Private placement

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Private Placement explained by Advocate Sanyog Vyas

79 411 views | 16 Sep. 2016

Private Placement

Private Placement explained by Advocate Sanyog Vyas


Thanks sir its really helpful

Commerce Community

Thank you sir

Musrrat Jahan

Sir thankyou so much ?

morkel wasim

If i m president then i will give u bharat ratan for your explanation

Supriya shishodia

individual is also included in the definition of person?

Kantaraj Tavane

if it is a Private Company and unregistered or partnership company, can Court apply Sec 42?

Salil Nimbalkar

Thank you sir it helped me very much

Aarzoo Singh

U r amazing Sir..
Explained it very well ,☺️

Pavan Agrawal

being a commerce teacher i get to know a lot more from your videos than from books .Everything very well explained.

Monkey panda

is buyback of shares and private placement of shares same???

Ajay Goyal

thanx sir

Samarth Hegde

Thank you sir

sumit saudha

Nice sir


Sir qip pe vdo banaye..


Sir unlisted public companies kya hoti hai???
Please help

Abhipsa Behera

Thanks ??sir

Ruhi Khan

Thank you sir awesome explen

Shikha Patial

Nice video thanku sir...

Jaya Thakur 3024 H

Very nice



simhadri sravana raju

Please upload all the company law videos....really ur amazing in teaching

Rashika Kala

What about price of shares in private placement??

Shobhit Bansal

Sir is there any marathon of law for CA INTER

Vijay Masaye

Helpfully vedio sir

Spices of Economics - Sai Sir.

Super sirji truly u r great...
God bless you.

Gaurav Saini

sir thankyou so much.

abd Ullah

Sir do video on credit default swaps and colletralised debt obligations

Hasan Rahmani

You r amazing ,,,,well explained sir

Prasad Bhandari

U teach exceptionally good sir!

Paresh Patil

kindly upload all company law section videos and CPC videos

Daleep Thakra


Ajay Goyal

Sir one question...it means offer to subscribe securities through private placement is SPECIFIC OFFER from view point of INDIAN CONTRACT ACT 1872

Mr. Vikash Nagar

very nice video sir...

Rajeev Ranjan

Sir can upload more videos on co. Act 2013 for Ipcc


Sir please give lecture on buy back of shares

Sasidharan Padmanabhan

Unmatched explanation to understand the subject

Hardeep Kaur

This is the topic I was unable to find in any book with satisfactory contents ,thank you sir

Bad Man

Awesome sir

Maya Sonawane

Best teacher ?

Priya Cinthya

Thank you sharing the Video. Commendable and absolute control in the way of the subject (LAW) and the subjects ( Students)

as creator

agar Copmany capital raising karne ke liye equity + debenture dono issued kar rahi h to F.Y. me limite kitna hoga 200 ya (400)

Kishor Bhelsekar


deep goswami

???????Ram Ram?????????

Mr. Vikash Nagar

sir, please make a video on difference between private placement and preferential allotment specially...


i'm satisfy of this video lecture amazing explanation

Lakshay Jain

A big thanks to you!

Prashant Jha

what is the difference between private placement and right issue ..??

ayush gupta

Sir but if co. Issue convertible debentures and after 6 months allot them shares what rules are applicable on that co. and also about SR

Mr. Vikash Nagar

please sir...

Jony Allawadi

Great way

shraddha gawande

It should be amount raised through private placement or Two crore WHICHEVER IS LOWER.... AND NOT HIGHER

Sisir Barik

Please make more videos so that we can get help


PPP program, such important delicate things could have been done in English

kitturano chooker

Very good ?

sujit kumar

U r amazing sir ♥️♥️?? thank you so much sir ??

sumit saudha

Sir u r doing social work

Veronica Furtado

really great explanations

Isha Jain

Sir you are awesome

Raj Kumar

very good explanation Sanyog Ji

krishna reddy bijjam

Please explain green shoe option.

Pub Pub ji !!

Awesome sir...?

yashpal rawal

thanks sir


Is topic pe hindi me video , data nahi he sir keep it up.......????

Priyadarshini Pradhan

how to attempt case studiis plz sir give some easy solutions.... questions of Dec 2018 had come very difficult so give it how can solve thise questions easily nd rightly nd gain the marks????

The Accounting Class

Thank you Sir

Pavan Agrawal

but sometimes the boardwork is not clearly visible


You are just amazing sir ?

Sheetal Yadav

Sir ur explaination is mind blowing.

Alisha Ali

U r best sir..the way explain it realy vry helpful

Dondy Christianto

Tumbar Miri Jahe,


very nice sir.... ?

Vicky Malhotra

Thank you so much sir for this helpful class

Devanshi Gupta

Hi Mr. Sanyog Vyas. You teach law very well. Thanksssssssssssssss?

K Bineet Prasad Patro

Are Private Placement and Preference allotment equal ???

Sonal Mahadik

Very nice sir. You are awesome teacher.

mubashir rather

Thanks sir

Laxmikant Yadav

Sir vrrry very best

shabeena khatun

Can any one tell me whether public company can do private placement or not

Abhishek Batabyal 012

Thank you sir

nandish chaudhary

Perfectly explained sir!

utsav pandey

Bahut aacha

Ragini Pandey

Nyc video

Success is not the name happiness Rustmani

Excellent sir!

Yashika Gulshan

Very helpful sir !

Himani Tyagi

Thanku so much sir..

Nisha Chopra

Tysm sir... It was really very interesting


Quite imformative video...thank you sir........company only 200 investers ko offer letter issue karati he ti usaka adhar kya rahata he sir kripya bataiyega.......manlo agar 1000 logo ne apply kiya he to sirf 200 ko hi OL milega

Robin Panigrahi

If you want to learn private placement in quick recap you can watch this...informed shortly with key points...I liked your work Sir.

Nutan Dubey

Thank you so much sir...bhot acha smjhaya aap ne...

Aastik Pathak

thank you sir

Nishant Bhagwani

Time saved and earned

Om Pandya

great explanation .... awesome sir ... seen the best video


Did you are #no 1

Suleman Mehrazmehdi

We have a pvt ltd company and there is a investor who wants to invest in the company....can we take loan from such individual and if not what are the ways in which we can receive funds from him?

Is it that we need to first make him a share holder????

Ruchita Karangutkar

Can anyone help? Question is if company issued equity and debentures both in a F.Y through private placement. so the limit of 200 is applicable to 'both combined' or individual calculation will be done. plz help.

Laxmi Kumari

Thank u so much sir ji

Rahul Manikandan

thank u very much sir it was very clearly explained

Ajay Goyal

sir what is QIB and ESOP?

Ragini Pandey

Thank you so much sir

Priyam Gupta

Teaching with strong concepts

Private placement

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Pros & Cons of Private Placement Investments

15 197 views | 24 Dec. 2011

Investments in "PRIVATE

Investments in "PRIVATE PLACEMENT" trades can be great or risky. Learn about private placements and high yield investment education in this video. ; http://insidetradellc.com/blog/private-placement-program/

sam cook

i can fund a BG , Server to server. no upfront payment ..... i need account to discount

Dr. Nelson Juco

Great, this is what I was looking for. Private Placement Program

munzer haque

I am an accredited investor. After I invested with a PPM offering company (after I became a member of their fund), I asked them if they could disclose their accounting detail, tax filling, and sales person's compensation/commission etc. In response, they said, they do not mind to give me those data but since in their PPM they have not mentioned that those information will be given out, now if they do give those out then that will be violation of SEC regulation. I thought, providing less information than what is said in the PPM will be non-compliance, not if more info. is provided. Please advise if their reasoning is correct.

Ol Al

Access to Tier 1 trader is the problem for most people..

Private Placement Program

thanks for the informative video guys. Keep up the good work.

munzer haque

I am an accredited investor. I recently invested in a fund, Form D, 506(c). I assume, I am now a member of the fund. I understand that I do not own any share of the company that issued the fund. This company has 3 funds.

Question: Do I have the right to ask them to release their full accounting information, including the sale's person commission etc.? Are they obligated to release the accounting info.?

I want to see if any money is funneled between the funds or to the the company that issued the fund. They also cut a deal with a Hedge fund, borrowed money from them, in exchange of guaranteed return on their borrowed money. Essentially a loan. This create problem in the fund because Hedge fund is going to get the money from any profit before investor gets their return on their investment.

Private placement

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Sec 42 Private Placement - Prospectus and Allotment of Shares - CA Intermediate Corporate

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Sec 42 Private Placement

Sec 42 Private Placement Video Lecture From Prospectus and Allotment of Shares Chapter of CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Laws Subject For TYBCOM Students.

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CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Laws

CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Laws Videos

Prospectus and Allotment of Shares

Prospectus and Allotment of Shares in hindi

Prospectus and Allotment of Shares hindi video

Prospectus and Allotment of Shares video tutorial

Prospectus and Allotment of Shares video lecture

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Happy Learning : )

Reena sethi

Public company can also issue private placement

Ashok Jain

Sir you are amazing ?

Digvijay Singh Rajpurohit

Sir thoda sa sound thoda jyada rakhna na next tym se , audible hai but awwaz thoda kaam hai

Shubham Jain

Penalty for contrevantion is Lower of 2 crore or amount involved but you mentioned higher

Abhishek Sharma

sir how to buy your notes

Ashwini C

Amendments mein Jo changes ayi hai May2020 ke exm ke liye woh sab covered hai na sir??


Sir can a private company have 200 equity shareholders and 200 preference shareholders?


2 cr or amount whichever is lower

mini maheshwari

Voice is slow

Avijeet Gupta

How can a newly incorporated company pass an SR to raise shares through private placement as there will be no shareholders at that time?

Shivangi semwal

Thanku sir

heet bhatt

i need this notes

521 Bhoomika Gandhi

At 15.24 when you say sahara alloted to 200 crores....ROC KO NHI SAMAJHTA KYA 200 crore log ka naam aaya?

awesome studies kajalsahu

Sir...your quick revision trick is amazing....we learn whole concept like a story... thank you sir....for clear my doubts in section 42

Jm Mamatha

Tq sir

Reena sethi

In bare act it's written max 50 members for private placement ..why

Sayali Shinde

Thanks sir

saurabh kalpasi

you said that public company can issue shares through private placement, and at the same time definition of private placement talks only about private company.
is there anything i am not getting?

Rahul Ashok Singh

Your voice to slow to understand

sourya jain

sir thanks a lot
it is very beneficial

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