Wallet design

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Finn Wallet 3.0 by WaterField Designs

10 452 views | 15 Mar. 2019

The Finn:

The Finn: https://www.sfbags.com/products/finn-wallet

The popular Finn Wallet just keeps getting better. The slim wallet is available in three sumptuous full-grain leather colors and in three colors of a durable, lightweight Italian textile with a vintage look. The wallet maintains its ultra-thin profile even when fully stuffed. Available in four sizes for carrying cash, credit, Passport, foreign currency, or an iPhone XS, each Finn closes with a self-locking YKK zipper to keep your valuables secure.


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FB: https://www.facebook.com/waterfielddesigns/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sfbags/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SFBags

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sfbags/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heygary/

Get the new Finn wallet: https://www.sfbags.com/products/finn-access-wallet

0000 0000

Any plans on offering some neutral colors for the waxed canvas? Looking to get both a compact and a passport wallet, but dont really want to have blue or red.

Daniel Rose

Can you post a picture of the inside of the passport version so we can see the coin solution?

Nicholas Sheeler

If you have a wallet you can fit your phone in, you have a purse.

Mishal J. Kamdar

Is the only difference between this and the Finn access is the front pocket?

Pizza Warlord

A few wish list items 1) put a coin slot inside for those who travel outside the US 2) second outside slot so can have tap card on one side and hotel card on the other 3) offer larger version so over sized foreign currency fits
I really like the fact that I only have to fold money once not tri fold as in my travel I have to use cash a lot
Your wallets make great gits

Mishal J. Kamdar

What’s that middle wallet color at the end??? One with polka dots? It looks really nice.

Mishal J. Kamdar

What’s the difffernce between this and the micro wallet???

Onli Mi

It would've been nice if in the video you had all three sizes present to help your customers better judge what size fits their needs. From the pictures on the site, it is difficult to really assess what size you might want. For some reason in the video you only show the compact size(?).

Wallet design

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DIY Wallet Design in Adobe Illustrator - LASER CUTTER FRIENDLY!

38 001 views | 1 Dec. 2020

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Neil Bonabon

Yooo that battlestation setup looking freshh tho ?

Eduardo Torres

My favorite tutorial of the year.... I have a laser machine looking to do this and just like that i learned a ton of information. Keep up the good work. Excellent explanation and great cinematography elements in the video.

Kay Èm

Wow, I learned so much. thank you.

Jv Algo

Wow this is nice..I want to start this business..

Ricardo Trejo

Hi Ryan, amazing channel !! I lived in Mexico I would like to learn and have the necessary tools, any suggestions?

Davy Kelly

You have a die maker??

Nusaibah Ibraheem

Just off set path for stitching line


Do you do custom wallets lol, maybe I gotta make one myself. I'm willing to pay the price lol

lucas pinto


T Viktorovich

It's so awesome!
Love your work!
Thank you for this!
Will try to make my own pattern)

Bellisi-Marie H

Hi Ryan, what kind of computer do you use (Mac or PC)?

Max Barton

Great video, have you tried using the offset path tool for your stitch lines? I find it easier

Okuhle Crafts

Great work wow

Victor Cinq-Mars

For stich lines I recommend selecting the outline Object -> Path -> Offset Path then with the direct select tool remove certain edges and bring down the corners.


Very useful video! Thank you very much!

Kenneth McGrath

SUPER PRACTICAL!!! Thanks so much. I will be using this in my workflow. #peace from Ottawa, CANADA.


Is that a behringer audio interface?

Syazni Samad

I’m really grateful for this tutorial! Thank you so much! I been wanting a tutorial like this and finally I found it. Thanks once again!

Blake Present

Would you consider one more video showing the laser cut out process. Many people would be interested in your laser settings and the min and max of the thickness of leather.

Lykos Leather

Any suggestions one who to use for making die cutters, i have had some real expensive american made ones show up and not cut perfectly out the box.

corey norwood

Good morning , Your my leather goods mentor by the way sorry your stuck with me ..lol All jokes aside your work is phenomenal! Quick question what size thread do you use when making your Tote Bag vs a Watch band? I like the Japanese Vinymo Thread but unsure what size I should order. Thanks

Marc D

Very Very Very Useful! Thank you so much! Again!

Frank Freeman

Really, the BoSox? represent THE blue jays!!

No I’m Dirty Dan

Legendary thanks !!


dude I cracked the code almost instantly. Thank you for the game. LOOKING GOOD lmao

Ian Andres Inostroza

Al fin un nuevo video!

Brayan Alexis Dominguez de Angel


Uttam Godsheel Khalkho

I am running out of words to thank you
Thank you so much

Jan Gosav Ghita

Hi. If I want to make some pattern bigger then A4 how can I make it to print for example on two A4 (to put togheter 2 A4 for make one piece). Can you make a tutorial for this? Thank you and sorry for my English

Pharrow Oz

Finally someone made this video! I was literally using Paint for my patterns cause Adobe looked too complicated. Thanks a lot, it's super helpful! <3

Rizki Setiawan

I have a request for u to make a briefcase (hard) leather bag. That’s so interesting



Bazlur Rahman

who is the best die maker?

Игорь Мезенцев

Well done!

Kimmy T

for stitching lines, u could just use a negative offset instead. saved my time measuring them one by one

Kawika Lonoaea

This was so informational!! Plz my more videos like this!

Charles Primeau

That was immensely helpful, I did not know where to start in terms of creating a pattern. Thanks from Montréal!

Behnam Aq

Thanks man, I've always been afraid of illustration part but now I see that's easiest part.

Jawed Neshat

Thanks for sharing. One question that I have is on the bigger patterns. How do you usually split them between pages? What I mean is your own way of splitting a pattern into different Letter or A4 pages.


Hello from Russia! Your amazing!

roberto rodriguez


Seka Eczane

a video I've been looking for for a long time. thanks

john palhua

Por favor pudieras hacer mas videos como este de otros modelos? ,me parecio excelente que nos expliques hacer la parte mas dificil de crear,aunque yo no hablo ingles y tengo que recurrir al traductor, por favor te lo ruego que nos sigas enseñando en el ilustrator a hacer este tipo de patrones,saludos desde Lima(PERÚ)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Acevedo

Hello Ryan,
Thanks for the very informative video tutorial. I tried to follow along but I think my version of Illustrator may be too old. What version of Illustrator are you using?
Thanks Joe


Thank you for this video. I need to understand one thing. Sometimes watching your videos i see you trim the edges even if you used the die to cut the leather. So if you design in illustrator something you have to consider the die cutting line and the one you trim. And after that the line where you will make the holes for stitching. What distances you use for all these lines?

Felicita Cruz

can you tell me what laser printer you are using?

Kay Èm

I think you’re shadowbanned

Billy Tziatas

Quick tip, you can move the zero point of the rulers by dragging the top left corner where the 2 rulers meet to wherever you like! that sets the new 0 ;) everything left to it or above it will be registered as minus

Ben Farrugia

Thanks so much for this video. I used it as a walk through and worked through the lesson beside your teachings and learned a bunch.

Alireza Sadeghi

Nice , please make more videos Like this ✌️

Tobias Stil

Makes the „press this“-game a Little easier https://www.ixeau.com/keystroke-pro/


Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
Couple of questions though.

1. Do you usually add trim allowance to your projects? I'm afraid I couldn't line up two pieces covered in glue perfectly from the first try (don't laugh).

2. What's the basic approach to do the measurement? I mean if a business card has size X*Y mm, if I'll create a pocket of the same size between stitching lines it probably wouldn't fit at the end (because of the card thickness, leather thickness issues).
What's the general rule of thumb here?
What amount of "ease" should one add to the original size of the object?

Thanks for the time reading and probably answering!


Thanks for the skillshare link! got a year for like 68 bucks!


Just subbed to adobe and made this, super clear instructions! Now to print it out and make one...

Anthony Valdes

Great use of illustrator and I’ll be using MM more now!

Creative bomb

Hay buddy what's your favourite shell Cordovan color.

Gonzalo Grube

If I purchase a v2 wallet today will it be ready by the 6th of January in Spain?

Clamans Leather Monarchy

Somebody using illustrator on iPad ? I have some question. ??

Napster Jing

Hi Ryan. I'm from Alberta and interested in buying the V6 leather wallet. It looks fantastic but I have some questions. Are there any other color available? Why are the final prices in USD at checkout?

Paul Hart

Tremendously helpful! To the point but with great details. Thank you!

Matthew Zagorski

Appreciate the advice! Also saw a fuji camera on the desk. I just got a X-T3 for photo work and it's been great for product photos. Always get stoked when I see another fuji shooter.

Frank Gatto

Good day sir.... So how is using the laser for cutting? I have a neje 20w and it does great for engraving, good detail etc... but cutting it just burns the leather. Do you experience this with the glowforge? do you have much cleanup like sanding or the like? I also noticed the $500 off coupon toward a glowforce that I might just have to take advantage of. Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Andy B.

I really wish there was an iPad tutorial. I’m not fortunate to have an actual computer. Just an iPad Pro that was hand me downed.

Audrius Bulikas

hi.is there another way to move shapes on top or back?there is no square brackets on my pc.it should be number 8 and 9 ,but it does not work.help me please.

alex michel

When I group the dots and the shape I can't select only the dots once I ungroup. Any ideas why?


You can create a stitch line more easily when you select your path at the bottom and you to edit-> path -> offset path. Fill in -4 mm as a value and hit enter. This will offset your line 4mm inwards and the rounded corners will also be perfectly scaled in proportion. Give it a try, it will make your workflow quicker and easier. Cheers. Love your videos by the way! Great work

L Liakos

@Little King Goods I'm not sure if you can answer this here, but I just can't get along with Sinabroks Stitching Irons. Is there a trick to use them? Thanks in advance!

benjamin pastrana

hello! I want to try to cut my patterns in a SILHOUETTE Cameo 4 cutter but not sure if the sewing dots will match the tool!!!!


If you made a MagSafe iPhone wallet, I’d buy it! Love my LKG card wallet! Been through the washing machine 4 times and still looks good!!!

Krischna Sierra

I think that he should make the Arthur Morgan diary one day, or his handbag (don't know the name).
He was a excelent character and the leather in his personal stuff would look awesome in real life since no one has made them

Lawrence Lama

I m a biggest fan here and i m from nepal
i have been learning from your videos and u r my inspiration sir thank you

Mid-Century Maker

Great video mate, I've always wanted to try some leatherwork and you are a big inspiration to start that.

Quick tip as someone who uses Illustrator everyday, you can speed up your stitch hole path creation by selecting your original outer shape then head up to the 'Object > Path > Offset Path' menu and set the offset to -4mm, hit OK and you're good to go! It'll create that new path for you, the inner radius of your corners will look natural and it will automatically align it perfectly in position. You can then just direct select and remove any parts of the original path you don't need stitch holes for too.

Iam jaco

You ruined a good channel. Just show us how you make things without monetising everything.

Tristan Xavier

The vengeful mist recurrently breathe because interest peripherally bomb including a nondescript vermicelli. absorbed, colorful wool


Great video. How do you handle the soot from the laser, with masked leather, in the stitch holes with a lighter colored thread? Thanks

Jamie Cross

Thanks for the video, you did a great job at teaching your technique.
You mentioned your die maker a few times. Do you have a Canadian Die maker you use?

Константин Вольфрам

Уважаю! Мужик! Удачи!

Enzo Santomarco

Very good work....What thickness of leather did you use ???


Great work Ryan.

Eleandro ASMR

Amazing tutorial. And amazing professor too.


Love the videos. Your messenger bag you made is on my dream board!


Cool vid, should use offset path for your stitch line. Set to -4 or -5 then use the [C]ut tool to remove the top line. Does all the radius and alignment change for you ?


Excellent! I hope you do more of these--I'm one of the many Adobe CC/Illustrator-stunted people out here. Love this video.

Momcspeaks Truth

Thank you


to make the stitches ---> 1- don't duplicate the shape, just -----> click on object in the top menu bar ----> path --> offset path --> et voila!!!


Really useful, specially the stitching lines! Thanks for sharing.

Mikko Dan

Not conna lie. exactly a video i needed right now. Been doing leatherwork for a while. and was just planing to learn how to do this stuff. This video is a perfect starting point. cheers mate for that :)


finally a video on the applicable parts of illustrator for leather. cheers

D.F The.one.36

It’s ok to use technology , but it will never be beautiful like when you make it by your hand ? . Believe me 90 % of people will like hand ? made .

Robert Jones

Best explanations and easy to follow steps I've seen yet. Always great videos!

Justin Kenna

Just a friendly tip on the stitch line: Object - Path - Offset path - type your negative distance and boom. Love your videos man


Really useful, thanks. There aren't very many useful illustrator tutorials around for leather crafters.

Mega Murzik

Thanks a lot. Few days ago I searching video like this about stitch line and how to create it. but I create shape as circle1mm and line from center of circle for 4mm. Then I create brush style and apply to rectangles. But your way is more simple.

Bilal Alkeilani

hey man I love your work, was just wondering what is the thickness of the leather that you usually use for your wallets. Anyways keep up the good work!

Johnny C.

Yes, I have been looking for this tutorial for awhile. Hope it works in Illustrator CS5 as well.

Paul J

Excellent and very instructional. Well done.


This is amazingly helpful!! Thanks!!

sridevi mareedu

I just love u mannn
U are the inspiration for me to start my leather craft business
Much love fromm India❤❤

Ja Rin

Amazing Video!
Thank you very much Ryan!
Greets from Germany

Stock & Barrel Co Leathercraft

That was awesome dude, I learned some new tricks! Great work as always

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