyboard, without doubt.

Cristian Nicolae

Hi, do the keys feel "loose" on your unit, as in do they also move laterally a bit? I was watching a different review and the keys on that board were quite loose (the reviewer could even rotate them).


Does it have key rollover so you can do ctrl + alt + delete?

tactil o

Why is the one on amazon black I wanted the vintage gray colors


That sounds thi

Developer Kim

very interesting, I do wanna buy this.
but the thing is that the things I found on the website, there all have blud unicomp logo upright,

have any idea with it? I thinks the one in the video is nicer.

Unicomp ultra classic

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Unicomp Ultra Classic (buckling spring)

1 865 views | 18 Sep. 2014

Heavy, clicky switch

Heavy, clicky switch that's famous thanks to older IBM keyboards. The Ultra Classic's chassis is really creaky.


Doesn't sound as loud as IBM M to me? Does it feel the same?


Hi ! I'm french so scuze my english.
Could you tell me if a pen can be put on the top of the keyboard, like on an IBM M ? Thanks you