Stocks to short

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How To Short Stocks ?On Webull ✅

39 530 views | 14 May. 2019

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p weed chicken

my name jeff

Learn about stocks

Good to hear about another trading platform.

Will Campana

Excellent video!

art Braez

Can I cancel my short on webull and if yes how? Thanks.


Hey If I buy call options and hit my strike price befor the expirations date can I by the shares and sell it even b4 the expire date

Charles D

So what happens now when you Buy it back after the drop? Do you sell it right away at the Buy back price?

ron rhoades

Hi bro great video. I got a new spec today. (RDDTTF) Radient, they are like Valens. They already have ACB as a customer. I hope they make me as much as Valens.

Legacy T

Also my bad have one more question? Say yu get caught shorting in the price go up and now you down -30% on ya profit no way to avg down/up from shorting?

The Mirror

How to check for short availability?

23rdHour LiveEntertainment

. Smh your talking as if people know how to trade and all the rules 90 percent don’t know that in the first place and you can short in a cash account just look under quotes and go down to the bottom if that stock ticker has a short for the day you can buy it with the purple button buy and sell in same day and you incur no fees.

Marty Martinez

Good stuff! Thank you


when you are setting up the options trading for the first time. It asked what type of options investment I would like. Out of speculation, growth, income, and capital preservation. I was wondering if you could explain the different a little? I would like to make some profit but not be too risky. I am new to all this. so, baby steps for me lol

Tyrone Lannister

whats webull short fees?

Arshdeep Sharma


KangoKid Kidd

Okay cool I can't afford a marginal account...but if put in 100 buck's will there be any stock's cheap ENOUGH for me.to short one stock or BUY...THANKS

Jack Li

Can you teach me how to use leverage in webull?


So you basically sell 10 shares of QQQ that you don’t have in order to go short?...how does that look in the “my position” tab before you close the short out by buying (returning?) the shares to WeBull? What about fees for borrowing the shares? Feel like there’s no way it’s that simple lol

Wirawan Phengchai

Thank you

if i short sell stocks like Nio 10 share at the price 50 per share

Then i want to buy back at 40

i set up buy at 40 for 10 share

But stocks go sideway around 45-46 for a weeks

How long do i have time to buy back to broker ?

Can be more than one month or longer?

And do i have to pay the fee to broker, if i take long time to buy back to them.

Thank you so much..

Sean Schaefer

So, to short, you already have to own the stock? So, when you sell it, that’s your profit. Buying it back, just means you bought it back at a cheaper price, it’s not a profit.


hello @woerthmore investing does we bull let you short any stock?

WoerthMore Investing

✅ Webull offers a GREAT brokerage, zero commission trading & you can receive 1 free share of stock up to $1000! Fund your account up to $100 & receive 2 free shares of stock. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/2XWdKlp

Ramon Serna

Thank you a lot man. Just what I needed.

GasAttack 15

Always use
stop loss! Except for all time highs and lows

Darshan Gabani

Aren't there any commission or broker fees for shorting?


If I want to short a stock on webull, when i select TP and Stop loss, it looks like TP price is the automatic price it'll buy back the shares? So would I need to place a buy order if I use it?

Zaibi khan

I want to sell stocks on we bull but it says short/sell will I lose money or will it be same? Or will it take 6.99% of my profit or 6.99 of share?

Marco Chavez

Do you still short on Webull? Do you recommend it? Any pros and cons?

Legacy T

Think I understand it just have two questions. 1. So when you buy back do that mean the order is complete? 2. Do it count as a day trade doing sell buy? My bad coming from rh never dont shorting but seems like the bigger gains are over here

Jeremiah Ostrem

So when i buy the shares back after shorting are they in my portfolio or do they vanish?


I like how you get right to the point. I was just wondering if you have a video on short selling with stop limit

Motivation Innovation

So when shorting, am I setting a price limit at a higher price ? And when I’m buying back the shares, how do I know what to put and why would it be lower? Sorry new to trading. Thanks


I have $25 to invest in stocks. What should I do with it?


Thanks for vid, you forgot to talk about the 2.50 rule tho.

"The $2.50 rule applies when you are short selling stocks that are priced under $2.50. Basically, the rule states that for every share you are short, you still need to put up $2.50 of capital, even if the stock is priced lower"

So, if a stock is 2.49 or under and someone buys 10 shares, they will need $25 to short that stock. 2.50x10=25.

Thermowet13 Marquez

Need help is webull trust worthy I bought calls and puts to cover them previous to that I owned 76 shares of NIO I bought 2 contracts 200... They webull are saying that I shorted them I have -124 shares which they say webull I shorted them

Man16 man16

I love this guy just the video I need.

V0lk Star

So how do you short. I know how to buy

marc bell

I am not the first person to suggest that these accounts are not marginal. They may be margin account or imaginable but not marginal. Is this rest of this vid as accurate?

Ethan Liscano

What do you do if it says “ you have no positions to sell for this security

Armah Akporowho

Is webull good for selling shorts? I have read a few reviews of some people having issues shorting.

The Spanish Bull

So do you sell in high and buy in low?

Loleung Micheal

the part that discouraged me from keep watching is you mentioned i have to have a margin account. i have a cash account and i dont want to have a margin account. is the rule different form someone with a cash account?

Arthur Cardona

Any books you recommend on day trading?


doesn't work for me,says " you do not have have no positions to sell for this security"

Buttery Skater

Is that how you do it?

Manny T

Thank you very much good video ??

jitan puri

Hi can I hold the short selling stock for long time like 1 day or 1 week on Webull app

just Jay

i have a short option by buy and sell. how do i use that

Brother Denny

Did you just do a debit spread?


Is this pretty much the same way you do it using etrade?

Giovanni Zanoni

I don't understand why you start with selling. How can you sell if you don't have these stocks in the first place? I understand your profit but shouldn't you start by buying? Obviously Im missing something here so can anyone explain that part to me?


Following it with a buy order is the same as using take profit.. Right?


Hey body I just start using Webull where do I see my pdt Is lik Robinhood it shows how many I used out of the 3 I’m allowed

What you mean Thirsty?

Man if they allowed shorts on paper trades people would learn much better and see the potential high risk.
Then again
Webull probably banks on certain # of members to screw up for their gain.

Skurai Ver.1

What if you only place the sell order?

Stocks to short

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Best Stock to Short in 2021

883 views | 24 Dec. 2020

In today's video, Joshua

In today's video, Joshua Belanger shares 1 stock to short in 2021.

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Stocks to short

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How to Find Perfect Stocks to Short

13 441 views | 23 Oct. 2017

Here I talk about being

Here I talk about being patient and waiting for the right time to short stocks, and how to find them :)



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Jake Johnson

What broker do you use for shorting?

Mike Morgan

Thanks, it helps!


Hey Connor. Are there any broker you would recommend for short selling?


How's the new website comming along?

Catalina montoya

Nice video...I don't really know how to say thanks to you mr williams.i never believe that i will be able to make 30k weekly after trading with mr williams,he gave me his world that i should believe and he also gave me his great strategy, may God bless you sir. you can contact him via williamsdevid1952 @ gmail com

stuff happens

Thank you

Harvie Childers

ANYONE can show you what you could have done after the fact.



Alexander Frost

how were you able to sell half of your position?

Moha Elahwal

which broker you use for shorting?

Josh Lawrence

You don't know how high its going to go up. It went up this high, don't short it. Went up this high, OK now short it.

This is hindsight. Really? A video dedicated to hindsight?

Doing my best to not completely trash this.

Frank Anderson

How do you find the stocks? Video is titled "How to find perfect stocks to short" We understand the short concept. Thank you.


Is there any specific scanner that you use to find these potential shorts?

Anthony Eugene

he keeps repeating himself

Ventsi Medarov

Another great video. Good job Connor.