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Community: Market Price

272 970 views | 27 Mar. 2011

Troy and Abed at dinner

Troy and Abed at dinner

Jan Paige

Thanks for your insight. Different cultures find humour in different things - that's to be expected. But men in dresses always had us stumped. Just could never figure that one out. Next question: So why do you think the recent winner of BGT is a dog that can balance on his hind legs? I watched one clip and it did nothing for me. And I do try to approach things with an open mind. At this point, I feel it is only fair to tell you I read the Daily Mail online. Please don't judge me harshly.

Sarah Willis

that 1 person that disliked..... lives in their mother's basement.

Dave F

was* the best show on tv.


1 Harmon is back and 2 they got rid of Chase. 3 ??? 4 Profit?


The restaurant owner is the one whodisliked this video.

Ben Bugalter



but Dan Harmon is coming back


i just want 15 seasons of these two goofin off for 30 minutes. is that too much to ask?

James Robinson



By far one of the funniest moments of the show. WHAT MARKET ARE YOU SHOPPING AT?!?!?!

Fortnite United

celebrity juice.


Wait are you asking if you watched this? Because only you know that answer. Otherwise ? doesn't go there. Sorry grammar on the Internet is just terrible.

Antonio Antunes

vai se fude aparece c o pinho faz pelo menos 2 acordes q vendida

Shannon McCall

Their reactions are so perfectly in character. Abed is calm and quiet, while Troy immediately freaks out and starts crying and yelling.


*folds napkin* I'm going to run

Dave F

nah... was. season 4 was shit and i have little hope for season 5.


let me see, that's not good


Troy & Abed dine and dashing!


nothing like a dine n dash


I wholeheartedly agree. XD XD XD

Shannon McCall

U mad bro? Guess I'll just comment "LOL SO FUNNY" for every video. No attempt at insight because I'm far too dumb.


troys facial expressions remind me of ross from friends :)

Dave F

meh, troy's gone, pierce is gone. 2 good characters there. i thought pierce was the only one that actually stuck to his character in season 4. a shame, horrible cover up when he left too. i just want them to let it die while it still has some dignity left

Chris Delude

OMG Nicholas Cage XD man i hate myself....


When I was a kid I thought Market Price just meant the average price at the Super Market, so I know how Troy felt when he got the check!

Kinky Suuu

abed's ''ok'' is so damn smooth

Mr. Orr

Freaking hilarious ? ? ? Troy and Abed were the best!

Daylon Ball

haha his face when levar burton came to see him


I have six...and a movie...


I've always wondered, what happens if you can't pay the bill?

Dylan Hernandez

Season 2 Episode 19 Critical Film Studies


Most impressive part is that the running is improvised

Nirav Doshi

atlanta season 1, episode 3


Troy crying never gets old lol

Jan Paige

I'm sorry, but I had to give you a thumbs down - It is THE best show on TV!

Ben Chang

This is the most underrated show on tv

Robbie Katz

The way Abed says "run" is amazing


But...you know nothing Jon Snow!


Most British people don't. On the internet, you'll hear so many British people tell Americans that British comedy is superior, and Americans have a crappy sense of humor. It's all bullshit. While I think that British Stand Up is far better than American Stand Up, most British comedy shows, with exception of a few (Inbetweeners, Peep Show) and Panel shows (QI, Mock the Week) are not good. They are targeted at middle aged men and women who find anything funny.

zack fair

Happen to me in a korean resto. All bulgogi ranges from $20-30, I got the squid one for market price. I paid 50 for a small serving :(


which episode? anyone?

D Leyton

Donald Glover <3

Tim Renolds

youre an idiot

Dave F

will that change it tho? or is the damage too much. with troy gone it just make it worse off too.

Sorgina Pirulina

15 tabs open. all of them community videos. CRISIS ALERT


Fingers crossed that donald glover makes a return somehow when season 6 premiers next year


if I ever get in that situation with friends I wanna say it epically how abed did it


Second season episode "Critical Film Studies"


@cjh5044 If you took out the 'one', your statement would be correct!


Best :D This episode is so cool :D


troy crying after abed says "that's not good" is the best thing ever


That can be answered with the same thing. BGT is targeted towards middle aged people who find anything entertaining. And don't worry, when people found out that the dog won, people would not stop making fun of how retarded the show is. Plus, it's been pretty much fact that BGT is basically fixed for years now. It was probably a publicity stunt.

Umut Can

0 dislikes proves how great is this scene


Lol his eyes.


He's back. /watch?v=CZGVBZvZL48


one. two. three.


Correction: This IS the best show on T.V.


This is so hilarious. "I'm going to run". I love Abed and Troy!


LMAO I love this scene

Jorge Nitales

You run

Josh Barry

"Shopping at Gelson's, soymilk, shellfish"

Noah Miller

lol in the very next episode of Community they were at the same restaurant and Troy said it seems like just yesterday we dined and ditched here.

Eric J. Miller

Oh my gosh same here LOL

Matt Smith

I never thought Season 4 was that bad at all. If anything I felt Season 4 tried too hard to copy Dan Harmon's style instead of doing something different and interesting.

Igor Machado

I love the polite way Abed says "I'm going to run!", haha


don't you dare get my hopes up

James Robinson



I'm doing Accounting homework and I have to find the Market price of something and I can't stop laughing every time I say it because I think of this!


I went to a really fancy restaurant with family and thought the exact same thing (In regards to the, "What market are you shopping from!")

Jassy Simone

LMFAO "Im Going To Run..." "Me Too" XD

Kieron el

he really is back, his currently watching season 4 to discover what the hell happened in his absence... poor guy

Shannon McCall

Can't we all just get along, bro? We're all Community fans here.

Dylan Hernandez

Dine and Dash. Because the only thing better than eating lobster is eating lobster and HAULING ASS!


um, what?


Troy will be there for 5 episodes, and there are 13...Duncan comes back, Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks, Joel said on Twitter that the new episodes are great, and so on...Dan Harmon makes everything legendary. It can't be bad.


This show is one of the best on TV.


I almost died laughing LOL!


@TheSuperMellowman3 'one' and 'of' then. :)


@prokentsful "This show is of the best on TV" ? It doesn't make sense.

Shannon McCall

Or I probably just watch A LOT of Community and have gotten entirely too invested in fictional characters...?


I love Abed's reaction "Oh, tha'ts not good." He's really the only sane one.

Ophelias E

How the hell did the crew not absolutely lose it? Such great stuff. Damn I miss Troy and Abed ( ?in the mooorn-ing?).


nope, it was just bad.


Not really. It's the best comedy show on TV, but not the best. That award goes to Breaking Bad in my opinion.

Rahul Roy

this week's Atlanta brought me here ?


Atlanta S1E03



Tiffi Guevara

Still the my fave quote from the show! Such feels! Hahaha

Jan Paige

Alex, you may be right. Just saw the first season of BB last week, and I'm hooked. Cannot wait to start Season 2!

01000110 01110010 01100001 01101110 01101011

Totally wanna do that once.


6 seasons and a movie!


Troy and Abed dine and DAAASHing!

Jan Paige

And you, my friend, are a true free-thinker. I am thrilled that you, a citizen of the U.K., did NOT pick Fawlty Towers, or even Are You Being Served, out of sheer sentimentality. Yes, I do realize that they are no longer in first-run status, but still. And while I have your attention, may I enquire as to why the British find men wearing ladies dresses to be just about the funniest thing on earth? Please don't rush your answer; Take a while, and really give it some thought. Cheers!


Poor community......you were so good. SO GOOD. COME BACK DAN HARMON!!!


You sir, have great taste in TV shows. :D


Fun fact: All of Troy's lines in this tag were improvised by Donald Glover




The way Abed says "I'm going to run" is so perfect ;D


Correction: THE BEST ON TV

Market price

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Black Market Price Is Right (GAME)

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How much does a human arm

How much does a human arm cost on the black market? GMM #787!

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GLK Department

All thanks to @Darkfire43 on telegram he help with bitcoin flips and fresh cc and it work I don't no what I will do without you ..you are the real deal?

Ruler World

These are like the math problems that youre given by the teacher that doesnt come back next year

Anthony Kim

OH NO! I already donated my body to science!

Olivia Mitchell

Anyone here in 2020??


my mom told this story about these people she worked for that had a human skin lamp

Boutaina Soufraoui

U sure this is not a wig?

Potato Tomato

Scalp Scalpers!

Sarah ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

⬇⬇⬇⬇ 2020 gang

Leah Moore

"I said girlfriend-shaped body pillow. Heh heh."


I’ll take a finger just one why not

Yvonne Vannatta

The mountain the rooster stood on in the intro looks like the mountain next to salty springs in fortnite. :)

x Constantine The Great.

I would honestly smash that girl behind Rhett..


Eat you cereal

Elliot Wright

It would be a hitman not an assassin

Leviathan -

“Do you visit the cloud district very often?”

Graeme Davidson

Who’s rewatching in 2020??

Pedro Jory

Whatching this video in 2019 and, wtf is this Link's hair? Lol

Elizabeth B

What’s with the GTA font

Sydney Smith

Why on earth was I able to correctly answer every single one of these.


Links hair ?

A Chicken Tendon

A komodo dragon shouldn't be there, you can get one as a pet, so unless getting a pet counts as that, komodo dragons shouldn't be there...

Manjusha Pawar

Rhett said millimeter.

Shikhar Srivastava

Whatever happened to Vessel?

Magic Hurricane

Shady man in a trench coat in the dark alleyway: “Psssst Hey Kid.”

Me: “What?”

Alleyway guy: “Wanna buy a scalp for a low price. I can hit u up, maybe throw in some skin for free...what you say?”

Me: “K”

Walter Goodman

Legitcardking on telegram is the absolute best man. Man always delivers without fail no matter the obstacles. Thank you very much blood. Really admire your works

the random one

I played along and got all of them right! I didnt even look at the price choices and i muted it when rhett was gonna say the price! Good guesses, right?

Faith D

why did I get all of them right ?

kitty ruler

me wrapping eyeballs in candy wrappers after I went on a shopping spree on "amazon"


A human arm cost 82,000 so how is a human only 25k


Is it weird that I already knew it cost 25k to put a hit on someone..?..?...

Christine Gashe

How do i order a asassin

Jun July Channel

Next up : guessing prices at fish market

Falcon Entertainment

“ That’s a big one” “hmmm” made me laugh

Katia Thigpen

the fact that im barely getting reccomended this is unfortunate could have been usefull


me wondering how they got the prices

ZeraoraBoi 1000

I'm buying a cow

Kandy Craven

Is it bad that I legit got all of those correct


Safe to say link would never survive a purge

Pro Gaming X7

Lovely introduction

Among us :3

2019 anyone?

Steven Nelissen

Don't judge me,



Why is a scalp nearly twice as much as an arm?


this is so weird rhetts beard is all skinny and links hair is all flat and not greying

Donovan Santine

Link sans

Nicholas Bell

$600 for the scalp, $7 for the haircut

B-rad Mass

I like how rhett hasnt changed at all over the ages but link did a full over the hill change ? he looks like an angsty college kid in this but in current episodes he shows a hip 40.

Kiera Rodriguez

Wow 0.2 teaspoons of sea men

oslo wieck

They need to respect Stevie more

Lucky Ducky


Matthew Walden

How'd you get Good Luck Charlie on GMM? Thats real.

Shumatsu Plaran

I get the moral thing on the assassin man, but that's half what I make in a year at the low price. They can't only cater to the superrich or they barely get business.


did my friend really send me this saying “finally a video you’d enjoy!”

S Blank


Kelley Abitbol


Sir Comet

the fbi's on them now for searching these prices


Welcome To The Game


4:51 Link is too pure for humanity. That's a man I can respect.

BEST psy music BEST

Im onley got 200 for my kidney?
Cheep basterd!!

Onley a bad joke

Duncan Crow515


Jeremy Brewington

There are no real assassins on the dark web, only scams.

E's for Ethan

Hulk dabs in Endgame.



money moves

so much nonsense filler in this show. JUST GET TO THE POINT

Chloe Gravitt

i got four right?

Come feast With me

How does Rhett know these prices??


" Are they living scalps? "

- Link Neal 2015

Myrcella Rykker

God, this is creeping me out


Actually, I work at the dark web and it's not that bad.. we get a tremendous tax break

bendy sans

Dark web
Spider web


I love the music in this episode!

Hey It's Ron Here

I can assure you these prices are not accurate.

Kyoka’s Left Ear

The mythical crew’s search histories must be... well... cleared.

Knight Gaming

Iv been on the dark net and a hitman is $10.000

Adam Swiggity Swooty

Yo she cute a/f tho

Lexey Allen

I got everyone except 1 right ??

Plague doc

I got everyone right

Isaak Jacoby

but just think about how he would get that gallon

Cameron Kendall

I got 7 for 7

Kelsey Deright

that one guys would make 3785410 with a gallon

Dragon Paradise

It nice to know that my arm costs a little more than my Nintendo switch


Was this Stevie's first time in front of the camera on the show?


What am I doing raising kids and feeding my family for 45k a year when I could be living the dream with 1 and a half komodo dragon?

Memeo Supremo

I wrote a paper about the sale of human organs once, therefore this is easy

Christian Cuneo

How much to buy Stevi?


Brb "milking" some bulls

Christopher -

The FBI wants to know your location

lucky savatore ll

When you and your boys get a cooked steak instead of a medium rare steak at olive garden

OG Fight night

I get my body parts for free

Asa Simmers

my neighbor had a chicken named bonqueque

Sylas viper

funnily enough. some intermediate deepweb hitmen will offer their duties for as low as 3100-3900 for a low profile target. such as say a 30 year old IT teacher.

2 2

Wow, this episode sure feeds the human trafficking market! Welcome to California guys. ?

Elijah Hodges

Use honey and u can get a discount

Jarno Van de put

That Girls laugh is gorgeous


Stevie is so cute


where can i acces the dark market

Matthew Hendricks

Does anyone else wonder how they got the prices

Ryne Troast

everything on here is perfectly normal!!

ellery johnson

I think I’ve heard Stevie laugh more than Rhett

Mark Gardner

The best part of this video was Stevie.

Watermelon392 _

its weird seeing link 4 years later bc if his hair ?

Market price

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#BuddhiAcademy #UPSC Factor cost| Basic Price | Market Price| GDP @ Factor cost & Market Price |

12 801 views | 23 Oct. 2019

Indian Polity by M

Indian Polity by M Laxmikant: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLenq5URRa7y2Hnf9YkmH8M1B7iyB-NEYH

Indian Economy: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLenq5URRa7y38Yf8DpT8I03R6eX3DrEPe

Current Affairs 2019: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLenq5URRa7y2WueYUtbunmGq9whT3ETdb

Environment : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLenq5URRa7y2PiRVg487-BYc79MR7O_1M

Science & Technology: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLenq5URRa7y02D5G_TrAWlWQGZBOYGCIe

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/buddhi_academy/

Lonely Life

Sir ? transfer payments

UTR Bangla

Thank you very much sir...

Seedha Ladka

Very very nice explanation sir

Subham Saha

Nycly explained sir... Thank you

Yogesh Mohan

Lucid explanation. One can never mess up the basics after watching this ?

Mir Daniyal

Thank you sir

Vijay Mohite

The answer of the question asked in the end is GDP at F.C.

sandeep singh

बहुत अच्छा समझाया है

Sanjay Kumar Sunny

Sir, can you please explain what is money value and market value

Vicky Tiwari

Maza aa gya sir

ritesh giri

Sir, i have spent years trying to understand this mess. You proved it not to b a mess but a beauty. Thank you!!!

Suraj Singhaniya

Bhaooo kyo khatee hai kvi kvi padhate padhate ...

adi singh

Dil jeet liya sir ji

Shashank Sharma

sir is it true that from 2015 onwards GDP at market price is considered as the GDP, if yes, then why GDP of our country is still falling...?


Crystal clear concept...
Thanks sir ???

Rupesh koli

Thank you sir...very helpful

KUNAL rajput

Supap lecture. I love it bro

Vads Rajput

Highly useful

Nitin Sen

Thanks sir ♥

Harshit Gandhi

So effortless.. thank you sir

Ataul Mustafa

If survey says economy has grown it means GDP at MP has grown..

S Taher

Very excellent


Super se upar...

Avijit Makar

Thanks sir

adi singh

Superb sir ji?

qwerty keypad

Dil jeet liya. I had spent hours on it. And now got it in 9 minutes. ☺????

Mohammad Asim

Mind blowing sir...?

Abhishek Dutta

Thank you sir for explaining this kichidi with such ease. Now it's imprinted in my memory.

Cheeku singh

very good


Thank you....it was helpful :)

Prakash Doshi

Msstket price should also include profit less sale expenses. Is it so . Thanks

Social Science Classes

Smajh m aa gya Sir

Bipin Kumar Shaw


Sakshi Pandey

Fabulous explanation sir

Subhra Bhattacharjee

loved your explanation sir..very well organized and it really helped me a lot and I loved the example sir

Ketan kumar Singh

Thanks for bringing home this drab topic with your lucid explanation. You have my respect, bud! ❤️

Vindhya Singh

Clearly understood

Kagiso Makutle

No offense but some of us aren't Indian but we'd like to understand the concept

Eklavya Educators

Excellent sir
I am also a Teacher. Your way to teach is very nice. I inspired by your method.
Thank you so much

Hilal Bhat

Nicely explained

Vivek Kumar Singh

thanks sir for teaching us

GamerWolff Vlogs

Very well explained sir...


Why we (India) calculate its national income at factor cost

Parth Parmar

economy ko example ke zarie hi samjaya jata hai, aur samaj me bhi jaldi aata hai & you doing well. Thank you sir

Nilkantha Munda

Wonderfully explained. Most of the youtube videos do not explain the concept of Basic Price, they tend to go directly to the Market Price. Beautifully explained. Thank you.

Aamir Shafi

Thank you Mentor❣️
Almighty Allah bless you


Got it perfectly...thank you sir..


Thank you

khushi's singing

Tqsm sir?

Sunil Mehra


Keshav Gehlot

Thanks bahi

Raj singh

You r great sir

UTR Bangla

Awesome lectures sir...

Nitin Purohit

Sir the 10% is
gdp deflector

lalit parmar

Sir ap to only IAS pe bhi padhate ho na.. Your voice is matching ?BTW you have great teaching skill I watched all your videos on only IAS.. Tnx for teaching us in very easy language..

vaishakh sonawane


shaikh Ruks

Thank you sir. I have been searching good teacher for indian economy n found you.

Aaqib Ihraz

It cleared my doubt Brother....May God Bless You.. :)

MR. stranger

Thnk u

Gaurav Gupta

great sir ...nicely explained?


Very motivational.?