When will bitcoin fork

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Bitcoin To $10,000 | How The SegWit2x Hard Fork Will Impact Bitcoin’s Price

1 048 views | 2 Nov. 2017

Over the Next Two Weeks,

Over the Next Two Weeks, Bitcoin's Price Will Absolutely Obliterate All Time Highs! The Real Question Is, Just How High Will It Go? In This Video I Discuss My Reasoning for Why I Believe That the Price of Bitcoin Can Easily Reach $10,000 and Above Before the Hardfork Date of November 16th.

To see how a Bitcoin valuation of $10,000 isn’t unreasonable, let’s first take a look at its most recent Hardfork into Bitcoin Gold. The price for bitcoin began to rocket upwards just about a week before the Hardfork, taking the price from about $5,200 to a high around $6,100 in a matter of days. Although this high tapered off during the last few days before the fork, the price remained relatively lofty, in the upper $5,000 range.

We saw this same exact sort of run up with Bitcoin Cash as well over the summer when it made an $800 upward price swing that started about 2 weeks before the fork. So we need to start recognizing these patterns and applying them to future forks like the one we have coming up in just 2 short weeks.

Both of these pre-fork price movements earned us strong returns, but a $10,000 price tag? From SegWit2x? How is that possible?

Well first we need to establish some foundations for this argument. What do we know about how Bitcoin grows in value? We know that fundamentally, we should expect to see the price increase as adoption increases and yet, that has not been the case for this 2017 price run. We were seeing about a quarter of a million transactions a day on the blockchain at the beginning of the year and 10 months in, we are still seeing roughly a quarter of a million bitcoin transactions a day. So if adoption has really been skyrocketing why aren’t we saying a marked increase in transactions? Valuing Bitcoin just doesn’t make sense looking through this lens. Instead let’s look at the price of Bitcoin as being affected by 2 things. Media Coverage and Hard Forks.

We all know that the media and news stories published about bitcoin have affected its price throughout the year. Remember when Jamie Dimon downed bitcoin and the price fell? Remember when china pulled out of the bitcoin market and the prices plummeted? Every time people like Bill Gates and John MacAfee tout Bitcoin as the future, the prices jump. We are talking about an asset that’s price is undeniably linked to the news coverage it receives. So if we take a look at Bitcoin Gold. The hard fork received almost no news coverage until a week or two before the fork and that was enough to help boost the price a whopping 17% during the run up to October 24th. Bitcoin Cash received much more news coverage approaching its fork as it was one of the first major hardforks of Bitcoin, and this increased news coverage helped the price of Bitcoin skyrocket approximately 40% in the weeks leading up to the fork.

But the news coverage of both of these Hardforks pale in comparison to the news coverage that SegWit2x has received. Whether you are a pro2x or no2x supporter, the amount of articles, videos, podcasts, and reports discussing the upcoming fork and its effects has to be blowing you away. I mean the stuff is everywhere and we have been seeing it for months! So why can’t we expect to see major growth as a result of this coverage? It only makes sense, and would be following the patterns previously established by other hard forks.

The second thing that clearly has an effect on Bitcoin’s price is hard forks. Investors are beginning to view hard forks as dividend payments. Free money. Airdropped to them for being a loyal supporter of BTC. This “free money” will always draw in investors who want to make a quick buck as well, and the price of Bitcoin approaching its hardforks has reflected this. Except in the past we were feeling the price increase as people anticipated what is essentially highend altcoins with minimal value in comparison to Bitcoin. BCC is valued around $400, and BTG is valued around $100. This time, things are different, this time the forked coin is earning monster valuations. Bitfinex opened the segwit2x coin for futures trading last month and it reached a high of $2,700.

In Addition, Investors aren’t just buying bitcoin this time to get a free dividend payment, they are buying because they want a chance to receive what may be the future core bitcoin.

For this reason, many current bitcoin holders will not be willing to sell their coins, because why sell when you will be receiving what may be the bitcoin of the future for free. Since there will be less Bitcoins available on the market, interested buyers will be forced to pay more and more premium prices to obtain it. This will drive the price to incredible highs!

Andood James

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What if B2X becomes the core will BTC drop?

Arthur Mcgonnell

Do the Bitcoin,s you are holding double after the fork?..cheers

Jessica McMann

So when the price of bitcoin ultimately plummets do you think the price will reach where it is at again? Also would you recommend buying in after the hard fork when the prices have dropped and then gaining money as the price hopefully goes back up? Am I️ thinking of crypto currency to much like stocks?


Learning a lot from these cryptocurrency videos.  Keep pumping out the info brotha

When will bitcoin fork

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Shepherd's Pie - You Suck at Cooking (episode 122)

505 651 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Shepherd's Pie, not to be

Shepherd's Pie, not to be confused with Shepherd's Cake, is a delicious savory pie which looks and tastes nothing like dessert.

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Chop finely or shred a big ass onion

Shred a big carrot (or two medium carrots)

Shred or finely chop 2 or 3 garlic cloves

Heat up some olive grease in a pan on medium

Fry the onion, carrot, and garlic for a few minutes until soft

Create a ring of fire and put around a pound or 500g beef in the middle

Add in a teaspoon of salt and some triple P

Brown the beef and then reunite all of the food components

Add in:

1 tablespoon Wercestishire sauce

1 tablespoon red wine vinegestishire sauce

1 small tin of tomato paste

A pinch of rosemary

A pinch of thyme

Let me know if I forgot anything

Wangjanlge together until thoroughly combined for a couple minutes

Add in a cup of broth: beef, chicken, veggie, barguest, grindelow, whatever

Thaw a wild peasicle then add in some peas (an amount that you think is good)

Add in some apple corn (an amount that you think is good also)

Wangjangle into Shepherd’s Slop, until it gets thickish again

Go back in time 20 minutes

Cut up some potato chunks

Boil them in extremely salty water for 15-20 minutes or until you fork says so

Mash them with some butter and milk or cream, then add in some garlic powder and parmesan or grana padano, or some other cheese if you want

Wangjangle until they are literally clouds

In a 9 X 9 baking dish (or whatever you have), put the Shepherd’s Slop downstairs, and the starch frosting upstairs, then add some diary sprinkles

Undoh’s on three seventy fundoh, bake for 20 to 30 minutes until the top starts to brown

Take that dish of Shepherd’s Pie out of the undoh then let it sit for ten minutes then serve to your friends, or your enemies, depending on the mood you’re in.

Daniel Miecz

This is good content

Teknikal Killer

1:06 was hoping for either msg or crack cocaine

John F

Irish lasagna

Colin Mackay

This is cottage pie.

This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

why not just call Worcestershire sauce, english fish sauce? oh wait, they arent suppose to know its made from rotten anchovies?

adib zikri bin yusli

I love the intro lol

Barbara McNeil

Can you do a biscuit and gravy recipe? Please and Thank you ?

s s

Look into Digibyte.

Katie CRC

Sorry, if it's not made out of real shepherds, I am not into it. ;-)

AR xxx

Its called cottage pie ur making dude but ur forgiven not really


Changed the broth for beer, good choice. Thanks for the video.

renee Andrews

Thank you. I needed this i failed my first attempt lol saving this. One of my favorite YouTube pages !


3:13 grana padano is just a bootleg parmesan. Don't ever, ever say it in Italy or else you get hit with a flying 200 kg wheel of grana padano

Rocco Connor

This is the best channel ever! You get da comedy of the food gods and delicious food


where lightsaber

Joseph Long Sr.


Michael Wagner

Little different than grandmums but most English food is that way.

The King of Antarctica

If this guy wasn't so funny, he would have probably made an enemy out of the entire Irish population.


Cottage pie uses beef, shepherds uses lamb. Just nitpicking though, that's some good looking pie


Its like if howtobasic and bingong with babish had a depressed child

Samuel Gross

He sounds like the Tik tok sink guy

Bradley OBrien

My mom makes such a legit shepherds pie. Literally I’ve had friends over the years eat my mom’s food and take that bite where you throw your head back, close your eyes and stomp your foot the food so good.

Landen Galpin

yes i like fud


The end of the video feels awfully empty without your songs

Lucy Portway

Love your videos!


only salt and pepper? that shit probably taste like paper and grease dude

Scythe Lifter

Does it have shepherd in it?

J Smith

Soooo cottage pie then


Fun fact, a 'shepards pie' made with beef is actually called a cottage pie

Juhana Heino

What is three seventy fundo in metric?


the recipe is quite awful but the delivery is outstanding

Billy Newman

Wang jangle that in me mouth hole

Turian Hustle

Nice watch.

Cody Eyre



I never realized how good olive grease was for my joints when I was cooking. I hope I don't start to rust.

Madeline Howard

wow I’m making this tonight could the world get any crazier

AJAX Knowz

Looks good

jeffrey loyd

Shepherd's Pie/Lamb...Cottage Pie/Beef...Nazi Pie/Pigs


"Nobody likes peeling potatoes"


Pat Booth

It's cottage pie with beef

Jack Wood

I never made that in my life,now I have to try it.

Doing some stuff

YSAC - “Add in some flavor enhancing crystals AKA..... salt”

me- cough cough* he’s secretly running a meth lab cough

This statement is false Nothing is true

I enjoy peeling potatoes it’s calming


no dont call it olive grease...

Darragh Mac Cormaic


I Suck at Gaming

THAT’S COTTAGE PIE, you fucking walnut.

Muhammed Turhan Cakir

Rosemary and time...

Fairuz Fairuz

Wtf you're on about?! The reason a shepherd is a sheperd is to eat lamb... Who becomes a shepherd at a rescue farm?


Please shoot the pan from above


Hate to say it but you didn’t make a Shepherd’s pie. Shepherds Pie is ONLY made with lamb.

You’ve made Cottage Pie which is the same recipe as Shepherd’s Pie but with beef.

christian ivascanin

Glad he specified the special white stuff I was gonna use crack


Also, a Shepard’s pie made with beef is just a cottage pie.

A cottage Pi is a constant you use to determine the circumference of an English cottage.

Emma Vuckovich

Just made this vegetarian and omg yum! Thanks for the entertaining and quality cooking vids!

gtoss chddy

Are we just gonna ignore the rosemary rose and thyme watch?


Your voice always have that some kind of laziness to it like you were force at gun point to make this video ?? it always amuse me

flipity flop

it now strikes me that youre probably completely nude while filming these


I watched my first You Suck at Cooking video yesterday and I think I binge-watched this entire channel since then. Thanks for showing me how to suck less at cooking and making me lose my shit while doing it


What if I said you sucked at cooking


I think about the quote at 1:00 more than I should...

i’m diene

you really give me deadpool vibes

Rich S

You grated the carrot and added cheese to the potato and the top which is absolutely wrong but u said English lasagne so we’re even.... for now


You suck at cleaning your oven, damn

David Barksdale

4 Secs. in and already made me a subscriber.
This one is like the next binging with babish. Srly

Joe H

Why would anyone make this????

General Sheperd killed Roach and Ghost and we’re supposed to just make a pie for him?

Carlos Colon

So nobody is going to call him out on "dethawing" the pea-sicle when "dethawing" is freezing which he did not do?

David Barksdale

This is the best commentary, glad I am listening and witnessing to. Reminds me of zefrank1

Xanthia Mcdermott

Suck at cooking you don’t ?


Dude that's not shepherd's pie. You literally said you are using beef instead of lamb which makes it cottage pie.


Day 1 of reminding YSAC that his once in a bajillion years uploads are appreciated

Lola H

? Just found my new favorite youtube channel! ?

Gregory Whatley

please don't feed your sheep shepherds pie


You can also add the potatoes on the bottom for the more edgier version of pepherd's shy


Looks a lot like a french thing named gratin parmentier but with vegetables added

Dylan Sonnex

If you use beef it's a cottage pie. Shepherd's pie HAS to be lamb meat.


2:46 Finally, he suck at cooking yeah he totally suck


You need to calibrate the ovens first

Collin Zine

Yeah, overdue...

Oink Oink

I’m 2 days late....

hehe boi

"and a pinch of TIME"


Man. Stop makeing me want to cook man.


You can tell hes not Chirstian once he mentions the beef


@StonerReactions cas ap help me start investing. Ready to upgrade my life! Money donated goes to paying off debt so I can start investing.

Lucas Nelson

I wonder who came up with the name Shepard’s pie.

ThomasFan 1945

If you put peas in a Shepard’s pie you are committing sin

Tongue Less

Dice that Onyo


i watch these you suck at cooking vidoes and find that this guy sucks equally as much at cooking......

huttio srreu

After that bicep reveal my personal vision of YSAC’s appearance will never be the same.


This is Cottage Pie.

Enocan Galaxy

1:30 this is what I love about ur channel XD

bilij pdan

“If you’re eating the lamb, were you actually being a good shepherd?” ?

Dave Legg

Cottage pie then


Soooo you made a Cottage Pie...


The Sloppy Shepherd ™️

forgetful stranger

I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite pie on the Citadel.

Pogla The Grate


James Petersen

You have the best words for things. And for actions.


This is Cottage Pie ???

Zorlac 303

NGL this looks tasty AF


pshhhhh... I remember this guy from when he had less than 10K subscribers. His style then was..... exactly the same. Congrats on keeping it real for all these years.

First y

Beg you make fried chicken!!!!!!!