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What is IRIS? - The Future of Biometric Blockchain Payment Processing

775 views | 11 Jun. 2018

IRIS is a fintech payment

IRIS is a fintech payment processing company that implements biometric authentication and blockchain technologies to lay the foundations of the world's next payment ecosystem. Incorporating finger vein authentication and irisWallet, users can unite all their payment methods including credit cards, bank accounts, crypto-currency wallets and more into one universal solution accessed solely by an individual and their biometric data. Easiest. Safest. Cheapest. Fastest. Crypto-Ready.

Learn more on https://irispay.io

Lar Pat

I bought long in $IRIS on MXC Exchange with a 5x margin it gave me huge profits.

Stoo S.

hearing what sounds like "IRS" multiple times gave me anxiety. lol

Iris coin

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How to Stake IRISnet(IRIS) and Earn 21.25% Rewards

1 501 views | 3 Aug. 2020

#AbdulAslam #IRISnet

#AbdulAslam #IRISnet #StakeIRIS

~IRISnet is Inter-chain Service Hub for NextGen Distributed Applications.

~IRIS Network (a.k.a. IRISnet) aims to establish a technology foundation to facilitate construction of next-generation distributed applications.

~IRIS incorporating a comprehensive service infrastructure and an enhanced IBC protocol into Tendermint & Cosmos stack.

~ IRISnet enables service interoperability as well as token transfers across an internet of blockchains.

This video focus on IRIS staking on Binance to earn 21.25 percent staking Rewards




Home Design

nice work bhahi ap nay kamal kar dia

Quyền Trần

I bought long for $IRIS on #MXC_Exchange with a 5x margin it gave me huge profits good thing it is listed on MXC!! I think it will reach $0.2 soon, still a good at the current price!! ???

Ricky Clarke

Bag the IRIS, I think they have potential to go easily 3 to 5x and additionally Binance added the staking rewards upto 21.25 percent.. awesome man.. keep bringing great content.. thank

Prejith Alex

i have IRISnet in my wallet but when i go to locked staking, the available IRISNET shown is 0, any idea how to resolve this?

Sahir Chaudry

very informative video and super staking reward...

Sahir Chaudry

good selection..

Naomi Laumana

Oh, it was 9.9 percent staking rewards.. Thanks to Binance we can earn 21.25 percent... Awesome content as always..

Wilmar Rio Egnisaban

Help, I early redeem my coin after 3days of locked staking., 1day is passed but my Iris is still not in my spot wallet.

Rahila Ashfaq

best time to buy iris....

Anh Da mat

I bought long for $IRIS on #MXC_Exchange with a 5x margin it gave me huge profits good thing it is listed on MXC!! I think it will reach

Le Na



I have 100 more IRIS on my wallet but when I try to Lock IRIS in the stacking options, it's writted that I have 0 IRIS available. Is that a problem with Binance?

Home Design

Excellent work allah ap ko khush rahky

Zubair Mazher

Thanks very much to give such useful information about digital business

francis kate mitchell

Good thing #IRIS is listed on #MXC_Exchange before it gets listed in another exchange and I filled my bag before it pumps! ?
Kindly signup using my link


Manay dot stake kiya first time lock may show ho raha flexible may show ni ho raha 1 din ho gaya Par 1 din likha ni a raha?

Guillermo Rodríguez

i think iris staking is no longer available on binance :(

Aroona butt

Great videos abdul

Home Design

nice work

Jesse Dawson

where do the coins go? i just staked mine and they have completely dissapeared??


This video is now outdated. The staking option discussed in the video no longer exists.

Yigit Atalay

hey man can ı do this with ırıs/btc money ?

Adeela Rehman


Akis Mavromatis

Hello i just staked my iris and they got dissapeared from spot but they are not on the savings account also. Do i have to wait a day or two until i see them there?

Chiqui OJ

Staking sure is good passive, but I love trading my $IRIS at #MXC_Exchange. Does give me good profit on a daily ???

FB 2077

I bought long in $IRIS on #MXC_Exchange with a 5x margin it gave me huge profits good thing it is listed on MXC!! I think it will reach $0.15 soon still good to buy here! https://www.mxc.com/trade/easy#IRIS_USDT

Iris Burgos

i have binance US and it doesn't show up. How can i get IrisNet? #noob?

Akis Mavromatis

Question. What the "remaining amount" means? And what if it is 0? Do we proceed even if the "remaining amount" is 0?

Donald Duck

Thanks very much for the wonderful upload, the crypto community wholly appreciate all your help...God bless you =)

Home Design

sir ap nay kamal kar dia very good job


IRIS is hidden gem and will be 5 to 7x in at the end of this year... It is great to have that much staking reward..

Mac Micheal

May be 2020 is about IRIS.. there website and white paper are really good let see how they perform in their eco system.. thanks for details overview...

Quyền Trần

I bought long for $IRIS on #MXC_Exchange with a 5x margin it gave me huge profits good thing it is listed on MXC!! I think it will reach $0.2 soon, still a good at the current price!! ???

Iris coin

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IRISnet IRIS After China Gov Integration And Binance Listing Retraced At Golden Ratio For Next Rally

977 views | 24 Jul. 2020

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#irisnet #iris #iriscoin

Anh Da mat

I bought long for $IRIS on #MXC_Exchange with a 5x margin it gave me huge profits good thing it is listed on MXC!! I think it will reach

Pavel Pro

Iris scam

Chiqui OJ

$IRIS is one of the great project that you don't miss currently listed on #MXC_Exchange. Their team is working in progress behind it is a solid project. I would love to buy some $IRIS and hold it. ??

FB 2077

Good thing I accumulated $IRIS first on #MXC_Exchange!! You guys missing it? Try to check all alts on MXC and you'll find gems and accumulate them! ??

Bobby Schneider

somone please explain this project