Swissborg ico price

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SwissBorg ICO Review and Steps to Invest

1 952 views | 3 Jan. 2018


Review and Step by Step Guide to invest in SwissBorg ICO

BitCoinTalk User Name: dev.samal84

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5% Extra Tokens beim ICO: https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=127728


Here is the official website guys https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=146759

Ryan Redmond

Don't forget! 5% MORE on your deposits if you use a referral code during the ICO! https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=136268


Get a 5% bonus now. Btw I'm already in - https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=131706


Swissborg have currently raised 37,825,412.44 CHF !!
you can still join to our community here and get 5% free tokens

Johnny Bytheway

I like your accent so I subscribed! I love that gord gord accent!

Wanja L

Thanks for the information.
I am now invested. Here is a recommendation link to the Swissborg website. Both sides benefit with a bonus of 5% tokens;)

o Beef

Guys.... Swissborg ICO. with this link you Get 5% bonus: https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=150931

Tom Whibley

Sign up here a receive a 5% Bonus - only 1 day left!!



Link: 5% FREE TOKENS: https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=151083

Jidoe Blaster

Great video sir, thanks. If tokens are purchased during ICO, how does one transfer them to an exchange to sell (assuming one would want to sell and not hold long)?

Daladin Wow

Join Swissborg - building the new era of crypto wealth management. Get a 5% bonus now. Btw I'm already in. https://ico.swissborg.com/#/register?sb=139687

Swissborg ico price

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425 views | 24 Dec. 2020




The SwissBorg wealth app is a fantastic option for anyone interested in Bitcoin and Cryptos. It is according to one of our users: the best gateway to buying & trading in digital assets.

A beginner, enthusiast or crypto expert, the app offers everyone something. It is easy to use but provides you with AI analytical & trading tools that will take your crypto trading to the next level even if you are the most well-versed expert.

Swissborg’s CEO and founder, Cyrus Fazel, explains the 10 different unique features that make the Wealth app a game-changer in the digital asset space.

At SwissBorg we believe in transparency, trust, and security - the blockchain values that have always motivated us.

While creating the Wealth app our aim was to build an app where you could buy Bitcoin and Cryptos safely that also provided an incredible user experience. And we’ve done it! With an onboarding time of only 9 minutes, we are definitely one of the solution providers of this space. Our app was launched only two months ago and we already have 9 fiat gateways in place. We provide high-quality exclusive video and written content in the app. The Cyborg Predictor and SwissBorg Indicator allow anyone to have the best AI advisory for investing. Our Smart Engine, analyses more than hundreds of trading pairs to find the best trade execution, making us the Skyscanner of cryptos. We are community-centric so token holders who stake can buy Bitcoin with zero commission.

Investment Theory

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Ava Charlotte

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Charlie Chang

We have seen some good moves from bitcoin and ethereum for more than 4 weeks now, this is somewhat a bullish sign but its not good enough to place a bet on. The most favorable approach is to buy more coins now and then, find a way to multiply your hodlings so eventually when the bulls become stronger, we would have amassed a fair amount of bitcoins ethereums. Using this approach has been great for me because it has helped me avoid unnecessary expenses as i channel a certain percent of my earnings to trading and consequently, increasing my holding base in cryptocurrency. Mrs. Pamela Stockton is in a better position to assist you in creating a plan and working to achieve it like she did with me when i first met her. You can reach her via ( [email protected]yahoo.com ) and my personal experience with her and the markets generally is that it is much easier to earn consistently good returns by following the trading signals and strategy of a much better, successful trader.


SwissBorg its like selling shovels and pickaxes in the gold rush! Awsome team and people! And so many things to come.
It's still good price to pull the trigger. Im bullish.
disclamer: i own CHSB token :)

TaurusTM Really


If you deposit please use my Ref Link we both will get upto 100€ in BTC.. Thanks whit love ❤️❤️

Swissborg ico price

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Swissborg. CHSB. SwissBorg News, #SwissBorg

93 views | 4 May. 2018

SwissBorg is a notorious

SwissBorg is a notorious ICO that gathered 50,000,000 CHF (Swiss Franks) for their CHSB token. Right after they were listed on crypto-exchanges, the price of their token has fallen to 25% of the initial one (as of April 28). Their investors are angry and some of them openly support our idea to mock Swissborg as we are telling the truth.

In this parody we are taking them as an example of how NOT to make an ICO. Instead you can join our RCITOKEN.COM ICO where your investments are backed by real business (property)

Прожорливый Турист

We lost money..