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5 Common Agroforestry Practices in the U.S. | Kate MacFarland USDA NAC

628 views | 15 Nov. 2019

More great Agroforestry

More great Agroforestry Resources at:


Nac foundation

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"Augie" the Movie - NAC Have A Heart Foundation

678 views | 30 Jun. 2017

To donate or sign up for

To donate or sign up for the run, please visit: https://nachaveaheart.org/newtown-quest-for-als-september-2017/

Nac foundation

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NAC Teach All Nations HD

3 576 views | 11 May. 2013

The New Apostolic Church

The New Apostolic Church is an international Christian church. The foundation of its teachings is the Holy Scripture. It developed from the Catholic Apostolic Church in 1863 and is led by apostles, just like the first Christian congregations.

The New Apostolic Church recognises three sacraments: Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing, and Holy Communion. Baptism with water is the first and fundamental act of the triune God's grace upon a human being who believes in Christ. Through the act of Holy Sealing, the baptised believer is filled with the Holy Spirit. This occurs through prayer and laying-on of hands of an apostle. The body and blood of Christ are imparted in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

The return of Christ to take home His bride is a central component of New Apostolic doctrine. Other significant elements are missionary work and love for one's fellow human being.

The New Apostolic Church emphasises the personal accountability of its members for their actions. The individual is responsible to God for his behaviour. The gospel of Christ and the system of values inherent in the Ten Commandments provide clear orientation in this respect.

The New Apostolic Church is politically neutral and independent. It is financed by the voluntary donations of its members.

Over ten million Christians around the world currently profess the New Apostolic faith.

Michael Caza-Schonberger

you should call yourselves what you really are, a cult

Luther Mutie

NAC is the only lovely home