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Online Class: Design-Your-Own Pendant! | Michaels

386 views | 14 Oct. 2020


John Bead


John Bead Miyuki Delica Seed Beads in Size 11/0 Cobalt Blue

John Bead Miyuki Delica Seed Beads in Size 11/0 White Pearl AB

Nylon Beading Thread, Earth

Findings Variety Pack

Silver Plated Charm

Ball Chain

Size 10 Beading Needles

Precision Scissors

Chain Noise Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers

Bead Mat

Click here to Download Instructions - https://docs.google.com/document/d/16tEDN92OjSjiwOOgit82VThz-nlWMbde4SYFkE7Mq8Q/edit?usp=sharing

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[Online Class: Design-Your-Own Pendant!]


Do you want to take a FREE online class? Visit us as michaels.com/classes

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58 views | 14 Apr. 2016

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Why I'm Ready to BUY THE BLOOD In The Market

906 views | 28 Feb. 2020

Knife Catch Course

Knife Catch Course Here:


Allan Hu

Too bad the other commenter missed the point of your video. I think you brought up great analysis and strategy. A flash crash like this is impossible to predict - the broken clock fallacy is absolutely spot on - even though we all know it’s coming. Instead of worrying a out what has already happened, it’s more practical and profitable to plan for the next movements in the market. Whether we go bear or bull, there will inevitably be a correction to the correction coming. Nice work!

Phil Knirck

Great vid. U got a new follower. But you need to get to your content earlier and not just sell ur trainings. Actually super pissed to just watched a sales pitch

Larry Low

we need a positive news story any kind of semi solution to this virus. other the wise consumer is going to close there pocket book. markets are always looking 6 months out
all negative news now. keep fucking any bounce prospect