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Should bitcoin be a reserve currency? Is gold price ‘fixed’? Ron Paul answers (Pt 2/2)

88 279 views | 22 Jan. 2021

Watch part 1 of this

Watch part 1 of this interview: https://youtu.be/5MHJL-jc-Io

Whether or not bitcoin should be a reserve currency should be left to the free markets to decide, said Ron Paul, former Congressman and host of the Liberty Report.

0:00 - Bitcoin as reserve currency?

4:35 - Gold price fixing?

6:50 - Foreign policy

8:49 - Censorship

11:37 - Advice for the younger generations


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Bitcoin is fucking garbage.

james hefley

He wasn’t elected president because he is too smart

The Truth Will Set You Free

Big fan of Dr. Paul. Only intelligent politician with integrity I know.

Leo Vakhromeev

People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in crypto currency

Bill Bercik

Go back to gold and silver coin


Basically in terms of btc...”I can neither confirm nor deny” that this will be reserve currency.

Sonya Blade

May God bless you Ron Paul and your family, especially Rand Paul. He could be our future.

track and field

he is great.

Eric Blust

Gold seems fixed, because paper gold fills the demand for most people's gold needs...most people don't physically own gold.

Nunya Bidness

Baby-Boomers ALWAYS start THEIR ideas of a solution with "I THINK".... NEVER with "There's evidence to show"....... Typical little scared man! Go away Ron Paul, you're used up, you're old, you're a dead idea! Just GO AWAY!


BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE! IMO.⛱️?️?️?️???️????.

Kratom Gaming

Unfortunately its over. The swamp is too deep. The evil too great.
There will be a great reset, NWO, and depopulation to less than 500million worldwide. It will be a cabal, satanic, elitist, demonic playground.

Prayer and turning to God is our only HOPE. God Bless

Adrian Prophet

A government filled with corporate whores, Dr. Paul would expose all of their underhanded tactics; this is why they did not let him in.....

Cackleberry Farm

I LOVE Ron Paul!!! The greatest President that never was :-(


The reason people like Ron Paul and Bernie will never get elected is because the Democrats and Republicans are both bought and paid for by the same corporate lobbyists... guys like Bernie and Paul want to disrupt their systems....

Jack W


Bárbara Herda

3:17 Wow, so interesting. And here we are today, the IMF is the world’s 3rd largest holder of physical gold. So they dump it to create the distraction in 1971, then start loading up on it once nobody’s paying attention. All the while saying it has no value, it’s a pet rock, blah blah blah. Parasites. Low life criminals.

Justin Bryant

What happens to bitcoin when there's no money to pay for internet connections, phones and electricity? Not to mention the people that keep all of this running?

Mohammad Shaban

2nd interview is great

Andrew Aitken

America and China are two sides of the same coin... Romulus and Remus both embrace republicanism divided by "an imaginary wall" - borders. But the wealth and power is held by the senate/parliament - not the people! True liberty is having the power lying with the people! "Liberty, the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behaviour, or political views."

Brianna Collins

Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval Office.

Tobias Birmingham

It will crash under Biden

lewis forsythe

To shut down cripto currency you have to shut down the internet. That's why it's decentralized... Government hands off !

Abu Muhammad

Future Currency, Gold and Silver Coins. Any country that doesn't have Gold and silver will not be able to do trade beyond its borders.
Future Wars will be on Water control and Gold reserves.
May God Almighty guide us all to the right path. Amen

Carter Heavy Industries

Ron Paul da man


2020 showed us that Ron Paul could never be president even if he won the Republican primary - the Democrat oligarchs are willing to do anything in order to stay in power, including stuffing the ballot boxes! Nothing scares them more than deregulation and the free market.

Bienvenidos Mexico

Great interview thank you

dopey one

Crypto will crash by year end. It will become regulated. Therefore no way to hide money as it is now. Stick with gold something physical.


The fed can fix gold. They cant fix bitcoin.

Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez

The biggest problem for our "free countries" is that we aren't really free.

David Hardy

Government will mess it up fast

Gray Smith

[Crypto] is a very exciting development in Making money online, it might lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade it will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets.


I Thoroughly enjoyed this interview Mr. Paul is a Man with great intellect.
Thank you!!!

Gary Nev

Biggest wealth transfer in history. Government controlled money returned to the free market.

John 5864

How usa wish they can continue printing currency , may it be paper or bitcoin. You cant print gold.

chris nash

America didn't deserve Ron Paul as President. We are too stupid.

Bárbara Herda

0:35 “repeal all legal tender laws...”. Brilliant.
And end the unlawful, anti-constitutional Fed Res, IMF, BIS, ECB, Bank of Canada, etc.
End the global bank cartel centralized fiat garbage system.

Bárbara Herda

4:50 GATA has tons of evidence of price fixing of physical metals. Additionally, JP Morgan and I believe either GoldmanSachs or Citibank have already been fined for manipulation. The problem - it’s the cost of doing business for them, nothing more, nothing less.

Bárbara Herda

End the Fed Res, public enemy #1. Period.
Take away their piggy bank and see how fast their nefarious activities stop.

John Kline

surely slave labour , organ harvesting , stealing of IP , make Ron incorrect on his China view ?

martin elias

Younger emotional (social media driven) generation has been manipilating the price of gold unpredictably and they are out of control.

I will soon delete this commont.

Martino Kim

★★ Next Target for Justice "[Celltrion 068270]" after GameStop(GME)

Super Duper

The Dollar is based on Americas ability to manufacture. Which we no longer do. Anyone….Bueller???

monstermash mashmasher

Good dude


China has already released the e-cny. You can use it in the supermarkets, pharmacies etc.

Leroy Jones

Ron Paul has been espousing the principles of liberty and freedom nearly his whole life. He is a national treasure!!!

Benjamin Ahdoot

Great interview

Kumar Asnani

On our way to $2000 Ethereum?

Petros Vouloukos

This guy is so smart and so good and honest, too bad he never won presidency, the US and the world would have been in way better shape.

Dan Schumann

"Still the one"

Annie Henry

We need solutions not infighting. We are all human. The last candidate I voted for was YOU. I knew Obama was horrible while Killarney is scary. Trump is a big help. I’m so sorry he left.

Laffy Taffy

he wasn't the president that we needed, but the president that we deserved." - im batman!!!


Whatsup with that cutoff at 8:00 kitco? Censoring Ron Paul?

Randy QB

Thats not what she said


There is no way BTC can become anything with 1mb block cap.


I like Bitcoin but I am struggling to see how we tackle the environmental impact of mining? Also how long will the US tolerate capital outflows to BTC before they regulate it? They can't let it further dilute the USd surely?

DC Mims

Wait for the chip in your hand. It’s not that far away.. it’s out there already.

Sonya Blade

Yesssss!!!!! The restoration of our FREEDOM.

rick lulu

The digital dollar , why you dont ever talk about that

douglas houston

what a wise man,

Tim Brandon

Free trade interesting Free trade deals? How about free markets this what Capitalism is founded on ! Free trade created the wealth gap interesting . The old saying goes with saying NOTHING IS FREE the cost of the middle class.

Silver4Life 1230

Lol. OK lets make nothing the reserve currency.. That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard.


Twisted minds are stuck with fraudulent currency pretending not knowing that Bitcoin is the hedge by the very same people behind all the shits in our midst.


BITCOIN WILL BE USE IN "MARS" AND "MOON". IMO.⛱️??️?️?️?️?️??????.

Jaxx Brat

Gold was $270 an oz after 911

Johnny Lowell

These people who want to dominate thru control of economics using health orginazation and spreading lies on MSM should be charged for crimes against humanity

Rexy The Hound

The ‘Petro’ is being separated from the ‘Dollar’ [because of the electric revolution] and the US government knows this is coming so they are effectively dumping their own currency whilst its still good and buying up actual assets [infrastructure, etc].

Noe Garcia

I heard amc is the next gamestop stock to go up. I put 100.

Bárbara Herda

0:45 “They can’t become fraudulent because that IS what the Fed Res is all about.” Well said Ron Paul ??????????????‍♂️
Can’t get more brilliant and enlightening than the truth.

Richard M

Ron Paul is the equivalent of Australia's Malcolm Robert's. Ron should be President. Kind regards from Australia.

Caballero Randy

Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money


"...teach freedom, rather than all this Socialism" ain't that the truth.

Nunya Bidness

OMG! Ron Paul is not only an IDIOT! He's the ROLE MODEL for future idiots! These idiot baby-Boomers, that completely and utterly ruined this country, THINK they have all the answers to turn this economy around, THEY DON'T, and NEVER will have! They ALL need to be removed from government! They ruined the economy years ago with Unions and Pensions! All they did was secure THEIR futures on the backs of OURS! Now all they're trying to do is protect THEIR wealth! They let the Unions and Pensions ruin this country for ALL, and now they're scared! TOO BAD! They spent like kings and now they hoard like paupers!

Carol Harris

I came right here after the first part.

Tony Delta

If you have to ask if the metal prices are fixed, then I recommend u take your head from out your a$$!!

Rinzler D

Wait, free trade with China when you can't even see their books and they engage in predatory lending and the country is ran by a dictator and they steal our tech. Ron, you lost me.

Kitco NEWS

Watch part 1 of this interview: https://youtu.be/5MHJL-jc-Io

Sara V

This was one of the BEST interviews of Dr. Paul I have ever seen!!! and I have seen most of them. Great job!


4:25 and idiots claim deep state is a conspiracy theory.

Paolo television

RON PAUL 2024!

Allan Canonigo


Swedish Wargoat

Ron Paul deserves shitloads of respect. The only true human amongst all the lizards in the US political system.

Rob Craig

Can someone please tell me is it or is it not true that the Rothschild owns the Federal Reserve of the United States

Jerry God

solid intervoew, love hearing dr ron paul. blessings to both of yall

Darryl Knight

Free markets are dead Ron. If we had free markets what do you think interest rates would be now.

Nunya Bidness

Ron Paul CLEARLY HAS NO CLUE! His generation was the destruction of our economy! Baby-Boomers SOLD YOUR FUTURE! Don't take anything this old, washed up Baby-Boomer has to say as a solution, their ideology has not only corrupted this country, but it bankrupted it as well!

barb wire

Here's an idea, make tulips the reserve currency.

R James

MetLife, MicroStrategy, Shopify, PayPal, Spedn app, NCR, Alzashop, Litecoin visa card and much more ...?... ?

The future for Bitcoin and Łitecoin is looking more bullish every day. ?

Ellio Traders Crypto

Great video, I think Bitcoin is becoming the business of the day after all

fiamma valli

Wake up! The free market failed!

Wouter Dewet

The USA does not deserve to have Ron Paul for their president an a nation always gets the leaders they deserve.

Jedi Master

Ron Paul is a great man.

Sufina Ali

People. Rise up against the machine because that’s what the Govts are!! Become self reliant, reclaim your birth rights and watch house of cards collapse!! Ron Paul thank you Sir! ?


What a privilege to watch these two fine young gentlemen.
I wish this was on tv.... everywhere.

Steel Wolf

Doge for reserve currency - its already the most efficient way to send funds between exchanges - Doge needs to be the face on the worlds currency.


Until the collapse occurs nothing is going to change. People are addicted to easy money from big government and all its social programs.


"Do something, like maybe Sneak into a university and start teaching liberty" - Ron Paul 2021

Johnny Lowell

Friggin china is working with Soros to tear america down and make us the third world nation


God Damn this may be the smartest human being who ever lived. I don't even think anybody under the age of 35 even has the life experience to even process what he's saying.

Meno Yuno

Rand Paul is lucky that this man is his father. Can you imagine the advantages of being brought up with all this knowledge.

Kitco currencies

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Ron Paul on the next economic collapse, America's future, and universal basic income (Pt. 1/2)

1 224 862 views | 21 Jan. 2021

Watch part 2 of this

Watch part 2 of this interview: https://youtu.be/18iVvYPw14w

We need less, not more government intervention, and the stimulus that Americans have received is only going to exacerbate the current economic bubble that we’re in, said Ron Paul, former Congressman and host of the Liberty Report.

“When the inevitable correction comes it’s going to be more violent than ever before,” Paul said.

0:00 - America's priorities

7:07 - Debt and inflation

10:11- Collapse of the Soviet Union

12:08 - Government intervention

13:47 - Universal basic income

18:27 - Wealth gap


Kitco News is the world’s #1 of metals market information. Our videos feature interviews with prominent industry figures to bring you market-affecting insights, with the goal of helping people make informed investment decisions.

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graham mewburn

How big is a trillion?
A million seconds = 11 days.
A billion seconds = 30 years.
A trillion seconds = 30,000 years.

Anya Metten

Did he just end this video telling Americans that they need to work for money? Whoaaaa! He's in big trouble now.. How dare he!

Frank Velik

Ecxatly liquidation of debt by stealing from us by inflation.


Gas $10 a gal. Everyday essentials like milk, bread, toilet paper triple and quadruple, unemployment doubles and triples, interest rates shoots up and the stock market crashing will be the recipe for anarchy and destruction of our country. It’s all fun and games right now. Buckle up!!

lili lili

I have been waiting since 2014..... all the theory of once every 10 years. Lollll. Rubbish

Psycho Puppie

Beijing biden and his communist party and socialist media will destroy America

Vicky Mast

Will you join is asking News Max why in the world is the Voice of the Quran running and promoting your broadcast? Perhaps Glenn Beck can get to the bottom of this deception and another counterfeit claiming the Truth ~ Seriously ~ A fallen world, the era of the great deception.

Roger Dorsey


Life's Good

Your generation has no clue as to wrong or right or the true meanings.

Delmar Reed

We have idiots in Government! A Crash will be devastating! Prepare now!

Strat Cat

David Lin is a great interviewer. He's no bullshit--all business.

henry gilman

Why dont we make china pay?

David Rau

trump is going to prison for his crimes

Bienvenidos Mexico

good interview thank you

mimi fifi

I trust this man!


Minimal wages work fine in EU...People should not work hard to be poor and not too aford food and rent.... Freemarket is realy good for ritch people...

Matt Roberts

The doomsayers are here and brought some fear mongering with them ! Such a fall from grace recently, Doc Paul.

kong xiong

They think paying off debt with more debt is the key... There comes a point where you can't keep this strategy and we have passed it. Yeah..sensible economic...tell that to people who want free every thing. Free handouts and free healthcare. Sensible.


Listen read learn

graham mewburn

When I was born there were 2 billion people.
Today there's almost 8 billion!
We are chewing through resources at a record rate.
The discovery of oil peaked in 1964.
Mankind cannot pump undiscovered oil.
Think about that ........

Elias Chelios

The economic collapse began under Trump’s watch when he downplayed COVID.

Super Man

You cant head in the right direction when you are heading in the left direction. Utopianism is for those people who grew up in single mother households and missed out on the fairytales.

John Smith

I'll keep it short for you, America has fallen

Mario D. Zmaj

If you want a worthless opinion just ask a libertarian. They had Hoover in '29 and stupid small government advocates caused depression...

Robert Polansky

the two parties working for their parties NOT FOR AMERICA... America will collapse if we stay on the same road.....Democrate or Rupublicans not in control .the kingdom behind the seen wants America to collapse for their agenda ....God bless America and the world.

cp raile

another demented republican opening his pie hole

J Licht

It like a drug addict. Hard to get off money

Super Nova

Prior to the China virus President Trump's policies Put America on track for some real economic prosperity.

Donald Russell

Thousands and tens of thousands out of work?

youronly friend

the crooked government plans crashes every ten years or so to steal everyones money! we all know the truth history dont lie the government cult of satan does

Shahid Ali

Dr. Ron Paul you have option create wars destroy again middle East and you economy will be better. As you have said before when Americans economy is bad we create wars.

Karma Always Prevail

This is the game of capitalism. Anyone can become rich and run the world. In the modern world people vote with money. And if u don’t have money your voice don’t matter.

Alan Conlan

It's obvious to the world America is heading in the wrong direction. Look at the mayhem and chaos left in its wake. My book FROM BABYLON TO HERE spells it out. We need to educate ourselves while we still can.

Bob Narley

Collapse not yet bud

Mark Tirabassi

My mom is 94 years old , I’m her son n live with her . Tax day I used to get 2000$. As head of house hold . Now they stopped giving it . The gov does one thing than reverses it . N we’re controlled by the gov that’s out of controlled . Only the rich are worried about their money cause the poor don’t have it . We need warren buffet as president . Trump failed n Biden failing.

Tom Baluha

The collapse will come
You can't just print money. You are putting this all on your Grandchildren

mark marchiafava

let's face it, folks.
Amerika will NEVER be "great again" as long as the federal gov't remains intact.

Patrick Suwala

Inflation is a shadow tax on the poor. Minimum wage is a vehicle of inflation. And the poor cheer on their own demise by asking for higher minimum wages. Statism is a helluva drug.

Lee Perser

Liquidate debt for who! The wealthy elite, they will never help the poor, because they see the poor as slaves.

Vivianv Zorilla

He shld be elected for president, he's brilliant.

Cathy Parker

Jealous much at T are we????

Taylor Latch

I listened to Ron Paul a lot back in 08-12. All he talks about is doom and gloom to come - and it never comes. This is his marketing persona. A virus took down the economy, not the federal reserve. Maybe it’s important to have the government I don’t know... have plans for this kind of stuff? This is where science and Ron Paul collide in my opinion.

Moose Moose

the MSM labeled this man a racist when he ran for president... unreal

Ken Goetz

Waiting patiently for a world ending impact.

Froilan Bacelonia

Sad story !

Phil Miyagi

Never let a crisis go to waste...we the ppl are smart enough to turn the tables in some way...the best ideas are made in the worst of times

Jamie Gelien

Our country needs to make sure they have gold to back the money they are printing at the federal reserve. Also America needs to start creating a positive trade balance where we export more then we import.

Nunya Bidness

Don't take any advice from baby-Boomers! They have no idea what the future needs of the people are, hell, they STILL use flip phones and check books!

Richard Thomas

Ron Paul at 85 is so much sharper and on the ball than Joe Biden at 78.


Run paul liberty and a white dove

Hayden Hoodless

How does Ron Paul understand the problem with inflating debt away, but then say in a free market the wealth gap shrinks. You know what comes out of free markets? Companies like Standard Oil.


Wow, this guy Dr Ron Paul talks a lot of thrash, pure thrash, and its no wonder he learned from the garbage Mises institute. Dr Ron Paul and his equally ignorant followers probably never looked at an economic model, never looked at data. They probably think that the economy worked like the piggy bank you had when you were 8 years old. Dr Ron Paul is spreading misinformation.

Paul15 P

This guy has been saying this for 12 YEARS , totally CLUELESS !!

He bitches about the FED but was the person in charge of overseeing the FED,
And did nothing !!
Just a hoak for his personal gain.

Don Miller

Question is when ??

Royyal Kulture Financial

This a smart old man. Tell em

Jacqueline Gutierrez

The rampant trapezoid reportedly stroke because vegetable neurophysiologically punch within a phobic oil. small, grotesque dictionary

Tetsuji Rai

I guess not only economy, but Biden administration will collapse. I'm afraid of economic collapse, but celebrate Biden admin collapse! Looking forward to Trump's comeback!

Richie Mello

I hate hearing this guys speak. His ideals and rational are as old as he is. Flawed to the core.


Are military is lions lead by donkeys .


He was elected, while Mitt Romney & Obama was selected.

The Patriot

He's exactly right! Republicans and Democrats are one and the same. America needs to start waking up to the Libertarian party!

Variety Viewpoint

Ron Paul the only honest politician.

Nick Name

Ron Paul = Long story short, Trump was working to reduce our national debt, now we have Biden doing just the opposite,
creating a bigger bubble = Rampant Inflation making the American dollars useless.
Good job Ron, appreciate someone finally telling us the truth.

Justin Niles

To protect their power, the federal reserve will have to change course soon or crypto will take their power.

Scottie Dance2dabeats

COVID is the weapon allowing the monsters to gingle the keys to the kingdom. Debt makes debt and it's compounding at alarming rates across the globe! It will shackle entire swaths of future generations. COVID is no longer the challenge we'll face through 2022 and beyond.

Nonya FknBusiness

He's right but he's in a different game. Sure, the way the monetary system is run is kind of disgusting and disingenuous but as long as they manage deflation and inflation the game never ends.

skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders

RON PAUL I always said would have made a great president, problem is hes honest and full of integrity ,so he wouldnt be easy manipulated, sa that ruled him out.

victor johnson

I voted for Ron Paul but no one has asked him how he would have handled the covid plandemic ?

Tiago Gomes

The two measures that should have been adressed by Trump, was Big Tech and gold-dollar standard and ban the "temporary measure".

John S. Greene

One week out of office and now all the sudden the economy's going to collapse I am so done with all the b***** lies

Sam's Trading Network

great talk....

Digital Soldiers United

God Bless Dr. Ron Paul.

Kitco NEWS

Watch part 2 of this interview: https://youtu.be/18iVvYPw14w

Pedro A Gutierrez

President Biden does not know how to lead this Great Country

Joe Ruggeri

This is my dude. I Wish he was a few years younger. He would have been great for America as President

Conker985 _

Still 1000x sharper than Beijing Biden.

Jim Mears

Ron Paul has been screaming "The Sky is Falling!" for TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!!

Charles Kitchell

Always liked ron

Carl Campbell

"Most things the Democrats are doing are more wrong that right". So we must push forward at full speed with Democrats agenda?

Juan Hernandez

The zonked larch expectantly allow because viscose intralysosomally slap down a blue delivery. ashamed, petite driving

debasis bandopadhyay

Will see the extreme effect of universal basic income


Unfortunately Ron Paul is talking out his ass regarding UBI. He just sounds hyperbolic. Has he actually looked at any studies or implementations of it? I doubt it.

Don Donovan

With Obama failed economic policies back, very soon.

Kamran Hussain

This old fat is still Alive

patty sizer

Unfortunately I agree with Dr. Paul that the U.S. will get poorer. I would love to be wrong.

Global Blak Afrakan Empowerment

Ron paul is a fraud and a economic elite puppet. He never discuss the equitable economic coordination of a economy, which is a natural and a regenerative economy. He loves a monetary approach along with the CCP, because they love disorder. Time to end the monetary system.

Fuzz Man

Buy the Book how to learn Chinese and start with I surrender


God! Why isn't there a good young LIBERTARIAN candidate like this man... l thought E. Warren was the closest.. WE NEED A strong 3rd party..

wk Lee

A world leader that needs to borrow and print money just to survive cannot remain leader for long. Especially with 20% real unemployment rate and over 50 million facing food and housing insecurity.


Buy silver, gold, ammo, weapons. . . Stockpile food, prepare yourselves.

Robert DeLorge

Mr. Paul acknowledged that the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer and that it was riling up the socialists. What exactly did he offer as a rebuttal to what the socialists want to do to correct the inequality??? Jack shit!!! Let the free market decide he says!!! He's full of shit!!! We already have a free market!!!! Look where it put us!!!! Markets need REGULATION Mr Paul!!! And here you are advocating for smaller government!!!! Governments purpose is to make our lives materially better!!! The way I see it, government isn't the problem, the corrupt assholes running the government ARE THE PROBLEM!!!


Wtf YouTube? Add ads ads

Print It

We love you and your son Ron.

Bob Sibert

The biggest sugar high bubble ready to pop is real estate!!

Tony Lazarus

Everything is going according to the NWO/WEF agenda to "keep them poor" and to ensure that "you will have nothing, and you will be happy!"

oopi uon

we love you Dr Ron Paul you are wonderful!!!!! should have been united states president

Messenger Of I Exist

Do you believe an economic change is coming, a disruption of the US economy or the worldwide economy, a disruption in paper money?
If the ultra wealthy know an economic disruption will come, then in what storage medium will the ultra wealthy move into from paper currencies?
When the ultra wealthy move their wealth out of currencies into other storage mediums it will be obvious that an economic disruption is imminent. They will preserve their wealth in order to maintain the financial edge in any future economic system.

Nunya Bidness

Ron Paul CLEARLY HAS NO CLUE! His generation was the destruction of our economy! Baby-Boomers SOLD YOUR FUTURE! Don't take anything this old, washed up Baby-Boomer has to say as a solution, their ideology has not only corrupted this country, but it bankrupted it as well!

Buddy Boyy

You creepy biden voters happy now??? Still think trump was so bad??? Your votes FUCKED America. Way to go you boot licking walnuts!


Wish he was my grandpa

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Fed Chair: 80% of global central banks considering digital currencies

20 579 views | 26 Oct. 2020

At a panel hosed by the

At a panel hosed by the International Monetary Fund earlier this week, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that 80% of central banks around the world are exploring the idea of issuing central bank digital currency (CBDC), although the U.S. Fed has not made a decision to follow suit at this time.

Powell’s statement echoes a research report released by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in January which stated that currently 80% of central banks are engaged in developing in CBDC, up from 70% last year.

0:00 - Central banks issuing digital currencies

3:47 - Threat to gold?

4:27 - Gold confiscation


Kitco News is the world’s #1 source of metals market information. Our videos feature interviews with prominent industry figures to bring you market-affecting insights, with the goal of helping people make informed investment decisions.

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Anthony 55

What difference does it make. I'm already 99% digital. I probably have cash on me like three times a year.

Samuel Cerrito II

CHINA IS SATAN!!! WILL BE DESTROYED. B4 any games in 2022

Zoe Toussaint

they have said that it will take weeks to roll out lol believe me they been working on this for a while


Your guest is spot on in his thoughts about sovereigns and digital currency. Sovereigns WILL NOT allow private toy currencies to supplant them, they will be allowed to be used as long as they are not seen as a threat and if/when they are seen as a thread then they will just be outlawed.
Besides Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin are nothing more then Digital fiat.

Capt Canada

The 2022 Chinese olympics should be cancelled or countries should skip this one as a big FU to China.

Marvin Flyer

Biden or Harris, like FDR, would do a confiscation. Trump would not.

The Finance Guy

In a day and age where information is becoming more and more important, so is data protection now the only Cryptocurrency which will beat Bitcoin is Monero purely because of its privacy features it is already rallying today.

Hans Turpyn

Its just 1s and zeros,.. the Guy has no clue what makes the value in bitcoin

steve leblanc

This is not new and not just "talk". The IMF, Central Banks, BIS, Government Officials have been meeting with the tech company RIPPLE since 2013/2014 . Ripple's XRP "token" will power the movement of crossborder payments/SETTLEMENTS all over the globe ,say goodbye to swift and week long plus transactions. XRP takes 3 seconds to SETTLE, is extremely secure and less than a penny. Think of XRP as the currency to "BRIDGE" all forms of value. It is not the future, Ripple's tech is here now and has been here for a couple of years ie moneygram. All that is holding back the useage is Regulation CLARITY.

Matt S

David Erfle is a loser

Zoe Toussaint

every bank from 1 jan 2021 has to have a digital wallet set up for every customer


I've always said the day government impose their own digital currencies its over for bitcoin. They control the worlds Interbank Financial system and will outlaw and block bitcoin to fiat transactions, making bitcoin a worthless entity overnight.

Mike Foley

Digital currency, or mark of the beast?


Yes, Cryptos is less than paper money, it should be obvious for anyone who thinks straight.. The software is there you can make a competing Bitcoin competitor with ease.. Bitcoin is worth nothing more than the fiat money put into it combined.

5 Rings Promotions

It is really sad to consistently see the ignorance of reporters talking about the inability to track crypto currency! It is the MOST trackable digital currency ever created! Every single transaction is on the blockchain and can be traced. Please do your homework before allowing yourself to sound so ignorant when it comes to crypto.

Susie Wood

People are stupid, they will swallow the CB's crap. Digital currencies are entirely for CB's and government's benefits.
Start amassing skills and various stuff with which to barter. Growing some of your own food is a good idea.
Gold & silver is too precious to use to pay a plumber.

Petri Hallikainen

No way

Brandon Boyer

Lol impossible..

david arnaud

come on Digital money not real !!?? fiat Its real maybe ??90 % of fiat currency is just numbers in computers and in Bank . and you call yourself a Panel of professional .weird your vision

Crime Minister oftheworld

1988 time magazine said 2018 get readyfor a new world currency this was always the plan and all you dumded down sheeple let it happen. We deserve all the pain they deliver, for our lack of courage ???

Anon C137

why is this guy the expert on digital currencies when he knows nothing of bitcoin?


"Why would a pandemic necessitate digital currencies" ?, he asks...
Because this was the elite's plan for further control over the masses, and enrich themselves to the furthest extent.. Nothing new under the sun..

Pamela Ranney

The CB's got themselves into this and are now saying it's the fault of a virus. Really most educated people aren't believing that lie.

Gemma Diva

So we give the " government " control over our banking to deposit made up money, trust that it will be worth what they say it will be, believe they won't regulate what a person can buy and in quantities we want, and at no point be able to hold this valuable product in our hands because it is all digital made up currency. New World Order written all over this mandatory system coming. Better get good at bartering.

Phantom Fred

You ask an ‘expert’ his opinion on technology and he’s surrounded by a collection of CDs! He’s probably one of the people who warned Spotify will never work: ‘don’t use Spotify, it will be banned’.

Rusty Hill

These interviews have recently become much better. Dave is very serious about getting the important info we need to make better decisions. He also does it in a very understandable way. Most interviewers never let their guest finish answers usually because they are promoting something other than getting us good info. Dave knows how to get directly to the point and always clarifies anything not clear in very good ways I usually do not see in others. Also there is no click bait, the title is always very well done.

If someone was fired to get Dave in this position that was a very smart move... wink, wink.

Thank you Dave I will be watching every thing you put out. If Dave's boss is reading this I am also saying David deserves a raise.

B.A.B.Y. - Investment Consulting & Research

Although it seems like stating the obvious, this whole thing was just blown up to win the war on cash.

Bye cash, Hello constant tracking and data collecting.



Does anyone think its gross how we have no control over our own lives ? .

melon shop

ლ( ◔ ◡ ◔ )ლ THE RISE OF THE RISE. BLOW THE BALOON.!!! ??? :3

Mykola Rusyn

bitcoin is 100x harderd money than gold, omg, respect for a guy but he will learn ;)

Charles David

2020 online stock market is just so difficult and unbelievable,I rather INVEST my money on Crypto ?

mike mike

Ultimate control


Blithering moron

Ryan B

This guy should not be interviewed regarding cryptocurrency since he doesn't understand the technology.

Lawrence S.

Kitko should have its own digital "currency" as well. Gold-backed Kitko coins. Perth Mint (Australia) and the Royal Mint (UK) is already offering some form of Digital gold backed by real gold in their vaults. I don't see why Kitko can't do something similar but since they are not a government entity, they can choose to be decentralised such as Bitcoin.

Roger Tilden

If you don't hold it, you don't own it!!!


Bitcoin is harder then gold.. do some research ? Gold is also to hard to move around and costs to much to move around. Digital is here, Bitcoin is here. And the next generations on young adults don’t want gold, banks, or fiat

Hristo Nenkov

I observe a very interesting trend lately which is that almost all gold bugs dismiss cryptos as if it is garbage and most bitcoin fans also acknowledge the value of gold. At the same time both groups have similar reasoning as of why their favorite asset class is the best. This guy said that gold is better than crypto (bitcoin) because it is hard money but how is it possible that so many smart investors don't get it that hard money does not equal physically hard?!

Jerry Chandler

Why would any sane person give the power of the government to a private central bank with secret ownership? These people need put in jail, not given additional power.

Richer Mx

We need a silver backed crypto coin, just like Paxos does with gold.

Mike Rinaldi

Bitcoin is the hardest money

Najeeb Siddiqui

Bitcoin is unstoppable. It's a black hole and will swallow everything up.


Digital currency would allow Central banks to direct money to where it needs to go. Right now federal reserve has to go through the banks. In a CBDC world the Fed would put money directly in your account.

Jane Reynolds

Check out Klaus Schwab founder of the World Economic Forum who states We will own nothing in ten years. Urgent expose this evilness.


This guy needs to watch Michael saylor for an education.

Garry Shearer

we will move to 80% trade locally an apple for a orange


Imagine these people who are getting cash in hand. All homeless people gonna be screwed.

Andrej Vukotic

Haven't yet come around to understand the value of crypto as an asset, as opposed to the potential of the underlying tech (payments, tokenization, etc.), so I'm not a crypto enthusiast...but I do find irony in David talking about cryptocurrencies in front of, what looks to me, is a DVD library ?

Jamison Erwin

Bitcoin is not limited to 21 million. Mastercard already has a patent on fractionizing bitcoin. Meaning, they can issue debt-based bitcoin backed by potentially no keys. People will use debt, and bank loans—they always have. Thus, we will continue the derivative debt market bubble again.

Ap Apps

The distinction between digital currency and cryptocurrency needs to be understood.


2:23 "Great question!" But of course. When David Lin is interviewing, it's always a great question.

Anon C137

"banning bitcoin" has been tried and failed. its impossible

James the Ponderer

The U.S. is a declining nation and a follower. Every day, politicians point to another country doing what we must do. Years ago, we set the trends.

Roger Tilden

Another power grab to know everything about U and Me

Keeping it Real

The same way they control money printing they will control digital dollars. All other digital currencies will be banned.

Gigi D

we arent China (yet) so dont compare us to China.


Finally, this is the video all of the insane Bitcoin, XRP, XLM, ETH, VeChain fan boys need to watch. Yes digital currencies are coming, but it will be a little while and it won't just be some random coin.

bev lower

Prepare for an underground "market" after the banker's digital currency rolls out.


I have a hard time taking advice from a guy who's got a quarter of his housing space dedicated to a CD collection that could fit on a phone lol


Crypto is a joke it’s based on pumping a bunch of 1s and 0s

No store value just the hope that it goes up on speculation and that there are other dumbasses there

Carin Wiseman

With digital currency, our slavery will be complete.

ed gray

It all about controls for the globalist.
And a lot of buy ins

Chris Salley



Someone needs to let your guest know that the algorithm for helping human beings survive in this mordern world are all ONES and ZEROS .
Traffic lights, planes, debit, credit, cars, computers, cell phones...


My social credit score is going to suck lol . I'm not a nice person . . Oh well

Linda N

If the grid is down, and without electricity, you can use gold and silver as legal tender or to barter. You can’t do that with crypto. Are you going to hand someone your crypto key or hard drive? It’s considered worthless at the time. Please look at Venezuela and learn folks.

Kevin A

Any time there is a commodity/asset made illegal, it creates a black market.

Paul Simmons

Gold, silver need to be legal tender in states as a check and balance to "Fed" central control. Are citizens ignorant and uncareing enough to let horrid Gov. total central currency control happen? The public with hardly a whimper let the Constitutional demand of debt restraint, that is the dollar gold / silver standard, illegaly default into counterfeit fiat private bank notes. Enjoy everyone the mega trillions of debt payment and the freedom robbing organizations (i.e. IMF, Central Banks, Globalists) that endless fiat has empowered! Let us stupidly give them control over all digital currency as well! We can then sing again with mournful feeling : " We Are Yankee Doodle Suckers".

David Turner

What about hackers getting into these banking systems and transferring this money to secret accounts; like onto a laptop or something,?

Ryan B

Crypto can be 100% tracked. This is why they want to use digital currencies so they can track and tax every transaction. And btc is not a threat because it's mostly used as a store of value similar to gold. It's not used as a Currency to buy coffee.

james M

Lol its a reason China hasn't banned bitcoin because you can't ban it. If anything China is probably buying it and taking some from the miners. This guy is clueless of what is going on. Gold is good but he comes off highly bias honestly. Alot of gold bugs scared bitcoin is going to take a huge market share becoming a store of value.


“Its 1s and 0s”

Wow. So is amazon and apple and Shopify and every tech product ?‍?


People with no bitcoin will be crying how “unfair” it’s after bitcoin obliterates fiat and everything else...

John Doomernik

Gov imposed digital currency is a carefully planned mechanism that is nothing less than a sophisticated type of mouse trap..

Jeff Bryan


Buck Wheaton

$BTC has a market price but because it is electronic its value is solely due to the bid of the market. It is ephemeral, not intrinsic. Further, there are hardly any contracts that settle in $BTC let alone any debt instruments. So nothing anchors it’s value over time. Gold is the opposite in so many important ways. Again, not that $BTC doesn’t have a price or many who hold it. Gold far more suited to store wealth.

Michelle Clark

Excellent interview. Thank you.

Digital Dirk

It will be much easier to seize or stop your gold than your bitcoin. This dude has it backwards ....

5 Rings Promotions

What is untraceable is cold hard cash and the ability to change decimal points in centralized monetary systems! Ugh...

Lazy Panda

Saying you prefer gold instead of Bitcoin because Bitcoin is just 1s and 0s is like saying you prefer physical books, movies, music, games because digital ones are just 1s and 0s...

Polaris 23

This has been in the works for years now. The entire CV19 sham is really about money and new economy that is coming, not a virus.


Also, Bitcoin DOES NOT NEED Government permission, that’s what these fossils don’t understand... good luck trying to move your wealth out of a country with gold... there are countless examples of gold confiscation especially at the boarders... one Indian man tried to smuggle gold UP HIS REAR END and he still was caught and now he is in prison. If your not flexible, you WILL BE BROKEN over a tyrannical government’s knee.

Patrick Coleman

This is really really really bad and evil total control no more freedom to use your own money as you want without the Tyrants knowing everything you do, this is totally evil

Huw Jones

If gold is stolen you the government, will silver be worth more than gold?


Right now we use cash, debit, credit. And 2 thirds of what I just said are electronic actions. Who’s bsing who? I thought the big banks and governments already sent money around electronically. So why do they need us to be electronic? What are we going to do if the power goes out? Suffer because of them? Fk that. It’s easier to remove a government and install a new one. And who ever said the bank that we’re looking at today has to be the bank we’re looking at tomorrow. If the banks can’t serve the people’s needs, why on earth would we keep them. Unless we agree they own us and the entire planet. So we’re slaves...... again.

Anita Hamlin

It's a done deal watch the video from the IMF's web site. Wait for the social credit system. We are living in a world going to dystopian.

Douglas Nelson

Say it..the World NWO


Razva NN

David Lin is really impresive. Someone should interview him for a change

Make Money

F... bitcoin
F... digital currency
I will not lose my freedom

issen van

How can they “ban” BTC?


I still haven't wrapped my head around the difference between an official national digital currency, and using 3rd party services like credit cards and PayPal to trade dollars digitally as we currently do. Is it as simple as the government becomes the 3rd party and therefore has the power that comes along with that? Doesn't the government essentially already have that power through auditing and regulatory law?

Lashawndra Gonzales

A CVS I went to, I noticed took Alipay.

Xrp Gladiator

Xrp the Phoenix.

Paul Lewin

My problem is this! Central banks are going to use crypto, but that means all central governments have even more control over there people than they have now!!! How can this be a good thing?


This man is a fool on bitcoin. See you at $50k+ within 1 year. CBDC just makes bitcoin more attractive.


Why are you talking to David Erfle about this? I'm really interested in which junior miners he thinks aren't overpriced.

Steffen Schade

We’re worried about the ever increasing debt, in particular the public debt and the expanding balance sheet of the FED.

Now, a central bank could waive the repayment of a bond that was exclusively sold to the government - an internal debt cut so to speak.

The central bank’s balance sheet would be reduced.
The government debt would be less.
Problem solved.

Am I missing something out here or is this a potential path?

I understand that the printed money is still in the system and it doesn't solve the debasing problem.

But wouldn't it solve the debt problem? Particularly for the case when inflation picks up too much and interest rates need to be raised again.

Has this been tried somewhere in history?

Graham Holland

Kitco is always a good channel, this time a bit more education is needed regarding crypto.
Crypto is not just bitcoin.
Take a look at the American company Ripple estimated to be worth $10billion.
The Ripple XRP crypto coin will be used to make money transactions instant, like text and email.
It would be good to interview Brad Garlinghouse the CEO, or watch some of his interviews on CNN etc.
Education is key.

nadeem ahmed

Any currency without backing of gold or silver is valueless. Gold is real money. Either digital currency or fiat currencies are doomed to fail.

We would like to see gold standard back to contain inflation and checking unnecessary debt or credit expansion in economies.

Steven Strong

Governments are cash strapped and going after the cash/underground economy