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Tradingview subscription guide 2020

7 399 views | 23 Nov. 2020

Let's compare the

Let's compare the different subscription options and the features associated, the goal being to find value. No matter if you are an experienced user or just getting into it, this video may clear up a few things about Tradingview subscriptions. Pro vs Pro+ vs Premium.

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Do you mind if I ask what you use to view the shorter seconds timeframes?
I am interested in looking at those timeframes! Your advice would be much appreciated
Thanks Peter

Shaughn Allen

With your jigsaw subscription, can you go back and replay data from days or weeks ago? I've seen you before go back and forth in time on the DOM. Curious how your able to do that. Thanks man!


Hold on...on IB canada, if we have less than 25k USD in our account, we can only make 3 day trades max per 5 business days??! I was just looking at this on Google and saw it.. ?. Is it true? I have the 2k minimum in my account but that's all. I always thought that with a margin account we have unlimited day trades.

Team Taylor

I have a TradingView account. Are you saying the prices on my charts is not real time? I trade Tesla, Bitcoin etc and always thought they were in real time? You mentioned purchasing extra feeds?


Just purchased pro+ for $180 in India for 13 months.
I think it was a good deal

How to invest on yourself But Not scammed

bro you are genius to understand what traders are looking for.. you deserve my commission. I am buying right now.

xiao k

hmm is there a way to view a certain time range in say 1 day interval? i.e. look at 6 months but in daily interval...can't seem to find this basic function on tradingview...


do you know if these black friday discounts have been offered during the last few years during black friday? cus if i get the deal, idk if i should get 1 yr or 2 yrs, so am hoping that, if i like the charts (if i get tradeview), that this deal will be live again next year so that i may get another year (or maybe 2 yrs next time).


Hey out of curiosity, why don't you use DAS? I think they have good charts and fast data? I could be wrong as I don't know too much about DAS. It is more expensive tho, like 150 US a month

Jan Allen Go

What if I dont add extra market data (2usd a month). does this mean ill not be able to see stocks from ARCA, NYSE, NASDAQ?

"This is a special price for residents of the exchange’s home country. The final cost is applied after entering your address in the next step." I saw this in the black friday sale.im from the philippines by the way


thanks that was very helpful! I was only looking at the premium and didnt realize i dont actually need the premium until I saw this video, and that the pro+ is perfectly enough for me. If i get tradeview ill use your link.


So would you recommend Pro if I dont use that many indicators?

John Hughes

Does this sound familiar to anybody: After I place an order, it gets filled in about 8 to 10 seconds. I use tradestation as a broker and place the orders over tradingview. Needless to say, there is no way you can do daytrading like that. I have a high-speed internet connection and a fast computer. The only thing is that I don't have a pro-account. Could that be the reason? I don't know how to contact tradingview since they don't have a support line nor an email address to send questions to.
Appreciate any information on this


Hi I'm new need ur advice
I have interactive broker account and real market data subscription. Now I'm thinking to open trading views pro membership for charting analysis . My question is..... do I need real market data subscription in both platform (trading views and interactive broker ). Or just need real market data plan in one platform. Which one is more important to have real market data such as charting software or main trading platform. Or need market data in both charting & broker platform.
I'm confused as I'm new and learning.

Ethan G Money

Thank you!


Can you make/do you have any videos only explaining and going into depth about volume profile? Thanks.


thanks for the video. Just some quick questions for the pro... are the chart movements live? or is there a lag to real time? Can i get a candle bars with the pro? couldnt manage to get candles on the free version

Fan Wai

Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.


Thanks, Chris. That was actually helpful.

Mr. D

bro, can you link Trandingview with IB ?

Sphamandla Mkhize

Brother tell me about that extra market data I'm trading currency do I need to add them?


Subbed and liked. Thank you!

Stewart M.

Keep in mind to be prepared for regular pricing after the promo period. Premium will come with a Premium price.

sendino Wooden

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Gerhard Rosén

Too bad it´s not intergraded with IB.

BMatt 9

Great video thanks.


Thank you for your review, this helped me in making my buying decision.

Greg peter

I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs Mary Clinton , her trading strategies are top notch

Sergio Chávez

I can not make my payment on trading view it gives me 10002-account is restricted

Pam Music

please tell me, what different between pro and free? what pro version will realtime (non delay) like free version or isnt have defferent? bcause im scalping trader need realtime move of chart. as we know the chart of tradingview have some delay. i am right?

Dáire Fagan

Great video thanks, it has helped me make up my mind on the Pro+ plan, and I will be using your link to sign up. Can you please consider making a video about recognising the true bottom or low of any 30/40% BTC retracement and what indicators help with this? I have been looking at these indicators: https://i.imgur.com/vr8pUmM.png


oh my lord. thank you so much for this. why didnt anyone make it this simple explaining tradingview? You are the best!

Samphon Sres

why we can't use tradingview website more than one month