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Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 - Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience

41 076 511 views | 18 Sep. 2013

Kennedy Space Center, May

Kennedy Space Center, May 14th 2010.

I was privileged to travel to the Kennedy Space Center, to watch the launch of Atlantis, on what was then, the final "scheduled" flight of the orbiter (STS-132). This video is my homage to the shuttle program, through the in depth experience of a single orbiter launch. I believe we should be thankful for the Atlantis orbiter, all her astronauts, the countless NASA staff who made her fly, and the American people who created a space vehicle of extraordinary power and grace.

This footage incorporates numerous camera views from the ground, footage I took during launch, and video and audio from NASA showing the orbiter stack itself, during takeoff and flight -- in order to experiencing the all the preparation and the resulting eight and a half minute exhilarating ride into space.

In places, the timeline of the actual events has been extended slightly to allow us to see different viewpoints of the same moment, and better experience the amazing feat of launching a spacecraft into orbit.

Enjoy the ride!



After this flight, Atlantis was processed and prepared to fly one last time... this time as "on call" STS-335, which would remain flight ready, should either of the remaining two orbiters flights require a rescue mission.

A rescue flight was not needed and Congress, in a rare moment of clarity, appropriated enough money to extend the program to allowed the already "flight ready" Atlantis to launch one last time and to become the last shuttle mission of the Shuttle Program, as STS-135.

Atlantis now has a home at the Kennedy Space Center.

MUSIC TRACKS (In order of appearance)


1) Band Of Brothers Suite Two, Band Of Brothers, (Michael Kamen)

2) Rise, The Space Between Us, (Craig Armstrong)

3) After The Storm, The Space Between Us, (Craig Armstrong)

4) After Antietam, Glory Soundtrack, (James Horner)

5) Now We Are Free (Juba's Mix), Gladiator: More Music From The 6) Motion Picture, (Hanz Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)

7) Hymn, The Space Between Us, (Craig Armstrong)

gizemci 77

Oh Nasa!
Don't hide the UFOs anymore.
We know everything.
You built ufo in the 1930s with Jessup, Tesla and other scientists.
You made to the nation swallow it as an alien.
You have been undercover for years.
Enough is now, the people of America want the UFOs to be exposed.
The American wants to go to Pluto with the ufo.


C'est magnifique ?

Globe smiling Petani tersenyum

Nasa is real

Thao Luong

I want see galaxy

Casey brye Sagum

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Y ah donde iba ese cohete ??

Aida Aida


Nixson Yordan

Ternyata bumi itu bulat ya bukan datar".??

Dhiraz Paudel

Power of Humans


Marvelous, amazing ?

Sam Ashley TV

Salute... God bless

malik Ibrahim

project Bulshit ?

Liam Cartoon

Amazing shuttle launch?

Asha Sugesh


Gilda Graham

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Jim Conaty

I lived in Titusville Fla for a number of years and I was privileged to witness more than a few shuttle launches. Never ceases to amaze me that we were able to launch people into space. Unfortunately I also witnessed the Challenger blowing up. A very sad day indeed. I also was lucky enough to know a few people who worked for Kennedy Space Center. Great video. THANKS.

Patel Yusuf

Amazing America.
A bit puzzled, errr what, where &why did they go???

Arya Plaosan


meyer gaelle

Brave people ?

John Chazik

This is what human bro he can accomplish and more *if we do not wipe ourselves off the planet!!!!

John Chazik

We went from horse and buggy to the space shuttle in 70 years!!!!! That is American ingenuity and guts!!!!!

Beluema Beluema


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Seilton Gonçalves

NASA ?? vocês são o máximo eu amo a NASA ????⭐?

Milovan seen of seens

Ready for nepoznat way?

Jahi Smith

I remember thinking when it was announced that space exploration would go to private enterprise, what a horrible idea! I was young and naïve lol. Who knew Elon would come on the scene. Probably the best decision made for the space program and thank "God" for Elon and SpaceX. If it were left to Boeing, we would still be trying to get cargo to orbit.

ɪɴd᭄ BADʙᴏʏツ࿐007

Nyasar gua Cok

100 miles

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atin suteja

Any people from 2021?

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Shihab Sumon

amazing video

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Nghĩa Đại Nguyễn

From Viet Nam with love

Dennis Okta Kurniawan

Sorry, year?

Mohammed Renoob Pulikkalakath

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It has to be a cool feeling when your balls can just suspend in the air and not stick to your legs!

Febri Akbar


Mostafizur Rahman

lots of love

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P.Rana Prajwal

it will spoil the enviorment

Melih turung

Super, really impressive
I have a channel too, I'd rather you check it out, thank you


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علي حكم

اشهد ان لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

Mohamed Hassan

Ohh Fantasticks united American so much

Sérgio Pinto

Working for humanity, that is what it is about. Thanks America fot that.


Oh god I don't like how the whole ship rocks before it lifts off

Etienne Schurdevin


miras kz


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John Chazik

I guess my Harley Stroker is not that big in horsepower...
Oh well


Incredible! Smh!

Mensahero gaming

Tnx for sharing

Debjit Saha

Goosebumps ??

Aqua Flow

Lmao wow whatta SHOW and ppl eat this shit up

Tom Kutscher

I think it is stupid that the are just in a museum now. They should do a world tour every 5 years with the Space Shuttle on the back of the B747 and should keep the systems running.

Relivit Media Productions

This is a great video I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. There are a lot of great things happening with the space program and other companies participating in the space program , but there's something especially amazing about what NASA has done and what they have accomplished through the work of so many people. I really encourage people to check out the book "High Calling" written by the Columbia Commander Rick husband wife.

Валентос Валентинович

17:06 на паузе видно что-то отвалилось а моде орёл черт его знает.

Matei Alexandru

looking at this just at two starships are on the pad

nicholas woodall

i miss the space shuttle i wish they would build another one thats more advanced and can go deeper into space

Ash S

What were those plastic bag looking things on the nose which came off during ascent ?

ابو نايف

pad futsar


26 thousand flat-earth did not like the video

Brad Witt

Awesome video. However one tiny mistake. STS 132 launched May 14, 2010. I wish the shuttle was still flying today. Hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since the last launch.

Abdulhadi Abdullah


Gurun Pasir


রাতের আকাশ


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gizemci 77

Ey Nasa !
Ufo ları gizleme artık.
Herşeyi biliyoruz.
1930 lu yıllarda Jessup , Tesla ve diğer bilim adamlarıyla ufo ürettin.
Millete uzaylı diye yutturdun.
Yıllardır gizli operasyon çektin.
Yeter artık Amerika halkı ufoların ifşa olmasını istiyor.
Amerikalı ufo ile Plutona gitmek istiyor.

A93 - Gameplays

Tudo mentira

Hien Huynh

Which year that invented and when was it first fly and whom was that President of United States at that moment? If you known please tell the World that whom is the owner of NASA? JUST A PIECE OF MY SHIT

gizemci 77

İnsanları ufo dan mahrum ediyorsun.
Sonra da roketle uçmaya mahkum ediyorsun.
Yeter artık.
Amerikalı ufo ile uçmak istiyor.

michael lowe

Ever wish you tried harder in school ?

Chris F

Why no HD?

Walid Adjerid


định phụ hồ

Thanks you

gizemci 77

You deprive people of ufo.
Then you condemn it to fly with a rocket.
It is enough.
The American wants to fly by ufo.

Kebumen Talk

Bukannya meledak yah sebelum smpe luar angkasa?


Would be better without the shit music.



Jannatul Ferdous


James Makueth

هذا من أجل الشعب وليس من أجل لهم.

Aslam Mir

amazing video

AlanSantiago Flores

Y el sol a lo lejos con sus palomitas para ver la pelicula!! Jajajajaj y después aplaudía al ver semejante imaginacion de estos tíos!!

anjss official

Kenapa gue ga percaya ya


thats som awesome emotional shit

Paul Furniss

I'm from England and was a tourist in the US In 1991, I think it was. I watched Atlantis launch from Titusville. I've still got the T-shirt, I think it was STS-43, but I'd have to dig out the T-shirt from my wardrobe to be sure. It's a longer story, delayed launch, getting sunburned in the Florida sun waiting for lift off etc. But Watching that shuttle go up is unforgettable.

Sabit Gogic

Super fantastiko

e drive

Where the rocket launcher goes? After its detached from the main plane...

Fauzi Dahlan

2021 !! I don't know why my tears fell while I was watching this.... they are amazing ?

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Milovan seen of seens

3 tnks for sending police, greetings to CIA and similar in world govs

Captain ATK

Launch is it 9:50, thank me later.

Gurun Pasir

Fish eye camera... Fuck... Fake

ติ๊ก อดิศักดิ์


Julia Horrível

Pq isso e tão pfto?

mic pin


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Brutal Golf Mk2 1233HP 16V Turbo Acceleration from Boba Motoring!!! FULL VIDEO 2015

15 530 355 views | 19 Dec. 2015

Bobas VW Golf Mk2 4Motion

Bobas VW Golf Mk2 4Motion 2.0L 16V Turbo street car with 1233HP & 1094Nm @ 64psi on E85 fuel. Turbocharger from extreme Tuners.

NG-Motorsports CNC cylinder head porting

Don Octane 6 speed dog ring Transmission

Performance Box:

0-100km/h in 2.3s

100-200km/h in 3,0s (60-130mph in 3,4s)

200-250km/h in 2,1s

1/4 mile: 8,99s @ 265km/h

car weight: 1180kg (2601lbs)

top speed: 350+km/h

Build and Software from Boba-Motoring

visit my Homepage or Facebook site

Boba-motoring.de or Facebook/Boba-Motoring #BobaMotoring

Vadasz Mate

H-ow much does it eat on a 100km?

Mirzet Hodžić

This VW Golf is faster than Lambo

Yulei Huang


Its_only_ Karma

Stock GTD brakes

Nikola Jovanović

Golf 2 najbolji

Michael Sparks

Why the music? It ruins it so badly

abdou diaresso




Cesar Vialpando

My man paid for the whole speedometer better use it

Altin Kodraliu

1200hp in a 2.0L, tha's insane

Murat Golaj

amg golfi

Ziad Mourad

Vive Germany

Preben Gjestang

Nice car, considering buying one. Does it have good mpg?

Daniel Gpr

Kto listopad 2020 ogląda like


So he's Boba или Вова?

Ma ZoX

T'inquiète même pas elle est d'origine mon cousin ??

crabb shaq

that thing doesn't accelerate it fucking escalates

Sergey Z777

Очень шикарная машина,сам думаю брать,ведь машинка действительно великолепная)????

Der Matthi

Da bereue ich richtig, meinen Golf 2 GL aus Geldmangel zum Schrottplatz gebracht zu haben. Aber die ATS-Cup Felgen habe ich noch und sie warten sehnsüchtig darauf, dass ich mir wieder einen Golf 2 zulege. Ok, 1233PS braucht er nicht zu haben, aber da bekomm ich richtig bock!

Danke, dass du deine geile Kiste hier auf YT mit uns teilst!


supercar shamer lol


So no one's gonna talk about how this death trap has literally no cage at all. One wrong move and you're gone ?


Laughing from start to end. That is SOOO crazy \o/

G_motoring Live

Вова ты заебал.

Erik Erdei


Ma ZoX

jpeut vs dire que votre Chiron il la bouffe tout cru sans sauce sans vinaigrette


0-60mph in 0.5 secs ?

Иван Волков

Сам на гольфе катаюсь 14лет стаким же мотором кайфую посейдень для души что надо


Best car in the Universe

laki Njezic

Boba turbo?????️?️??

George Ilie

Would work on a Fiat Punto 2005

Ali Hashmi


Ma ZoX

V40 , 12 turbo ??mon copain sa crash du feu , sa consomme

ccc ccc

Nice car


Actually, its all in the aerodynamics!


Kann ich den Golf 2 vielleicht kaufen?

Anna P

OMG ? the Golf ist fester then the Bugatti chiron

nikola ančić


Drujbi Kulak

Ракета рекорд среди легковых класс

tracey potts

Can only use 1 2 3 gear didn't go to school lol

Jonny Ronneklev


Mario Viera

Pepinasoooo?? apartesen los nuevos deportivos ?????????????


Koenigseg terenie is No car that can overtkake this car

Golf 2:

Affalterbach AMG

Theres a golf in your enginie

Cihan Geter

Türkler ses verin amkkk

John Johannes

Dear Santa...

Matija Plazanić

Acceleration to 100 km/h?

Бағдат Жұмабек

Продается эту машину?

Jeancharles Rabaux

Please is for sale à 10 k yes ho no Mister boba

Petaar BGシ

Golf is best car ever made ????

Omar Rama

63 PSI boost turbo ,4 cylinder engine , 1233 HP...

I mean, just crazy

Xhulio Fix

He might have steel balls to drive this monster in stock brakes


This is a good car like when i forget something than i must make fast i take the golf

Miguel Marse


Лео 0219

Ну Вовчик, не расстраивай соотечественников.???????????????

Nikkio Fort

4.4 bar, damn

Milu Stezar

This is why the Earth's magnetic poles has shifted

SlipknotFan 22

"street car" must be the usa, in europe, you get a 300 euro fine for not having homologated led lights smh


But how?

Minecraft zombie boy

This car 0_120 km/h in minus 1billion seconds your golf mk2 is fast enough to beat my brz 11256hp!!! So basically the golf mk2 would win against the new 533km/h ssc

Бенжамин Франклин

Ма пушкағой мынау

Minecraft zombie boy

1233hp golf mk2? Heh more like 23k hp cuz this think extremely fast but I have a question. Can your mk2 challenge this??? https://youtu.be/WaDsk7G7i8Y

Muhamad Ben

That's a monster


an inspiration to dubbers everywhere!

stike 46

When you buy an golf mk2 from an old woman in germany:


This is my favourite yt vid

Petar Kranjec

This is Balkan legend

Meksiuu meksiuu

toyota supra vs golv gti

Paolo Amici

Mad max buy this Golf?

Bojan Bozin

Сан сваког балканца нормално и м3 е30

Craig Coopen

This car is flippen mad

Andre andre Andre andre

Golf vs Ferrari 1-0

Baja Kobaja

Ima li nas balkanaca???


wtf... thats insane


Szkoda, że nie pokazuje chwilowego spalania : )

Ayman Hattoum

i have an original golf 2 gti 1990 edition one 16s, with a lot of extra original parts



silex dark

O carro gringo/brasileiro

Nico Thom

What gear indicator is this? Would it work with a standard Mk2 engine / shifter?


E é um carro feio e nem vence de um supra de 1800 Hp

محمد فاضل

Golf 2 vr6 ???

Strahinja Kerezovic

0-200 before you blink

laki Njezic

Boba motoring ⛽⛽????️?️???


You need to drag race with ken block's hoonicon

Tru geimer z

Neim song plis

Ghost13 C.T.K.

Above top secret apparently.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16zUEks6aufT8PKLqNEVdhj6gwpH1gAK1/view?usp=drivesdk check the tech out, if concievable you guys would know I'd say, boost on gents. ??☯️

Ma ZoX

0 a 100 en 0,4 sec , sa mange une Chiron ça on aime mais attention elle est d'origine jpeut te dire qui marche fort l'engin"

Давид Т.

0:00 song

Ungur Dani



3:38 What woman think happens, when you fully accelerate an average car.

audis17 boerboel viljoen

That is fuckingfast ??????

أمين شمبازي

سيارة رائعة وخارقة لعادة مشاء لله

Something Differente

Subscribed. Best sleeper ever

M D - il microcanale

fantastic car!


Coś pieknego Boba!~<3


Bmw driver: "Look at that shopping bag, wanna race?"

Boba: "So you have chosen, death."


How much for that car

непонятный чел

Забыли грамм пвп в бензобак засыпать, ну чтобы телепортнуться в будущее)))


That is absolutely stupidly dangerous. A golf is not made for speeds like this, you could injure someone. Driving that thing is an absolute death trap.

Now where can I get one?

rusty potts

1233hp in a golf wtf

Willy Amport

Das sind Arschlöcher mit so viel PS möchte ich den mal schauen wenn der auf 300 ist + blödzlich Bremsen muss der kommt nicht einmal zum Vaterunser fertig zubeten ist der I'm jenseits kann man nur Kopfschütteln.