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OMG NETWORK +50% | NEXT STOP $700?!?!?!

1 865 views | 21 Aug. 2020

Lets analysis the current

Lets analysis the current price action of OMG. The future price targets are going to be discussed.



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The above links are affiliate links or paid discount deals and promotions.

Good evening homies, this is another video for your entertainment. Not financial advice. Invest at your own risk. I am not in any means responsible for gains and/or losses. You are responsible for your portfolio. Do not take my entertainment as investing advice.

Greg Pierce

Did everyone get out at $10? Is it going back up?

Ingus Graholskis

Why does OMG breaks out like that now? What has changed to get this atraction?


bought at 2.2 usd - now waiting for the 7 mark to Tp.

FYI Tampa Bay

Good Morning Crypto Homie and Homie Friends - I have a couple of questions about OMG and Market Cap... FOR US NEWBIES - I made a video asking the questions because it was just easier to do it that way... so, please have a quick look and see if you can help some Newbies out - ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpkCTReSndc

Temple Ray

I always miss up. I have 545 omg I should have way more then that.i never trust my gut. I have believe in omg for 3 years now. Just didn't invest.

Wi Castle

8 already...

Crypto 2020

$700??? lol

JiggyDeadNan Gaming

No offence but 700? You’re either click baiting or just plain stupid ? 700 for 1 omg token in the next 5 YEARS! Is a longshot.. but 700 in the short term? Not a chance


I bought it st 3 sold at 6 but wish I should wait. It got to 10..dang


it hit $10 on CB last night then retraced down to 5.78... i bought more at $6... is a beast just like chainlink!

Angelo Guimarães

hello bro!
You could post your analysis on tradingview to facilitate those who do not have fluent English.


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REALIST NEWS - Web Bot Hit In the Making? OMG Coin $11 from $7 just days ago

15 220 views | 31 Aug. 2017

Join my Woo Woo Crypto

Join my Woo Woo Crypto Patreon https://www.patreon.com/jsnip4/memberships



William Leather

Safe Exchange , Verge , Sia - Coin , long term hold ...


Dude, you're odd...

Jeff Christopher

Oh me say Go! Thanks

Anthony Gato

"you will NEVER stop me with THESE thumbs downs!" haha. dont get shook jsnp.

Brad Carey

Gees there's a lot of haters on here lol.
Take the advice, put it into action, make some extra money to better you life and be grateful and appreciate it.

Cheers jsnip4 and cheers clif high..

Brad from Australia ???☺?

James Frushon

Now I know why you say 'anyways'

Joe Hunter

Thanks jsnip4 and clif for the tip!!


i have 505 OMG and i’m gonna hold them for another year! OMGOINGGGG TO MARS!!


What friggin report is omg in how am i missing it?

J Leo

That was Winger "17" brother. Good times!

Joe Eoj

I never saw the white light, the 'White light' filled my soul.................

A Aron fl

I bought 1000$ bucks worth thanks jsnip .all smiles here in Tampa Florida!!!!


Just watched Pillar Live stream and I am not happy what i see.
This is from Clif report:
" The organization behind Pillar Wallet Project, is a bit confusing as it is a non-organization organization. That noted again, the talent is impressive, and the collective wisdom, around a single point of architecture, does work. The danger here will be if 'collective decision making' ends up producing a camel where a horse was designed. Only time will tell that tale.
All cautions being noted, the talent is impressive, as is the demonstrated history of code, marketing, and fintech thinking involved."
So you figure, I think they need to pick up a pace and get that product out on market.
added: ....and stop asking people for help and ideas.

Sonoma County Real Estate

Jsnip, I'm trying to figure out what wallet to store OMG on, I don't think it can be stored on myetherwallet. Where are you storing it? I want to get it off the exchange. OMG website does not have a wallet that I can see. Thanx buddy, for the awesome tip.

Rave King Bitchmaster

Dear friend, I had already put some cash in OMG, but the next day, after seeing your vid, I put a real chunk in. Thanks for the time you put into these vids. Good luck to us all ?

Declan Garrity

Lol you dont get double your ether back if the dollar amount of OMG doubles. Because ether has gone up you get less ether back. Nice try jsnip4 lol

I'm too stupid to pour piss out of a boot

Omg to $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You go, Snip! You rock!


I miss out on everything, now have my money stuck in tenx and neo from two weeks ago. Advice?????

Jimmy Mack

4 thumbs up to you sir. You are a voice of reason, inspiration and exploring of the unknown. Haters have no lives. We do.



Lu Hoffma

over 12 now

Evelyn Vincent

Thanks Clif & Joe!


After you posted Cliff's info on OMG bought at 8.26 so I am very happy...Good Job!!!...


A humble request: please tell us to the best of Cliff's messages to you which one you would invest in if you could only choose one or two. You're famous now and can afford to invest 5 ETH here and there but such is a serious deal for us regular pleebs :) I want to target what I have best I can and you've got so many hot targets coming in its tough to direct fire properly.


Joe, in the future you may be famous as that guy who made people rich.  The maker of Bitcoinaires(people who own a whole bitcoin or more.)  Perhaps even Litecoinaires will be fairly rich as well in the times ahead.

Darbur 68

Always hearing about these Webbot hits AFTER the fact. Useless Info.


That Litecoin is stable at 67 USD on coinbase!


you should be careful as people may not be as quick to react as you .......I day trade 250000k a day and understand the concept of pump and dump. People should buy and then take profit and IMMEDIATELY SELL........ or people will loose all profit and them some. Crypto is no devil but she is slippery and as such should be handled with care.


Thank you jsnip and thank you cliff. You guys rock! There's a bunch of good karma heading your way.


Joe, you skipt Monero. I got in a few weeks ago at €43. Now it is €118.


' ma ma mama ma ma mama said crypto coins are the devil' LMAOOO


A-A-Alligators is so angry...b.. because cryptos has invaded their Medulla Oblongata!


I think the thumbs down are remnants of the pillar thing, hard to trust anyone out here man

Randy C

Joe is correct if ETH doubles and OMG goes up x2 in terms of ETH that is 4x

Sammi C.

Thank you so much Joe for all these crypto videos. Thanks to Clif High too that he is helping so many ignorant people out there like me sitting and watching our life savings gone each and everyday,bit by bit.I bought OMG. I bought only a laughable amount which is what I can afford now.Please keep us posted on your cryto investments.With my hearty thanks.

temple ray

omg is going too be big within 3 years 3k or more I also like utrust it could be the next paypal my top icos I like is omg pillar tenx utrust viberate and eos


HEY Jsnip4 - Ask Cliff to look at - GLD GOLDCOIN ??... I hear they are doing great things.




LOL ma mama mama says LOL

Panda King

Ok you're right on this one

kevin joseph

web bot---can someone pay and hear it online, as opposed to getting a disc in the mail?


How high can OMG go?

Bob Wood

Can someone please e-mail me and explain [ or even call 541- 409-1026] and explain how I can get rid of starta out of the waves wallet---{[email protected]} thanks!


Winger was the band, sorry had to post it. haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlN3oEjMpUQ


You were signing your songs when pillar went up to 20 cents, now it's back to 9 cents. There is saying don't count eggs before they hatch unless you sold off your OMG for profit at the time when we were buying it after your video, good job amigo!

Lukas Walton

jsnip4 ask Cliff to run some data on Rise coin platform, from the creator of Cloak coin. Cliffs spoke good of Cloak

Cypress Avenue

Love the mario impression

Robert Mcgee

They are pissed they missed the latest jump. Time to get on the crypto train.

Grayson - Car Buying Tactics

It's Winger Jsnip4. Where did you perchase your omg. New to cryptos. Watching every video I can 65 hour work makes it hard. Thank you for what you do....... greatly appreciated!

Jack R

Trump is delivering by MAGA and Cryptos are delivering by making my funds great again! "F" the fed and their toilet paper currency. Banks make the satanic fed coin. Claim your crypto stake now before the wealth transfer picks of steem and goes to the moon Alice!!! LOL. I just made another $100.00 while typing this comment. God Bless America!!!

Ryan Ralph

Joe you really should spend more time showing people how to buy certain coins.  SLOWLY.  I  would of bought more cryptos if I could figure out the process.  Just my two cents.  I'm not a text person, sure could use the help in this area.


A lot of us owe

Alaska Prepper

Anyone have advice on how I can get Poloniex to verify my status?  They think I'm a resident of a state that I am not and are not verifying my status.  I've left them two trouble tickets to which they have not responded.  Is there another exchange that I can join that supports the trading of multi cryptos and alt coins.  Thank you in advance and congratulations on all of  your success JSNIP.

Bradley Stone

Wouldn't OMG's price largely be determined by market cap?

Anthony M

OMG! OMG, bought 200 at £6 ? and to hear the words it might be explosive is giving me goosebumps. I have just missed out on a couple of major ICO"s lately. Hope this gives my portfolio a great boost. CLIF HIGH for president in 2020!

david lewis

since Bix Weir has disabled his comments, here's a BIG SHOUT TO your friend and mine, for his statement ''litecoin is a screaming buy!!" I took him at his word, and even beefed up at 62.
and up she goes! here's to the 3 amigos, one and all !! (I don't blame Bix for disabling, a lot of losers that don't see the crypto age coming, and the dollar ending) they say ''it's a pump and dump'' they write one insulting line, and do not listen to how he follows his advice...

Sidney Boudro

My Criptoes are down a lot, I think it is returning up a little.

Elizabeth Mapplebeck

I love Crpytoland. It is always warm and sunny.

Ron M

Anybody look at cartaxi. What you think?


You guys are pussies, look at this! They just presold $50m to forbes , sale is us is just us$100 .

Orange Dot

I jumped on it, Joe. Am a happy camper this morning. Yee Haw!!!!


i prefer his last hit: PPT


sooo... no follow up?

Kevin B

Omisego made me more money (on paper) in one day than I've ever made before in my entire life.

Kevin Bibay

what happen with PLR?

Si Mathison

T- 30 minutes till OMG blast off again. $15 -$18 before the weekend.


Omg the buy trades on bittrex are going out of control, we should see 12 dollars soon, and 71 dollar LTC, awesome, well it did it, what a day, 71 ltc 12 OMG

fernando sanchez

my plan is to hold my cryptos and see how high they go in the long term. i currently have positions in salt lending, pillar, omisego, foodcoin and lite coin. i'm trying to take a diversified approach here by taking advice from cliff high, bix weir and joe. if either of these skyrocket, what would be a good selling point?

tow mater

in at 3.50

Peter Mobius



OMG - The Mac Donalds coin? Are you loving it yet, peasants? Want a Big Mac and a large order of fries to go with that MickeyD currency? One day you'll need to buy Merk Rx coin in order to cure the heartburn.

rob brower

jsnip you're funny as hell!  Keep rockin it!

Randy C


A Sharp

Joe I got in on OMG at 6.20 per coin. Put 1.2 bitcoins in there! Im not selling it either. We def have alot more to come in Q4! Also took a little bit of a hit on MCO but I KNOW it'll recover with the tech they have. Also, LOOK INTO NAV!!!! Basically private Bitcoin. Went from 53 cents to 1.09!

Tony Blaylock

Clif system is working like a charm.

Doc Quixote

Stop trying to cure cognitive dissidence Joe. Nobody has succeed thru out our entire history... it won't start with you. Let it go...

Fernando Barrera DS

What are looking at a price target?


Get on the OMG train before it is too late. I am on board with a first class ticket to money town.


I think Seventeen is by Winger


Hey Joe. Take a look at Archain ARC in presale archain.org. I love the business model and US citizens can participate. Thanks to you and Cliff and Bix

rico suave

I will buy more ether with my Mcdonald's paycheck I'm going from slave 2 slave master! ?

Matthew ferrari

my bcc : u

Chris R

meh not impressed it probably mostly pumped because clif said it would, self fulfilling prophecy


Hey Bumpkin,
Can I call you Bumpkin? thanks!
love your show I get a lot of laughs, but if your going to plagiaris and steal Clif's work at least have the courtesy and respect to do it right and not half ass and butcher it.
C'mon Bumpkin get it together you're making cash of these suckers I mean followers so have a better attitude when taking other people's money...keep it up I love the show!


How much higher will it go? Only interested in coins that can at least 4-5x in 6 mo.

Jimmy Douglas PT, DPT


Declan Garrity

did he mean f'd up country or f'd up world? Does he think only US uses Youtube?


I got in on OMG at $8.30. Thanks to you and Clif

Julie P.

Hey Jsnip, this is fantastic- I was already into OMG but wondering what Clif might say about Qtum, and the much talked about ICO of NEO called RedPulse...hmmm. Thanks for all you do!

Free Fall

I made some money on OMG, stupid haters, stay poor losers. Don't turn hundreds into thousands, we'll make millions any way.

Omar Touzani

Yeah right the webbot nailed it again!! The webbot is the bible and Clif is J. Let's wait for a couple of weeks and we will see this omg dive back to where it came from. What happened to the veritaseum hype? You guys don't cover it anymore. A straight dive from $250 to $94 and still going much lower!


Hello Jason, what is your email?

Peggy Johnson

Omg. Lol. Extra accounts to put thumbs down?? Now I have heard everything! I don't even pay attention to those.


A lot of us owe Clif & Joe and I haven't even encountered a realized gain.


@5:55 please dont

richard T.

Joe thanks so much for getting me into the cryptos beginning with VERI and others. Congrats on the new golf car - much deserved for your service to the community. Blessings from a christian to you and your family.

Claude Desaulniers

Must you always sing ? ?


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7 views | 17 Nov. 2018