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Free2Play WoW Guide - WoW Machinima

220 105 views | 20 Oct. 2017

My overall experience with

My overall experience with WoW tokens summed up in this video. If you enjoyed it please make sure to Subscribe, Comment, Rate and Share. If you're interested in keeping track of my uploads be sure to press the little "Bell" next to the Subscribe button!

Although I love WoW to bits, I can't deny that I'm more of a free to play person and the emotional punch that I took with this WoW Token "change" depressed me greatly. Hey, maybe it's just me...!

Share in the comments if You have anything in the game that you're frustrated with farming or have farmed!

Also be sure to leave pieces of advice and any tips you can think of. Cheers!

- Captain Grim

Thanks to Krucial for lending me his video! Check him out and his video now! :

https://youtu.be/wTEJNaTXPWs - 5 Mobs that Drop Expensive Loot in World of Warcraft

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNULFZWbDbIPMFzDdiq4HeQ - Krucial

Other Machinimas of mine:

Heroes: https://youtu.be/TojH5nkEQRM

The Monk Experience: https://youtu.be/EFbNsscjhwQ

Resurgence: https://youtu.be/eMlfj8AVbZQ

Channel Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CaptainGrim/

Подпрапорщик из Войска Лордерона

Fre2play Wow , it's my kind of Wow... I'm one of those who sits on 20 lvl and farming bg...

László Pohl

what's the mask that makes you able to go into the enemy territory?


he reminds me of the adoring fan from oblivion lmao


I dont understand people who farm for gold lol. Just buy all the items of one kind off the auction house, and put it back in for 200% the prices you bought them for. Works like a charm.

Brandon Boss

Most annoying thing for me to farm is a good paying job.

Minimol Gz

This video is so fresh asmongold didn't even reacted yet

That Guy

video is epic, but the ending gave me depression str8 up


I never noticed those whispers of Spirit healer! It suddenly makes sense :D


What the hell was said between 2:40-2:45?


Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker


There’s literally a “make 12k gold an hour fishing” in my recommended now. Lol

BloodyFox Gaming

Step 2 is the best!

No_one Whatever

"What are yours most frustrating thing to farm?"


Dominik Preložnik

Me from a private server: Whats token ?


i didnt get it


So.... He sold his kidney to play WOW


This is probably one of my favorite machinimas of all time, It's hilarious.


this sheep xD
whaa.. happen.. with that.. bloodelve .. at.. end? xD

Comfy Sith Lord

Rufus now has over 5k, a few more years and he'll make enough to afford another wow token




You’re the master of editing for sure !????


i didint laugh like that in weeks XD well done

Enrico Boccardi

I managed to make my first token the first month i played legion after playing since years.
and i did not farm that much either, i just used the auction house xD


That blood elf smile scares me alot

An G

Only way to make gold now is you run bots, and hope your bots can out bot the other bots for all the bot loot they are botting to bot.



hahaha this video represents my past expiriences with Token farming xD


weird guy, must be a roleplayer


its an H not an GH!


nice custom models


that smile is so creepy

Wowmaster 55

You want gold? I give you gold. I got 138 million gold on multiple servers each. I don't need to farm my gold and I never did farm once so don't worry. :)


That blood elf was right.... the gnome mount was so expensive, I couldn't afford my wow token ;(


Meanwhile in 2020 people are raising 5 million to buy Brutosaur. I'll just pay the sub...


So relatable XD

Jack O'Lantern

Rok'tar krogon!

Weeaboos Hunter



This video is GOLD


1:39 omg that neck XD

Danut Lauran

Wow EU in a nutshell.

Shane Keelinghamm

step 2 killed me


Meh... not funny


ROFL, that chick's accent.

Sven s

2:20 ha this sounds even like the real one

Bonefetcher Brimley

1:40 Oh god

Jotta H.

01:38 HAHAHAHA!!

Faruq Wadiwala

Bro you are hilarious man for real feckin heck xd




since the squish we can level from 10 to 20 again

Dimitri Warchief

free2play? Wow I didn’t know people cared, thanks ^^ ill follow step 2 to the latter

Kinga Wiszewska

SO GOOD it made me cry!


cant seem to get happiness to drop

Pukki Studio

This belf needs a sequel!


WoW Tokens are great if you want to spend a whole month farming enough gold to get a WoW Token so you can spend another month farming to get enough gold to get a WoW token.

Haphazard Lark

I did this for a full year and it was hell

Ezequiel Suarez

Why the people like suffer for the oficial paynent, go to a server pirate and have fun Thats its all matter about this

Lasertooth Tiger

Blood elf bandit mask.

Demostraciones M.H.

Epic Nice vide

Zugzug Zugzugson

i actually remember finding a skullflame shield in a random world drop (in EPL i think) back on the elysium private server, but it was a guild group and we were all pretty good friends, so we let the warrior have it.


Watching this with subtitles... oh man "auto generated" thank you for the laughs

Mahdi Didou

2:19 o.m.g

Youtube Emperor of Mankind

Most frustrating things to farm?
Human kidneys.


Was that a Stan reference from Monkey island? :D

The Flying Dropbear

well there is another way to get gold.
Goldshire, on Moonguard, I am pretty certain there are players out there that you can provide a service to for a price that is.


So when's the next guide coming out? (:

Sgt. Frosty Jack

crawler meat.

Scorpio Warrior

Glorious Breast plate.....I've gotten two, yes two, jade leggins, and two glorious ones....when they were like 19k, but no chest!




I survived on WoW tokens for 6 months. Then I quit at this time.

John Sheffar

Did anyone notice the naked Tauren In the background violently scratching his bunghole at 0:37


my free2play guide => get your own server

boba feat

What's the name of the song at 1:50 ?

Josh 117

I cant buy the tokens on the ground that im a Jew and like my gold


Your editing skills are superb xD


That was great!


Gizmatron Megachpper took me over 1 week, 3+ hours a day to get. So proud of farming it myself for my xmog!


The most frustrating thing for me to farm Is that stupid fucking horse Invincible


Weird guy, must be a roleplayer.

Luca Bernardini

This is gold

Geoff Miller

I farm self esteem.


1:27 is that studen? :D


Started playing after a long time, last was Wotlk.
Being unable to fly in WoD sucks....


Nythendra's hide.

Mauricio Montaño Serrano

We need more roofus men

Ikerkael Mamani Ramírez

Today i bought the wow token

Mad Cogwheel

Omg, graveyard scene is actualy real, omg ... angel does say that

Master of Cold Dark

like for playable naga paladin 2:33


lol nice!


W8, did he just sell his kidney?

santani A.R

aun que entiendo poco el ingles esta muy genial y me he divertido mucho que buen machinima !!


so back on march 25th i went with step 1: SELL EVERYTHING!
and for the passed 5 months till august 5th i grinded 5 million gold, for the long boi mount

Rhonda Grove

lol i love it.


i just craft pots and pay for my wow tokens that way usually takes about 4 days to get 100k but only like 30 minutes of actual play time


i always watch this video just after buy my wow token


Roofus Only got 3k gold.

Μιχάλης Λαγός


Matt Perry

2 weeks ago I looted a singing crystal axe which typically vendors for ~15k on my server. So I listed it for 15,000 in the ah, but then it was entered for 1500 buyout and immediately snatched up by a level 20 in elwynn forest in a guild called 'one copper shoppers'. so yeah, all the shade being thrown is fucking truth, since as early as legion evil blizzard scumbags have been straight up cheating players


Alcatraz Isle got changed D:

Jare 345

Wtf why he want his kidney he forsaken all his orgines don't work take a heart so can heal rest of orgines and probably get elf to sell it for less

Villain Games

wow only 2.9k gold you may need more for shadowlands come on guys!!

Hector Dias

"I can probably afford food now..." Been there... =s

Wow token price tracker

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The Best Addons for Making Gold in Battle for Azeroth

38 663 views | 27 Sep. 2018


Alphabetical Order:




Bulk Buy

Collection Shop

Easy Scrap






Rematch - TSM Pet Values



Help to support my channel and let me keep making videos!

Get TSM Premium: https://tradeskillmaster.com/a/breg

Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/bregvids

Paypal Donations: https://www.paypal.me/bregvids

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My TSM Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/breg123



Love your content. You inspired me 3 or 4 months ago to start working on my own little pet empire. Thanks to your videos and your tips on where to find some other pet emperors, I expanded to first 5, then 10, then 15 (and so on) servers. I'm currently on all English speaking EU servers and as I gather more pets I will try to expand even more. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you.


Add on "ALL THE Things"


Altoholic is another great addon for keeping track of your inventory across many characters and servers. I feel it works much better than the TSM inventory tracker. Even down to the details of what guild bank tab and row an item is in.

cat chat

Great vid, i do have all of them and they are definitely useful, if i can say one more addon very useful with Ludwig and TSM is idtip , so you have the item ID in game for the items and it's just great to make or ajust your group in TSM ^^


Thank you. Thank you very much




How couldn you not add soldit its the best addon of them all for gold making when you here the sound of selling a auction.

brian webb

instead of bulk buy try buyemall


Can someone tell me how to ignore random enchantments in TSM 4 on transmog from the default group? Please, it would help me a lot :D


AtlasLoot is probably the best replacement for Ludwig. Only negative about it is that there's no search function. Otherwise, it's a pretty good loot addon


I have to say this as it drove me nuts through most of this video. "Selling for" is not the same as "listed for." Soke of those pets listing for 20k when region average is 10k just means people on your server post them higher, not that they ever actually sell. Just something to consider that has a big impact...


I can't find Collection Shop


I love your videos. But I don't like your 10.06min . Just for ads.


FIRST <3 keep up the good work


Great list. I have some new addons to download now :P Thanks for the good content.

Rumble Shakes

I just cannot get the hang of TSM and have noticed I don't sell any auctions of BoE items with an affix as most players will purchase the cheapest affix for transmog which TSM doesn't filter.

Alexander Oprea

Nice video. Got a question, in Tsm what shopping string do you use to buy item below market value.


how much time do you spend on wow if you dont mind telling us? would be good to know how long it actually takes to get done what you do if we do it as good as you


Id get arkiventory, just helps with sorting, showing what you got on alts etc especially if you have multiple bank chars and cant remember where you put that ore ;) but ill check out the pet addon, never sure what is worth something and what isnt so that will help

Laptop Menace

Update your pastebin I will donate :)


Check out my AH addon: AuctionFaster

Daniel Mitchell

I cannot upvote this enough!

Colourite TV

I got a qeustion about tsm 4, i am very bad with setting all the stuff up with all the % and different markets/regions ect.

I REALY like you vids and how you explain things.
Is your tsm for noobs series still viable for tsm 4? Or should i find a tsm 4 guide for it? Or do you intent to make a new series on tsm 4?

Pedro Capovilla

Give AdiBags a try, IMO it's fair superior to bagnon, especially if you're a little OCD like I am. It also has a lot of extensions for customization or you can customize manually

Doctor Dungus

Man, I am so lost this expansion. Every herb has tanked to like 10gold on my server (except Siren's Pollen), nothing went up in price after raid release, and everything is becoming cheaper every day. I have no clue how I'm going to make enough for that AH mount.

Chris Scott

bro i main a balance druid too i noticed when you were taking about gathermate you werent in guardian. you probably already know this but you cant get dazed off your mount in tank specs so its best to do it that way (with resto affinity for that passive heal)


i wish someone would take over ludwig. it doesn't even show coastal mana/healing potion


Try GatherMate2 + Routes + FarmHud

Ryan Brain

Hey there. Are you planning on updating your pastebin with BFA items? Cheers!


Hey breg! I just returned to wow and was wondering if you uploaded your TSM lists somewhere in the last couple of months?


So auctionator posts and undercuts the price of the affix you are posting, but it doesn't recognize that there are cheaper options due to different affixes being posted. So if I post like this, I have no advantage over the xmog market for that item. My posts are just going somewhere in the middle and avoiding being the cheapest option. What do you do about this sort of situation?


Wow, imagine if gamers made the same effort in real life.... they could finally move out of their parents basements.


What about auctioneer?

Eric Miyamoto

Anyone have any predictions for WoW token price forecast? Im debating whether to buy some gametime now.. or wait hehe. We are at around 108k gold in US right now.

Maryann Lynch

Thx didn't have Rematch


If you go to TSM4 Shopping tab and shift-click an item then click post from the bottom, you can easily post it as fast as you could with Auctionator.


For puchasing from vendors I use an addon called BuyEmAll. It's an old addon but functions perfectly fine. It offers you some options such as buying whole stacks with a single button press. Or buy maximum of an item with another.


Tsm can quick post from the shopping tab. Auctionator is still quicker though

Gabriel Sweers

It would be really great if you made a TSM 4 guide, I'm new to TSM and would rather not watch outdated TSM 3 guides. Thanks for all the helpful videos!

eNemy UAV

BREG! Please please PLEASE make a TSM4 setup guide.....NOT the basics of downloading ect. but the actual setting you personally use or basic settings to make a good AVERAGE amount of gold a day....

Some of us may watch many TSM setup videos but they get too technical and hard to understand. I would love to just slap some settings on there and start using it until i get used to it myself and create my own settings/values


All the Things very good Addon for Xmog and all other stuff you want too go after or what you have collected or not,its pretty heavy on memory tho.

David Hernández

Try BuyEmAll addon, it's much better that Bulk Buy

Marty Kirby

BuyEmAll it better than Bulkbuy

Pooja Sharma

thanks, Rome technical to provide me the link I download the new addon. I just purchase the whole package you have. hope it will work


heh only one i didnt have was bulkbuy...there was an old addon called altbuy or something like that i used to have...alt+left click bought a full stack of any item from a vendor

Wow token price tracker

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3 Must Have Addons for Mount Collectors and Farmers in World of Warcraft

127 124 views | 10 Mar. 2019

In this video I cover 3

In this video I cover 3 addons for WoW that I feel are great for players who want to mount farm or are already mount collecting.

All The Things - https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/all-the-things

Rarity - https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/rarity

Savedinstances - https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/saved_instances

Simplearmory - https://simplearmory.com/#/

Stay Connected with Syiler!

Twitter - https://twitter.com/syilerhere/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SyilerHere

Watch me Live on World of Warcraft @


My UI - https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info22416-SyiUI8.0-SyilersUI-1920x1080.html

valiq 111

is there any addon like saved instance for open world daily rares like soundless and rustfeather ?
love to track this info on my alts

Hector Cornejo

Quick question since I cant look it up at this moment (at work) can you set filters with "All the Things"? For Example, supposing you are a priest that cant wear plate, so can you set it up to filter out plate soulbounds in the list so you can have a tighter report? I'll probably still download it but was curious if you knew off the top of your head.

SimpleArmory is great. I wish they had a planner for companions too

Trevor Tuckey

Can someone tell me the name of the second addon he said? I'm sorry, his accent is awesome but I truly have no idea what he said it was roflmao


Thanks so much! I've been NEEDING something like SavedInstances to add to my mods. :D


How do you hide rarity at the bottom of the screen?


game literally broke trying to install rarity, repair tool keeps looping telling me its broke and now I have to reinstall wow on a <500 kb download that constantly disconnects and sees use from multiple people. all because i tried to install 1 fucking addon. Edit: uninstalled the game and its still forcing me to run scan updates. WHAT THE FUCK I LITERALLY CANT PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE BECAUSE I TRIED TO INSTALL 1 FUCKING ADDON WHAT THE FUCK. ITS LIKE FUCKING GTA ALL OVER AGAIN IM SO SICK OF THIS FUCKING GARBAGE BULLSHIT


what about rarescanner?

Jack Vine

Yo what's best class right now in BFA for mount farming!?! Is mage in the top tier list if so which spec ??? I mean soloing previous expansion aswell

Steve Cox

99% of americans, "how come everyone but us has an accent"


Rarity is useless outside of counting kills. Drop rates are per kill and not cumulative. You're no more lucky if you get a drop on the 4th kill vs the 400th kill.


what action bar and name plate addon are you using in the first clip?

Stickler ForBricks

it might jsut be me, but i found it tough to understand your accent with some things, biggest example was the addon Rarity, im glad you included it below the video but if you could maybe put it in text on screen when you mention it too ty for the advice and the video


1:48 Odds never change. if you flip a quarter 100 times and it lands on heads 100 times...the odds on the next flip are still 50/50. The same with a 3% drop rate. It's always 3% regardless of how many times you've tried.


Very helpful video!


Great video! love that pronunciation of rarity hahaha, "rehhhreehty", brilliant :)


huh? that likelyhood is complete bullshit. that's not how it works. it doesnt matter if you kill it 10 times or 1000 times, the chances are always the same.

Elin Wåhlin

i cant see the list anymore. what do i do?

GentlemanRogue Felz

Only recently started farming, I see. Good luck on your hunts!

Kimber Black

Love this video, thank you!

Sean’s World

I know this is an old video. need to rant. wow is my second MMORPG my first one was old school RuneScape. Just started playing this type of game this year did not have a computer now I have a laptop. I love wow but . But I just want an ad on that labels simple stuff in cities . Like banks auction houses weapon vendors. Tired of spending so much time looking for stuff. People say old school is complicated and hard. But you can figure it out pretty easy. I have found wow to be very frustrating . Not knowing where things are. Anyone else feel this way. It’s like wow could be the perfect game except for little things here and there. I get a better PC. I may start over with different game if I can’t find an ad on or if blizzard makes it better. This is a game I’ve always wanted to play but never have had an opportunity to. Also I was saddened to find out that EverQuest is pretty much dead. Rant done . Feel free to comment please.

Steven Kareoke Channel

this is amazing, just what ive been looking for thanks for your effort


you need a pop filter for your mic syiler, really mean it


Rarity: Due to a Blizzard change in 7.0.3, Rarity no longer tracks AOE looting.
Any mobs that drop something will be counted, but mobs that drop nothing or drop only money will not be counted. This primarily affects items such as Skyshard.

Fede Cnjo

I know this is an old video, but what is the name of the first UI on the video? the one you used for the Belf monk. It looks really sweet!

Hipster Gamer

For the 2nd addon, I don't think statistics works like that. If there is a 5% chance for a mount to drop, it will always have a 5% chance even if you do it a million times. You are not more likely to drop it on the millionth time compared to the first. Unless WoW increases the drop chance every time you don't drop it? Or am I missing something. Overall, nice video! Thanks for the recommendations

Raze | Adroit

Whats the addon that gives the buff/debuffs above its health bar?

Rayen F.

I got the blue drake from stone core on the 5th try :|

Dfuher D

Great tips! Unfortunately, I cant get Simple Armory to work, no matter which realm or character I type in, it just says "could not fetch".

Aeron Alexander

I always show up for the great info, but I stay for his hypnotic accent✨


Thank you so much, this really is going to help me out big time.

Dominick M

My rarity count for each individual character doesn't seem to add up correctly with my in game statistics so not sure which one to go off of.

aleksander aleksandrowicz

Number of tries doesn't change the probability, what are you talking about?



Amir Reza

Can someone write these 3addons for me plz ?

Daven Cole

When he said rarity I went huh?


Chance does NOT work the way you think. It has no memory. Your chance each time is the same. It does NOT progressively change because you've tried before. It's not your mommy, patting you on the head to reward you... ?


How do you pull up the likeliness and luck page for rarity


Here's a tip: put links and to the addons in the description of the video


Thank you! Subscribed

AKA Madmaxx

I don’t understand the need for random r’s to be added to words that end in “a”. Idea —> idear


Two of my friends got invincible from the same npc isn't this a lot of luck

Joakim Andersson

is there a addon that shows where all the rarebosses that drop mounts? like a pink dot on the map?

Denis hasic

In bfa can u do solo mythic ToS ?


I got a new battle pet today a blue whelpling.


Thanks for the addons! I really love doing some toy collecting ^^


Zygor has always been my tracker for literally everything, catch is it’s £10 a month. If anyone can recommend something similar but free it would be appreciated


'Warfront Rare Tracker' is great for the stuff that comes out of each warfront. 5 mounts in each.

Steve Cox

Is invincible first try lucky? :p

Josh Holden

IF anyone is interested in farming Antoran Charhound in a group with me on US horde add me evani#11424

Matthew Barnett

Thanks Syiler, learned a lot from this one

Deadly Worgen

For 'Rarity' how do you make that giant box pop up? On mine it only shows a little minimap icon with the most recent mount i've tried getting. How do i make the giant box version pop up?


0:17 All The Things
1:17 Rarity
4:21 Savedinstances
Bonus website
6:18 Simplearmory


You have unspent Talent points.



Death King

How do I activate the rarity menu?

Kakashi Hatake

I can't get addons


Hello guys. I got a problem with simple armory. If I search my character Silma on my realm Burning blade it says: could not fetch character... Anyone got the same problem?

Hassan Hamed

I can't get over his accent lmao

brock graham

its not showing howmany instances until my lockout goesa away? any help?

Aeris Whitehawk

Hi Syller I like the addon Ahoy i use it for island expeditions. I wasn't sure if you have seen that one yet. take care and tyvm for the awesome video :-)

Timothy Tassone

What accent do you have? Genuine question.


Yes...why HAVEN'T you done mythic jaina already?....someone in orgrimmar who is lv 115 said he solo'd it so it MUST be easy...

Jordan Snow

Bro are you from Leicester? They’ve speak with a similar accent ?

Douglas Jeffries

rarity now gives you a blank box in the middle of the screen


Still pissed off I missed the pre-release event for the 2 amazing mounts I could’ve gotten