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The Truth Why Binance Listed SushiSwap | C.Z's Deleted Tweet Revealed

1 437 views | 7 Sep. 2020

We all know what happened

We all know what happened to SushiSwap by now, however what most people do not know the real reason why it was listed on Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Binance's CEO Changpeng Zhao also known as C.Z for short sent out a tweet in reply to the onslaught folks on twitter where he admits why DeFi tokens like SushiSwap was listed on his leading exchange by trading volume, TRUST ME you will never believe the content of this tweet!!

Read cointelegraph's article here:


"Chef Nomi left some food on the table.

On the heels of skepticism of the project, SushiSwap project head, Chef Nomi, dumped SUSHI tokens over the weekend. In a series of tweets, the anonymous personality Chef Nomi claimed converting SUSHI tokens is meant to move the project away from doubts on its migration from Uniswap to SushiSwap "

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david morales

Hit me up on telegram plz ??

Seb RZ

Something really fishy is going on Francis!! You meant to say he's a piece of Sushi! LOL! Great info. as always brother! Lets pick up where we left off on our private chat lol (That Broken link)

Alain Lavallee

Sushi still keeping out, even more after this video...

david morales

Do not eat raw fish


Good to know your opinion on this

Adam Romans



What up my Bro just a heads up got the PLM lock drop thanks for putting me on & definitely hit you off when it goes live but I know your busy but a can’t get them moved to the plasm wallet any suggestions ?


If you dyor you would know they audited it

cryptomavic 1

Call them mo fos out my bro lol man's getting blanked right now man sad face

cryptomavic 1

Pizza and hotdogs yk to zero fuk


Universal Liquidity Union (ULU) moving pretty fast. Check it out, Looks like the next Sushi.

cryptomavic 1

12 mil just to copy and paste whhhaaaaaaaa

Arthur John

have been a believer in the blockchain and the bitcoin over the years and from experience, I have learned that information about bitcoin comes from three kinds of people, One who knows but would rather suppress the information by publicly criticising bitcoin but privately stacking up on the asset, there is also the truly ignorant who would swallow any information hook, line and sinker and of course, those that are truly devout to bitcoin and making steady progress in updating with information worth knowing. I have been in the last 2 group but with the assistance of Koen Albers whose trades I have been copying for over 3 months now, netting in more than 9 btc in profit already. Learning never ends and I am still doing so with Koen. He can be reached on whatsAap (+44 7828 450768) and telrgram (+447828 450768) . Persistence and commitment and love for success is what you need in the crypto space and we all can. [email protected] Com

Im Milton

Anyone who's into crypto should know the risk of buying into crypto that has no utility what so ever

Mice Elf

Sleazy CZ, the China runaway. It wouldn't surprise me if Binance pulled an MTGOX. It's been a while since we've had a major crypto exchange exit scam or "hack." Of course an event like that would be horrible for everyone I would hate for that to happen...

gio gio gio

If you missed the Y hype, check out Chicken Finance (CFY) easy 2-3x. DYOR

Chao Aging

Great news we can now stake $SUSHI on #MXC_Exchange with estimated annualized yield rate of 12.88% check it out here https://twitter.com/MXC_Exchange/status/1339101879528087552

johnny 7

hows it going fella cracking info as usual

Philip de Bruyn

Great inside information, thanks


WOW!!! ....He’s lookin’ desperate my Man....shit is movin’ fast & Furious with Defi?

Vamshi Krishna

Guys Sushi is here to make profits and the reason why it yields good profits is because it’s support by key people in crypto space. so it’s near to impossible that Sushi can go to zero

Marcellus Wallace

Thx for the info

Stephan Egli

Will you talk more about Plasm Network?

Suzi Vitar

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Great Video The Crypto Lifestyle thanks We are in need of Content Creators & Users @ www.BitLink.TV "CryptoFriendly Community"!


Fomo is a B(inance)

Przemysław Grabowski


P Amira

First of all, sushi has no place in crypto except on the plates of those who eat raw fish ?????


How do we join your telegram ? Ty for your content brother !!

Jia Saray It's RV

Sushi is on moon mission ???

cryptomavic 1

And pay a million bucks to get listed apparently


$SUSHI is one of the top gainers on #MXC_Exchange innovation board its bullish at the moment many people accumulating more $SUSHI, get your bags filled too www.mxc.com/trade/easy#SUSHI_USDT


Let's see what happens. I saw the interview with SBF_Alameda. He looks like a smart guy, not the best communicator but I guess he knows his business very well.

Petey cRypto

I can't believe BAND isnt poppin yet, Im still holding tho.


Uniswap soon unitrade


You speak facts brother. I never get the vibe that you want to benefits from other. You are awesome my brother!


Thanks for the in depth info! Thankfully the price/value of the sushi token is booming now instead of tanking completely


SushiSwap is still a great platform in my opinion. Being able to stake a pair like Band/Eth and receive free sushi is like a win/win for me.

cristian juarez

sushi will be a scam?


The old saying "It takes years to build a good reputation and one stupid decision to loose it"...CZ was once held as one of the great figure head in this industry, however with Sushi he exposed himself as nothing more than another two face lying Chinese business men. How many projects has his greed held hostage by asking up to 1 million dollar for being considered for listing + requiring these to gift a high amount of tokens to act as market makers themselves? It;s a level of greed only seen in Pompliano's Block-fi...Another two face trojan horse.

Anyone remember when CZ would go on podcast's and be lauded as visionary when he made people believe he was going to cannibalize his own business via Binance's own DEX? what a joke that was. The best thing that can happen is for these king makers to become irrelevant via DEX substitution.

Ryan B

i appreciate your insight.

Binky Beowulf

Thanks for the dive.

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Tasting SUSHI!! SushiSwap Still Have Potential?? ?

14 753 views | 17 Sep. 2020

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0:00 Intro

2:13 What is Sushiswap?

4:47 Sushiswap Launch

6:06 Pseudonymous Founders

8:23 Chef Spoils Broth

12:49 SushiSwap Features

15:04 SushiSwap Tokenomics

20:38 Final Thoughts


⛓️ ? Useful Links ? ⛓️

► SushiSwap Website: https://sushiswapclassic.org/

► SushiSwap Docs: https://help.sushidocs.com/

► Unchained Podcast: https://unchainedpodcast.com/how-sushiswap-proved-that-liquidity-is-not-a-moat/

► Glassnode Report: https://insights.glassnode.com/sushi-token-economics-impact-of-inflation/

► Inflation Proposal: https://insights.glassnode.com/sushi-token-economics-impact-of-inflation/


? What is SushiSwap? ?

It is a fork of Uniswap that has introduced a governance token and adjusted the rewards schedule. The original goal of the protocol was to create a community governed ecosystem. They can vote on important decisions that impact the project.

At Uniswap, the liquidity providers would earn 0.3% fees on the value of the trade that is being done. This works out well when you are a relatively small portion of a pool. However, returns can get diluted for the smaller providers when those with more capital join in.

Over at Sushiswap, liquidity providers earn .25% and the remaining .05% of fees are paid out in their Sushi token.

? How It Started ?

In order to jump start the process, they would offer enhanced incentives for the new liquidity providers. In the first two weeks after the launch, there would be 1,000 Sushi block rewards.

All they needed to do was stake their Uniswap LP tokens in the protocol and they would be able to earn their share of the 1,000 sushi hitting the market. This would then drop to 100 when the full protocol went live.

? The Chef Nomi Exit Scam ?

There was an anonymous dev called Chef Nomi who had access to all the dev funds. These Dev funds were to be used to build out the protocol. However on the 6th of September, he cashed out all of those dev funds and converted them to Ethereum.

This caught the community off guard and they raised a storm. Eventually, he transferred the keys to Sam Bankman Fried who then set up a multisig wallet. However, out of fear of being doxed, he decided to return the fund back to the Dev pool. He is no longer on the project.

? SUSHI Tokenomics ?

There is no cap on the supply. Currently, every new Ethereum block that is pushed, 100 Sushi will be minted by the Sushiswap protocol.

At current, there is a steady protocol inflation going on here. We should also not forget that in that initial 2 week phase, a hell of a lot of Sushi was hitting the market as block rewards were 10 times what they are now.

There was an analysis that was done by glassnode that looked at this protocol inflation and how it could impact on the price of SUSHI. They estimate that the SUSHI supply will be at 326.6 million one year after launch, and almost 600 million after two years.

However, there is a counteracting force here and that is the 0.05% from the trading fees that the developers have to buy back from the market. This creates demand pressure for Sushi which counteracts the supply pressure coming from the inflation.

They have run the numbers and they have calculated the amount of trading volume that needs to be done on the Sushiswap exchange in order to justify a certain price. That is 1 to 1.3 billion.

Of course, there is also demand to hold Sushi from a governance perspective. Holders can also use that Sushi in order to vote on protocol changes. These include things like changes to the amount of inflation (something that was proposed).

?️ Uniswap Question? ?

Uniswap just announced that they would be releasing their own UNI token that is a governance token. This means that they are placing themselves in direct competitions to SushiSwap. It will be interesting to see how much of the SushiSwap liquidity will eventually flow back to Uniswap in the wake of this announcement.


? Disclaimer ?

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

#Sushiswap #Uniswap #defi #sushiswap #ethereum #Dex #chefnomi #blockchain

Ritchie N



check NYAN


thanks for sharing your amazing work.

Peter Pan

The majority of these projects are food related with the majority being a "fork" from the previous project. I've just realised the fork connection - is that why they are food branded?


Thanks for you making this crypto world make Soto me

Eri Green

You are good at using chopsticks!


I would love to hear your take on using bZx Protocol (BZRX) to earn 25-50% APY on stablecoins like Dai, USDC, and USDT. Risky?

Kenny Li

Great content as always! Thank you for making this video!


Great video is always thank you

Ben Menhadji

How can I email you a question?
Can you please explain and do a video on Kraken tracking? Explain what it is and how do I do this??
Thank you.


I like your videos as always. But with this one I got to say nope. Sushi is dead and it should never been lunched. But don't get me wrong there are people who made junk of money. Never eat Sushi in my life and I don't know why I tried this time lol.


Please make a video on #UNI




I really appreciate your educational opinion in yfvalue and the new uni coin

Technologies and Investments Institute

Good review.

Bestcrypto Tips

been following you since day1
Your knowledge of Crypto is at Par with Chef RAMSEY :)

Maxime Martin-Perez


dio dio

how much SUSHI do u need to stake in order to vote? hope not 1.3 million dollars worth of SUSHI (as per YFI)

George Hamata

Hi. Pls do a video on Celcius Network. Celcius Network is CeFi and it has to date paid more interest than all the other DeFi companies combined. Celcius Network lends coins to institutions and hedge funds, earns interest, and redistribute to its community of Hodlers 80% of the Interest it receives from institutions. Celcius Network pays the highest interest on Stable Coins than any company in the Cryptocurrency space, pays the highest interest on ChainLink, and has paid more interest than any other company in the Crypto space. Celcius Network was the first company in the Crypto space to introduce the concept of earning interest on your cryptos.

Jimmy B

In need of some advise. Previously posed by Crypto Eri, in the event the your crypto assests moon, are your ready? I am currently with Coinbase and Coinbase Pro as well as Uphold. In the event I'm fortunately able to have large funds at my disposal, how do I go about making large withdrawals for example. I would like to withdraw 1,000,000, how would this work with daily and monthly limits in place? Is it time for a Kraken account? Would appreciate points of view on this question posed. Thanks

Anonymous Sushi

Yummmyy much scrumptious! Check out my sushi tutorials??

M. R.

I am wondering why Binance listed a project with so shady governance? Or it was after the community take over ?

Other question is how the sushi nomi returned the funds back.
If he sold all his huge amount of Sushi tokens for ETH, he crashed the market and the community faith. The price would certain goes down. After that he will need a very little amount of the initial ETH he get to buy back the same ammount of Sushi tokens and "return the funds back".

johnson philip

hi UNI coin claiming, I have made some swap using uniswap, and they said I get 400 uni coins when I try to claim site says I have no coins to claim, any idea how can i claim

Metal Bum

I think all the negative publicity and fud around sushiswap is “priced in” so it’s undervalued at the moment. So now UNI is overvalued because there’s euphoria there and SUSHI is undervalued because of the temporary fud. Even though now he has returned the sushi and relinquished all control

Ian Harrison



Lost so much with sushi! Cant you please look @ fiscus.fyi some great potential there!


100K Subz On The Way

Brian Wong

Guy. Your style of speech . Please keep this up . It’s very funny and also informative as well.

Connor Gilbert

Hey can someone please help I have a question about uniswap :)

Jay Panche

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie for the most part. I have a few accounts with exchanges. And just now Sept 18,2020 an email was sent from coinbase pro that they will charge a withdrawal fee starting today. They didnt even give an options to decide. This seems shady to me. I wrote them an email to complain and said I will tell all others who have coinbase pro account that this is unfair. I knew I should not of left my cryptos on coinbase pro. Anyone has insight about this?


Nice one Guido! The Laura Chin interview with Oxmaki was pretty decent. Enjoyed tasting the SUSHI!

mina sedhom

hey, love your content, do you know of any BTC/ETH DCA services for the UK residents?

Ben Menhadji

What is your email address? Can I email you a question?? Thanks. Please reply.
Can you please do a video of Kraken stakes??


what do think about ethereumgold.io smart contract ? Crypto zombie was mentioning on his channel couple of weeks ago that he made 20 ethereum by using smart Contract?


Sashimi swap is doing very well

Digital Warrior

f*ck eth


Great video as always!
Did you know that you can automatically upload your YouTube videos to LBRY and earn LBC crypto currency for good contents?

Melbourne Shorts

I'm hodl until I get my money back.

David Black

You should do an analysis of some of the past and present coins like kyber, 0x, uni, and etc

WanderLogs VeeJay

Always clear on the subject... Soon you will have 100k (if you remove that super noisy intro LOL). Thanks for answering my questions with this video. I personally now stick with uniswap and got free 400 UNI from them ?

Brett Riggs

Best Crypto channel on Youtube. Great content as usual Guy. Thanks. I would love to hear your thoughts on SHR after its inclusion into the BSN.

Andrés Stubelt

5 seconds in and already droped a like.


Your videos are long but I watch it aaaaaaalllllll... That must say something :P

Jose Mendoza

Great video, as usual.
Please, consider to make one about the quantum computing and its possible impact on crypto.

CoinPedia News

Sushi price gained nearly 30% to touch $2.11 within 24 hours of the collaboration announcement with YFI. From the predictions price expected to touch $5 by the end of 2020 and $10 very soon



Jevgeni Blinov

SushiSwap hard cap 250mln

Smiles J

Uniswap #1



Amarjeetsingh Thakur

Kindly have a look at Aergo and Axpire projects.. looks promising

Metal Bum

I’d say sushi is a good bet now. It’s a lot lower cap and has new leadership. It’s already decentralized and LP is good

JustMe JustMe

Excellent work as always. Why you don't have 500k followers I don't know. I'll spread the word on Twitter about you ?

Boss Vladtrick

I don't like to eat sushi without wasabi
It's worthless without it

Shr3d Gaming

Elrond :D

James Shaw

A drawback of staking uniswap lp token in sushiswap is missing out on the retroactively airdropped uni tokens based on time held (sushiswap held the lp token, not you); something to keep in mind about these vampire attacking forks

Ravi Nalliyappa

Nice coverage


With UNI token now released im wondering if sushi will actually have a future now.


I like me some sushi. Cheers Guy well done. Raw and to the point.

David Tran

Guy, you mentioned Loopring's L2 to scale DEX but are you aware of Lamden TAU? It is the next generation blockchain to overtake Ethereum. Framed ground-up for Python, mutable nodes, sharding, atomic-triggers, parallel chains, etc. They will have a DEX and TPS/security grows as it scales. At least their white paper is very detailed and convincing! Would like your thoughts on it!

Coin Bureau

Hope you enjoy the Vid! As mentioned, that launch of Uniswap UNI tokens yesterday will prove to be very challenging for Sushiswap. It was one of the primary benefits that came with supplying liquidity to Sushiswap over Uniswap. It will be interesting to see how things develop from here. I am also working on a separate Uniswap Video for you guys so keep your eyes peeled. If you want to keep up to date with my portfolio, signup to my mailer: https://guy.coinbureau.com/signup/. If you want to follow my daily thoughts on this and much more, jump into my Telegram channel: https://t.me/cbinsider


Guy can you do an update or can we get your input on the new tokenomics with the new community vote passing to cap tokens to 250 000 000

Alts Hunter

I would love to hear your opinion about the new project UNIFI DEFI https://unifidefi.com, not many people are talking about this, it was yesterday listed on CG https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/unifi-defi. They offer ETH fees reducing, staking with almost 50% ROI and so much more, looking forward for the review!!!

patrick ryan

I am super grateful to sushi swap for making Uniswap even better than it was.

Sarmad Khuhro

Check $YFFS ... Its also a great project


Would love to hear your thoughts on sun .io and the sun token. Appreciate your videos as always

Om Patel

make latest video on sushiswap

Stefan Jemuovic

Sushi is a scam...

esmaeil nikfekr

thank you for explaining so well, Guy. You are a Gem in Crypto market yourself. Can you talk about Moon swap too? many thanks


You're the only channel that I still watch. Everybody else is degenerate and just veiled pump and dumpers. Love the bureau! Keep up the content


Hi, is it possible for you to do a review on YFILD?... would be great to get a more of a professional/detailed explanation of this coin.

Bjorn Vds

Sushi is a no brainier at the moment it's on price discovering but it will easy 3-4x again I see it around 8usd +- at least even if will make it or not only by supply and inflation it will reach this price if adaption comes again 10-16 usd easy .. and sushi is a project that shown that are honest people as well in the space as chef nomi did give back the funds and now it's picked up by FTX so that's bullisht alone already


$SUSHI is one of the top gainers on #MXC_Exchange innovation board its bullish at the moment many people accumulating more $SUSHI, get your bags filled too www.mxc.com/trade/easy#SUSHI_USDT


?Oohh Yuck!


Guy, great deep dive as usual. Whats your opinion on Kava nowadays?

Last Man Standing

9:22 - Charlie Lee told everybody he's selling his coins...
and warned that the bear market is coming...
that was not "exit scam"...

Binky Beowulf

Thanks for the dive and explanation. Am not ready yet to jump in, however at least I have a solid reference point for the future. Appreciated ??

Loredana Maria Loredana Maria

Yffs Finance will be huge guys!Gr8 opportunity for us!

DnA Journal

I'm watching this video after 1am. I have no idea what the hell Sushi swap is 20 minutes into the video. Damn.

Digital Future

Suchi = scam buy UNI

Andy Tang

Another brilliant well balanced review, good amount of detail in the duration of the video, with excellent presentation and humour. Thanks Guy and the CB team

andrea piasentin

Man you are amazing!!????

Sherlock Holmes

California Roll :)

Ryan Connor

You are the james bond of crypto

Ziqi Chan

The 4 hour chart of $SUSHI is bullish any time soon it might hit $3 soon their team just released a great news better bag more $SUSHI or buy long in #MXC_Exchange margin with x5 leverage here www.mxc.com/margin/easy#SUSHI_USDT


Sounds like the forced swap of crypto.com with their own coins...


I mean my net worth has halved since buying sushi?

Dmitriy Perelstein

Great overview. Thanks Guy!


sushi with wasabi and soy sauce is so delicious

Cameron Hamilton-Rich

I was eating sushi while watching this. I'm not even kidding. I think mine was better :-)

Satoshi Hunter - How To Earn Free Cryptos

Smells too fishy to me. I can smell expired sushi far away :D


hate the anom founders, want to buy my million turtle coin? but, glad to see the otherdude stepping up.


???? WE LOVE YOU GUY!!!! This was an amazing summary video. THANKYOU SIR!!! I am farming UNI token and long-term bullish... very appreciative of your video presentation, wow! 5/5 sir ????

Karthik Sathiyamoorthy

So when would Sushi token price hit back at 3$ ??


Sushiswap is a vampire!
Uniswap is the best!

zero cool

Cheers for the video as always, would love your opinion on RSR and ANKR.

Chao Aging

Great news we can now stake $SUSHI on #MXC_Exchange with estimated annualized yield rate of 12.88% check it out here https://twitter.com/MXC_Exchange/status/1339101879528087552

Diogo Vitorino

Very clear explanation. Thanks for sharing it. Your videos are very insightful!

Tom Klein

Sushi is very very very complicated with multiplied variations and combination's like stock derivates . The devil is in the details. This is too confusing. How do you know what you are buying and how it works without rude surprises? I could be very wrong , I am avoiding this one.

zik s

chef nomi should go to jail for what he did!!!

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Cambio magico