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We're looking at giving checks to Americans immediately...Americans need cash now...:Mnuchin

14 294 views | 17 Mar. 2020

Yahoo Finance's Jessica

Yahoo Finance's Jessica Smith breaks down the latest comments from Secretary of Treasury Mnuchin regarding plans to stimulate the economy.

#coronavirus #recession #stimulus

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Robert Maki

So... if I identify as gender fluid.. do each of them get a check


But sanders has been saying this must be done


Bro. Just tell me how I get my check.

I litterally dont care about the politics right now

Poe try

God the stupidity of these elites.


Breadcrumbs for the sheeps
In the circus
They will never revolt
- someone


Yeah but it's all debt with interest

Jerry Rogersome

I'll take a hundred grand.

Trena Harvey

We. Need. This. Now. We. Don't. Got. Nothing

Jesse Gamer4

Is that capitalism?

Kay Hawkins

Ha ha, don't hold your breath. Bailing out WALL STREET was Trumps top priority it's his bread and butter to brag about the markets and to ensure his reelection. They are lying just socialism for the rich as usual.


Andrew Yang is a prophet (profit)

Lee Anna

,what I my ex claimed the kids and doesn't have custody of even visits


In the words of Marie-Antoinette...“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake$$. & bring back the Guillotine" as Nero fiddled around playing golf as Rome burned.

Andy Tachibana lover

More stupidity from the clowns in government. They know what they have to do--they just won't do it. Get rid of the fed and make gold backed currency a priority. Very easy to fix. They just won't do it.

DR Clements

Make credit card interest deductible again.


Corona is Trump’s running mate. Corona 4 VP 2020!!! ???

John Lewis

They will prob. give airlines big bucks and the working people a few coins.


maybe saudi arabia threatened to send every american 34 barrels of oil???

Timepiece Maker

Democrates will hold the bill up until illegals are given $2000 checks

John Lewis

He should be on a scary movie.



Charles Carter

Poor people are homeless and they are Americans too

Ole White man

Do BOTH , $ 1000 and NO FED TAXES !!!

paul kieffer

Crash the fucking market PLEASE!! I’ll become a billionaire I can’t wait

Andy Yan

Funny... Democrat Presidential Nominee proposes UBI $1000. Republicans say... “how do we pay for that?” Trump proposes the same thing.... Republicans say... nothing.

g zhang

chance of inflation is high

Trev Dakine

I thought they were against socialism.


Crumbs to the people while the fat cats rake in trillions...how stupid
are the American people, what a disgrace...payments to all people for a
minimum of $1000 a month for 6 months should be on the table right now
and no bailouts for any business. Period, unless they are making
payroll/working while shutdown.


Ha, ha! The Republicans are trying to buy the election using Communist ideas. Whatever happened with Obama wanted to re-distribute the wealth?? NOTHING will stop the debacle! The levels of companies and government debts are astronomical. It is first law of thermodynamics: you can not get something from nothing...You can not print money (energy) out of the blue. You will pay the price.

Gary Mellow

The check is in the mail like the Orange assholes tax returns made public.

d Reece

Those who say Trump isn't their President should just rip up the check they receive

Mike Krim

The GOP will surely deliver the cash infusion to all Americans during the latter part of October so that all will remember that DJT was responsible for this generosity just prior to the first Tuesday in November. DJT the self proclaimed GENIUS!


"its my cash and i want it now"

Ching Ly


Robert Maki

Yes congress should all work remotely all the time.. eliminate the per diem, and the extra housing expenses

Duane Newen

?China is responsible for the corona outbreaks, they should be pay for the global pandemic crisis and the world economies...??

Sasa Princip

Uaaaahhhh, give me more heeroooineeeeahhhahahah...crack Will do aswell

Love JetFuel

Incredible, all starting to seem sureal. Feels like they are trying to prevent a depression.

mindovermatter 36

I can care less about the restaurant business lol


Barely make up for probably one or two weeks of lost income for most people and they have a lot of other bills that never stop coming in during this possibly multi month shut down of everything.


Trump is locking in a win for November.

Gatha_wolf Gatha_wolf

I think. To give money to every body who paid taxes last year, because it I not last income base situation, everybody need money to recover for ‘now’.
Make it fair, everybody is in hard time

Patrick Kerner

No We need honesty, Tell us what We are facing and get on with this. What I have seen so far is an embarrassment!

Javi - Wan

There is nobody who can do a better job at the helm of the nation rightnow than Donald Trump. NOBODY !!!

Beck Ho

this is scary. not the virus but the printing press

Martin N.

At the current rate of printing money, the USD will soon be worth as much as toilet paper.


Helicopter money??

Trena Harvey

The. Store. Close. We. Need. Stuff to

Gnorts Mr Alien

Sanders, Warren, et al: Americans deserve free healthcare
Conservatives: Evil socialism!
Trump: We're going to give everyone a big handout
Conservatives: OK then

Orville Flood

Go to WANE_007 on !G for help

Joo Wee

Oh so we go in the Andrew yang 2.0 route

John 3:16

our country is under attack by our own Gov

Ok Guy

What about for Owner Operators such as Truck drivers that have to file 1099 every year. Can we also receive the funding? If so what needs to be done on our part to receive the money..

Ambe Rex Che

American are great people. They print trillions of dollars and share but they don't have inflation what if another country tries this? The advantages of being world power.


Don't worry, the money is there. If you factor in what we've spent on corporate bailouts and funding wars the money has been there for years. Americans need and deserve this money.

Optimus Phoenix Prime

Don't expect it
Let the country die

Eric P

Not a single shout out to Andrew Yang?


To everyone who complained in 2008 that the banks got bailed out instead of the people, today is your lucky day.

Throw money at me

Re E lec ted

Fatty Magee

Well he’s tried bribing everybody else
But it won’t help his re-election
America is smarter then that
At lest most of us

Charles Carter

The check isn't for the very poor

Darrion Joe

So will each person over 18 receive a check or per household?

coinhawk crypto

do that 1k per month for 6 months... come on that would be nice... could guarantee a trump victory...

Rogelio Garcia

I’m work for 40 yrs in oil fiel I paid taxes for all 40 yrs I need my money back

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Charles Schwab on the fee wars and the future of investing – 10/7/2019

4 308 views | 7 Oct. 2019

CNBC’s Bob Pisani sits

CNBC’s Bob Pisani sits down with Charles Schwab to chat about his new book, the race to zero on commissions, the state of IPOs and the rapidly changing investment landscape.

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Charles Schwab on the fee wars and the future of investing – 10/7/2019

Brandon Reed

The audio sucks. Way too low


Old men, old concepts. Go Bitcoin!


Look at the advertisement bump they are getting.

Plush Glass

the dude on the left is coming out the right speaker

CDL Virtuoso

Full of it just because people are using other platforms and they're free now you scared guess what I'm keeping my money somewhere else.

Neil Baylard

You need to fix his mike the guest


Can't hear anything Chuck said. WTH? Is there even a mic on him?

Brick Hunter

Such BS, they would be still charging for trades if it wasn’t for Robinhood.


Would he have bought Amazon at $25 ?


#grahamstephan @grahamstephan

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Trading for Income; Success Academy Stock Market Analysis 11-13-19

263 views | 15 Nov. 2019

If you want to learn how

If you want to learn how to collect income each week check out the FREE options course at: https://www.learn-stock-options-trading.com


Haven’t seen you in a while welcome back champ


There was an ascending triangle with resistance at 302 I knew it was gonna blow to top off


When you say positions close, are you setting automatic orders at targets

Dobbs Solutions

Travis love the videos man and appreciate the content! Do you have an email address I can reach you at?