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Long Fin White Clouds in a Seapora Rimless Tank

641 views | 27 Mar. 2020

Long Fin White Clouds in

Long Fin White Clouds in a Seapora 9 Gallon Rimless Crystal Series Aquarium. Relaxing footage of fish swimming, posturing and eating. I got these fish from my local fish store about 5-6 months ago. They were originally in a 20 gallon tank where they mainly stayed at the top. I bought this new tank from Flip Aquatics at Aquashella Chicago 2019 (Shout out to Rob and Amanda)! I had no plans for the tank and it sat empty for a while. This is set up on the kitchen counter because I don't have a stand for this tank and I needed the 20 gallon for other fish. I like the Long Fin White Clouds even better in this planted tank :-) I hope to breed these this in a patio pond this summer ☀️

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Raul’s Aquatics and Reptiles

Nice tank set up ??

Sharron Miller

Love these!! Do you breed them?

Valquir Souza

I've never seen them schooling directionally like tetras, do yours do that when in a big group?

Mr Bill

Very nice... ?

VB 23

I’m trying to breed my regular white clouds and it is a struggle

Ginger Graves

I love white clouds. I have some of these long fins in one of my community tanks. I think I'm going to move them into a species only tank to breed them.

Daniel Keeping Fish

My favorite fish. I have 100 Gold ones in a long tank at the moment and kept them loads of times over the years but I haven't had any long fins yet. Will need to get me some soon.


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Longfin Oscar Fish - Veiltail Aquarium Compilation

18 214 views | 28 May. 2019

Aquarium Veiltail Oscar

Aquarium Veiltail Oscar Fish or also know as Longfin Oscar Fish. These are such beautiful fish to keep. Some say these fish are man made by breeders and aren’t as healthy as regular ones.

Hikari Food: https://amzn.to/2Bs78Pc

More random fish talk:

HELP PLEASE! This morning she was swimming and following me as I went back and forth i front of her tank, when I went to feed her an hour ago this is what she looked like? What is it? She's 10-yrs old and 14-inches long in a fifty-five gallon bow front.

Excess green algae can be linked to high nitrates because that's the food they use to grow, it's not inherently bad but i wouldn't call it a sign of health either. Have you checked the parameters?

Test PH for acidic PH. Had something similar happen over night. If it is Acidic do small water changes until the tank tests are normal. I dont know what the fish normally looks like. But it looks like a fungal infection. Also possibly some dropsy, but again i havnt seen the fish in a healthy state to compare it against.

Best bet it to treat with api general cure, mardell maracyn at the same time. If you dont get results you can also treat with mardell maracyn 2 for a broader range, thats alittle more invasive. The first 2 are not invasive to the fish at all. I'm treating all my quarantine fish with those 2 right now as a matter of fact (new fish). If i didnt know what was going on either, i'd also treat with ich-x at the same time. Thats just me though.

Also anytime i'm going to treat, i do a water change prior to get nitrates as low as possible, then reduce feeding so not as much amonia is generated from fish poop to keep water parameters lower so no changes needed during treatment.

Don't let the "new hand" fool ya, Louis knows what he's talking about, and I agree, I think I see a couple of things here. Looks like a fungal infection is sloughing off the slime coat. There could also be possible swim bladder issues, but it's just as likely the fish is listing because of the infection (just giving up). Looks to be a pearlscale, which is harder to see dropsy in. I would move to a quarantine asap, and use a rubbermaid tote with a sponge filter if you don't have a spare tank.

Couple questions:

1) Who else is in the tank?

2) When was the last water change, and how much?

3) What are your water parameters?

4) Do you have a recent "normal" picture of this fish?

As mentioned the fins and slimecoat look damaged...but it may also be related to age,when a fish gets to the end of its life they become more susceptible to getting a lot of diseases at once,which can seem impossible to shift,I had to euthanize a gourami just the other day because of this.

I'd been treating it for months with no improvement(multiple diff treatments tried),and it also was acting like a carrier infecting the odd smaller fish now and again,so as mentioned even if you try to treat,I would treat on it's own!

It has been awhile for these actions to be taken, 2 members stated comments that served no constructive purpose, if you cannot help Do NOT COMMENT. I have muted 2 members for 3 days each. There is already a lot of excellent advice in the comments, Do you have an API Master test kit to test your water parameters? I realize you have had this fish a very long time and few people keep Goldfish this long so I am sure that several factors have played a part in this emergency situation.

Long post sorry.

Hi guys. So I’ve took over caring for 2 goldfish about 3-4 months ago for the people I’m renting from. They were kept in a tiny tank (10 gal) with bad conditions and 1 of the has a HUGE tumer on his eye ( according to the owners he had it for years). Long story short when I was doing a water change today he got himself stuck in one of the decorations somehow and completely bursted his tumer open!

Then he was bleeding out and it was completely slashed in half. I was so sure he was going to die. I freaked out and tried to make calls to local fish stores as I couldn’t find any fish vets when I googled. They weren’t able to help me. I was getting ready to accept I will probably have to euthanize him. But after a couple minutes he stopped bleeding and I didn’t want to give up.

The other goldfish kept on trying to bite his broken tumer and kill him from what it looked like. I rushed to the fish store and got a tank divided so she couldn’t hurt him. I’m just at loss at what to do now I have random medications I picked up in the past like Kanaplex and something for fugal infections / aquarium salt.


Not sure where you’re from but they’re not to rare in the northeast, first saw them popping up around 2000-2001, and they’ve been regularly available from most wholesalers for the past 10 years. Also as far as I know the genetics are the same as veils in angels.

JP Malawi Spot PT

People continue to fuck with nature. I hate those hibrids.

Ethan Fallon

They’ve popped up in the local petco a few times. Some normal Oscars May carry the longfin gene and a small percentage of fry may turn out that way.

Tim Biddle

I had short hair cats give birth to long hair cats why not fish


I just got a long tail of a whale tail Tiger Oscar and I'm going to post it on my videos because it's different than any of them that I have seen the tail in the body Stripes go down the whole body until have spots all through it I'll post it on my channel soon

Richie T.

I honestly think long finned Oscars are atrocious looking. Their fins look raggedy and droopy. Hec I don’t think I like long finned anything. Lol

Fish King of the Aquarium

I always see long fin oscars at my lfs but the ones I found the most rare was the short body oscar (Luckily I got my hand on one before they sold out)

Tony D

It's called a cull. You're not supposed to breed more you are supposed to make sure there aren't any more by eliminating the defect from the gene pool.


I have a super long fin tiger oscar . I have been an oscar ower for over 25 years.



Jose Sandobal

Pet supreme in sylmar California has 3 of them right now

Timothy Roberts

Simulate thier natural enviorment and try it over time


if anyone is still looking petsmarts supplier usually screws up and ships long fins with the regular oscars i just got two long fins one albino and the typical black

Bruce Barrera

Bought one longfin black tiger Oscar today! :D

Something Seems Fishy

IMO regular finned oscars look the best.

Janel Dorico

Verry verry rare fish brother, Long fin oscar verry hard find these kind osacr. More expinsive than the normal oscar.

Jane Shell

I hope you feel better, wisdom teeth hurt SO bad! Make sure you get knock out when they get pulled, I made the mistake of not getting knocked out and looked like a black and blue chipmunk for over a week! Not fun


please make a video on the racks on which you have kept 6feet tanks!!!

A Random Lifestyle

Who wants long finned oscar we have alot here in the Philippines

Arsh Singh

Bro i new interduce two veil tail oscars of 3 inchs but now their fins and tails are going to damage like rot fin and they donot eat anything and not active

Jase Parker

I didn't know they were do hard to find, my local petstore gets them in every week.


I have a big one in my 135 gal with a lungfish and a couple plecos . I think there is a video on my page from a couple months ago.

Zach C

I hate em

jake mitchell

Lemons are cooler than vailtail imo

Deandre Baptista

I have a baby tiger veil tail oscar for sale

Karatt Kensair

They're quite popular and available in Buffalo.

lonely wolf

I am a huge fan of oscars and since initial years of my hobby i always have an oscar in my tank till now but personally i don't like long finned oscars and would like to go for a comet gold or for sarassa comet instead of keeping a long finned oscar. I belive oscar's oval body shape with natural fins is what makes them all time favourite in the hobby.
To me long finned oscar resembles much similar to a comet gold instead of a cichlid.
Its just my opinion other's may have their own

World Aquarium Singapore

Super nice oscar

Michael Martinoff

They aren’t hard to get where I am every pet store in Florida has at least two longfins


I love em! They used to be kinda rare about 20yrs ago but now they seem pretty common in my area...I have 2 now have had several over the years

Its_justa _5.4

I wish I would have got the ones at my local fish store. They had like 30 1”-2” long fins in about two months ago.

Tim Boardman

My LFS (chain store) had some the other day, I didn't have a tank for them so I couldn't buy one :(

martin garcia

I just got a giant veil tail for $65

Felix the Winter soldier Spinks

Get them pulled ...
I had a long veil tail Oscar ... In my old 90 which was my oscar tank ... But unfortunately it was a casualty of my first Midas... As well as everything else in that tank ??????????

ian s.

can send to norway?

Ash's Cichlids

Beautiful!! I love Oscars!!!

Jack Dempsey

Not a huge fan of the longfin Oscar. Some good lookin fish in this video tho.


Saw 6 smaller ones at petco today


Love the YouTube channel and videos but that Facebook group is full of toxic fucks and trolls.

shane L

My fish store always have these long fins but I just dont like them.

jacob levi tazarte

here in the Philippine u can find those everywhere..

Long fin

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Winky and longfin review - GTA Online guides

137 879 views | 17 Dec. 2020

In this video I take a

In this video I take a look at both the Winky off road car and the Longfin boat, added to Grand Theft Auto Online through the Cayo Perico heist DLC.

I see if they are worth the asking price that they demand.

If you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you're new to the Pyrerealm gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon!

Make sure to subscribe!

Then visit the official Pyrerealm gaming Patreon page!


If you're on PC check out our discord!


Also check out our twitter @


Andor Radnai

So, two out of three Seamen boats… great…

Zeke with and on E

Da Winky?!

Jerry's Channel

"Vietnam war vehicle"

is world war 2 vehicle

Cobra Filez

Boss. You killed a child...?

mojs garage k

To steer the boat or any boat. Use the handbrake for sharper turning.

British Empire

Ww2 not Vietnam


Rapid wanky oooooooh ???

Dingaan Reklaw

If you didn't enjoy this video then I don't know ??

Mr Foreman

I love my winky, end of

Poggie O connor

Happy car_no further description needed


Comparable to the titanic ?


My gosh why did they have to name it the winky

Straight Luck

The other vehicles on the island are more Vietnam area the winky is a US jeep from ww2


"Or as I like to call it: the RAPID WANKY!! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!-(computer explodes)

H Otter

Fission mailed?


who painted the Mona Lisa? DA WINKY?

Kill me

Lachlan Purves

The Winky is based off the 1940's Willy Jeep so you are 10 to 20 years actually 15 to 20 year ahead of when it was introduced in WWII in fact it was never used in the Vietnam war even if it was it would have been very limited in capabilities

Ian Montgomery

Why cant we put a machine gun on the willys jeep its so stupid


Tile sounds like a porn video, lol.


Worst car in the GTA game series


Da vinki

Alex Nowak

Best gta youtuber??rapid want???

Mr Goodman

Winky more like WILLY

Aron Jacobs

The gauges of the longfin are wrong ?


I’m buying a winky to build into Jeep bumblebee


Your so underrated

Scott L.

So long story short, the only thing worth buying is that Scout Bike??

Maverick D.T.L.

Bro Youtuber, did I just hear you say Vietnam war time vehicle. ?

My god, your clueless. I Hate your humorous videos.

Reagle Pickle

Bro the vapid is from ww2 you should know that or I’m just to smart for yall

Dire Wolf

I want to see a recreation of the bo1 airfield mission with the Wanky

narrator jack

I don't care if the winky is not good i love how it looks

Joshua Ruffo

I lold at the intro bleeping himself

Jayden Larman

The Winky would be wonderful for WW2 or Vietnam role-play,not much for personal vehicle though.

Neon Skull

(0:02) T A N K E Y W A N K Y


0:36 renovating your avenger 2billion. What lol

Dan Flark


HockeyMaster1 HOCKEYSTAR

Was anyone else hoping that the sub would allow watercraft customizations?


What happened to short fin?


its about style baby

MoldyWorm Gaming

I like the straight-line speed of the longfin and I like the Winky as a show car, but neither are worth their asking price

Zero The Wolf.

The Winky drives like shit on Off Road sadly...its bouncing around all the time so that you lose control

Caleb Ostrowski

0:53 "vietnam war vehicle" Pyre realm 2020 reasonably uneducated about war vehicles

Patryk Nowicki

"Another Vietnam War vehicle" what? IT'S A FUCKING JEEP WILLYS FROM WWII

The h1ghest

‘Winky’ is what the name should be irl instead if willy


can i speak to the people who thought the wanky tanky would be a supercar and congratulate them on their stupidity

Zeus The Feisty Dog

I feel like this dude does it because he loves to do YouTube. He could’ve made more money off of two separate videos but he cares about his fans more so he saved us time. Thank you! :D


too bad the winky isnt 4 wheel drive like the underside would suggest.

Straight Luck

Couldn't come up with a nickname for the longfin? I got you, how about long di-


"Vietnam war vehicle"? Brother that thing's been used since World War II


Longfin is fast but the turning radius is way too much

Jurassic john

WW2 vehicle American jeep finally


If you voiced audiobooks, I would pay my moneys for them.

Officer classified

the winky is cool but not work $800,000 the squatteie is way better at off-road.

Creek’s cave

WW2 vehicle


its a.. its a car

its a.. its a boat

Luc Wijngaard

The Rapid Winky, The Tinky Winky, The Willey Jeepy


I appreciate your vids! So far, the only new vehicle worth a crap is the new sub. And I can see it being abused by griefers.


The Winky is only good if you want to revive the "Gang attacks" like Green vs Purple Aliens. Just dress like US and Vietnamese army soldiers and voila. (Me and my friends did it, we used the heavy pistol and the gusenberg lol)


World War Two

DiciestCar 35

i new it was usedin the vitenam war cause it was fist made in 1945 but mainly used in that war same for the valkrie helicopter


the fact that the winky isn't a canis annoys me


fission mailed

Deadlesssedg 56

Someones touching ma winky!!!

The Mechanist

The Winky is one of those cars that is basically fan service for all the car lovers and military nuts out there, as it's representing the legendary Willys jeep built in WW2. The average gta player won't see the point of it being added but for us vehicle nerds it is absolutely awesome to have this ingame :)

?????? ?????


j u

im buying the boat for the memes

Potato Aim


apple jhon

Jesus why is everything so overpriced in this update?

Rove the Wolf

The first car, a willy’s jeep, is from world war 2 not vietnam

Arnav Singhal


Sgt. Joe

It's not a Vietnam War vehicle it's a WW2 vehicle


They made a corona reference in the description of the longfin


From where I come from winky means pp

white death. Lau Larsen

ww2 vehicle

Thom ter Braak

love the gt sport music at the background

Wayne Payne98

Review the minisub

Detective Bigweld / A Meme God And Simp Detective

Winky and Faggio are life

J Mac

I truly cannot tell you why.....but I like the winky.

Martijn Traas

0:36 i laughed so hard i spit my sanwich out

Nathan's Nonsense

How quickly does the longfin turn when "handbreaking" (since I'm pretty sure boats don't have hand breaks but the button for it still does stuff)


Jokes on you i assumed all vehicles were going to suck and guess what, i wasnt disappointed




Longfin actually makes boat racing fun and skillful now. Previously you’d take the Speeder, stay full throttle and take the shortest line... now it’s actually fun in the Longfin.

Antanas Tilindis

Jetmax: i used to be the best but now im a ghost...


how do you call the longfin

Jord Wylde

Kraken on sale for free? When, how?

Mr. Antique

This man just called this a vietnam vehicle. Rages in WWII

10k subs before 2022?

“Rapid wanky”
Got me dead fuckin hell ??????


The winky isn't from the vietnam war, it's the first successful modern off-road vehicle used in ww2


I bought the boat at trade price and I love it.


boats are the most pointless vehicle to own. Even when using the super yacht or sub it's far easier to fly.

Lil Pillow420

Why is the kraken free on pc

ALLEs Saxon

if i buy longfin will i dont have to do job prep like there is steal longfin prep and if i had it, will i just can take it ? and do heist prep faster?

Callum Cooper

Da WiNky??

Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter

How do u unlock trade price for winky?


Is no one going to mention the Gran Turismo music that’s awesome

Sebastian Miller

It’s the Gran turismo music that makes this video ?

Nighthawk 009

Read the description of the longfin for those who haven’t yet


So the longtime has no inside cabin or anything for passengers to drink champagne and stuff? Like some of the luxury helicopters?

Rory Douglas

The jeep should be 40k max