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How The World’s Biggest Pasta Factory Produces 1,400 Tons Of Pasta Per Day

224 805 views | 7 Mar. 2020

Barilla pasta has the

Barilla pasta has the largest pasta factory in the world. Every year, it produces enough pasta to feed more than 4 billion people. We went inside Barilla’s flagship plant in Parma, Italy to see how they’ve been doing it for over 140 years.


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How The World’s Biggest Pasta Factory Produces 1,400 Tons Of Pasta Per Day

كه عيص

I'm kinda thinking about Corona virus?


Mamma mia




0:13 That info is wrong

ᴍᴇɴᴜ4ᴜ 메뉴포유

My favorite pasta is made like this. I prefer n.5. The hygiene-produced pasta seems to be safe to eat. Barilla sells quality products. My channel is introducing and posting Korean foods. It is very fun to share delicious food with people from other countries.

Basically Daisically

I was running late to work.. guess what my Italian boss told me??? COME PASTA

Roberto R.G.

Great v ideo!

Goku with A Coat

So how do the bugs enter KD’s recipe? ???‍♂️

Anniekins MishkaMouse

Think they are a little off on the math. Ten thousand pounds an hour into two hundred thirty blue boxes is over forty-three pounds each. The blue boxes run around a pound or so each.

Siegfried Pretsch

Plant based diets is not better for one, nor is it for the planet.

aron eakins

Then why can’t I buy any?

Tim Reid

when you have 3 minutes of voiceover but only 1.5 minutes of video footage...


feed the hungry around the world

habtamu Abera

82ton producet per day

Smiley the duck

It’s 3am why do I need to watch this?

A Master Fishing

rolling same clips again and again?


The comment section is dead.

parvin3535 parvin3535

Who are Pasta lover ?


Plant Director resemble Casey Neistat

Adrian Stanciu

When I was in restaurant, I working only with Barilla pasta!

404 Error Not Found

3:26 that's literal bullshit by the way.

Théo Vianoli Granier


Anthony White

LOL!! I always thought this was an American company. Never checked the box to see where it was made.

Kirill Kasatkin

Blow it up


I like de cheeko pasta its good


proud italian noises

Potato Man

Italians have entered the chat

Justin White

That's a lot of love ❤️

냠냠보이 YumYumBoy

Thanks to Food Insider, I see the process of making pasta. Thank you.

anthony triolo

Jefferson stole a pasta machine from italy when was ambassador to France ,took it piece by piece to USA.


I’d say in my lifetime I’ve had like 1000 boxes of Barilla’s rigatoni pasta

l. s

cant believe i was eating pasta straight from italy this whole time

R E Malm

... Now ... I'm hungry ? ...


I was a quality auditor for the Geest pasta company in the uk before it was burnt down. Our recipe for all our fresh pasta included liquid egg... Is there an advantage to not using egg in your recipe?


I expected many Italy comments

frampton DePaul

Can't get enough of Barilla



Basically Daisically


Phobe Romys

Meh. De Cecco FTW

Joshua Tang

0:51 you wonder why there is the coronavirus is spread

J Polar

How come " Bow Ties " are only packed 13 ounces to a box and cost more than the regular pasta that has 16 ounces ?
Its all made from the same ingredients.


I fuckin love pasta so much, like u don’t understand lmfao

Joey Jamison

There is only Italian food...
and then there's everything else.

John P

just flour and water? no egg?

Poncho -


Jhon JhoVel

Pasta Lapista baby...


0:53 spaghetti hair

James Epp

Did you lose half of your footage on the editing floor?


This is basically just a long Barilla ad


Somebody once told me
Hands off
My macaroni

Millwaukee pasta bandit found dead
He was picking up the gun with his fingers and his thumb pointed right at his forhead

Roberta Catanese

Italian proud <3

Lucky Ducky Driving School


Karl Fernandez-Cao

Pretty sure those owners were anti gay. That's why I always go San Remo pasta.

Android Son

Everybody are slim eating pasta.

ajay kalla

When people look at pasta shelf in Walmart with Barilla spagetti for $1 and a GreatValue one for 90cents, most of the masses tend to choose the GreatValue box. I think the in-house brands are becoming tough competition these days.

Kim Zastrow

I wonder if the place in beaver damn does tours of their factory


they show everything but how it's made.

Raj Kumar Basnet

Nice [email protected]gmail.com plz mashin cast send me mail

Brit Shows


hamza diouba

I only get this brand best ever

Levyiathan! 2026

My relative whenever they sent a package or go home to the Philippines the 1st thing I want to see barilla and then its nutella and those delicious chocolates


very swag

Richard Conte

My faaaavorite

Jaz Arechiga

bad video production

Charles Tait

Plant based diets are healthier..... Bullshit!!!!!!

Rasta Man

Now I'm hungry and want Pasta.
Marinara sauce video please.

Karl Delavigne

Compare her "pahsta" to his "pasta". If you can't hear the difference, you're probably American.

Chris Day

Human beings that work in that factory: that guy and the janitor.

Simone Taddia

It's a shame. Tons of pasta but without nutritional value and full of glyphosate.

Heikki Turunen

And the best pasta is Rummo!

Frank Tedesco

Marketing. Not Education. ... pfft...


Yeah, we Singaporeans were running the supermarket for Barilla Pasta, it was quite funny to stockpile.

Amin Oussou

Alessandro Spadini for president, meglio di renzi in inglese.


சிறப்பு மிக சிறப்பு ??

David Jones

I have three boxes of three different kinds of shapes in my kitchen cabinet right now .

Benyamin Pinto

1:00 why did I expect someone to speak with this accent

Douglas Toh

Ehhhh De Cecco has the best boxed pasta imo

Georgios Nikolopoulos

230 blue barilla boxes for all that pasta?

Vincent Combe

Coronavirus business this !

Reynan Henry

Barilla : In 18 month we can feed the entire world population
Some kids in africa : liar

Aleksandar Aleksic

How many words can you mispronounce ?
American narrator : Yes.


Pasta factory,,,Awesome process :)

Sancho G

Pasta has too many simple carbs. No nutritional value. People should stop eating this.

Abid Raihan

2:14 The awe inspiring story is about a packaging that i chuck to garbage.


nice but you didn't really show us HOW the pasta is made from start to finish. I'd like a do-over please.


10,000 pounds = 230 blue (1lb) boxes???

Thomas Fox

I'm sorry but Barilla pasta is shit

Yulia Sakharyuk

** looks tasty **

Luigi Buscemi

pretty light reporting for being Inside the Worlds Biggest Pasta Factory


The visitor forgot to wear gloves? !

Ken Kaneki

I wish making this was F A S T A

Ashley M

Thank you for gluten free pasta ??

Michael Kohlman

Barilla ia the most expensive pasta, but we are still talking about by a dollar. I always chose them and it isn't because anything this video presents, but the money they puts into their product is because the source the best and the freshest, do things right and it always tastes great when you get it!


Lol I thought it said India I was so confused


Thing is De Cecco is much better pasta than Barilla.

dean nelson

I love how you list three ingredients durum wheat semolina flour and water but when you take in to the count that semolina flour is made from durum wheat you basically listed one ingredient twice!

I Eat Da Booty

I freaking love pasta


I prefer home-made egg pasta.

Foodie Lah!

Watching pasta being made is so satisfying ?


Anybody remember when you used to be able to find pasta in the supermarket? I'd make my own, but you can't find flour, either.

Pasta cost

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DIY Cuencos con PASTA de MODELAR - Fácil y low cost / ROOM DECOR

9 859 views | 2 Sep. 2019

DIY Cuencos con PASTA de

DIY Cuencos con PASTA de MODELAR - Fácil y low cost / ROOM DECOR


Hola a [email protected]! Hoy en Arte munay os traigo un DIY Cuencos con PASTA de MODELAR , con los que podrás dar rienda suelta a tu imaginación y hacer maravillosos y múltiples diseños. Prácticos e Ideales para dar ese toque actual y único, decorar tu tocador, escritorio o cualquier habitación de tu hogar. Y lo mejor de todo es que es low cost y super Fácil de hacer.

Espero que os guste y disfrutéis haciéndolos tanto como lo hice yo!

Si te ha gustado el vídeo, dale a ? SUSCRIBETE al canal y no olvides activar la ? 202 Graciass ?

Y si tienes cualquier tipo de duda o sugerencia, déjamela en los comentarios ?

Nelly Prado valenzuela

Es hermoso lo empezaré a hacer solo una pregunta cómo dura más la pintura en la cerámica ? Y que barniz me recomiendas para protegerla

Euny Glam Rock

No me canso de ver el vídeo ?? oye, crees que se puedan hacer aretes con ese material??? Se me han ocurrido muchos diseños ?✨

Tatiana Andrea Tovar Rivera

Hola buenos días, desearía saber cómo se llama el barniz que utilizas?

daisy uribe

Holaa! Excelente video :) una pregunta, la pasta para modelar es lo mismo que la porcelana en frío? Gracias por el video!

Yenifer Serrano M

Se podrán vender?


Hermosísimo trabajo? es posible hacer cuencos para velas? Es decir, dentro del mismo cuenco poner la cera y cuando se acabe la vela quede el cuenquito decorado. Saludos y muchas gracias por el video?

Ina Vera

¡Hola! Acabo de ver el video y mi duda es... ¿Se pueden usar como godetes para acuarela? ¿No le afecta el agua?

Reni Medea

Las ame y las voy hacer para mis anillos y collares ❤️



Laura García Gámez

Hola, me gustaría saber si siempre que dejas una pieza a secar sobre un molde hay que ponerle el aislante(aceite,film...) porque si hago un cuenco y lo dejo sobre un molde de un bol, he de dejarlo secando en el molde no? O hay que sacarlo y “darle la vuelta” para que seque por ambos lados? Gracias!!

Arte munay

Hola a [email protected]!! Ya somos mas de 200 suscriptores en el canal ? mil graciass ? Hoy os traigo un diy que espero que os guste tanto como a mí ¿Que cuenco o plato te gustó más? Déjamelo en los comentarios ??

Setetule setetule

Me colocas en un aprieto, me gustan todos "son geniales", dependiendo del tamaño para dejar los anillos, las llaves,etc. ???

Agustina dd

Hola! Muy lindo todo!!! Crees que podría usarse para hacer un cuenco para vela??

Yenny Capurro

Excelente tutorial!!

Judy Espinoza

Excelente!!como todos,los trabajos q haces,?

Verginia Lopes

Me encanta todo lo que haces. Que tipo de pintura utilizas?


Hola!! ¿No se mete al horno? Yo compré una arcilla del bazar chino y no sé muy bien si lo tengo que meter al horno... (y si es así, si pintar antes o después del horneado...) qué hago??

Hilaria Pacheco

Con qué barnizas?

Jaz Basto

Me encantaaan❤️❤️ tengo una duda...¿se pueden usar para comer? o sea al lavarlos no pasa nada??


Buenas tardes. A qué puede ser debido que la pasta parta, cuándo hago hojas de flores, y seca la pasta al mínimo roce, parte.

Euny Glam Rock

Hola hermosa...oye que rotulador permanente recomiendas para ese trabajo? Veo q tienes un posca pero no lo usaste ...otra pregunta ? que marca de pintura es la color dorado? Pinta herrrrrmoso ?
Muchas gracias ? espero ver más vídeos


Muy bonito

we are wild we are like boxed potatoes

Wow! Quisiera saber cómo haces para que no se te pegue al rodillo ni a la superficie mientras estiras la arcilla :o

Betsy Martinez

Estoy a punto de inciar un negocion de decoración y este video es increíble!! Gracias por las ideas, te quedó precioso todo!

Pasta cost

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Making Pasta with the new Philips Pasta and noodle maker VIVA Collection compact HR2342 How to clean

2 004 446 views | 15 Jun. 2017

For more information about

For more information about the product or if you want to compare prices, please use my affiliate link: https://amzn.to/2LShhaV

Many thanks - Lazy AWESOME Dad. Where the link is used to purchase an item, I receive a small payment from the seller which is reinvested into making more videos.

Thank you Philips for sending this design award winning unit.

Just a quick video to show you how simple and easy it is to use and how to clean the new Philips VIVA Collection Pasta and noodle maker compact model in white. HR2342/06.

If you are interested to see the unit in operation, please subscribe to my channel as more videos will be uploaded soon. Healthy, fresh, tasty and convenient recipes will also follow.

To purchase this unit in Australia or for more information about the unit, please visit: https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/HR2342_06/viva-collection-pasta-and-noodle-maker

Item can also be purchased from Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Myer, Appliances online, etc.

Fresh, quick pasta the way you like it. Add ingredients and it automatically does the rest

Compact size: It has seamless and compact design. You can easily keep it on the coutertop or store it in the cabinet without occupying a lot space.

Integrated storage drawer: for shaping discs and power cordIntegrated storage drawer for shaping discs and power cord It has smart built-in storage for shaping discs and power cord so that you can alway keep your kitchen tidy and neat.

3 classic pasta types: including speghetti, penne, fetuccine3 classic pasta types including speghetti, penne, fetuccine To create your favorite pasta shapes, simply attach one of the pasta shaping discs to the pasta maker. With the machine there are 3 default classic shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne and Fettuccini

Free recipe book: full of inspiring ideasFree recipe book full of inspiring ideas Accompanying the machine there is a recipe book created by culinary experts, giving inspiration for fresh homemade and delicious pasta and noodles.

Detachable parts: for easy assembly and cleaning

Detachable parts for easy assembly and cleaning The detachable components of the Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker can be easily installed, dismantled and cleaned.

janaina bittencourt

Alguém pode me dizer qual seria o valor na minha moeda por favor ???

Mamii Abidi

ممكن اعرف كيف اتحصل عليها هذي

Grace Jemre

Where to buy this product

Logo Bagus

nice video
want to be friend?

Anika Jahan

Price koto

Edna Salgado

Excelente vídeo!
Tudo muito bem explicado.

Rabia Nabeel


Master Craftsman

This is awesome. Keep it up and stay connected.

Tasnim Rahman

Can you tell me the price of it and how can I order it

Kinar Kinar

This cool but to smaller....if bigger can make it produses for sell

Chati Nuriah

how much for @price in rupiah(indonesia)

Ozan Paşa

I gave up when I notice how hard to clean this :/

John W

Con todo lo que de tarda en lavar prefiero hacerlo a mano

BảoBối Ngân

Bn 1 máy ạ

Pratapbhai Thakkar


El Shaula

Wonderfull... Like this

Zain Pathan

Kitne ki h machin

Wiji Wahyuni

Di Taiwan ada hrga ya mehong 2800nt

Mulbahadur Roka

Mechin ko kimat Katty hola

Krishna Fojdar

Main chahie machine kripya hun se Sampark Jarur Karen/6396665855/7533853919

Elena Vinogradchaya

Кто не будь подарите такую чудо машину .

Joy Nana

Please can I get the whapp number

Sabiriye Acar


Ashir Naeem

Kahay say milaygiy come pirce

Gita Limbu

Wow wonderful machine price pls

Onima Hasan

Oh it's so easy could you tell me it's price

Angel Pintor

Wait. We usually do it by hand and the dough needs to be left in the fridge for about an hour before shaping it, so it can gain elasticity. Here there is no pause. Does the shaping start immediately after the dough is mixed?


I don't want to whisk. I want the machine to whisk for me.

Teresa Jesus

Alguém pode me dizer onde compro essa maravilha de máquinas de macarrão me responde. Por favor .OBRIGADA


Machine is good But very slow. Btw what is the price of it?

आर्यावर्ती सनातनी

क्या इससे नमकीन भी तैयार किया जा सकता है

teresa krygger

can you please tell me what type of flour and recipe of flour do you use for lasagna sheets please

Neuza Santos Carneiro

é muito legal maravilhosa

Kotlita Fati

Bonsoir madame Merci beaucoup la recette des pâtes et très facile parce que moi j'ai acheté une appareil manuel italien A ce que ya en Algérie comme la votre Merci beaucoup?

Norma Ponce

Yo quiero una

Amor Perez

Very nice noodle machine
So convenient to use
I like it

s s

I have like this so nice ?????

Mahera shop


Thiên Kim Vlog

Xin chào minh rất thích bạn chia sẻ hay quá tuyệt vời quá ok ????

Kasakrit Soydee



Everything is looking good, but I dont like plastic die.

Kalpana G

कितने रुपये कि है मशीन

Roksana Rehman

What the price Bangladesh money?

Sup Sapi

Boleh tukar yambah.philip vs philip

Dhananjaya Sahoo

Chip in my experience ?

Tham Yanti

Can't find the model here in Indonesia

Subhash Sharma


Аkbar Khasanov

Здравствуйте я ваши подписичик как можно заказать такой аппарат чут по больше для бизнес

foni xtopher

Hi i am new to here. Pls what is the name of this pasta machine so that i can order through Amazon. Thanks

Karen Dela Cruz

i love it but can it have for lasagna.


New technology is great, Phillips is especially one of my go to brand names. but there is no love in that pasta. This makes Italian grandmas cringe ?

Chilli Milli Channel for shameem Butt

It's price

Nadir Mezzadri

Qual o valor

Mahmuda Akter


Krishna Fojdar

Hamen chahie machine kripya Ham se Sampark Jarur Karen/6396665855/7533853919


Want to learn more or buy the pasta maker, please check prices here:

Note that if you use above link to purchase any items, I do receive a small % of the sale value directly from the seller which are reinvested into the production of more videos. Thank you for watching and support over the years! Many thanks Lazy AWESOME Dad.

Hoor Ain

Ye kiytny Ka hai

Ruby Jain

Iska price

مطبخ ام علي

مرحبا هذه القناة بحاجة الى دعمكم وساكون سعيدا اذا اشتركت في قناتنا☆.

Sheena ka kitchen



Harganya bos


Gostaria de saber se essa maquina faz mais tipos de macarrao ?!

meilty ie

How many portion can be made by this machine in one time operation?

janaina bittencourt

Tem como comprar peças de reposição?

Subhash Sharma


Eye on art

Cook then dehydrate for later.


How much



Ravindra Gupta

What is the cost of this machine
Do any company are making 10 time bigger machine than this
Is it available in India??

Nadya Jaky


Black Bankers

I want this can u deliver it to pakistan??

Mahabub Alam

এটা লাগবে নম্বার দেন

janaina bittencourt

Gostei, porém acho que deve ter mais velocidade .

Kuroito Art

Hey can u make curly noodle with this machine?

Saran Ani

Machine rate bro

Marti Jo Barrett


Do you think almond flour would work?

Nadia Rabea

اين توجد هذه الميكنةوكام سعرهابالدولاروبمااننى فى مصر كيف احصل عليها


I have a tip. When you change disks the dough that you cut off you can put back into the machine with the rest of the dough. Will do fine when mixed with the rest of the dough.

Kinar Kinar

This cool but to smaller....if bigger can make it produses for sale

Joy Nana

How much and how can I get it

sharmin sharmin


Farida Musinova

Скажыте пожалуста, в израиле есть?

chitranshi shrivastava

the machine is too costly and too small it cant work for whole the day......so it can only used at home but due to its cost no one will buy this

Magdalena Wyns

visiblement le nettoyage prend plus de temps que la fabrication des pâtes

Inda Mauly

Maunya punya yg kaya gitu ^.^

jaqueline matos

A minha é do modelo preta, será q posso fazer maior, só faço a metade

Chilli kitchen Aleeza Imran


shibu datta

i am in bangladesh . where can get this machine plz advise


The best way to clean this machine is to not wash it.
Remove the parts and allow to dry for a few hours. Then the paste residues are dry and easy to remove without water or soap
Finally, rinse with hot water

Nimesh Tamang

Ilike mecin

shaimaa elmagdy

What is the price please?
and where are you buy?

Jesmin Jahan Payel

price plz

Richelle M. Reyes

How much the price

Hümeyra Almirajade

Çok güzel ,harika bir makine

Hossein oji


Farida Yeasmin

price please?

Santiago Moneta

you convinced me to get one...

Milagros Managuey

Where did u buy this pasta machine i want to buy


Great video!! ? Just a question... Could I freeze the pasta after I make it? (I mean, not cooked pasta). I'm a mom of 3 and I'd like to have some reserved when I'm in a hurry.

Khadim Hussain