What does wma stand for?

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WMA Webinar: Standing Up Virtual Tours Quickly

26 views | 7 Apr. 2020

With your doors closed for

With your doors closed for the foreseeable future, how can you maintain (or even expand) relationships within your community? In this Zoom-based webinar, TimeLooper will present best practices on how (and why) to build VR-based immersion experiences, types of experiences you can easily develop, explore easy off the shelf tools to consider and creative tips on how to make content more meaningful. You will leave with a practical roadmap and clear next steps.

What does wma stand for

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WMA Control Burn

358 views | 5 Jun. 2007

Kentucky Department of

Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife burns an 1100 acre tract of land to improve the local wildlife.

What does wma stand for?

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This Is What Happened To The Weeknd's Face At The VMAs

807 597 views | 1 Sep. 2020

The Weeknd is an artist

The Weeknd is an artist like no other, for better or worse.

Born Abel Tesfaye, the brooding Canadian singer gained attention from critics and the music industry for his debut trio of mixtapes, which he re-released in 2012 as the packaged Trilogy.

Then, in 2015, he broke into the mainstream like a gust of risqué wind with the BDSM-tinged single, "Earned It." Though written for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, the song perhaps outshined the film, spending 29 weeks on the music charts and earning itself an Oscar nomination.

From there, the smooth-voiced Tesfaye kept the momentum rolling with mega-hits like "Can't Feel My Face" and "The Hills."

But The Weeknd is as adept at hit-making as he is at keeping fans on their toes. He released a surprise collaboration with the comparatively upbeat Daft Punk in 2016, made an appearance as an actor (playing himself) in 2019's Uncut Gems, and in 2020, pulled perhaps his most unexpected move by completely changing his look in a drastic, dramatic way.

For his fourth album, After Hours, which got released in March 2020, The Weeknd emerged looking… different. On the album art, in live performances, and in music videos, Tesfaye wore bloody makeup, nose bandages, and fake bruises — telltale signs of a hard night out partying in a cruel and lonely city.

As one fan tweeted:

"The Weeknd has been walking around with blood on his face for like 3 months now lol.”

The artist was spotted in the same costume throughout the summer, and media outlets and fans correctly guessed that Tesfaye was planning to don the same bruised, red suit-and-gloved look for the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30.

Ahead of the ceremony, Just Jared predicted he'd been spotted out and about in the look because he'd been prepping his performance. He seemingly hadn't gone outside without the signature outfit during his entire stay in New York City. Up for a total of six awards, it was a big night for The Weeknd, who ultimately took home two trophies, including Video of the Year.

In an August 2020 interview with Esquire, The Weeknd said that his song "Blinding Lights," the lead single from After Hours, touches on drunk driving, which might explain why he looks so battered while promoting the song and the album it comes from. Aside from the bruising, the outfit also seems to evoke Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller" look. Elaborating on the theme, the singer explained to Esquire:

"'Blinding Lights' [is about] how you want to see someone at night, and you're intoxicated, and you're driving to this person and you're just blinded by streetlights. But nothing could stop you from trying to go see that person, because you're so lonely. I don't want to ever promote drunk driving, but that's what the dark undertone is."

Motives for the look aside, The Weeknd's performance definitely delivered. True to form, The Weeknd appeared in his new bruised persona as he ignited the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. Tesfaye kicked off this year's award show, singing "Blinding Lights" live from the observation deck at Hudson Yards in New York City.

According to People, while the performance started with the mysterious singer shrouded in darkness, seemingly unconscious, he quickly rose up and delivered an electrifying rendition of his propulsive hit single. And then – speaking of “Blinding Lights” – a massive pyrotechnics display erupted as the singer hit some final high notes, while a helicopter followed him around the top of the building.

According to Page Six, the singer was indeed pre-taping parts of the performance in New York City all week. And as the electrifying end result proved, his dedication to his eye-grabbing look, while jarring, was worth it!

The Weeknd last performed at the VMAs in 2015, when he debuted his hit, "Can't Feel My Face," a performance that had Kanye West grinning ear to ear from his seat in the stands. Us Weekly reported The Weeknd was also supposed to perform at the 2017 ceremony, but ended up not showing up due to touring fatigue.

We're glad he made it this year, as his performance — and shocking bloody look — will not soon be forgotten. Watch the video to learn What Happened To The Weeknd's Face At The VMAs!

#TheWeeknd #VMAs

Read full article: https://www.nickiswift.com/241306/the-real-reason-the-weeknds-face-is-still-bloody-and-bruised/


I watched this video and the save your tears video on a weekend


Márk Bugya

Who would win? Abel or Handsome Squidward?


make up.


He ain't the weekend no more?.... He's "THE MONTH"?

Matthew Mertens

This video could have easily been 60 seconds


drinking children blood

Anti Masonic

Justin Bieber is The Weeknd. Justin is in "blackface" make-up.

Shah Amaan

..... And then he became handsome squidward

Luis Eduardo Loya Nevarez

Well, now we know why he lucked like that ??‍♂️?

Umar arif

now after " SAVE YOUR TEARS " it all makes sense. An absolute banger


Just get to the point... Jesus wtf

Lauren Anderson

I love that song I’m blinded by the light


He's lost on a transaction between heaven and hell


2015: Weeknd
2019: Weekend
2020: Monday

Michelle Lee

He's another sell out weirdo and of course he was nominated for 6 trinkets?

Mahog Siren2


Simple PeePee

Thumbnail looking like a gta 5 character beaten up

Raul Pacheco

His black thats what happened

The Mello Ville

Micheal jackson hair burned weekend cut his

Dan Joe

This guy already signed for a Davel, his action were promoting Davel work. Almost all celebrities are under control of Davel including the whole world population, the difference is celebrities sign with Davel in their knowledge and majority of the world people don’t sign with their knowledge but unknowingly all human are controlled by Davel,
1John 5; 19 And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

James A

He can't feel his face

Theum Mop

Did you see the recent nfl superbowl commercial? Idiots ...


That’s his clone

rayce Petryk

Same its??

Kierra Bhappy

wow he broke the mold.

jessika ketevi

This Is What Happened To The Weeknd's Face At The VMAs.
BLA BLA BLA BLA . Excess detail is so tiring

April Martin Chartrand, M.S.

Why? Is is kind of scary looking...

Venomous viper


EmmaV Vlogs

Oof I she keeps on butchering his name



The Lott with Panda

Wow the meaning of blinding lights tells my story in 2019. I had no idea that was what he meant and that that’s what the song meant.

Message gamer

Well I cAnT fEeL My FaCe

Arianna Robinson

Nothing happened to his face it’s make up.

Channel Zero

0:27 When a song does better than the movie itself? We officially have a problem. LOL Godspeed Abel!


4th album? i thought it was his 6th

Winnie Samal

He really can't feel his face now lmaoo


Can anyone explain to me why save your tears was only released 4 days ago when ive been jamming to this traxk since last year

Muumin -H

This didn't answer my question

Daniel Moreno

I never liked the weekend just wasn't my style but i herd save your tears idk why but that shit was fire and I realized he wasn't trying to hard he was just being himself which you don't see these days id say him and bad bunny are killing it

Kearra Woods

It was all prosthetic makeup

DeAnsin Simmons

In Character for what though?

yo Nismo

This guys weird

Rexford Ruiz

Just MK utra ....mind control ...sad ending for this famous ones ....

Rick Suter

Could it be a fat face like a fat suit?

David Paris


jakayla dukes

You would know its All Make-up :>

lit_firelit Junior laurore

Handsome squidward

Charlotte Mcmichael

I'm not feeling this. I can read between lines

Maaz Ahmed

It was makeup

Detroit Mi Dunkin

The industry is sick


He never falling in love with that mew face God dam! Lols

outlaw doge

Meanwhile mgk grows up and becomes more successful

King Kalobe

Looks like 2021’s 7 day free trial is up

Miami florida

He wants the role for the next Joker movie.

prince imed

Never sell your souls kids.

Edit : guess all of these rituals earn you a halftime show at the Superbowl ?

Adam Ward

"I cant feel my face" just hits different...


Whe weekend was soooooo butiful I thought he was never gona change


Just to let you know everything that you see from him now is Devil worshipping

Mukete Sheena Mbolle

Every song carries a message n they sometimes put the acting too clear for us to understand the message behind it n on the other hand they just make it “blur “so people won’t understand it! People are too blinded and have refused to see the evil in the music industries.u go clean n come bck dirty !if u want to renew dat deal or rise bck to fame be prepared for some devilish assignments n contracts.he been attacked his message is so clear buh u don’t wanna see!

Radu Chiamil

Literally can''t feel his face

Mr Finn

now his face turn squidward mode

The Mello Ville

He's dying not literally but he will it's a sacrifical thing

Erik Sniped

Spongebob kicked a door into his face

Shaun Cain

Dont yall feel dumb that thought this was fake

LIFE The Leader

Weekend is a weird Illumanati puppet Period

Logan DeBroux

He has 3 faces and he can't feel any of them.


It was for a video u idiot kids

Harry Styles

It is totally forgetable and hopefully he'll remake another video for the last video he made. The whole idea of that make up stunt was not creative or inspiring. It was stupid and disgusting.

Miggy Carreon

Guess who can't feel their faces anymore

Andrea Duncan

Why he look like J cole with that nose tho?

LCF Esco Rich

richard pryor vibes lol


Handsome squidward


am a fan but he kinda looked scary for me?

D Immortal

Clone cooked to long.

84 newman broadcast

Botox. Duh.

Superstar Sports

This guy has mental issues wtf

Caroline Freyne

He looks bad

Nicki Swift

What did you think had happened to the Weeknd?

Eve Green

Why did he do surgery ?????

Warrior J Gamer

I had to do some investigating after the ig pic he posted


Who is this?


Guys, he played everyone. Its all fake lmao

Dr Sofonias - Sofi

i can't feel his face

Aaliyah Marlen Rivera

His performances , behind the scenes, everything he does ... it’s just amazing. Hits after hits after hits

Rontravis Herbert

Who the hell is that


If he’s doing what I think he’s doing he’s an asshole and a hypocrite

Loop Hole

Wow! That’s what he looked like? It’s like watching
Vincent’s before and after transformation scenes from the 90s Linda Hamilton drama Beauty and the beast.

Amy schwitz

The red look and the run is inspired from Joker


Ahhh the weekend of a stick


Just another Jussie.

Koji is a ketchup Mayo

And that's how The real Handsome Squidward was born


Ahhh, well that splains it. I was the last person not to know.

Crissy F

He was cloned

Ismail Abdi

Sold his soul to big daddy..

Tremendous Yeet

About the song "can't feel my face"...

it's not like it aged well.
it's not like it didn't age well.

Loudpack Shawty

These artists talking it toooo far


Something happened to the real weekend, but he is way too valuable to let die off, i think anyway

Cyntheche Boleli

What happened to him?️??️



Mel Strong

Ху.ня все эт