Little coin company

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Coin Collecting Made Easy & Affordable!

3 375 453 views | 29 Oct. 2018

We’ve been serving

We’ve been serving collectors across the nation for over 70 years. Visit LittletonCoin.com to enjoy shopping one of the nation’s largest coin and currency inventories – more than 33,000 items!

Betty Schneider

Ya cool ? looking coins! ? I just go through my change! I can't afford to buy now? ?⛪⛪???



Levis Martinez


Steve James

This company is one of the most expensive companies when it comes to buying coins and supplies I would highly recommend looking around first before buying anything off of them.

Tandav Records

check out our collection . 4k videos


I have a question on wine your coins are so expensive Because I went on the website Infinity average condition silver quarter Priced for 40 bucks when it's worth $3.50

roy boy

Littleton coin company. You are unbelievable with you prices. Please regulate your out of control pricing it's a real problem for real collectors.

Bayram Sezer

I have a question: 1293 gold Ottoman coins are under-produced and a rare coin, how many million dollars is this money worth?
I wish you a good Day.


Who makes your prices!??

Barf Rockskin

Do Business with LCC and be prepared to be totally ripped of.

OcOmegaShadow Stacking

I Started to collection Gold US Presidents Dollar!!! :D
And I got sooo many of 1200 Pennies in my own collections!!! ^w^
And My email address is ( 124 Millers Park Norwich, NY 13815 )


Littleton charges way too much for their coins. $8 for a common wheat cent? What is this?

Jim Farrell

Dealt with them one time disappointed. Melt down value at a high premium.

Howie Duin

One of the most disreputable companies out there. They take advantage of the uninformed, and give the hobby a bad name.

Bayram Sezer

I have Ottoman money from 1293...
If you want to buy...
I'm a Christian Kurds live in Turkey...
The only language I know is Turkish...
90 542 576 68 14 Write me on WhatsApp...

OcOmegaShadow Stacking

Wow Really amazing video ever 10out10 ??
I started to collections Silvers and Golds Coins!!! :D

Bayram Sezer

I have a question, 1293 gold Ottoman coins AZ is money minted Rare money How many million dollars is this money

Marilyn McClintock

I wish they would stop sending catalogs to my late husband!


Littleton, I know that your selling prices are absurdly high, but that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is your “wholesale” prices that you offer when us (the buyers) want to sell coins to your company. I sent an email to test how much you would offer me, as I already had a price in mind. For an uncirculated 1909 s vdb, a 1903 s barber dime, 1904 s barber half, an uncirculated 1912 barber dime, an extra fine 1911 s wheat penny, a high mint state 1934 wheat penny and an xf 1907 v nickel with a variety, you looked at them with your “experts” and the whole thing you guys said was 600 dollars and the worst part is, is that the price wasn’t even negotiable. The whole lot was worth $1800. I get you have to make some money but that’s why we have a difference between retail and wholesale prices not retail, then wholesale, then Littleton price. On top of that your absurd selling price would get you 5x the amount you paid for in total too. I understand you are a company but this is unreasonable. Anyway, my verdict is is that if Littleton keeps this up, I would recommend not selling or buying from them unless it’s for their folders and albums. Thank you.

Little coin company

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Littleton's Coins On Approval!

2 555 views | 28 Jan. 2020

Littleton Coin Company's

Littleton Coin Company's Coins On Approval service is the fun and easy way to collect coins. Build the collection of your dreams from the comfort of your own home! Join today, https://www.littletoncoin.com/shop/Clubs !

Ramon Elizondo

How do I go about signing up for coins on approval?

Boom Stick

when will an affiliate program begin?

Yurii I

make new videos

piano coin

How long does a club last?


Actually sounds pretty good!

prudente jr quintero

We're can I sell my coin 1996 p liberty can you help me

Little coin company

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You Won't Believe What I Got from Littleton Coin Company

60 564 views | 20 Mar. 2019

I got sent a package from

I got sent a package from none other than the Littleton Coin Company. I've seen their advertisements for years but never really took them seriously. I thought that they weren't a company for "real collectors." I am absolutely shocked by what they sent me. Take a look for yourself. https://www.littletoncoin.com/shop/coin-supplies

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jonthan1985 howell

Look at all that over priced stuff Littleton coin is a rip off and I will not off of them again


as a kid, i loved the coins on approval service. i skipped lunch at school and saved my lunch money to pay for them :)

Ambrose Jeffery

their coins are over priced in my opinion

Cary Storm

I was a subscriber if that's the right term they would send me like 10 different coins buy what you want send the rest or all it's not like their putting a gun to your head, they were pretty expensive for some if I remember right this was mid 70s didn't know they still did business just the name gave me flashbacks to my childhood, thanks.


Cool stuff, not so cool prices.

Beast Mode 14W

Oh I almost forgot.. I'm pretty sure you can get these binders from Barnes and Noble for a bit cheaper.


Adam Stacks


Mario T

Hi Thanks for the Video, I use Littleton coin Albums as well, and love them, your suggestion to include the mintage below the coin is great, but please make sure the Back page still contains the albums coin mintages, as you say a great reference in comparing mintages, keep up the great video's, I am a new Canadian subscriber, as off today.

GrandpaJoe's Closet

I love my Littleton penny and nickel albums. Stores and shows them well.


why whenever I started watching this video that I feel like I went back to preschool and this is my teacher showing me how fun learning can be but then I found out the hard way through the next 12 years that it was just a lie


it's called a grommet, not rivet

Jackie Bridges

I would of rather got 1oz silver coin then all that nonsense...

Rameshwar Verma

I have british -indian antique silver coin (value one rupees )year 1907
I want sell
Mob no 9414844054


Littleton coin company is a HUGE SCAM

Wanderlust Spirit

Not made in China nonsense but probably made in China ?

Nandi Collector

Wow, they take very seriously their passion for numismatics.

But on the other hand, I expected some coins or notes as a real gift for you not just binders quality review.

Very cheap from them.


Become a SP patreon today!

Kamonphat Hiranyaruengrong

Littleton Coin Company's Products Hurts My Wallet its so overprice

Aaron P

I like Littleton but there stuff is overpriced as hell

Sakura Chan

Little tons coins are overpriced as HECK but you gotta admit...they really do know how to put together an album/folders


STAY AWAY from Littleton Coin Company! They are an absolute ripoff, usually charging 3-4x what a coin is worth. As you can see from Toni's canned response below, they are going to charge you a lot because of the 'quality of the services' that they provide.

For instance, a 1923-S Peace Dollar in VF-20 is worth $28 and in EF-40 is worth $30...


Littleton is selling that same coin for $94!


It doesn't stop there. Like I said, they charge 300-400% MORE THAN THE COINS ARE WORTH!

Stay away!

As for Silverpicker featuring them in a video, it's obviously because they gave him some free stuff. As a new subscriber, I'm extremely disappointed that you would advertise for a company like Littleton that has been ripping people (and children) off for 75 years. Shame on you!

Naku Rocks

I found the thing I was looking for the cheapest on their website. Great quality.

Joe Mcginnis

I'm a new subscriber I love that shirt

Richey Rich

I 've been using the Littleton Coin Co. for about 3 years now, instead of buying from ebay. Its not an ripoff or scam company. The quality of and grading of each coins are spot on. If you see an better priced coin on another website/search engine and you trust the grading than buy it. If you compare pricing among different well known coin sites, you may notice littleton Coin Co. may be a little higher priced with new released coins. And older coins are fairly the same among different sites.

Randy Stegemann

The money albums appear to be very high quality, but I think the primary reason for giving them away is to encourage people to fill them with purchases from Littleton. Their offerings are of good quality, but the prices are outrageous and their business practices leave much to be desired. The virtual albums seem like a good idea, but I would rather not post any of my belongings online for hackers to see.

Etais Nakogee

I disagree with 9:45 I prefer a clean look with keeping the mintage numbers in the back and just what the coins are as I would be going through someone's collection.

John Johnson

When I told them to not send any more coins because of their prices, they told that their coins were better quality than other coins in the same condition.


I disliked the video— but not because I don’t like Silverpicker. I just believe that no matter the amount of money being paid, nobody should support a company that charges 5-10x products’ value. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH @Littleton Coin Company


Very excitable, aren't you.......

Junior Collector

Why did they send you this? Did you ask them or did they just send it?

Rose Marie Homeyer Bente

Nice bill storage !

Mike Teal

Ay! I've been ordering from Lillington for 5 years now!



Tsuki Condor

What a great RAOK from Littleton :D

jam par

this guy must be a used car salesman


I can not agree with you because Littleton a PM scam and I couldn't make it thru your video..... Littleton has changed to a infomercial type business that seems to prey on uniformed or attempting to gain uniformed potential customers in my opinion. I recently visited their website and the prices are 20-40% above average retail compared to all other PM dealers. It's clearly after the non informed PM clients.

Timothy Wang

Littleton is a scam!

Andrew Forbes

Do you really want them and everyone else to know how much money in coins you have at the house?!!

Football Beast

How much did all this stuff cost?

Barbara Mackey

I feel sorry for anyone who orders from these scam artist.

William Charles

Littleton has been in business for so long for a reason. They aren't a scam outfit. I've received some very nice coins from these people and I personally feel that they aren't the kind of people who are looking to rip me off. Thumbs UP! to Littleton for providing a quality product and for maintaining a respectful business. They deserve our patronage.
Thanks for the review of these fine people, I'm sure that they appreciate it.

Mark Garin

And the Littleton stamp company

North Fork Sea and Dirt Fishing

But I believe that...

sten faille

I dont know if you have already been looking into it, but there are also great European and asian notee out there that could make you alot of money with the right deal


They have been ripping you off since 1945

Steve Winnicki

sorry...got to agree with other negative comments.... would not buy anything from Littleton Coin CO....EVER AGAIN...gave them 3 chances... spent over $200 bucks total...each lot was beat old junk coins...buyers beware of buying from Littleton !

Andrew Paterson

Except it is probably from China anyway.

Skaarf Vagly

I thought littleton coin company was known for being a rippoff/ scammy

Tim Halloran

My grandfather gave me his collection and EVERYTHING was from Littleton. The make quality stuff. I would say better than Dansco across all standards, in my opinion. Cheaper, more solid, more options, and you can actually order them when you need them, unlike Dansco where you havw to wait months to order from their site. I wouldn’t buy the coins from Littleton, but their albums and supplies are great.

jonthan1985 howell

Paper currency books need to be made where you can see the front and the back just like coin books as well


Nice review. Thanks for sharing.


Nice box Silver picker

Evan World

You have sooo many Morgan dollars I only have 1

I Like Numismatics1940

Don’t get me wrong, their albums, folders and other supplies are awesome, but I would not recommend buying coins and banknotes from this place if you’re new to numismatics. They charge too much for what their actual value is, and some of their uncirculated coins are damaged. Love the supplies, though.


Check out www.littletoncoin.com/shop/coin-supplies Virtual Albums are FREE to use!!

Steven Bramschreiber

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I've been dealing with Littleton for a while now...wonder how I can get a "gift" like that??? just purchased 3 nickel book for my Liberty,Buffalo and Jefferson collections

Roselyn Peacock

I have a small foreign coin collection as well as some foreign bills.
Where is the best place to purchase foreign currency in bulk for reasonable. Unsearched perferably.

Rita Doyle

Extremely nice!

Rose Marie Homeyer Bente

Nice bill storage


Do they have a type set? I’ve been trying to find a nice but not to expensive full us type set


Just found an add from Littleton and for first time buyers they are offering one ASE for 17.72 plus tax. Does anyone have any experience with this deal? Obviously I wouldn’t buy anything from their website but this is a pretty good deal no?


Littleton prob buys coins from placed like gove mint and sells em 2x for more profit
(btw its cheap fabric and metal for its holder)

Elton Sena

Eu tenho moedas de REAL e da olimpíada para vender! 71986808710

Raisa Nuzat

The fucking veins man. Im drooling over here?

Jeff Claterbaugh

Why wouldn’t I believe that Littleton Coin Company sent this to you?
There’s a little bit of shilling in several of your videos.
You remind me of Krusty the clown sometimes....hey hey!
It’s all good - that’s your choice,

Jarred 333 other channel

woweee! #ytj333

Adrian HF

I understand you like high quality stuff, but don't hate on BCW supplies, they don't have pvc plastic in it.

Kamonphat Hiranyaruengrong

Me: Dad i want a coin...
Dad: How about littleton Coins???
Me: Ok
*Walks in the Littleton Coins *
Me: lets go to a yard sale its more better

Daniel Wilder

How is it that all these companies and people keep sending you free stuff? Littleton coins are priced about 25% or more above their true values. I know because in my early and ignorant beginnings I was robbed by them on a Franklin. They spend a great deal on flashy pamphlets and advertising and they clean coins. I wouldn't give them the time of day because of their deceptive and misleading claims and advertising and their exuberantly elevated pricing. and yet they send you free stuff? How is that? You gonna try to say you never did anything with them and this is just outta the blue? Or are you in some kinda cahoots with them? along with all the others that send you freebees


With these albums the center metal rings are not symmetrical, one side is more straight having to lift up one side then flip it over. making it a pain to flip thru the pages as you can see.

Penguin Gaming

They sell the worlds most expensive plastic!

Thomas Surette

Try this website vincentsfinejewelry.etsy.com mystery box jewelry cold silver diamond coins all the collectibles let me know what you think

MagicMan 1380

Yes the Littleton coin company is a horrible coin company to get coins from that's for sure I remember when I was a kid they were sending me crappy coins for a premium they are very scandalous companies wouldn't do business with them ever wouldn't advised anybody else to either

RC Hobbyist Extreme

I wouldnt take those coins if they gave them to me. Watch out with litteton, they sell cleaned coins that are probably the most popular and least expencive. Sorry but those books mean nothing to a coin shop. They take the coins and dollars out of them and throw them away. What I hate is when they include some printed history on the coins or bills. Watch those plastic sheets they expect you to put your bills in. Make sure non of those materials do not contain acids that damage your currency. Yeah free might be great but be careful. Its best to get your coin covers and bill protectors from a local coin shop. They will not charge you much if anything from them if you are a regular. My coin shop gives me breaks on stuff all the time.
They are the ones that told me to avoid littleton by the way. They show me all the books and folders they get from people cashing in their coins that they throw away. Especially the wooden boxes from QVC. Just garbage.



Craig Jorgensen

I know nothing about Littleton but it sounds like they tried to be nice and do you a favor. You created a nice video
that brought them a TON of bad publicity! Never have I seen so many negative comments about one company!
I for one would probably cross them off my list of companies I would deal with! Their good deed backfired!

sligo sligo

Just stop it ....we know what is going on ..disgusting

Bro Pep

Lilton is soooooooo over priced wholly Molle never buy from them please!!!!!


no silver in the box!?!?!

The steel dragon

Cool that they have the key dates and how much they’ve made

T.B. Willoughby

Littleton Coin Co. is the "Cadillac"/"Rolls Royce" of ALL coin companies. I'd be a little more impressed if they sent you a $50 "grab bag" of coins in "good quality."

Barf Rockskin

Big whoopie on your stuff from Littleton. How many coins did you actually receive with this shipment??? ANSWER: none.

T.B. Willoughby

I have dealt with Littleton several times in my "hobby years," not a dealer I would frequent (only when I can't find the same thing any cheaper.

murph murph

Littleton ???? no thanks im outta here

B. Garza

I’ve dealt with Littleton in the past, their stuff is really over priced and rarely worth what they charge.

wooden rat

I like to use littleton for more hard to find or obscure foreign coins and honestly the pricing on them is about the same as I can find everywhere else it is crazy to see the pricing on common silver coins and state quarters though

Noah Trezona

Littleton coin co is complete bs they're charging 335$ for a 10oz bar of silver, currently I could get a bar for 176$ on sd bullion.dont buy from Littleton

Beast Mode 14W

?? probably were able to give you this for free from the 75 years of ripping uneducated coin collectors. Fells bad man??

i. reneau

is there an album for 3 cent coins?


I used to have a bunch of the manilla flips with their names on it, most of them being aluminum.. lol they were from the early/mid 60s...

NoMyth Smith

Those sheets sound almost as thick as a card top loader.


I only have Littleton for the fall out advertisements that sometimes have great prices,, everything else is wayyyy overpriced..

Mallett Adventures

I love Littletons albums you can't find much better quality as far as that goes but their coins are extremely over priced. I do buy their introductory sets cause you actually come out ok on those and I watch for their specials and I've actually been able to get silver eagles and maple leafs for way cheaper than I can with APMEX so I snatch those up when I see them but that's about it. I normally just send whatever they send me back and keep whatever freebie they send. If they would drop their prices some I'd be far more tempted to buy from them. But when they're asking $47.95 for a $11 coin that's just insane to me. Only beginners buy stuff like that and kick themselves later once they realize they got ripped off for that much money. If you are a beginner in coins and precious metals the best piece of advice I can offer is do your research before you buy anything and don't be tempted to pay five times the value of something just because its in your hands. Even if you do have the cash to throw away. If companies know they can get away with it they'll continue to keep doing it. And I'm seriously not trying to dis hard on Littleton they do have really great products that are affordable and their customer service has been good for me. You just have to pick and choose through the deals. But never over pay for common coins that you can get for a fraction of the price. And I know Littleton justifies it by their in home 15 day trial before you buy deal and with the freebies you occasionally get but even all of that isn't enough to me to justify spending five times of what something is actually worth. Remember you are building an investment for the future and or something to pass down to your kids and over spending on things that won't really build much value over the years is foolish and its money that could be spent on way more nicer things that will appreciate in value. So that's my "two cents" on Littleton.

Coin Searcher

Littleton has cool product, but they scam ya on prices

Michelle Powell

Littleton sent you this albums to advertise their company i notice that you bypassed their catalog knowing that their prices is distroying the coin hobby

Sean Weir

I've seen their magazine and the prices are like "OMG" bad (quotes representing my actual thoughts)

She Pirate

I need one of those note binders!

Hunter Scott

Littleton seems too expensive for my tastes, at the same time I love the hunt more than just buying something online.

James Sampson

LITTLETON is the scammiest of the scammy!!!!!! They target old people, and just start sending them stuff and say "if u dont send it back, we will just charge that credit card we have on file...." You have no idea how many of my friends parents I have had to inform about how they can get the same coin, in a pcgs holder, graded 70, for one third the price they pay LITTLETON for an upgraded coin. And how scummy is it to find these old folks who dont realize LITTLETON is charging there card for stuff they didnt want.... if you dont believe me or the other 100 ppl in these comments about them, look at their prices, these guys r like just doubling red book...lol red book! Not greysheet... red book. Double! I'm kinda disappointed silver picker, that you would promote these hacks. I mean let me pay triple, because I get a set of white gloves with the order? Come on. I got some nice ocean front property in Arizona to show you... geez

MagicMan 1380

It's obvious silver picker has never bought coins from them or anything for that matter I find it almost unbelievable that you will promote such a horrible company SMH