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The importance of market research for startups!

5 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Ricardo Mazzucca is an

Ricardo Mazzucca is an experienced marketing executive with a deep knowledge of the media and the sports industries.

I´ve had the responsibility of directing Globo´s Sports Marketing Division and leading the marketing strategy of the company´s multiplatform commercial projects such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games and Formula 1, with a successful history of exceeding business results.

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Relevant markets

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Capital Markets: A New Forecasting Method (w/ Jim Rickards) | Expert View | Real Vision™

2 631 views | 23 Jul. 2018

Jim Rickards, a renowned

Jim Rickards, a renowned author and the chief global strategist at Meraglim, is now predicting another global financial crisis. He explains why, and in so doing, reviews the unusual origins of his predictive analytics tool. He also explores complexity theory and Bayesian statistics.

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Bringing A New Forecasting Methodology To Capital Markets (w/ Jim Rickards) | Expert View | Real Vision™


Transcript: So those four areas, complexity theory, Bayesian statistics, behavioral psychology, and history are the branches of science that we use. Now what do we do with it? Well, we take it and we put it into something that would look like a pretty normal neural network. You have nodes and edges and some influence in this direction, some have a feedback loop, some influence in another direction, some are influenced by others, et cetera. So for Fed policy for example, you'd set these nodes, and it would include the things I mentioned earlier-- inflation, deflation, job creation, economic growth, capacity, what's going on in Europe, et cetera. Those will be nodes and there will be influences. But then inside the node, that's the secret sauce. That's where we have the mathematics, including some of the things I mentioned. But then you say, OK, well, how do you populate these nodes? You've got math in there, you've got equations, but where's the news come from? That's where Watson comes in. Watson's reading all these records, feeding the nodes, they're pulsing, they're putting input. And then we have these actionable cells. So the euro-dollar cross rate, the Yuandollar cross rate, yen, major benchmark, bonds, yields on 10 year treasury notes, bunds, JGBs, et cetera. These are sort of macro indicators, but the major benchmark bond indices, the major currency across rates, the major policy rates, which are the short term central bank rates. And a basket of commodities-- oil, gold, and a few others-- they are the things we watch. We use these neural networks I described, but they're not just kind of linear or conventional equilibrium models. They're based on the science I describe. So all that good science, bringing it to a new field, which is capital markets, using what's called fuzzy cognition, neural networks, populating with Watson, this is what we do. We're very excited about it, getting great results.

Pratik Tembhekar

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Jorge Gomez

face it. markets are crazy. they will go up when they are tired of going down. they will go down when they are tired of going up. all the rest is bullshit. nobody knows when.

Jajoba123 Gasoil123

did he say Watson? the IBM's watson?

Rxlyz Cxlyz

How’s the case for gold going Jimmy’. Very difficult to tske this guy seriously anymore.

Chris Lemieux

Learned absolutely nothingg from that

Repeal 16

OOH such a mystery trading machine like. LTCM. Come on Jim. Coming to us like a long lost friend but we know who you are.


Problem is as he admits he was part f the LTCM catastrophe": He admits he was part of it. I'm an engineer and I can tell by his loose usage of technical terms he knows nothing .This charlatan just uses the gift of gab to get money from fools.Just ask yourself? If Jim Rickard.s was such a good invester why does he need money from you? DUHHHHH

Chris Lemieux

You have to love Jim because over 10 years, and 100s over interviews he says the exact same fucking thing.

I've literally watched several interviews over the course of time were its the same set up, same jokes etc.

Relevant markets

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Digital Markets Act: Setting the right framework for a fair online economy

2 259 views | 19 Jan. 2021

Following the European

Following the European Commission’s proposals for the Digital Services (DSA) and Digital Markets (DMA), CERRE is hosting a series of livestreamed online ‘rendez-vous’ events to debate the DSA and DMA package.

The first ‘rendez-vous’ of the series, “Digital Markets Act: Setting the right framework for a fair online economy”, will draw from CERRE’s DMA report, which has been referenced in the Commission’s DMA Impact Assessment Report, to discuss how to make economic regulation fit for the digital age, deep-diving into the DMA’s objectives and criteria for large gatekeeper platforms.

Viewers can ask questions via Sli.do using the hashtag #CERREDMA via this link: https://app.sli.do/event/vyl4nht6

Speakers include:

• Alexandre de Streel, CERRE & University of Namur

• John Evans, ComReg

• Lisa Felton, Vodafone

• Carel Maske, Microsoft

• Lara Natale (moderator), CERRE

• Olivia Regnier, Spotify

• Fiona Scott Morton, Yale University School of Management

More info: https://cerre.eu/events/eu-digital-markets-act-dma-online-gatekeeper-platforms/

CERRE's DMA first assessment paper: https://cerre.eu/publications/the-european-proposal-for-a-digital-markets-act-a-first-assessment/

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