What date is 45 days from today

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How To Calculate Number Of Days In Excel

515 635 views | 11 Mar. 2013

how to calculate number of

how to calculate number of days in excel 2010

Amit kumar

FD No. ICICI_15698839

AMOUNT 500,000

Interest rate 7.35%

Booking Date 19-Nov-19

Months = 18

Maturity Amt. 557,720
Maturity Date 19-May-2021

Status Running

Total No of days= 547

(end date in financial year is 31-Mar-2019)_F.Y.18-19





sir isko dekhna plz

and help me for founding financial year days ...plz suggess me formula to stop days counting if exceeding maturity date . automatic in financial years me days divide ho jaye. jaise F.Y. 19-20 me 133 days hai and F.Y. 20-21 me =365 days FD ko chalna Hai and F.Y. 21-22 me =sirf 49 days hone hai ,,,...plz divide in days between F.Y. with stop date formula in last year




Thanks so much. you saved me a lot today at work.

karunakaran santhosh

total number of February days are = 28
march 1 to 6 is that = 6 days
so total number of days are = 34

kindly rectify the answer

Edil Cruz

Thank you

Anjini Nayak


soniya sahil

Muje bs day nikla h bs

Sunanda Bhattacharyya



simple and easy example thank you

Nadim Shaikh

Thank you for your help

Saeed Mwt

thank u so much you make my work too much easy


thanks to its very important for me.......

Nimantha Bandara

Well understood and thank you. This will help me to increase my knowledge and I will get the points from this to develop my blog site. Thank you.

Nimantha Bandara

Well understood and thank you. This will help me to increase my knowledge and I will get the points from this to develop my blog site. Thank you.

Ashley Castleberry

Great video! Simple and straight to the point

Ramachandran Natarajan


Nimay Ram



How do you do this to count two week cycle?

Arun Sagar

Very helpful to me in calculating interest. Thanks a lot.

Salman Hyder

Tnank you so much bro

The Best Technical 360

Great and easy way of explaining the topic, thank you very much.

Ujjwal Suryakant Rane

Thank you!

Madan Mohit

Thank you.

Zakir Hossain Channel


Cartoonist Vikrant

wow thanks

Ramachandran Natarajan

Common sense required

rnam ejonsal

i have this formula =K2+14-TODAY()&" Days" that serves as an overdue clock as soon as i enter a past or current date in cell K2 which is 1/31/2017, the value on the formula today is =Day 1073, tomorrow will be =Day 1074, and so on, my question is, what can i do to stop the count of day? the overdue clock is 14 days. how do i stop it as soon as it hits 14days or as soon as i enter a date in a separate cell? [email protected]@t


Get negative days

Jitendra Kumar



You can also visit site - https://www.juliandate.net/ that will convert date to Julian date

deeraj sharama

Thanks Sir....for giving useful information in a simple teaching way

abhishek saxena

Thanx.. I got save lots of time just bcoz of your video.. Thanku so much...

Anxhela Lamaj

really really thnx,,i have hours using datedif and nothing


thamk u

Ysr Ilyas

Great... Thank you.

wais rafi

Thank you very useful

Kay Zondo

Thank you sooo much. Helpful

Raja Harsha

I am in account department.i generally add plus 1 in 2nd formulae

Elias L

Thank you


awsme dude thank you so much

Bhismaraj Meher

Thak you sir

Avishek Dey

It's very necessary for me on that time Thank you! for uploading a simple explanation.

Raghu Hebsur

Thank you, one more problem is eg 1-1-2020 to 50 days how to use formal find the date

Abdul Moaiz


Yudi Rachadiansyah

Thank you so much

Basem Elgamal

Perfect ?

Ken Davis

Does not work!!

Anil Kumar

thank you very useful

B15 Salditos, Jules Kenneth

Why mine says #value

Amruta pallan

Thank you so much ??

Rozh Salam


Pankaj Shrivastava

Nice sir

Ninja Specialist Logo Expert.

why my number of days become negative?

Rizalia Fontanilla

Robotic voice, not good

Teach and Trained



Thank you boss

Ganesh Sewag

Tnx very very good video sir

Rajneesh Kumar


The Best Technical 360

Thanks for the tip you saved me a lot
of work

abhijit dhamankar


Subhash Singh

Thank you sir


You thank much young jedi

Welmar Godio

Thank you so much very simple explanation you save my assignment.?

Shiv Suresh

Hello everyone. I have also tried this channel very intensive from basic. Just Incase if this could help you all. Happy learning https://youtu.be/Czw9nBXwpH8

Humeid Al-Habsi

Sounds like that apple guy

argchy riadul

How to know the date 18 years 5 months before today's date

palani Samy

Thanks Sir



DB Cooper

Your formula is wrong....?
in your calculation the first day did not count....?

The formula should be like this
=(End Date --- Start Date)+1?

Mohammed Ziauddin Ahmed

Thank you very much sir

Dinesh Swami

Nice sir

Zala Mayur

Thanks ?


Doesn’t help at all

Pramith Chaturanga


علي السعدي

easy and simple thanksssssssssss

What date is 45 days from today

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Excel Conditional Formatting for Dates in the Past/Future/Today

87 254 views | 19 Jan. 2018

This video covers the

This video covers the following topics

-Condtionally format dates within a time period - yesterday, today, last week etc

-Use conditional formatting to identify overdue invoices

-Writing a formula for conditional formats

-Using the TODAY() function within a conditional formatting rule

Analir Pisani

Ctrl Backspace I didn't now and my student have often asked. Good stuff.

Henry Quattlebaum

I need to know how to highlight a date greater than 36 months relative to the current date. Thanks


Nice Vid! Always having trouble with applying rules and not getting them messed up?

noorul ameen

i need formul excell if condition it will come day and date automaticaly

Zaman Saifur

how to insert date and time of future in excel

Super Saiyan

How do I get excel to highlight when multiple expiration dates expires in a single cell or about to be expired? Example 1, expired Cell A1: (4/28/2019)(7/5/2019). Example 2 Cell A2, about to be expired (5/25/2019)(12/12/2019).

Donovan Jenkins

Thanks for this! I was forgetting the () after today. Your video gave me exactly what I needed. And CTRL + Backspace was new to me, so thanks for that too.


I tried this formula for highlighting past dates =$G21<TODAY() as shown in the video however it also highlighted blank cells. How do you stop the conditional formatting highlighting blank cells ?


So the solution was staring me in the face the entire time... got it. THANKS!


Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed for my Project management sheet!

The Best Technical 360

Great and easy way of explaining the
topic, thank you very much.

Herma Drees

Great, exactly what I needed!


Thank you, this was very helpful!!


I needed that info in a hurry, thank you.

Shreeshil K M


adewale obadina

how can I do the same if my interest is finding items that are oversue by a week or a month?. Thanks

Gayan Wanasinghe

Thank you

Susan Flabiano

Thank you so much! After searching extensively for answers your video gave me exactly what I needed. Much appreciated!

What date is 45 days from today

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