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41 Things You Did NOT Know About 1.17 Minecraft

32 315 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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41 New tricks and tips for 1.17 Minecraft snapshot 21w05b the caves and cliffs update! More Crazy Minecraft Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_7UEUScwcRRC9EoDEVaQYGn

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Simple Farms: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_7ml5khqKSHJ8Xp30Hz-dl9

Easy Farm Azalea, Moss, Glow Berries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNwk98oWGU8

Rarest Mob in Minecraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN889t0iWLs

Mob without weapon trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkqbRfPxFtA

Stray spider jockey rarest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmsRyq1q6wY&t=1018s

Snapshot Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhhj21vbm_I

Mega drowned farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWpQB-ZwPqs

Drowned farm using spawner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcPo2MtOzvw

Simple drowned farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRhY6WxqIv8

Simple berry farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdtCX5w1REw

Berry Fox Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR6F1gv8y0s

Automatic berry farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atXdXu6-g0k

Lichen and Glow squid Farms: https://youtu.be/wMW2dLjAayw

Axolotl squid ink farm: https://youtu.be/IXNt3H7rGns

New 1.17 AFK fish farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMEInK81SG0&t=1s

1.17 farms: https://youtu.be/6ysfX2eTqLw

Minecraft page: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-21w05a

Powder snow farm: https://youtu.be/dmo0rT4r7Po

9 Myths about 1.17: https://youtu.be/m0HYOHj4Fy4

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How many of the 41 things you did not know about 1.17 minecraft?

Comes with azalea bush, flowering azalea bush, azalea leaves flowering, cave vines, glow berries, dripleaf, hanging root, rooted dirt, moss carpet, moss block, spore blossom!

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/

Rays Works





Alessio Muccio

22:43 Heck, the dripleaf on alex make her look a lot like a swamp villager

Rax Animations

I can't wait for the Warden

Cole Storch

"That would be incorrect" - Rays Works, 2021



Bilaal MansellJones

Swamp villagers have the drip leaf texture on their heads


Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Ray no only provides information, but eliminates inhales, and camera pans to make the video length shorter without subtracting form content. That's an amazing amount of editing...


Ray I love your vids but I don’t know why but when I see a vid that says 10 things you didn’t know about Minecraft thank you for making this but having a stuff I don’t know

The Formal Top-hat

Can't tinted glass block light and not suffocate mobs?

Morgan Malmgren

Hi Ray! Do you know if there are any Nether farms that can be made better using the lichen water/lava glitch in the snapshot to get water into the Nether? Or more uses other than waterelevator atleast.
Thank you in advance! Love your content!

crow lock

I need a minecraft duo like him if you wanna record a video together reply

Michael Schearer

Imagine dripleaf griefing.. oh god

Austin Moore

End update/technology update next hopefully'\

Becket Harris

I like how calm you are in your videos. Most MC youtubers act like hyperactive kids. Thank you!


i already knew all of these tho


42: you can setblock a big dripleaf in the air, then grow a big dripleaf next to it using bone meal, which leads to the floating and the bone-mealed dripleaf to pop off, but the dripleaf stems stay. The strange thing about this is, if you setblock a big_dripleaf_stem, it dissappears instantly. So the only way to have only dripleaf stems staying around, you have to use this glitch.


2:44 I didn't actually discover this, the other guys on the testing stream should get credit for that :)



The Sunroses

the age tag on glowberry vines actually seems to work like kelp! when placed or generated, it has a random age, it increments when it grows, and once it reaches a certain level it stops growing downwards!

Windows 7 ultimate

update protosky to this snapshot

Tazze Glassbottle

My god, Moss carpets will be so useful to make your land mob-proof without being lit up and still look natural!!!!


This is cool


Thanks for the shout-out! so cool :)


When 1.17 comes out I can finally rebuild Queens Garden from Hollow Knight in Minecraft.

Drew Teter

Easiest bedrock breaking ever... too bad it'll probably be patched

Shervin Tofighi

Things you definitely didn’t know: you can break rooted dirt with your fist


Philip Teasell

hmm I bet mojang will remove some of the block breaking with drip leaves, Seems unintentional. Would make it way to easy to break bedrock.

Kwarlicorn TV

Fun fact: The person who’s first doesn’t always comment?

Saransh Agrawal

The Rooted Dirt is like that one jock in an AP class. (Only true Minecrafters will understand)

Lizard guy 007

I don't even play Minecraft Java but I still like watching your vids

Jon Altemus

RuT bLoCk!


This video's great, like every other one and perfectly well detailed, there is just one problem and that is that for newer viewer, it is hard to keep up with all the info, you could maybe devide the topics in differents sub-subjects and label it, good continuation ?.


When rays says I don’t know, I really got no idea!

Roblox Gamer

I guess 1.17 cave and cliffs will only be on next gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox series x/s

Nicholas Laskaridis

You are amazing! You deserve more subs!

Antonio Duque

The glow berry look delicious no cap

Legendary GAMERs

Dripleaf- I can break bedrock yayyy
Bedrock-oh,so Finally a worthy opponent

Matěj Říha

why the fuck r u makin video about unreleased version u know nothing about? there r just snapshots that mean that absolutely everything can be changed

ryac verstraete

Make a bat farm

Svetlin Totev

How did you forget about tinted glass?? It was literally designed to block light but be "transparent" in every other way (visibly transparent, doesn't suffocate mobs, doesn't get powered by redstone).

Andrew Rossi

I predict that since Azaeal leaf blocks drop the Azaeal Boooshes, that they'll act as the saplings for Azaeal trees. Btw, Azaeal flowers are one of, if not the most, poisonous flowers in the world— in fact, bee honey made out of their pollen is deadly. I think it would be cool if any beehives around them made poisonous honey or just straight-up poison potions (when collected). But yeah, bone mealing the Azaeal boooshes will grow the tree.
I also thought for the moss carpet, it would be cool if it acted like snow layers and could pile up. Maybe bone mealing the carpet added a layer.

Kimberly Ryan

Woah woah woah, drip leaves can remove bedrock?

Jack Chang

Does the light level change with the moss block? Or does it act like a carpet.

Rays Works

Which one was your favorite?
►Come join my Discord: https://discord.gg/tgkhk9z​
More Minecraft Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_7UEUScwcRRC9EoDEVaQYGn

questgamer 2019

This vegetation is WAY thicker than normal plain vegetation


bedrock breaking! you guys are amazing! ?

Yashwant Singh

I wish Ray says "Hey here, Ray there" rarely, same as Minecraft is sometimes written Minceraft.

Just Xavier

Hello Ray, there here

IJsbrand Hooikaas

You missed a feature of the mossblock, you can't make an infinate watersourse on top of them


I didn't know you could do that with F3 + I, it's extremely useful!

Illogical Thinking

Such an amazing community! The only negative comment I could find was written by me, and it's not about you, and I regret that comment!

Watson Harrell

Jesus loves you brochachos

Axl Capone

thank you <3


I have 1 dripleaf and i will use this to break a bedrock


So can you put a carpet over the big drip leaf, and have an observer watch the drip leaf for an immediate red stone signal as soon as you step on the carpet? Or does it not go through the carpet?

my Entertainment

Wow .
Grand work was done testing.


How to get moss block: You bone meal a moss block
Yes but how to get moss bl-
Bone meal moss block

Clewl Tetsui

Does that amethyst glass suffocate mobs? or is that not in Java snapshots rn?

Acheron River

Wow, the moss block is pretty cool! I honestly didnt know that 8 layer snow is safe from melting. :)
Edit: OMG The rarest mob in survival for the game in 1.10 with only cold biome at double zero? Now possible for anyone, everyone!!!

Incredible Tech

I think there will be copper armour or tools in the upcoming snapshots.

The Ultimate Gamer

Nice vid


i liked the part where he hit F3 + I LOL that will save time replacing north/south/east/west/top/bottom stairs in worldedit
jokes aside very cool video

kaspar szpojnarowicz

Ray just wondering do you reckon it might be possible to make a flying machine that breaks bedrock using the drip leaves

Younes Layachi

So Moss block is opaque but not solid huh


Hey Ray, keep it up! Just thought I'd let you know that cave vines with glow berries produce a different amount of light depending on if it's the bottom block or the top/middle!

Aidan Sedelnick

New snapshot is out

Ethan Black

I comment to help statistics

Clewl Tetsui

Petition for stray horse variet from putting skeleton horses in powdered snow lol.


2:26 completely normal inventory ya got there


So much drip oh god


What happens if you get a dog and it eats your neighbour's azaleas?

Keks l

I found out that rain goes through the moss block

Aidan Sedelnick

You can lower the leaves of a small Dripleaf with a debug stick

Vishal Patel

Zombies converted to drowned will drop copper or not?


Sorry for asking but how do you make a server with friends without using things like minehut

Illogical Thinking

I dont like the "Block of...", cause it's annoying to look for, and it creates an inconsistent sub-system. how many times have you looked for something for a long time in a system, where stuff is in alphabetical order, just to realize, it had "the" in front of it? Probably not a lot of times, but those times were super annoying.

Amrit Nalam

Why no ads?


Hi everyone! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you! <3

rodina Skočdopolovi

And what about the new glass made from ametyst? (idk name xd)
Its not solid block and blocking light right?


16:48 poor big drip leaf. All it wants to do is drop entities.

Jad Bghiel

Great video I'm so exited for the new cave generation

Also you should put "Ray's Works"
"RaysWorks" in your hashtag as well as your actual one. Hashtag are used for different spelling of things. This would well your channel and videos popping when you search 1.17 keys words

2) You should explain basically what the video is on the top of the description (top of description is as important as the title) 1 to 6 lines

Those are just tricks to grow your channel i understand that you don't really care about views and you mainly focus on informing ppl about minecraft. I posted this just in case.

Younes Layachi

I forget that slabs and stairs were changed with that dreaded 1.16 lighting engine update...

Mody el happy

Macro? 9:05


I like SS.




Dandelion XII

Can't wait to use the new vegetation for my garden... Wonderful vid ?

Thomas Jones

The bedrock breaking is awesome

Adam Skywalker129

I like these videos ray

Cubed me

the fully tilted dripleaf is perfect for makeshift roofs!


Ray: You did NOT know these things!
Me, knowing some: ???

CaveGamer1 0

please stop pronouncing root rut you say it like " r-oo-t


i bet mojang will find this all very useful information

Cole Storch


Younes Layachi

Bonemealing Moss is borderline the biggest impact a single click can have aside from setting off TNT. I hope more people are aware by now :D

maxxi !

1.17 was so cool that we forgot about Archaeology sites

Younes Layachi

The lighting engine is once again very messed up in these snapshots (see behind the drowned 23:12)

Younes Layachi

Big dripleaf the new mob walking detector :D
And armour stand clock


So you get 24 new moss blocks (on average) from bone-mealing a nearby one, which compost to 24*0.75/7 = 2.23 bone meal. Doesn't that make infinite bone meal from a stone generator?


I really think the mossy cobblestone crafting recipe should be changed.

W. T.C.

Minecraft science teacher

Just Xavier

moss block mining ?

Non zero chance

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Doubles Pickleball Strategy 208: Get Low to Win Big

1 681 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Folks, I’m going to show

Folks, I’m going to show you and easy way to win more points right away by expanding your coverage range. When you are standing straight up, your coverage range looks something like this. Notice I can’t cover any area that’s very low...This continues the series by Joe Baker.

Non zero chance

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IS THIS REAL??? | n0ne Luigi Super Smash Bros. Melee Highlights

16 950 views | 30 Sep. 2020

n0ne goes on a deep dive

n0ne goes on a deep dive in order to find out whether or not the reality that we perceive is indeed real or not. In other words, n0ne tries to find out if he can dispute skepticism.

For my honest answer, I've never seen a strong enough argument to COMPLETELY rule out skepticism, so in my mind there exists a non-zero chance that the reality that we live in isn't actually "real".

That said, I'd say that I have pretty "Realist" intuitions - so if I see a chair in the corner then I THINK chances are pretty good that there really is a chair in the corner.

This is honestly the very tip of the iceberg, and while I'd love to talk more Philosophy I don't think YouTube descriptions are the place to do it. Leave it to Frudgey to talk about Philosophy in the description of a Melee Highlight video!

You can find n0ne here:

n0ne's Twitter: https://twitter.com/n0ned

n0ne's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/n0ne

n0ne's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sheleby121

Thank you to my Patreons!

Lukas Gründer, Nahyon, Martijn van Schaardenburg, SirToastyToes, Jack Oliver, Fern Fox, Shadoninja, Thoothless Barry (The Whistler) Bostowitz, Dustin Kaiser

Music used is DND (Do Not Destroy) from No More Heroes:


My Twitter: https://twitter.com/frudgey

Clips were taken from n0ne's stream.

#n0ne #Luigi #REALLUIGI


Frudgey on that grind tho


Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya!

Alex Kane

Idk nones Shtick gets kinda old kinda fast

Conor Smith

Screw whatever they're talking about in the debates tomorrow. My #1 goal is to legalize bigamy. N0ne is clearly the next stage in human evolution and therefore he needs to have as many kids as possible. He'll be the Genghis Kahn of our generation


Catlos the anti homie stock guy

my boy

People stay rage quitting against luigi, makes me sad. Those fast fallers just can't handle the heat I guess

another wizard

When the stream cuts just so he can look sly at the camera is my favorite part ??

Andrew Crawford

None has a Luigi???????? I didn’t expect that

Ji-Sung Ko

can i call you the frudge? thx for the video

Matthias Giuliani

I love n0ne's laugh when he pulls off a sick combo


Matty H

Lol always wanted to do that.. feels great


the fireball to upb offstage was nasty


lmao the upair fireball fair was so sick

Ethan F

LMAO Ed Mexico

Snuffle bunns

I fight afronator all the time too


Why does he use other people's tags?


me stuck in a time loop of watchin Abate luigi highlight, and this gold pops up... Thanks algorithm

Ricci Demon

Great Luigi, but...I wanna ser too a "Peach highlights" from n0ne! For when??


These are really keeping my spirits up man, very much appreciative.

One love my friend

Paul Cochran Jr

This makes me want ringtone of n0ne saying “Niiice!” whenever I get a text

Morph Ball

Didn't know n0ne became a sellout.

The Lacedog

Loving a the luigi compilations, and as a cherry on top I found Eddy Mexico on netplay yesterday and got 4 stocked. Proudest loss in my life :D

Jack Kinsman

n0ne's Luigi is nasty. His set vs. Mang0 over the weekend was the definition of hype.


1:22 where did the turnip go??


The best who even bothered


Luigi, love to see him, hate to play against

Nathan Houser

Jesus, those vududashes are insane


Luigi is probably the most fun character to watch

Gom Jabbar

It's all starting to come together. I don't play falcon, so I thought that maybe n0ne was just pushing the optimal for falcon. I play luigi. That stuff was all nonsense.


Luigi: Top 3 sauciest characters imo. N0ne: Top 3 sauciest melee players imo. Conclusion: This video might as well be a sweet baby ray's factory

Definitely No_one

Man Ed Mexico is a nice guy and a good player. He gave 2 homie stocks even though he knew he wouldn't get anything back and still won.

Xavi Pi

I think you have the best melee luigi content in the internet really


That camera bit is funny asf


feel like the title is a mario 64 reference


yo what a great title!!! love these videos!!!


"Where's frudgey at? he needs this luigi footage" Hmmmmm


my favorite luigi player, Edward UnitedMexicanStates

Tzar Walker

What if you wanted to go to heaven...

But God said...

VS. Mariooooo!


L is real

Connor Knipes

I will always say that Luigi is most unrated charter. around Ganon range. I think Luigi is above Doc on the tier list for sure.

Victor Serrano

I'm scrub falcon and I rage at luigi mu, but after seeing my brother n0ne use him I feel lifted like a weight off my chest has been taken off
Thank you based n0ne


1:49 leaving my comment early because I won’t decide otherwise. I’m blown away

Coach Wall-E

Always love some more Luigi gameplay, not to mention n0ne playing as him lol. Thanks as always Frudgey, keep it up.


Hey Frudgey did you see Bond's appearance last week? Thursday or Friday I think. It was excellent

goku kus

Luigi is better than Eddy Mexico

Daniel San

Man, they should've kept the "YIPPEEEE!" in all iterations of smash , it's so funny.

Hugo Blikman

Your sleepy dog at the end was v cute


Seems like a missed opportunity for “Eddie Guatemala”

Base Bass Forte

nOne's Luigi is sick.


Great vid bruh :)


4:55 and then he got melee'd

Ashton Brady

If your not already working on a bizzaro flame fps2 video then you should definitely be. Most electrifying man in melee. Forrests run during that tournament also deserves a video.

Great content as always though