Pst pool supplies

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Surprise your Kids with Fun Activities while Home Learning - Pool Party Baking Kit

181 views | 29 Jul. 2020

We help parents keep their

We help parents keep their kids busy learning the fun way. Our baking kits and virtual baking classes bring giggles and smiles while learning at home.

With our country on shutdown, we are here for parents looking for added learning this school year. Let's bring fun math, science, literacy, life skills and building confidence for our kids!

Learn more https://KidsBakingClub.com

Pst pool supplies

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What You Need For Your Tax Returns as an Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage Seller

2 462 views | 10 Jan. 2021

Today I am walking you

Today I am walking you through what you will need for your tax returns as an Amazon seller. Amazon gives you a 1099K tax document and you can also pull a report at the end of the year with all the Amazon fees and commissions.

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01:14 Inventory Valuation Report

02:48 Amazon 1099K for Professional Sellers

04:22 Amazon Transaction Summary Report

06:05 Receipts

07:08 Expenses

07:57 Milage Tracking

Helpful Links & Discounts:

All the supplies I use to sell are here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/nikkirk7?listId=2IRI7YW3TFBTQ

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikkirk7

Jaclyn Bastarache

Do you do anything monthly for anticipating taxes? Like keep a percent of your months profits aside?

Keely Williams

Did you open up business account for buying things when you first started doing Amazon FBA? I like the idea with a credit card to buy expenses to keep it simple

Bonnie M

Do you pay sales tax on purchases?

April Marie

QuickBooks app tracks mileage

The Artist

I always value your content and thank you to all who share what works for them. That is so helpful. I'm waiting on a baby steps ??? video, something broken down in different stages. I wish I could take a day and just shadow you. I wouldn't be a bother, just take notes and ask questions at the end... that would be awesome ???!!! This is perfect for me as I love to shop & make money ??☔.


How do you like Quick book? Please share. Thansk!

Mom Thrifter

Your videos are very helpful. I had a question. What do you do with returns since you’re traveling? Do you resell or just have them discarded?


I use Godaddy Bookkeeping. I enter my supply spent , miles driven to source. It also tracks all Amazon, EBay sales, fees.. etc... $120 for the year

Ashley Farmer

What if you didn’t receive a 1099-K & it’s not in your tax document library? I did under 20K in sales but I did over 200 transactions.

Dave Starr

And business mileage deduction for tax year 2020 is going to be 57.5 cents a mile. This adds up really, really fast ... too good a deduction to ignore. I'm glad to hear QB has this included in their ap, I'll be starting my business on QB for sure.

Lori Beeler

Thank you for this video! Needed this info to get started.

Ken E.

I downloaded the history from December, but there are no $$ values. Did I miss something?


Thank you so much!! I love this vedio.


Hello Nikki, I use Godaddy bookkeeper. I think it takes care of all my fees between EBay n Amazon . I’m correct ? Thanks again

Jerose Tan

Hi!! Can you do a video how to sell on amazon.com if you are from
canada? Can I sell in amazon.com even if I don’t have a US address? Thanks! Loving your videos- been bingewatching it. Went to walmart yesterday to scan products.. i found this baby yoda, for 24 cad something i think.. but I’m gated..

Muhammad Shafiq

You guid it well... Thanks

Dave Starr

Very useful tips, Niki and Milly. A big reason to photograph and store receipts aside from taxes is thermal fading. Putting all your receipts in a shoebox until tax time is fine, but not when you go to access them and find that some have faded out or turned black because they got too warm.

Steven Millsap

You mentioned turbo tax, which I have used before, the question I have (unless I missed the video) is can you make a video about the small business supplies, equipment, software that you use that isnt necessarily for fba, like quickbooks, or turbo tax, or columnar pads, or whatever? This may be a not great question, but just thought of it

Dale Hansen

Thanks so much Nikki! I love your videos! I have just completed my first year selling on Amazon. Wow! What a ride!! A question. Can you scan lengthy receipts on Receipt Bank? Like, I arbitrage at Ollie's a lot and spend hundreds of dollars at a time. This creates a very long receipt tape. What do you do when you have a register tape that is longer than your arm? LOL Thanks in advance!

Allison Ayala Eaves

Thanks Nicki

Milly Rivera-Fisher

For mileage I use my QB app on my phone. Under the shortcuts you'll find the mileage button - you can set it up to "auto-tracking" so it records all your trips and then you can categorize them between business or personal trips. It also gives you an estimate of the potential deductions per trip - extremely helpful. QB also has a "snap receipt" option on the home screen. Hope this helps!

Hassan Bakhtiar


egitim seruvenim

Can you please add subtitles. I can't follow you Thenks Nikki

Ebay Addicts

Nice work ??✨


Mile IQ is great! It turns on by itself when you drive. What is your system for keeping photos of Amazon items with the receipt for IP claims?

Dennis Massie

??Florida ☀️???

Nikki Kirk

Start getting ungated or join the bolo group today! Nikkirk7.com/Amazon

Becky Guillen

So you don’t pull anything from seller board or inventory lab to do your taxes?

Yassin Sahara

I have very good products but I don't know how to sell them

Pst pool supplies

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$5 Weird Toys R Us Toys!!!

8 127 420 views | 7 Jul. 2017




5 weird toys r us toys omg

BEST OF MARMAR ➡ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo0upBjMsyYTkyKcjNHEQrHgYD5Hdp9gl


Subscribe HERE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToMarlin

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Hi, I'm Marlin I make DIY, Gaming, And Vlog Videos. I post a video every single day at 12pm PST. Occasionally I do some pretty crazy stuff with my cousin Guava Juice A.K.A Guava Roi. I love to cook and make things I just never posted it on the interwebz untill now! Random Facts: I am Cambodian american and a Stage trained actor.


14:7 who is that


R.I.P Toys R Us

Raquel Escobedo

I miss toys rus. ???????????

John Patrick

Are you Filipino

Sofia Sammy


Sainte Touré

Mine broke ☹️

Akillios _yt


Joone Julian

Balloon one is so cute

Jasmine Jasmine

Do it at 3 am

Hendrij Kemal

Is it just me or there is another rocket?????????????????

Matthew Billings

The Galaxy rocket is at time stamp

Kamehameha Fan

i love the part you were makeing the

Kedrick Miller

Do a zombie apocalypse video


Disgusting MarMar 6:52

Wuityei Myint 1

you are copying roi's video(guava juice)

McDonald’s Manager

Rip toys are us

John Bijani

Hi ??????



Josiah Dones

I have a friend at school – – name Marlene


Did you No just have a go pack up go to him

Henry Lam-Tran

The rocket one looks like a missle

Emilio Olguin

why does the ending music for this sound like the gravity falls music a little bit



Gen hannah mae Frane

I really like all your toys?

purple chicken

I'm Cambodian to

Dios es bueno Proverbios 22:6

Evil haker gril was be hide the mrear I do not konw how to spllt mrear

Pollywood Alan

Can some of the items glow

Noemie Hernandez

13:30 why is the giant rocket inflatable there

Jaskaranjit Bangar


Charlie in a Bean

12:24 lol ? chicken finger

masonweems Weems


Cr Oc

RIP toys R us

Akiya Castellano

he said some people like playing whith there selfs

Axille YT

You ar mai feiret jutubet

Kylie Duty

I've had finger lights before

Louis Awesome

Who’s watching when toys r Russ is shut down

Euriel Alejan

Who’s watching while quarantine?make this blue
??I love Roi and marlin❤️

Rosie Costello


Rhonda Ueke

Buy a sword

Project 0M364

And remember project 0M364 is always there watching and hearing

Phuntsho Choden


Angelina and Trebor

Marlin:so this is a wall crawler so you throw its at a wall
Marlin:throws it at himself

Doreen Cirpaci

N-ai suprafețe

Cory T


FLOWERS ARE COOL but they become any color

I been hard working that means i have 3.49B Dallors


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LaReina Gonzales

I love you so much you’re my favorite channel you’re the best ever

Tricks No Treats

18:44 he's secretly telling you to .subscribe to PewDiePie.

alvin encabo


Destyni Smith

In 2019

swarmz- g

Im in 2019!

Jesus Leon

my hol room is spiderman

Strawberry Milk

Didn’t Roi get the finger lights on the abused toys from McDonalds? Like if you remember!

Destyni Smith

Whose watching in 2029

Charmaine Laing

marlin why did you change your youtube name to marmar i just like the nsme marlin

Patricia Cardoso



First item flutter fly?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☕️??????☕️☕️??????????????????????????????????❤️??????????????☕️☕️☕️☕️??????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️????????????????????????????????????????????????‍???‍?????‍♀️??‍⚕️??‍???‍???‍???‍???‍???‍???‍???‍???‍✈️??‍✈️??‍✈️????‍⚖️??‍♀️???‍♂️?‍♀️???????????????????????????? second spider man wallcrawleryvspider

Draven Jart

7:23 who was that

Ma. Luisa Lakian

Imagine like that filled with helium

Tyler Lamano

You had to bend the wings to the slinger

Red Knife ._.

Toyserus is not here anymore where did u go?

Delightsome Lands

You should really prank someone
Whith that hahaha that would be funny

porky perks

i saw girl behind you

Black _ VoidYT


Susana Zoughbi

The first item is kind of cool


You one in Project Zorro I see a subcription

Fortnite Best


Shipa Aktar

I love your Brother ??????

Kasper Oun

~Watches And Notices Something~ 10:40 Wait... WHAT!!! (Reason why said tis:~Goes To Cambodia In July~

A noob

someone was watching..

Eddie Mortega

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Memes And things

2019 Anyone

aiden vlogs

The 2 item I have it to


1like=1 pray for toys r us

bla l

Hey marlin I kinda like the fluffer flyer thingy toy it's cool

Brittany Flowers

Mar mar. Gage

Lipi Begum

Marmar you always cheare me up when i am sad or angree I love watching your vids

Jeremiah Bolden


Alvaro ZN.

Silly string gun, Krazy String string brand, he is an r/madlad

aiden vlogs

Why do you have googly eyes on your door


The 9th one was a torture device!

Mrr Blazon

I am American Cambodia

Stephen Brandon


Luis Figueroa


Kristin Phelps

I love you Marlene

Emilio Olguin

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this is hexadecimal. translate it so you can see what it says

Jovita Rodrigues

Who is watching 2019

The Silly trek

Unstoppable eh how bout u throw it of a two story house will it still be unstoppable

Shadow KitYT

R.i.p toys r us

Noob 99

Not gonna be rude but your YouTube name reminds of wallmart

Emily The Llama Queen

Hi mar mar I love you

Ebony Young

The rocket was outside. What The???

Saleh Howaydi

Marlin You’re supposed to float the Spiderman unless a glass window

Vignesh Vicky



Rip toys r us

Kim Dae Kun

When marlin is finding his flying toy I saw a another rocket. If you saw it to like my comment

Pilar Rubio

Hi hi

The Last Guest Pro _Guinea pigs

after 2000 years later jk XD

victhor playz

18:26 what toy is this? Pls comment

dawson dolan

if your are watching this in 2020 R.I.P Toys R US