Lumber trading

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Why Are Lumber Prices Rising and What's Ahead for 2021?

7 060 views | 3 Nov. 2020

Our VP of Hubbell

Our VP of Hubbell Construction Services and our trade partner, Beisser Lumber, break down the recent lumber price increase and many other topics, like:

- Why is hardwood so expensive?

- Why is it so hard to buy decking material or deck lumber?

- How have natural disasters affected lumber prices?

To learn more about HCS, visit https://hubbellrealty.com/businesses/constructions-services

Charlie Devine

$813 right now. How high will it go?


So let me get this straight....wood prices are at an all time high but yet conveniently not high enough to warrant someone to switch to a different building material, got it.


Less and less logs to harvest due to fire plus insect damage .


It’s a commodity, kids - straight supply and demand!

Steve Gannon

Stock market they never miss a chance to screw us all


it's greed. nothing else. the trees are there, the people looking for work are there. they could easily crank it up if they wanted to. people work far apart in lumber mills already..

Rob Nystrom

I live in Williams lake b.c and never saw lumber slow down as of trucking or mills slow down.just like everything else they have and are killing small business. Thanks for passing the cost to the consumers. One sheet of 1/2 standard plywood was 48.00 Canadian.what a shame.u can blame who ever u want too ,but if u can't see the politics and covid game.u haven't woke up yet!

Mark Rayborn

I priced lumber for a small home, in mid December, 2020. Priced it again today, Mid January, 2021. Lumber prices increased across the board, 60%. That is 60 percent on top of a prior 40% increase from last March!! This means lumber costs have doubled!!

Shawn Bechard

Products for necessities should never be rigged under supply and demand. It should always cost the same price to pay the employee according to the average income for the time and to transport it. Having slowed production due to less workers, means a longer waiting list for private home builds, it shouldn't mean a larger price. If anything it will be less because there are less shift hours worked, to cut and transport the wood.

The Onion Futures act, existed for a reason. It should apply to the entire world of trading. Here in Canada we are seeing one corrupt scandal after another. This is just one more to add to the list. Thanks a lot to the elitist scumbags who rule each and every country. Nothing but sociopathic thieving crooks.

Duderama 67

Does anyone actually believe that mills cut production on spec that the market would shrink while the market was growing? Some big players are buying up the mills while our host pretends not to notice.
He's not much help just reading financial reports while never researching the supply side. Who's running the mills at 30% while prices are at an all time high? Who keeps the competition quiet?
Supply and demand don't work if supply doesn't serve demand. Some hidden hand is choking the supply.
I'm talking about Uneducated Economist. I thought that this was his channel.

009 Felix

Monopolies corporations swindlers an the biggest scheming theiving pathological liar's in history with prick chump.

Lumber trading

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Lumber Traders Documentary

1 791 views | 7 Jul. 2016

Lumber Traders Voices in

Lumber Traders Voices in America Documentary

Lumber trading

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Here's why lumber prices are soaring—How to get into the sector

12 159 views | 19 Aug. 2020

CNBC's Kelly Evans

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Michael Hamilton-Piercy

So why are lumber prices rising? They wont go up forever... peak demand usually is followed by less demand...


This is just the beginning. Oil is next.


Split this stock by 10 to 1


He forgot to mention Rayonier, great price right now and they've risen guidance based on the increase in price of lumber/timber.


So weird looking at this video and then comparing prices now and they are all lower

kekdo la

My best stocks to buy right now are Plains All American Pipeline, Walmart & Prologis. Your Welcome.

Peter H

I tried to play this demand market after the Houston hurricane where something like 10% of all US homes had to be rebuilt. The share prices barely budged. Some other forces are at play
BTW my background is forestry.

Brandon Boyer


Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang

Q3=biggest Welfare Wallstreet plan


Would be a great time to short lumber?

Mark Owens

Because the Rich Man is getting Greedy Again , The Rich got to have lake homes and beach houses and fine cars and food and kids have to go to private school . Bless thier hearts , they can't go without .


We should have wide scale shutdowns more often, the economy is clearly booming.....Wait...


??‍♂️? inflation..... own assets or fall behind.....

D Bo

Trex and Azek are the eco friendly, less maintenance, play. Trust me now, thank me later.

Wesley Pugh

I'm here because I saw a treated 2x6x10 is almost 15 dollars. I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

Lorenz Müller

Owning a forest is not a bad idea. Almost as good as owning land.


February 1/2 inch plywood 28 US $ July 1/2 Plywood 40 US $ 1/2 inch OSB aka chip board, Feb 9 US $ July OSB 25 US $ Your Tree is not worth any more than it was 10 years ago , Its the Mill and plant turning the wood into lumber that is driving up the price . The same Happened in 2006 with Katrina Everything Jumped in price Electric wire lumber glass windows . INS Refusing to pay out storm damages after a tornado . To rebuild or to build New Price is going to drive a 1000 sq foot home to the same price as a 2500 sq foot home built 4 years ago .

Levon Alyanakian

Construction Lumber prices always go Lower in the First Quarter by Winter. I’m going to wait till November to put some shorts in. Constructions rally is almost over