Power level mining

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Albion Online The Most Efficient Way To Level Up Mining (2019)

3 267 views | 11 Dec. 2019

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keep getting better at making videos and keep it up dude.
good work.

Power level mining

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Classic WoW: Mining Profession Guide and Leveling 1-300!

181 728 views | 28 Jul. 2019

Mining is one of your nine

Mining is one of your nine primary professions that you can learn during Classic WoW. In this profession guide I'm going to talk about nearly everything you need to know about mining such as what it is, what it can do for you, how to quickly level to a 300 skill level, special recipes, and any quests that may be attributed to it. This guide is meant as an introduction to the profession, and an easy to use reference for viewing while outside or inside the World of Warcraft.

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Video Time Stamps:

Video Summary - 0:35

Intro to Mining - 0:54

Mining Etiquette - 2:27

Leveling 1-300 - 3:24

Copper 1-65 - 3:41

Tin & Silver 65-125 - 4:48

Iron & Gold 125-175 - 6:04

Mithril & Truesilver 175-230 - 7:09

Thorium & Rich Throrium 230-300 - 8:08

Mining Recipes - 8:42

Mining Quests - 9:49

Mining Enchants & Gear - 10:09

Closing Statements - 10:30

Carson Maynard

Man do I love your videos


stop being nice and fuck the aother player


minus off the nodes if you smelt you can save 20 nodes at the start


how do you get that bar on the left where you put the smelting?

Steven Manser

Do you have download links for the mining paths of those zones?


Ehm, only 1 location for Truesilver and was it shown on the map even? Otherwise great guide. Im stuck at 233. Its a nightmare to lvl this.

Maksym Zakharzhevskiy

Don't forget that you need the enchantment or helm to mine obsidian

Филип Радовановић

When I want to smelt cooper ore I cant, message pop YOU NEED FORGE or something like that.How I can get forge?


Any guide for leather working?

Akira v99

is this relevant for wow bfa also ? , I am new


Loved this! Thanks a ton.

Damien Beckham

230-245 the worst...

Stefan Paunescu

awesome guide! thank you

Alex Shoppach

one of the most simple guides. nice job!

Zachary Taylor

Herbalism guide plzzz?


What is the least time it takes to level mining?


Isn't Thorium at 245 or 250 tho?


How come all i find in badlands is iron ore?


U cant touch truesilver until 230

sonni betoni

i am a dwarf and i'm digging a hole!

mp biggame

Sooo... what should a horde player do?


Did someone say THUNDERFURY BLESSED BLADE OF THE WINDSEEKER? LOL regardless great guide, thank you so much!

D son

Great video man.

bob crandall

1000 needles in the water material there are more nodes then you can see

John Seenah

Can I stealth to the guy solo for dark iron?

Alexandr Zaykov

Engineer now?


Kaleb isn't in the booty bay tavern just btw... wasted many hours looking thx...

Space Cowboy

What a great video thanks a lot man!


Simple, to the point, Thank you very much for the refresher course!


CORRECTION!!! Mine Truesilver until you reach a skill of 245. Thorium starts at 245, not 230.


Finally a person that speaks like a normal human being and not like the tryhard snowflakes who have a dick in their mouth. Great channel, keep it up!


i dont care for being nice if i want a node i will take it while you are too busy fighting

Berht Ulf

forgot to mention you can smelt your way from 0-125 without mining a single node

Филип Радовановић

what level do i need to learn mining proffesion?Can i learn it on level 17?
And how i can go in Westfall and Elwynn forest i have problem with that i play gnome and in this moment i am in Stormwind
bcs i know to i need fromm stormwind to go in elwynn forest or westfall pls hellpppp

Place Holder

Great video. High quality and very compact! Liked & Subscribed.

PS. Hillsbrad Yeti Cave is STV 0.5
PPS. I wasn't ready for that last line.


Thank you SO much for this. Especially when you mentioned incendicite ore. I'm level 44, so I could afford ores if I needed them, but skilling up got quite hard. These ores were exactly what I needed. Great guide!

Rob Fulund

I like how everyone praises the uploader but he failed really hard with the truesilver

A Al

Please talk about engineering.. goblin and gnomish


if you're level 60 you and need mithril you should just spam mara, all the others zones will take you forever. got to 300 in one day


Great video! Any chance u'd do one for herbing as well? :D


What a great guide. Thank you bud. Do more of these if you find the time!


nice guide bro, helped me a lot ;)


Are you a real miner irl?


u char looks like one i would make

Shaggy Rogers

which is the best spot to mine small thorium only?

Jesse Garris

No BS guide. well done.

Freedom is over sad

Rule change. When someone is in combat near a node, you loot the node then type /lol and go on to the next. Well that's how I do it.

Aiko Simpyyy

Do a Leatherwork guide <3 love ur job

Ko Sov

Make a video about herbalism pls! You're the best!

Petr Vlnaty

nevim kde jsi to vzal ale ty lokace nestoji za nic

NoTOriOus GRiEf

Great guide!


Great video. Might be worth pointing out that you can’t track more than one thing at a time so herb/mining would need to constantly rotate in order to track both

Sznak Daniel

good gide, maybe do 1 for BS?


Friendly heads up... nobody actually follows those "mining etiquette" rules. if you try to, you're just depriving yourself of ore for people who would happily steal your nodes.

Am Ose

Best guide I've viewed on mining.


To mine Truesilver you need to have mining at 230 mate.


Very good guide, straight to the point, no stupid shit like most videos, very clear voice Audio, +5
You should have 100k followers

Oscar Orozco

im new to wow my cousin asked me to give it a shot so this helped alot thanks man


Never knew that Teldrassil has no ore nodes ... but lore-wise it kinda makes sense. xD


is there any singleplayer games like classic WOW with mobs and ores mining and flowers gathering?




man i follow the video and went to ungoro and i cant do shit delete this video make new one dumb


Quest ore is only for ally??

Mud Puppy

Video starts at 3:40


serious money lmao on my server whittenmane truesilver bars go for 20s per and mithril is 15s per cause all the botting. other servers these ores are actually worthwhile


I'm stuck at 121. I'm sick of this god damned 16 years old game. I smelted 45 Silver Bars and didn't get ANY level ups! I spent 30 Gold and got from 90-121. I hate this game. I just want to hit 125 so i can mine Iron in peace and level up normally.

Mirko Vujovic

Can night elf mine anywhere else other than darkshore?


Rich thorium 4-6 hit's i wish

J Miller

There is no doubt, kill them!

الفهد الهاشمي

Mining its n 1 for goold in clasic I will get it with eng. Eng its OP In clasic

The Original Captain Trips

very good video


Is this relevant for retail wow?


truesilver requires mining 230?

bob crandall

mitril try 1000 needles get the diving helmet outside border in the water at least 20-to 30 nodes there


The 230 part is so missleading and pretty time consuming if holding straight to that guide, the parts before were great explained.


8:34 Wut-tang logo LUL

Jannik Ahrens

Your Routes are the best of all I could find on the internet. Thanks for sharing!

Aron Kovacs

Dis is a positive coment very much like, yiss, vid very good many thanks, play Ashes Of Creation i. 2022 ,glaaarhish


Is it just me or does it seem impossible to make good money out of mining in classic? Always other people farming nodes, no matter what time or location you choose to play at.

Fu2 Taro

Thank you, as a completely new player to WoW starting on Classic, the game is very vague and so are the wikis, struggling a bit but im getting there.

Toby Setchfield

Awesome guide man - my alt says thx v much!

Ephraim Neff

Trusilver = 230
Small thorium = 245
Large Thorium = 275

Fox God

Incindicite ore starts at 65 not 50 so thanks for that

sonni betoni

Skipping silver is bad advice, you make use of the silver to make silver enchanting rods which fetch a good price in ah.
Another piece of trivia, silver and gold veins have the highest drop% for gems


230 mining here and I want to die

Robert Suba

Awesome guide! hope it will ease my proccess :)

Captain Hahn

Mate, this is a TREMENDOUS work done! Thank you very very much! Appreciate!

Travis Kalchik

This guys sounds like the guy from How its Made


You're THE BEST!!! THANK U!! <3 One vid of Engineering will be great :3 haha, but really ur guide it's a gem!


Best guide so far, thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for!


Approved. I played Vanilla...this guy is spot on for the places I farmed back in the day.

Presence of Mind

Great video. Very thorough and informative.

Rizz CS

Was really hoping you had a herb guide :P


Awesome video! Very helpful.


Great guide, thank you.


Your guides are awesome, from dungeons to professions. High quality, detailed but not overly long and with clear maps also you are very easy to listen voice- and intonationwise. You have become my go to WoW Classic guide channel.

Ivan Cibrev

Yes, i agree. Excellent video. Keep up the good work man.

allen moody

248 minning went to winter found a rich thorium and got happy after looking for 30 min and flying here and cant mine it thanks great vid

puncher davis

So i was told to go to Ferasal I think it is next to Thousand Needles to mine Iron ore and found a lot. Also Underwater at Thousand Needles are a bunch of Mythril Nodes.


Mining Thorium requires a skill of 245

Power level mining

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1 - 300 Mining Made Easy | Wow Classic Guide

10 318 views | 9 Jun. 2020

This video shows the

This video shows the fastest way to level mining from 1 to 300 made easy for Wow Classic. I wanted to share the routes I took when I leveled mining on multiple characters. Below I have all the info from area's and other tips to help speed your mining 1 - 300 up.


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Affiliate Links:

My Logitech g600 Mouse - https://amzn.to/3bxKRAg

My Laptop - https://amzn.to/2F6H15l

Video Webcam - https://amzn.to/3jWrVyq


Addon: Gathermate 2 & Gathermate 2 data

Item Boost:

+5 enchant to gloves - advanced mining

+5 Helm mining = goblin mining helm enginering


1-65 Smelt Copper ore = 100-150 ore

65-75 Smelt Tin Ore = 20-30 ore

75-115 Smelt Bronze = 80-100 of tin & copper bar

115-125 Smelt Silver Ore = 20-40 Ore

125-140 Smelt Iron Ore = 30-50 Ore

140-155 No smelting must look for iron nodes in Thousand Needles

155-185 Smelt Gold Ore - 50-70 Ore

Just Mining No Smelting Route:

1-65 Mine Copper in Durator

65-125 Mine Tin & Silver @75 in The Barrens

125-175 Mine Iron Ore in Badlands

175-275 Mine Mithril Ore in Blasted Lands

250-275 Mine Small Thorium in Swamp of Sorrows / Blasted lands

275-300 Find Rich thorium for chance at Arcane Crystals

Levels needed to mine each Nod:

Copper = 1

Tin = 65

Silver = 75

Iron = 125

Gold = 155

Mithril = 175

Truesilver = 175

Dark Iron = 230

Small Thorium = 245

Rich Thorium = 275

Obsidian Chunk = 305

Let me know if I missed anything I am always open for good helpful feedback.


? Subscribe to my Channel


? Discord with tons of helpful info



Time Stamps To Jump Ahead to the sections you want to see the most below:

0:00 - Intro

1:07 - Starting Smelting

3:20 - Last Part of Smelting

3:58 - Mine mithril ore

4:40 - Rich Thorium

4:50 - Items to boost mining lvls

5:45 - Maps of nods

6:00 - Addon to Use


I will be uploading at least 1 to 2 videos a week mainly focused on Wow Classic gold methods and general guides. They will range from super basic for beginners to more advanced for veterans.

The videos below are a few of my best uploads to date that you don’t want to miss.

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? The Time I lost 2,500 Gold - https://youtu.be/A1GM0iGKYps

? Updated Black Lotus Locations All Zones - https://youtu.be/AtTZKAevanE

? How to Make Gold in AH using TSM4 - https://youtu.be/1lafAsnkgx4


is there any singleplayer games like classic WOW with mobs and ores mining and flowers gathering?

Zachary Voorhees

I found 0 veins to mine in garrison armory vid was great tho and helped a lot! Ty

Clint S

Hey there, great video, was very helpful! Could you make a video explaining the best way to go from 275-300 mining sometime please? Seems node locations have changed since this video was made. Thanks!


It's crazy how majority of videos here on youtube related to mining training doesn't include smelting, good video!


Finally a guide that includes smelting. It's absurd the amount of guides that don't include it here on youtube.

Lynchpin TM

You should add some gameplay vids... Doing raids etc. Nice video, cheers bro!

JJ .lucifer

you are so jewish


awesome vid man! tyvm

B i s c u i t e

Thank you buddy for this amazing and comprehensive guide!
Wish you all the best!


Awesome video Dave! I used this guide to get my mining up just today. Un'goro is AMAZING for small thorium deposits like you mentioned, then when I had 275 I went to Winterspring and the first rich thorium vein I mined got me TWO ARCANE CRYSTALS BACK TO BACK! I went from having like 0-20g a day to now sitting at 300g+. You're the man Dave!


Really liked the video Dave :D damn Busy so first seen this lovely video now

dale denton

Did he say ograrimire instead of orgrimmar?

Solheim - World of Warcraft

Great video and just in time as I'm about to level Mining on my Rogue! :D

Dave The Gamer

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Vick Pumpers

Thanks for the video about to switch from herb to mining :)