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Charting, Coverage, Projects, Portfolios - Capital IQ Fundamentals Part 6 of 8

0 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Capital IQ Fundamentals -

Capital IQ Fundamentals - FREE | Corporate Finance Institute®

View full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl3-0Xe_motRKcK8Dhmg89yQxwxM_lJhW

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CapIQ (short for Capital IQ) is a market intelligence platform designed by Standard & Poor’s (S&P). The platform is widely used in many areas of corporate finance, including investment banking, equity research, investment management, private equity, and more. This course consists of detailed screen demonstrations of the CapIQ functions and features frequently used by financial analysts in conducting research, analysis, and valuation on private and public companies. This course also shows you how to utilize the CapIQ Excel plug-in in your day-to-day company analysis and valuation.

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Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) is a leading global provider of online financial modeling and valuation courses. Since 2016, CFI’s programs and certifications have been delivered to over 800,000 individuals at top universities, investment banks, accounting firms, and operating companies around the world. The modern financial analyst requires a well-rounded skill set that takes time to acquire. Some of the skills are developed in university, some are developed on the job, and some of the skills come from experience and developing a strong business intuition. At CFI, we combine all three skill sets — theory, application, and intuition — into a condensed, self-paced program that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

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Iq charts

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IQ Option Trade any Metatrader Strategy with OTC Charts "FREE"

766 views | 25 Jul. 2020

IQ Option Trade any

IQ Option Trade any Metatrader Strategy with OTC Charts "FREE"

★ Download IQ OTC ➤ https://bit.ly/IQOTCCHART

★ Signup IQoption ➤ https://bit.ly/iqoptionotc

★ Our E-Mail Adress ➤ [email protected]

★ Our Shop ➤ https://bit.ly/videoerklaerung

What is OTC?

Over-the-counter OTC markets are decentralized markets in which different financial assets and instruments can be traded directly between participants, without a central exchange.

What this means is that the OTC market providers quote their own prices, allowing parties to directly buy and sell based upon their quotes. These prices have no actual relation or reflect of what happens in the real Forex markets

The real Forex markets open from Monday through Friday, so OTC markets can offer a solution for those who want to trade during the weekends.

In this guide we’ll show you how to trade automatically on IQ Option’s OTC markets using MT2IQ-OTC indicator.

Allowing OTC trading

The very first steps to start trading on OTC markets with your IQ Option account using MT2IQ-OTC Plugin are the following:

1. Open MT2Trading Platform and log-in into your IQ Option account.

If you are not logged in MT2, the OTC market prices will not load on your MetaTrader 4/5 platform.

In case you have not downloaded MT2Trading Platform yet, you can download now clicking link above

2. Allow OTC trading on your MT2Trading platform by simply heading to MT2 Platform top menu and click on the ‘Settings’ button: , and then to the ‘Broker settings’ sub-menu.

Once there, click on ‘Enable OTC trading’ and then on the ‘OK’ button, as shown in the image below

Attaching OTC plugin

The next step to trade on IQ Option’s OTC market will be to attach the MT2IQ-OTC indicator which you can find on MT2Trading Platform download files. In case you have not downloaded our platform yet, you can do so by clicking here

In order to attach your indicator, follow these three simple steps:

1. Allow DLL imports on your MetaTrader 4/5 platform by going on ‘ Tools Options Expert Advisors Allow DLL imports check box ‘ and then click on the ‘Ok’ button.

2. Load the ‘MT2IQ-OTC‘ plugin to your MetaTrader 4/5 Indicator’s library:

A. Locate the plugin file ‘MT2IQ-OTC.ex4 /ex5 inside MT2Trading downloaded folder: ‘MT2Trading - MetaTrader - MT4/MT5 - MQL4/MQL5-Indicators’.

B. Copy the connector file ‘MT2IQ-OTC.ex4 /ex5’.

C. Paste the file into MetaTrader folders. To do this go to: ‘File - Open Data Folder - MQL4/MQL5 - Indicators.

3. Open the ‘MT2IQ-OTC plugin to your MetaTrader 4/5 Indicator’s library:

A. Open the browser: Pressing CTRL + N

B. Drag the plugin to the chart and click on the Ok button

Once you’ve successfully dragged the plugin into the graph successfully, you’ll find the plugin configuration window, which looks like this:

Opening OTC charts

Once you’ve successfully loaded the MT2IQ-OTC plugin into any chart, you can proceed to open an offline chart of the currency pair you’d like to trade on IQ Option OTC markets.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. Within your MetaTrader 4/5 platform go to the toolbar and click on: ‘ File – Open Offline ‘

2. Choose from within one of the following options:

3. Click on the ‘Open’ button

Once you’ve successfully opened the desired currency pair graph, IQ Option OTC market prices will be loaded into it, and you can now proceed to automate your MetaTrader 4/5 indicator signals or place trades manually.

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Binäre Optionen handeln mit Strategie

IQ Option Trade any Metatrader Strategy with OTC Charts "FREE"

Iq charts

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Devin "D1" Colbert 2027 IQ OFF THE CHARTS!!

5 887 views | 1 Jan. 2020

D1 plays for indy premiere

D1 plays for indy premiere 5th grade team and is easily one of the best guards in the NATION!!