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Our YEM and the future Bridge Coin

996 views | 13 Oct. 2020

Our YEM and the future

Our YEM and the future Bridge Coin (not an official Unicorn Network Video)

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Rainbow Currency/YEM



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Unicorn Network login

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kusiima Andrew

My question to you is what is the name of the bridge coin otherwise thanks for the video

Johnson Mugoya

Damning covid19, Happy our YEM is rocketing per day ✍️

Param Mehta

Kindly make video how we get fiat currency indian rupees to sale yem or other coin???!!!

Blockchain Studio

Please don't stop videos ....We are happy to see videos on YEM

jolly ssekyondwa

we're waiting for the bridge coin


Hi. Thank you for the video. Could I send you a personal message? I have some questions on Yem

Rainbow currency

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5 518 views | 27 Jun. 2020

On my Facebook news feed,

On my Facebook news feed, I’ve seen a recurring post regarding the new GESARA NESARA (Global/National Economic Security and Recovery Act) Rainbow currency. While this may seem exciting, you really need to know the truth about this.

~Gregg Prescott

FULL EXCLUSIVE IN5D ARTICLE: http://in5d.com/nesara-gesara-new-rainbow-currency/

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GESARA/Nesara is not a PUBLIC announcement, not will it be available for HISTORY discussions until all alliance/galactic successes of reforming the world's Govts, to free the PEOPLE from OVER 13, 000 years of graciousness enslavement....

The reset is happening now, you would have to be living under a rock to not see the ongoing GESARA NESARA success... It a mere Democratic liberal, who have been progenitor be mostly deep Dark State trying to prevent the end results of freedom...

The Lovely Day Experience

2020 is 2012. You might want to get out of the matrix. That is all. Love and Light...

Mary Davis

Reformation, not recovery! recovery=cabal

Susanne Jevne

NESARA AND GESARA ARE HERE! JFK Jr is alive and working behind the scenes with President Trump! WAKE UP!!!❤️✨

Lisa Cheney

They actually tired to roll this out in 2001 and 9/11 happened. These people are sick.

White Light

Remember who currently thinks they control google.. interesting perspective someone shared with me in the sauna.. google is the mind , Facebook the heart, Amazon the soul, apple the sexual .. it’s not in my reality yet I see this as some beings free will creation

The Reign of Sylvain

Oh you are wrong brother ... https://www.newsbreak.com/news/1591387076704/nesara-gesara-new-rainbow-currency
Proof = https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kHxieB4NtNJn5IR5uUCNDxNV0zomGjt4/view?usp=sharing
More Proofs = https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1339668690317565954.html
2012 was a big day from a grand scale ...so as 2020...

Much love to all ...<3


President Trump is declaring Nesara on July 6th.

Jay Jay

You gave up to early, don't use google.

Phil Christophers

good to know will certain;y ask the Sirius b crew

Ruth Bruner

I came to the same conclusion, Greg, after researching. Nesara is Pure Faith. I wish it would happen. This country and planet desperately Need it. There certainly are no Facts to support that it's here, just Faith.


It's been a minute since I heard anyone refer to the "way back machine" ? don't apologize. I appreciate you sharing your perspective

Debzy J

Thank you.

Paul L

You need to just look a bit deeper. It was to be introduced back in 2001 but the world was thrown a distraction. Every 4 years the new POTUS would have it ready to announce but something was stopping it, the Swamp Rats. The timeline from 2015 looks like it was removed because they hoped it was dead and buried for the public and potential new POTUS not to see.


This could actually be an IDEA rather than a thing.. If enough people get together and are inspired to actually CREATE a REAL GESARA!!


So, is this a Democratic implementation? Because in 2001, I believe, we had a Democratic president....

Squad Cast Reloaded

It actually has been introduced under H.R. 5404 heres the link https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/5404

Jordan Diamond

question everything..

Richard Kurtz

Was to be instituted (9 11 2001
was the true reason for the take down
of the Twin Towers to interrupt its
Inception. The Federal Reserve was
not going to have it. Sir your
conclusion is false. If President Trump
ends up taking office Nesara will be

White Light

What’s the possibly of energizing the IN-TENT-ION of the Ges-Nes thought wave? It already exist because it’s a thought! Thus let’s Focus Feed it ! It will grow! Where thought goes energy flows!

Mari rodriguez

It goes back sometime and has been tried supposedly 3 times and failed

Lisa Fair

It originated out of the farmer’s lawsuit due to their illegal treatment by corrupt banks taking their land, many years ago. It was signed but never enacted. It was supposed to be announced the morning of September 11, 2001. The deep state have managed to keep it from being enacted; a rich, content society is much harder to control. The false flag of 911 served many purposes, I understand this was one. Until Trump came along and spent the last three years cleaning up the deep state swamp, NESARA/GESARA could not be given to the people, it would have been stopped. We are closer now than ever before. Some say as close as July 2020.

victoria Luna

This video has 3 hours of fenomenal information that would change your mind. Facts and history together. There’s Hope. https://youtu.be/Lygerb3zOvY

HomeValue Glass

Yeah, I'm not sold either.


Thank you for validating my first thought. It sounds like socialism!!!

Chris Hov

Also Greg, get one the oxygen gauges that gauge the oxygen level Osha stating anything lower than 19.5 is dangerous. So I've seen trying several different masks and you put this under the mask and breath and then the automactic alarm goes off stating oxygen levels xxx. Legit make a vid brother let it go viral.....People have got to see it to believe it. Peace...brother

Chris Hov

Also Greg, puzzle pieces... Trump has busted the Rothschild banking syndicate and taken over the Fed..... But remember who still owns the media for now. I think you might be wrong on this one... We got to stay in heart brother and stand strong together for all's sake....


GESARA/NESARA will be official @ monday the 6th of july 2020 / The present timeline for the US to “Open” (Americans to open their eyes?) has all 50 states and US Territories back open for business by July 4th. Independence Day weekend will be a celebration like no other - even bigger than the bicentennial.
Expect President Trump and Vice President Pence to make very public appearances to celebrate along with many, many Americans that weekend, which will be an extended celebration from Friday (7/3) to Sunday (7/5).
Which brings us to Monday, July 6th - exactly 120 days prior to the scheduled November 3rd election.

Judy Lacroix

I remember hearing about Nesara in 2001.
We were all so sure it was happening back then. Fake news. Tease.

A Man of Peace

@In5d - There’s a guy on Twitter who has done an in-depth research project on N.E.S.A.R.A. His name is Tommy G @tommyg and he tweeted a 50 part tweet this past June 22nd, he has 158,000 followers and this multi part tweet on NSARA has garner some 12,000 likes. Here’s the link to that thread: https://twitter.com/tommyg/status/1275255967811338240?s=21. He also has a tweet thread roll up here: https://twitter.com/TommyG/status/1275255967811338240. Let me know what you think

Jay Jay

Another channel bites the dust, I have unsubscribed from 5 this week. Goodbye, youtube.

Journeys Wake

Probably Alexandra Youtube channel has some great info on NESARA and GESARA.

Chris Hov

Hey Greg. I hear ya brother same same. Remember Gary larrebee the older man I like him but I don't know suspicious too, another of late a woman out Hawaii site dropping Q bombs and Gesara called Santa surfing beach broadcast and another newbie... Charles Ward dropping intell and the new king John 3rd always ending his video in Jesus name? what's your take on all this. .. Are we all being dupe on this whole virus world stage. I saw some countries agreeing on a virus passport for travel stating your tested and security/DNA swope.... stay safe, peace

:karen-ann :lucyk macdonald

excellent- MY research as well, just like PPSA, UCC1 , 1099 OID and schemes for fraud selling gold- selling land and selling DNA children/women for adrenochrome is BAN (for) KING .. love & peace IS LAW OF LAND * GIFTING ! like barter.. love has NO CHARGE , thank YOU for understanding ! km :karen :lucyk macdonald , ([email protected])

Yam Taylor

Change is on the Horizon - NESARA Mission - By James Rink

Chris Hov

And another thing.... Money does nothing... and People do everything.... this is how you live... not old programs that stole from humanity and everything that came with that and way of history darkness. We have everything we need with each other..... blessing


It's for real. It is embedded in the World Economic Forum, but it is a HUGE deception, based upon the 7 Noahide Laws, which sound absolutely wonderful until you start digging deeper. The 7 Noahide laws are mentioned in this article, but you need to look into them and real fast, as this is the actual deception spoken about here. Do NOT be deceived. https://avoidthemark.com/2020/03/17/what-is-the-mark-of-the-beast/

Lady QAnon Bear

Check out Santa surfing broadcasting... She's been doing fantastic research on this for months.

Michelle Gunn

Question: Do you think that it’s possible that Mr Trump is rolling it out anyway - just not calling it Nesara/Gesara - look at his policies ie: Peace, Tax, and the possibility that there may be no more tax after Dec 2020? That’s just 2 that I mention. With Peace - that may well be the end of wars. I still believe that a jubilee will occur


A wrong phone#
Thats it?
The Truth is Always put out there
Per law, then its your Choice..
And put The Force behind it
Dont give up so easy on this

Ascending Dove 1111 Tarot/Ascension/Evolution

Nice to see someone actually doing the research and not taking things on blind faith. Love this video. Keep it up.


Check out Dr. Charles Ward. Also recognize which portal you are accessing.


209 nations are signed up for Gesara. The leaders of Russia, China and India are working with President Trump to organize it. They have already ARRESTED THE COMMUNIST LEADERS IN China. The new Federation has taken over China. Xi jinping is still their leader. He is a White Hat.

Lisa Fair

Yes, as some have stated here, there has been a false one planted.

Dawn S

howdy stranger

For Allah

Greetings, universal basic income is prophesied by Prophet Muhammad in the time of Imam Mahdi in highly authentic narrations, so it's just a matter of time. Peace.


Nesara goes waaay back to the Esoteric books. It's called by a different name but it MUST happen, it is the Universal Law. Look into the I Am Discourses - Volume 3. Very important. ?????

Marie ramirez



If you just want to listen to the phat beats: 8:56

michael alexander

There are two....one bogus ...one real. The security and reformation act is I'm assuming the real one. Theres a pdf download available. The "national stabilization act" is the fake one. There are always polar opposites at play in this world. Just duck duck go....nesara/gesara act and scroll to see the difference.

Charles Stewart

Excellent Greg!!!
Our Movement to Higher-Consciousness-Levels is Saturated with "Cointelpro Subversives"; &, as you correctly point-out, this "NESARA Bullshit" has been mis-guiding simple-minded innocent people for decades.
Great Exposae!!!


Regarding the facts on Rainbow currency

Welcome to the Safe Zone



Rainbow currency

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What's the Rainbow Currency?

1 830 views | 15 May. 2020

What's the Rainbow

What's the Rainbow Currency? (not an official Unicorn Network Video)

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alcides villasmil laguna fray

Buen trabajo Miguel, mi pregunta es si puedes hacer un video en español para todos los ispanos, ya que todos estan en ingles y son muchos los que no dominamos el idioma. Gracias de antemano.

Robinson Peña

en ese intercambio no se vende nada llevo meses tratando de vender 100 monedas y nada entonces no le veo lo bueno si no puedo disponer de mi dinero


My financial condition is bad due to the lockdown and I want to withdraw. Please help me

Ross Tan

very informative , good job ?


Please tell me something about how to withdraw money from a bank account.


Explain the procedure for withdrawing money from the Rambo currency.

Robinson Peña

como hago para vender


Very interesting and powerful legit crypto currency. Thanks for this great explanation

efraín muñoz

Alguien a conseguido vender algún yem? Para que quieres que ponga que esta a un dólar si no lo puedes vender?

Magda Cermelli

Very nice and clear video. Thank you, Miguel, for sharing this information.

Life Tools

I just invested my tuition fees in this project.