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Full Color Temperature & Humidy graph with Arduino Mega and DHT22

3 825 views | 25 Jun. 2017

Full color temperature and

Full color temperature and humidity graph with alarm uses Arduino Mega, Elegoo 2.8" TFTLCD and DHT22 from ICStation.com.

DHT22 Sensor: http://www.icstation.com/dht22am2302-digital-output-temperature-humidity-sensor-dht22-p-1469.html

TFTLCD: http://amzn.to/2t4prXP

The code: https://pastebin.com/drPu1BRM


Please watch: "Diodes: The basic building block of all digital circuits"




displays are so cool :P there just something different about those tiny ones, compared to displaying something on a computer :P

George Chambers

Another good use for that display. Good work, as usual, thanks for the video.

Asif Sarwar

Excellent video.... keep it up


nice, also i dont have any friends to share this with :p (well friends that care about this)

Michael Padovani

This is pretty neat, I may use a version of this for my projects - thanks for sharing!


Just subscribed nice video

batticha shumami

7:40 It's DHT22 or MQ-3 ?, anyway you are great !

Robert Gibbons

Great video! Nice simple explanation!

Sayantan Maiti

nice video sir....enjoyed a lot!

Jo Wynen

Jo Wynen
I like this project and I also has made this. The only disadvantage is that you use delay. It is than not possible to implement for example a pir sensor or to get a remote temperature-reading from outside. I tried to change delay with millis with no success for several days. Can you tell me if this is possible?

Matthew Johnson



Excellent video! thanks for share!

Rise of Tech 4K

AWSOME VIDEO... good work.. i started to make arduino tutorials, if you want please check them out and tell me what you think ... thank you

Jon L

I was at ikea this weekend and I saw a cutting board that looked just like the one in this video!

Tft chart

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BEST TFT Comps Guide for Patch 10.25 Teamfight Tactics | Tier List

50 240 views | 11 Dec. 2020



I also added a quick guide for each comp on my website. https://bunnymuffins.lol/meta

We have the best TFT Comps Tier Lists, Item Tier Lists, and Carousel Priorities for patch 10.25 I also added the Item Quadrant

Teamfight Tactics Tier List Patch 10.25

S: Dusk, Divine Warwick, Ahri Vanguard Mystic, Elderwood Brawler Ashe

A: Sharpshooters, Adept

B: Enlightened, Moonlight Aphelios, Warlords, Duelists, Hunters, Cultists

C: Moonlight Diana, Zed (Ninja Shade), Reroll Mage

Ashe is Back!

0:00 Overview of How to Play Patch 10.25

1:05 Patch Predictions

1:42 TFT Tier List Overview

3:10 Dusk Riven

1:52 Zed Ninja Shade

3:31 Divine Warwick

3:43 Vanguard Mystic Ahri

4:25 Elderwood Ashe

5:08 Sharpshooters

5:49 Adept

6:31 Enlightened Talon

7:08 Moonlight Aphelios

8:00 Warlords

8:40 Duelist

9:11 Hunters

9:42 Moonlight Diana

10:25 Ninja Shade

10:47 Reroll Mages

11:06 Cultists

11:38 Carousel Item Priority

13:08 TFT Item Guide Quadrant

14:34 TFT Comp Summary

16:43 In House Tournament on DIscord Saturday 12/12

?SUBSCRIBE: https://youtube.com/bunnymuffins/?sub_confirmation=1

?MEMBERSHIPS: https://youtube.com/bunnymuffins/join

?TFT GUIDES: https://bunnymuffins.lol/

?MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/bunnymuffins

?TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BunnyMuffinslol

?INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/bunnymuffinslol

?TIKTOK: https://vm.tiktok.com/3jSggf/

❗DISCORD: https://discord.gg/bunnymuffins

?IRL CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyNzDc4Dp2tgLSAMQQp4GMQ/

⚙️EQUIPMENT: https://www.amazon.com/shop/bunnymuffins

(Buying any product after clicking my link helps my channel).

My Accounts:




Alex Nguyen

I could see vanguards making a big comeback with their buffs since preserving health through the early/midgame is very important and most champions are dealing damage through auto-attacks at that point. Aatrox and Sejuani are two of the best 4 cost champs to pair up due to their CC with Thresh and Hecarim already being great vanguards to get early. Vanguard Mystic Ahri likely came back as one of the best builds to fit in 4 vanguards.

knast trast

I think you are biased towards mystic vanguard, I have not seen anyone play it at all at master+ in europe. And it is still trash imo, maybe you play it well idk.

Gato Loco

Losing to random legendaries feels so lame after building a team based on synergies

Nazim Khettar

how to do a fast 9?


Is Adept that good? I've never though Adept is good

Richard Swift

So when are we rolling on 7 or fast 9’ing or going at 8 stage 4? Feel like idk the econ strats no more.


I really like 6 sharp and double azir when I can get it, recently had a high hp win with a fast 9, 6 sharp, 2x 2 star shen, 2x azir (2 star + 1 star). I love watching enemy carries hard focus the 4 sand soldiers before getting hit with 2 azir walls back to back. I also had zzrot on one of my shen to add insult to injury, its my trash unit swarm comp.

Kevin Aluka

This vid got me my first third place for the first time I tried it. I usually am in 5th or 6th. On the second day, I finally became first.

Mr. McEdgeLord

Also, in case of the enemy not having a Lee Sin or their Lee Sin is pretty crappy, how does 3 Star Chosen 6 Elderwood Hecarim with Thornmail, Ionic Spark, and Gargoyle's Stoneplate sound?

Tim A.

My que time in iron is currently 4minutes ... wtf is this game D:

Braiden Foster

Your videos are really helpful

I've won 5 of my last 13 games since watching this. Only won 7 out of 112 before. Thanks a bunch


Hi BunnyMuffins, great guide, just one comment: I haven't lost with 6 sharpshooter 2-3 adept, might be an S tier combo. Cheers

Vlad Neagoie

How do I counter veigar?

Ahmed Annas

Day 1: Hunters and Mage Elderwoods are gods
Next day....Hunters don't work that well anymore, same for Elderwood Mages xD

Lord Lampard

What's a "reroll mage" ?

Gaming With Luigi

Ashe and Moonlight Aphelios are back. Time to grind again!

david poirier

thanks bunny


did u end up talking with mortdog? What was the outcome? Thanks in advance

frey scofield

i played 4 vanguards 4 mystics wukong carry. 100 HP win

sun haoran

Thank u, got 8th 3 times for each your recommendation


How do you decide between Red or Blue Kayn?
Enemy comps? Items? Your own comp?

Andrija Milosavljevic

duks kinda feel bad, i didnt find succes with them forsing them or nah


Honestly this patch is so weird I think it would almost be more beneficial to just have a legendary champ tier list lol.


just wanted to thank you for your vids ! been stuck at gold/low plat, decided to actually try to improve, and got to diamond today :) hope to keep climbing !!

Christopher Sabados

Cool video man

Oded Herbst

Great video, thank you ?

Ann Ann

Thank you!

Marek Wiśniewski

Bro could You please coach me? :(

Gaspar Dip

I've been getting absolutely destroyed by 6 mages, Veigar is lowkey OP right now, surprised I didn't see it on your website.


Bunny help man, I can't figure out how to beat this patch! I feel like I am doing everything right and the best I can but I keep losing! I tried forcing, it doesn't work. I tried getting fast 9 with adepts and legendaries I got one 1st place, one 3rd place, two 8th place and one 7th place. It's either way too close with my hp and I don't make it to 9 or I make it and I either win or lose to 3-stars of another mainstream comp. The game I got 3rd I slapped them early game, got lvl 9 without wasting any gold and I lost with 3 adepts and 6 two starred legendaries from a 3-star zed on the one team and a 3-star veigar on the other.


seems like people don’t realize that legit most good comps will legit climb u, you don’t need to first place every game. seems like everyone i’m playing is trying to force an s tier comp and still not top 4ing

ibrahim qasim

I don’t think moonlight aphelios as B is justified tbh

Braydon Racz

I’ve been forcing ahri comps all 10.24 to pretty good success. It was always pretty open but that might be changing now. Yummi was easy to 3 star.

Black Crow

If you think the rush to lvl9 to buy 5 costs champs was broken there's an even more broken playstyle to counter it.. it's so broken

giannis kous

bro nice video again its realy weird patch..cant find my spot..from diamon 2 demoted to diamond 4 xaxa its like i cant hit anything and kinda dont know what to make .

Tomas Rovella

You're the best!

Tommy Bonetti

Everything is honestly great atm. TFT is pretty amazingly balanced atm, and I love it


Been doing OK with the adept legendaries but I know it could be really strong if u made a guide on it! Like the best items on each legendary how to get fast 9 etc


do you only switch if the legendairy if they are two stars like is a yone 1 fine to just trow in and start replacing

Tammi Ostrom


azha rash

This comp is just about legendaries and nothing else ! i hate it

momo momomo

I think adept + random 5 costs are S teir, its hard to pull off but i still havnt lost with it “yet”

Philip Parker

Appreciate the content my dude. IMO I do think QSS is "better" than GA on Jhin, at least depending on the lobby, because I am seeing less Zed and assassins in general and more teemo/cass/aatrox/etc. that just prevent him from attacking safely in the corner

Tyler Lu

I’ve been one tricking 6 mage and I’ve been climbing in diamond


had 3 firstplace in a row going elder, those buffs with 3 good items on ashe is unstoppable imo. Steamrolled a 6 dusk last game that had 3 star riven with nunu oneshottin her each round

s3nior Rodz

Thank you for your helpful tips!

Aidan Trinh

idk if it was just me, but u seemed to have a lot of energy this vid. Keep up the good work!

Bunza Ville

Please add the early picks

Joshua Botelho

I definitely didn't think ahri was going to take off but it has been one of my favourite comps to play. Plus the items are similar to kegendaries comp so I csn usually decide whether I need to pivot at 8 into ahri or go 9

Mr. McEdgeLord

Imagine thinking you won the game with 30 health and having a full 6 dusk comp but the last person left has 5 health left but then they get a Chosen 3 star 6 Divine Warwick.

Lucas løkkwn


Pedro Vilar

Moonlight aphelious is easially quadruple S tier. Only problem is dealing with Kayn but thats what azir is for. Best in slot are QSS (mandatory) GS (every 2 star legendary other than Yone breaks the GS threshold) and Hodg. Also you want as many Zeke's as possible. When you hit, this comp is absolutly disgusting and also very forcable. Just hoard moonlights and play strongst board than sell your chosen and roll execess gold at stage 3 to hit at least 6/7 1 cost moonlights then go 7 and roll for aphelious and sylas. You basiacly never go for 5 moonlight unless you're highrolling like crazy and best level 7 is Shen, Irelia, Aphelious, Kindred, Yummi, WW + moonlight


>moonman B tier
is that because of consistency? this patch i have gotten first every single time i hit chosen apehlios in diamond


This video was very well done. I don't know what was really different, maybe its just been a minute, but great job.

Thank you for your hard work. Makes me and my friends playing a lot more enjoyable.


Feels bad my 4* Aphelios lost to a 3* Talon when my opponent got an IE in Herald to have GA/IE/LW. Positioning was tough but with those items, his Talon one shot Aphelios with his skill

Linus 20 years and

Veigar/ahri mage?


Whats up bunny nation!!!! xDDDD


@BunnyMuffins what about Keepers?


to be fair, trying to use all of the legendaries in one build is a really stupid idea. I have been level 6 and beat level 9s just by golding out my entire team comp using only 7 champs. I have tried to use three or 4 low level guys and all legendaries and let me tell you it doesnt work lol. 1, you have to level up only without actually finding a good team, and 2, you just lose by the end of the game cause you spent the entire time leveling up.

Emil Fagerstedt

Bunnymuffins i wanna thank you so much for your videos they help me a lot and thanks to you i climbed from plat to diamond in 1 week!!!

Tft chart

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Predictive Parsing Table Construction

40 542 views | 18 Jan. 2018

Predictive Parsing Table

Predictive Parsing Table Construction

watch more videos at


Lecture By: Mr. Arnab Chakraborty, Tutorials Point India Private Limited

Pinaki Mukherjee

In Step 3 of method:
Instead of A --> Epsilon, it must be A --> Alpha

Sanith Kumar

Good explanation thankyou sir

yassine abdelfattah


Ponni S

u save me sir

Ceez Geez

How do we write a small c++ program for the predictive table? How to get started?

Shamsul Arefin Sajib

Very good explanation. Thanks sir

vennu munemma

Very clear explanation sor

Esraa Mohamed

Thank you!

Kambhampati Veerandra Chowdary

Sir I need material to study

Sameer Choudhary

absolute trash ?️

Sambhu S Dharan

Explanation is not clear at all..