Supply and demand graph maker online free

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How to Plot demand curve and supply curve to find equilibrium price and quantity graphically

59 125 views | 22 Jan. 2016

In this video I use MS

In this video I use MS Excel 2010 to plot demand curve and supply curve to find equilibrium price and quantity graphically

Varuschka Ramphal

thanks thanks - this really helped.


Thank you this was clear to understand.

Shrikant Chavan

Thank you sir!! the video was really helpful! helped me plot the supply and demand graph of my clg assignment

ataullah nori

Thanks a lot you are great

Patrick Nkhoma


John Tanner

The axis' were correct in the beginning for some reason. Normally they're swapped so the step you did was usually necessary, but your example didn't display it.


Helped me not go broke on a Minecraft Server 10/10 would watch again

Evett Westcarr

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this video. It was very precise.


Great practical video, thanks for taking the time to share the knowledge, it helped a lot for an assignment I need to do!

Susan Jo

Thank you so much! This is so helpful!!

Kwabena Opoku

Thanks a lot. This was helpful

Evett Westcarr

This is a very good illustration.

Salome M

Tthank you for the lesson of plotting a graph using excel. There is something that doesn't come out right when I try to do it though. When I click on select data it gives me only two bars to edit.

Supply and demand graph maker online free

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How to Graph Supply & Demand Equations

81 959 views | 8 Sep. 2014

This is a supplemental

This is a supplemental video that shows my students how to graph supply and demand equations. First we graph demand, then we graph supply, and finally we find the equilibrium price and quantity.


and then again at 3:45 you SAY what you're doing (adding 2q to both sides) but you dont actually show me you doing the addition, you just write the answer down. This really confuses the hell out of me. Thank you for your video but I never see anyone explain these parts in any of the videos, and there are people like me who have no clue what you're doing at those parts.

Samantha Pederson

I'm in an upper division macro class, but my intro classes did not have us graph ANYTHING so this saved me. Bless your sweet soul. Maybe I'm shouting in the void here because this was posted 4 years ago, but post more videos.


Why does 100 minus 2 still equal 100?

Mohamed Hassan

Thank you sir this is really helpful.... Good explanation God bless you.

Josh Burdick

Thank you :)


Thank you so much!!!!

Brody Brush


Soumyadeep Chatterjee

Excellent videos Sir! Thanks! Love from India :)


Thanks!! Helped completely :) !

Watu Matuze

wow thank you so much.... so clear


You just helped me pass my test. Thanks!

Nam Chuong Pham

Thank you alot :D


I wish people could better explain what you do at 3 minutes when Q is apparently = to 0. Like, I can watch you but I have no clue what you're doing or why you're doing it. I just know that Q is supposed to = 0. How do you get the equation to get 100? why do you do that equation instead of just putting the 100 that was already there, there?

Al Naimul Naem

I've searched a lot of video.From any of them, i didn't get clear idea as much as i get from your video.I could offer thousand words of praise.But i will keep it short : THANK YOU so much.It helps me a LOT

Shireen Sultana

Hello, I need a help for a problem similiar to this vedio. Can you please help me?

nov 30

amazing explanation. thanks!!!

Parvin Kay

What if we have a negative Qs=-10+3P and Qd=20-2P

Sadman Shihab

Thank u so much sir

Christina Saladin

I know this video is nearly 7 years old, but it showed me how to do what I couldn't figure out on my own in an online class. Thank you


Does this also work if I have the equation Qd=100-5p Qs=55+10p?

Mayada Mohsin

This saved me. Thank you :)


Great video


HUGE help, thank you

Anton Chernov

god... you saved my arse mister! many thanks!

tayfun çelik

we write 1 instead of 0 if we give the same answer does or why we chose 0?

John Michael


Jesmond Chang

thanks man. this is really helpful.


Thank you so much. I'm clearer

Joan Morrison

bro this just saved my ass thank you so much!


Very helpful

A.M Khan

Thank you so much sir!
It's much helpful.
Stay blessed and keep uploading!

Nathan Fletcher

This was an enormous amount of help

mubarak mohamed

Many Thanks .... its really helped 

Supply and demand graph maker online free

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How to draw economics graphs on a computer

27 696 views | 11 Apr. 2019

Madeline Saga

Thank you so much, this was so helpful for my exams. Your instructions were simple and easy to follow. ??


If you're drawing with shapes, hold shift while drawing the lines to ensure they're straight.

Duta Adijaya

You've just gave me an inspiration. I used to try to draw graph using chart on excel, but it doesn't give me much a flexibility to draw a lot of line or area like tax or subsidies. Thank you very much Sir, you help me a lot for my assignment .

Thandiwe Tshabalala

Thank you. you the best

Tomas Kandjabanga

You're a genius sir...

Christian Gómez

Nice Mark! Thanks for this. Let me ask, what software do you use to capture what you do on the screen?


Wanted to learn this since last ten years. Thanks

Gergna Andonova

Great video.That made livemuch more easier on a top of the economic essay.Thank you!

Muhammad Saad

Thank you so much, this was so helpful (simple and easy to follow) ....❤?

Fatima Albraiki

So helpful, thank you so much!


Thank you...I followed you step by step

Mahmoud Hassan

Amazing tutorial, this really helped me doing my economics assignments, you're the best !