Office perils

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Kelly Kapoor: The Office's Confessional Queen | COZI Dozen

846 584 views | 21 Oct. 2019

Don't be so mean to the

Don't be so mean to the hot, popular girl! These 12 clips prove why The Office's Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) will always be queen of mockumentary confessionals.

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Rob Harris

I always wanted Jim to just brush Ryan out of the way, and for him and Kelly to become a couple.

HerbalMite 97

I hate Kelly. Very very very much

Isabel H.

“We have a date!” Oh, Kelly ?


I love how Mindy wrote Kelly as what you typically see white girls do.


...ur channel has ‘the bionic woman’
Ok noted, never watch your channel


So i look amazing! ?

Valeria Fontes

"the business bitch" cracks me up every damn time.


“I don’t talk trash, I talk smack” ?????

Tanner McAuliffe

“Do you have a question Kelly?”

“Ya I have a lot of questions, number 1: How dare you!”
My favorite Kelly line

Rushit Sharma

we have a date ???

Tinjaz V

“I’m so smart now. You can ask me anything and I’ll be like blah blah blah blah blah giving you the exact right answer”

jephte Yiphtah

She looked so much better here. Before all that plastic surgery


Living the life of Kelly is pretty much the meaning of life.

E Luke

So I guess I just have to decide which is more important to me

Jim Dayworth

Parks and Rec did a male version of her: Tom Haverford.


The iconic bitch.

Morgan Olfursson

My PA is EXACTLY Kelly Kapoor and i adore her for that !
I think that's why i hired her. This and the fact that like Kapoor, she is untouchable, .....at her job.
She is efficiency incarnate, she knows what i am going to have to do before i am even aware that i may have to do things and she takes care of it, so i have no idea who runs the office anymore, probably her, but she is not even asking for a raise and thank god i am gay so she can't blackmail me pretending to be pregnant. Everybody is scared of her but everybody respects her, co-workers and clients alike. That's what a great PA is all about.
But boy is she a bitch ! Even my kids are scared of her.

Manu Deza

The confessional bitch*

ican't Feel

She's just so funny i cannot hate her ?


She has such a gorgeous skintone

Rahell Hamarash

Why is everyone so mean to the hot popular girl ?

Fabiana Mellado

She's not annoying xd I love her, I also love Dwight


is that a real eating disorder?

Ludlow Livingston

The business bitch

Dove wing

A lot of people think that she’s annoying but I think she’s hilarious

Ankit K. Chouksey

You’r ugly and I know it for a fact, because I get the evidence RIGHT THERE !!! Lol, that’s some real smack talk.


Pink really isn't her colour though

HerbalMite 97

“That wasn’t a tapeworm”

Evelyn H

This day is bananas

Divya Sasidharan

We have a date ? that part was so adorable !!!

Divya Sasidharan

1:49 she’s amazing her acting can’t even tell she’s the chatty Kelly

Jimmy Neutron

I actuallly like her; she makes me laugh a lot and I appreciate that her love for Ryan was sincere; her character evolution was good, back in S1 she was your token plain unfunny female indian character; but then they really make her a true funny character

Manny 239

Her clothes don’t suite her

rocWTHelle Lobo

Kelly shaking her head after lying about being pregnant is the best

Ch Pe

I really liked her in 40 Year Old Virgin.

Abhilasha Yadav

Kelly looked so hot at 0:47

Luke Jack

She's awesome!?

Evan X

NEVER FUNNY, just an Obnoxious cunt. NOT FUNNY. Failure UNtalented bitch.

the coolest avery

Ok but Kelly looks really good in white.



Hades 1889

this is who imagine when i see people using "periodt" on twitter.

Utah Hoops Freak

I swear I remember "I am pregnant, and guess what buddy I'm keepin it..." As all in the same clip so when she did her head shake no in the confessional it was specifically not clear if she meant she wasn't pregnant or if she wasn't going to keep it.


I just noticed the bikini diet stuff she drank was the same stuff sue had the cheerios drink on glee ?

Loli Panda

I wish I had 2% of her confidence.
Like is it wrong or right

Princess Matthew

We Stan our queen and Ryan did deserve us

208 Mondays

The quick cut to Angela taking the aspirin gets me every time ?


When she said "I'll look amazing" with that gleeful tone while looking like death about visit her ALWAYS crack me up.


She’s the worst but for some odd reason I love her and find her somewhat endearing

Lesley May

She's so hilarious! Love her. As Kelly, she makes me laugh with her randomness. She really plays it well with those crazy lines ?

I listen to the Office Ladies podcast, and just heard Mindy on there discussing the Diwali episode. She's so smart. Accomplished. Her movie Late Night is excellent.


I love love love her. Shes my spirit animal ??????

Adrian Humphreys

What a monster!

wang ray

Kelly did not have so many lines but damn, every line she uttered was epic.

Tony Ward

She's always been my favorite character on the office. I just like her She's a super good actor and relatable

Kelly Kapoor

I’m back bitches

jean Nasty

“Slow down. Think it over.” ?

That Trucker

She's a colored girl trying to be white smh

Jolin Wang

Say what you want but that master cleanse fast rly works lmao
It’s perfect to do during quarantine


Love Kelly ?


4:15 Toby is like "bruh you in some deep sh*t" :D


Ultimate borderline

Bizarre Star

Tobys face in the last clip will always be funny as hell?

Cole The Incredible

Kelly and Tom from Parks and Rec would've been a perfect couple!

Lays Chips_07

“SCREW YOU BEET FARMER” - Kelly Kapoor 101

Ryan Hall

I literally hate her so much, every time I rewatch the show I’m just repulsed by her annoying behavior and condescending voice.

Anahi Saha

Apple has decided to drop its fees - https://youtu.be/Vd4NIS4VY3U

Dark Matter

Who in their right mind would take something from Creed?!!!

pat caravaggio

Love all the characters but Kelly had me laughing hard many many times. ????????

Ruhaan Arora

The business bitch ?????????

s t a r r r

"What kind of game is that"

Ethan Wood

She’s bugged tf out of me

Enthused To Sing

The female Tom Haverford
And she's so much better


She knows how to work Novak..I mean Ryan

Neeraj Verma

Who am i ?
I am Kelly Kapoor
The Business BITCH


#3 racist....

Bhanu 95

It s really hard to look at her face for this long. N worse she s nt even better on the inside


Love her character so much,

Overly Optimistic

If that wasn’t a tape worm then wtf did Creed sell her

João Pedro Paixão

She's the confessional bitch hahahahaha

Huckleberry Finn

"And we have a date!!!"...???....its still so amusing that someone that creepy is so hilarious!

Fabio Alves Show

He is like Michael aways seeking attention

No name

She does look really good in white

margareth michelina

You gotta respect Toby for his patience for always sitting between Kelly and Ryan

Jordi Lopez

I feel like Kelly is the person who is secretly a genius


What is it about Kelly Kapoor that is so lovable and cute?


Omg my ex was the gay version of Kelly.

Philip Nguyen

omg thats so pretty. No

Sebastien H

I am Kelly Kapoor, the Business Bitch

Robert Acosta

0:00 - "Lecture Circuit" S5E16 (2009)
0:17 - "Weight Loss" S5E1 (2008)
0:32 - "Counseling" S7E2 (2010)
0:49 - "Angry Andy" S8E21 (2012)
1:05 - "Product Recall" S3E21 (2007)
1:24 - "Weight Loss" S5E1 (2008)
1:53 - "Money" S4E4 (2007)
2:13 - "Ultimatum" S7E13 (2011)
2:25 - "Phyllis' Wedding" S3E16 (2007)
2:36 - "The Seminar" S7E14 (2011)
2:57 - "Goodbye Toby" S4E18 (2008)
3:18 - "The Deposition" S4E8 (2007)
3:44 - "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" S4E3 (2007)


I love Kelly’s outfit in “Decisions, Decisions” scene

Oh my world

Lol she is my favorite character


Love her!!!

Ivy Prince

I wish we had more Kelly moments. She was sooooo funny.

MLK Studios

I think I met her once at like Menchies lol

Manoj Ambati

Hot and popular girl ?


No. 2 is the only time I'm annoyed by Kelly.


She is honestly the second worst running character on the show

Baf Baas

Purple is so her color

Chairman Meow

never seen someone fluctuate so much between kind of cute and not cute at all


Kelly is that girl in school who posts quotes about depression on Instagram after breaking up with her 8 day boyfriend.


Ryan used me as an object.

Office perils

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my unpopular the office opinions

134 328 views | 24 Nov. 2020

i'm back with my thee

i'm back with my thee ofis™️ content

*it's arguable if my opinions are unpopular or not since some people disagree and some agree :)


!! keep up with me on twitter: https://twitter.com/anarchistcatss !!

tags for the youtube gods:

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Joe Parmesan

I have a lot of unpopular opinions, but one I'll share is that Jan deserved a better ending than remaining inexplicably mean to everyone, and extremely controlling. She was a valuable piece to the golden years of the show.


I agree with most and didn't feel the need to write a comment till 13 came, it honestly is so sad because by their magic being gone while married the writers unconsciously showed that marriage is boring and mundane. And it shouldn't have been the case for a couple like Jim and Pam, the butterflies you get while watching season 1 to 5 should have stayed till the end because they're soulmates and a good marriage should still have the spark they've always had.

Garrett Nichols

The only thing Michael and Holly had in common was the one thing I couldn’t stand about Michael

Josh Panozzo

It's like, sure, Kelly is great, but you'll never chain this bird ya know?


for number 7, yeah that was the whole point lol


Jim is the best character, Micheal second, and Dwight third

Prøfanity _

lmao everyone knows Ryan and Kelly are wrong for each other that’s not a unpopular opinion

Ayakha Ngcwangu

I found Nellie funny

Justine Jayco

i kinda wanted erin and ryan to be together for like a bit but i did want their relationship to end if that ever happened


Erin was a stupid girl. Not sure if anyone shares my opinion but she was.

Oh Word?

Jim gives off David Dobrik vibes


the writers for season 8 & 9: “sometimes i’ll start a sentence and i don’t even know where it’s going. i just hope i find it along the way”

Daniel Karinen

Throwing some snow is over the line?! Biych fuck you!!!


I'm completely sure that kelly and ryan broke up the day after :d so they basically didn't really end up together.

Ashwin Kishor

2:50, I 100% agree


My opinions

1) Yes Jim is the best character of the show (Though I'd have it tied with Jim and Michael
2) Erin's charcter was definately overused
3) I liked Pete and Erin and am glad that Erin is in a good relationship
4) Kind of the same but thats mostly because I heard about Scott's Tots before watching
5) Robert Calafornia sucks
6) I would've too but it was clear that Karen didn't want to go further with the friendship
7) tbh I liked that Dwight had the upper hand for once but it was hard to watch from Jim's POV
8) I like Holly and I don't think she got enough screentime
9) Yeah I thought Gabe was pretty good
10) Yeah but they were both toxic so I glad they didnt end up with anyone else plus it was meant to be for their characters
11) I mean he didnt hurt anyone and immediantly regretted it
12) I agree, I hated Nellie so much until she wasnt "Manager"
13) Yeah you're right it got a little bland
14) I loved their dynamic so much
15) yeah but in my mind more office is better than no office. Especially since I still really like Dwight's character seasons 1-9

Omar Amgd

i almost agree with every single thing u said

Lottie B



Personally, I think the funniest joke between jim and dwight is the dwights revenge for throwing snowballs idk if its over the line but its funny af,,,, also, I feel like gabe's character is way more disturbing than robert california, he was just really boring

Conor 000

Some of these were pretty in controversial to the point where idk why you expressed them. Also, Dwight shot a gun, in the office, he most certainly should have been fired.


i feel like towards the end of season 7 their was a much stronger father and daughter relationship with erin and micheal compared to micheal and pam. i felt like i wouldn't have felt any type of way if micheal didnt say bye to pam lol (but ofc i knew the goodbye was coming with all the anticipation that was built up)

How Clever

I came here thinking I’d disagree with all of them but I agree with all of them except the Dwight one
But I have to say I think my passionate hate for Erin is a bit extreme


the fact i couldn't see a single comment about Holly under this video just sums up just how underrated she is. She became my favourite after two scenes, she's such a dork but also seems to make Michael more normal and less embarrassing

tré oui

Who wants a woman's opinion.
Boom roasted

Justine Jayco

number 7 is soo true and like every time something bad happened to jim i just didnt want to watch it bc jim is great and his reaction to when things go bad is rlly sad but at least we got a wig scene from dwight

impostor god

Unpopular opinion: i think jim should have ended up with karen, karen is way more of an interesting charecter than pam

Izko Cine y Tv

I don't See ryan as a main character, I mean, the guy barely participates in the first 3 seasons, in season 4 I can understand but after that he is just another secondary member of the office like kevin, creed or kelly, his character isn't that strong like the Real main characters like dwight, jim or michael


“I was lying on the ground defenseless.” that was very funny.

Ni na

1:25 he looks like the dad from friday night funkin

Garrett Nichols

I didn’t mike RC either but I think people liked him just because he was James Spader

Lottie Evans

I really really really don’t like Dwight. He did so many horrible things, and was so rude to so many people that I don’t know how anyone rooted for him. He could have his good moments but I would never have been able to work with him

Boredjason 87

I think the plot feels forced after michael leaves because his whole character being the child in charge is what creates almost all of the plots, with him gone either someone else has to be forced into his role or the plot has to come entirely from outside

Friendly Robot

I'm sorry but the Scott's Tots episode mademe cringe so hard.

major Malarkey

Definitely don’t agree with a lot of these but I enjoyed watching it.

Alice Rowley

Hey chill babes, some of these were accurate but you also made the show sound so enjoyable there was no need to drag some people like this you really made the show sound liek some sad drama kinda ruining a bit of its magic for me


I was really expecting this to not be cringe

Lena Grumpy

Just a few counter opinions for the sake of discussion:

1.While Jim is a great character. He was a pretty shitty person in the show. His thought process was always 'I am the good guy and everyone else is always being annoying so I have the right to do anything and everything I please to them'. He was always being unnecessarily mean to Dwight, most of the times unprompted. The things he did to other people in the office were always worse than the things they did to annoy him. Because most of the time the things other people did that annoyed him were unintentional. While he always did things to annoy others with purpose. That's called being evil. When he hid Andy's phone just because his ringtone was annoying him. And them while Andy was already having a bad day. And Jim saw that he was in a bad mood. He called it for the umpteenth time just to annoy him even more. That's Evil.

2. Dwight's prank on Jim wasn't going to far. Dont even try to make that point. Jim has been pranking Dwight for years. Jim is the one who initiated that fight by throwing the first snowball, and thinking he could win he accepted when Dwight challenged him. His own arrogance is what led him to be plowed down by Dwight's snow. Jim always goes all out on his pranks with Dwight. Even when he is having a terrible day and is enjoying his little victories with the computer, Jim still wants to prank him because he is annoying him. And he knew Dwight was having a bad day. So Dwight absolutely didn't go to far with this. Jim was the one that unprompted threw a snowball in his face. How about some consequences for his actions? He could use them.

3. Robert California is a creep. He isn't a good person. But he is a great character. And a great source of crack one liners. The episode where he tells a story about everyones fears is great. His character is interesting. And we could sure use that in those seasons.


Dwights snowball revenge was definitely over the line but I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to be

Logan Hunt

I agree with the erin thing she was ok at first but ad soon as she got promoted to main character she got kinda annoying and she was really really dumb, how did she keep her job-


Every opinion you have I disagree with


I agree with all of theese, especially the Robert California one


One of your opinions I agree with the most is Dwight's revenge on Jim. IM PRETTY SURE THAT WE CAN ALL AGREE THAT SHIT WAS EVIL!

Diablo Mask

1- People think Jim is overrated?! He's the most likable guy in the show!
2- I didn't feel like Erin was overused, but yeah I never cared for her love life.
3- I agree, what was the point of ruining Andy's character anyway?
4- I'd say Scott Tots was more uncomfortable than cringy.
5- He's not the worst, but yeah I never really liked him.
6- Interesting opinion, I never cared for that personally.
7- To be fair Jim accepted Dwight's challenge, it's not like he was forced into the situation.
8- I found Holly cringy sometimes but yeah she's a great character overall.
9- I guess.
10- To be fair they didn't get married or have a heartwarming kind of happy ending.
11- Yeah but Dwight is one of the top performing employees and he got away with worse.
12- Nellie is very annoying, but the actress getting threats from viewers? Yeah that's too much.
13- It's natural though, they already got their happy ending so there's nothing more to it.
14- Yeah, Pam and Dwight's friendship is more underrated though.
15- I agree for some characters (Andy and Erin) but totally disagree for others (Jim and Dwight).


finally someone who thinks the same

Low-key Drama

I feel that they really needed to work on Robert California. I get that they needed a replacement for Michael and didn’t want a Michael 2.0 or someone too serious but Robert and DeAngelo really missed the mark.

Miklos Argyelan

i have never disliked a video and u have forced me into my first dislike ever thank u

Joe Parmesan

Pam and Michael was more like a flipped mother-son relationship. Michael was definitely the child between the two of them. Michael and Erin was more like a father-daughter relationship

Benne MY

Dwigt was very well developed though. Your opinions are valid and I agree that he was annoying, all that made them so human. dwight was an asshole but he was human when he had some moments. thtas why you can hate him, because these people fel like real interactions. I never liked Eren, hated Andy and I liked season 8 and 9 but I could have lived without them. but Andy cold have been taken out and Will Ferell should have never been there in the first place. fucking hated his character and his face in general.
Your reasoning behind some of these things are boring. I can kinda see the girl in you when you talk about a boring relationship when you define having kids as boring.


dwight and angela where a terrible couple

anarchist cat owner

hey :) since this video is getting more interaction lately, i want to reply to some of the comments here and kind of clarify myself (then i will continue with my hiatus)
1) you said …….. but that’s the point
this comment is made for mostly my robert california and pam/jim opinions and i just want to say: i can tell that’s the point and i still think the same. just because the writers had the intentions doesn't mean i can't have conflicted opinions.
2) how do you not find scott’s tots cringy?????!
honestly i don’t even remember the episode right now but the first time i watched it i had the expectations of skipping the entire episode because it would be so hard to watch. didn’t happen, the whole episode felt like michael being michael, and after 6 seasons you get used to it. and no i’m not a heartless bicth or POC enemy.
3) the dwight slander
okay, this wasn’t commented a lot but there is a slight dwight intolerance in this video and i will not deny it. i have a low tolerance for dwight because he rarely does the bare minimum and he’s the type of person that annoys me the most. (had a classmate like him for 2 years) i guess i’m #teamjim ?✊?
4) these are all popular opinions
just read the comments luv <3 i also clarified in the description that some may find these popular, this is more of a format video.
5) gabe is creepy too
i simply said he’s the funniest character that was introduced after season 6, his relationship with erin was unhealthy and creepy.
6) pam was sexually harassed by michael
these comments took me by surprise because i don’t remember that much of a thing other than some weird jokes, if anyone can give me a link to one of those scenes i’d be grateful. michael is overall is a pervy person, it is usually played of a joke but those are some uncomfortable jokes.
7)how is getting married and having kids make a couple basic and boring?
i have rooted for pam and jim for so long and i literally cried during their wedding episode, but after having a child PLUS another child???!.. no ma’am.. until the finale episode they didn’t feel like the original jim and pam i rooted for. about the marriage and having kids, yep it's basic and boring and i don't make the rules.

that’s it for today, thank you all for respectfully commenting your own opinions, and have a great day/night <3

Mr. Ears

I think that John is a charming person, so Jim as a character is automatically interesting, but good God Jim was a terrible terrible person. He was so bloody mean to Pam.

I honestly with the show runners had gone with their original plan and had them split up.

cindy Jenkins

jim is the love of my life. NOT overrated

kalpana bisoyi

I agree with all your opinions.


Michael Needed To Marry Himself To Be Happy, He Got It To


dont get me wrong i love jim but i also love dwight. they’re such complete opposites that they balance each other out really well. u said that dwight went too far in that one scene and ya i agree - that was the whole point. jim is always playing pranks on dwight but he knows when he’s crossed the line. dwight usually never gets back at him except on rare occasions, i.e. the snowball fight. that’s what’s funny, instead of pranking him back every time, dwight only got revenge this once and he went all the way. so, i think their dynamic was really important to the show and dwight being an weirdo emphasizes jim’s chill, laidback traits. of course, there’s also dwight and angela vs. jim and pam. jim n pam were the main love story, and when you take that and compare them to angela and dwight, you really see how different couples and relationships can be. but in the end both pairs happily married which was very sweet to me. thx for coming to my ted talk

Lexi Taylor



idk if this is an unpopular opinion or not but i really dont like phyllis's character, especially after the whole party planning committee and angela-dwight-andy situation

Miklos Argyelan

Unpopular opinion: ur opinions are retarded

Jay Thomas

I think I'm the only person I've ever met who just loves Erin and everything around her.

Lia Rose

It always makes me so mad when people say pam and jim's relationship became "toxic" after they got married. Like no dumbass, just because a relationship isn't perfect doesn't mean it's toxic.

Alicia Ballesteros-Mitchell

These opinions may be unpopular... But damn are they RIGHT


A lot of these are not unpopular at all but whatever.

Duper Super

Idk if this is unpopular but the show kinda died when Michael left, the vibe wasn’t the same w Andy

Joon Choco

I don’t agree with more than half of them ???

Titan Octo Claw

Strangely I agree with number 13

Magdalena Fredriksson

yeah season 8 was not that good but season 9? Bad... The office for me ended when Michael left i have watched the office several times but only watch season 1-7

Joe Parmesan

I definitely agree that Erin should've remained single. In fact, I dont think she and Andy should have gotten back together at the end of Season 8

cindy Jenkins

i def get what u mean about jim and pam and their marriage but i think the point was to show real relationships and how they change with milestones/ age. but it's tv so it should've been more magic

Fernanda Freitas


Naturally Distinctive

To be fair about the snowball fight, Jim did throw the first snowball. Ig that's what happens when you start a fight with Dwight. You hit him once, he hits you with a 50 piece wombo combo attack and tells you to put some ice on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Erin was the worst character on the show


100% agree with #7

Victoria Pope

i dont find scotts tots cringy at all ether


I agree with most but about Jim and Pam losing the young romance magic: the show was made to be about a group of normal people trying to make the most of their lives in a boring job. It’s is about people in their everyday lives, that’s why it’s called ‘the office’. People go though stages in their lives, and it would have been unbelievable if Jim and Pam were to just stay in the will they/won’t they, young exciting romance stage. Obviously it would have been more enjoyable, but I like that they stayed true to the show. Also, having them change gives the characters dimension rather than being the same as how they were at the beginning of the show. My solution would also be to end it at s7 so we know they get boring, but we don’t have to watch it

Dana Bourgeois

I didn’t have trouble watching Scott’s Tots. I can watch the cringiest episodes of The Office and it doesn’t do anything to me ??

soojin _kim


Im still a piece of garbage

To the second one how dare you be soo accurate


Bruh I agreed with pretty much all of these lol



Esha -

about no. 13 girlllll. no one, no one i know has ever agreed about it and i was furious until i heard you and i love you for that !

Pawn Almond

Jim is a funny character, one of my favourites, Erin is a great character and I love her relationship with Michael, Robert California is a great character, not Steve Carell great but still great

Those are my unpopular opinions

Madeline Adair

I personally loved Robert California but when he started becoming a creep I didn't like him as much at all.

heidi osborne

im so confused im only on season 5 ? who the fuck are all these people

Adam Devlin

more like good opinions

except for scott's tots what are you mad

ale laera

video: unpopular opinions
1st opinion: jim is best character


Also, yeah the idea to have Michael leave Scranton was a reason for more stories, it definitely wasn't the same after he left, but he wasn't the only main character, I think they should have just had season 8 to show how the office was without him and then end it, there was no character like Michael and two seasons without him just made the show a little boring.


I preferred Karen over Pam


You lost me at #4. Scotts tots is literally unwatchable lol

Alexei puzatkin

I think Dwight is better in jim and is one of the best characters on the show if not the best

Hanah Sault

I don’t agree with 9 I don’t want to be rude but I really hated Gabe, he was a bit of a brat I don’t blame him but still he was the most responsible and normal one then he got dumped and he just acts like a brat so it’s like CALM DOWN MAN JEEZ plus he was a bad boyfriend at times

Saranda M

Idk if this is unpopular but i feel like the senator that married Angela shouldnt have been in the show at all.It was a pointless part in the show.Even tho it brought Oscar and Angela closer together after the senator left them.


Yeah I don't care what 2,3,4 etc are going to be. Jim is the best.

fiesta salsa quinceañera baila

personally i didnt really like holly, i was glad micheal found someone but i found it so overbearing, like there was two micheals in the office.

Summer Heimlich

I love Erin because I see myself in her

Vanessa Barbas

Unpopular opinion: I think Pam turns into a major bitch throughout seasons 8 and 9. I really hate her even though I loved her in earlier seasons

Jenny M

unpopular opinion: I disliked the back and forth between Jim and Pam sooo much. There was not even an inch of magic there. Just two adults who can't admit that they have more than just friendly-feelings for each other...
When they admitted their love to each other I was like "ugh finally...'cause all that before was boring, draining and just too annoying." + I never liked Jim and still don't know why he's such a fan favorite. I find him way too juvenile, not funny at all and his pranks are just super annoying.??‍♀️

William Healy

I agree with some of these but you are getting personality confused with character
For example, if emperor palpatine from star wars was real, no one would like him because his personality is evil, but he's a good character
So just because him had the best personality, doesn't make him the best character

Voltro Movies

I feel after a while the friendship between Dwight and jim became just hatred

kalpana bisoyi

I hated how the writers treated Andy's character. I felt sorry for him



Office perils

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Presidential Power: Crash Course Government and Politics #11

1 368 255 views | 11 Apr. 2015

This week Craig looks at

This week Craig looks at the expressed powers of the President of the United States - that is the ones you can find in the Constitution. From appointing judges and granting pardons, to vetoing laws and acting as the nation’s chief diplomat on foreign policy, the Commander in Chief is a pretty powerful person, but actually not as powerful as you might think. The Constitution also limits presidential powers to maintain balance among the three branches of government. Next week we'll talk about the president's powers NOT mentioned in the Constitution - implied powers.

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Chris Rubayo

Washington never actually lead the troops into battle at the Whiskey Rebellion, he turned around in some small town in Pensylvania

Catalina Mella

Wonder how would this section go if it were filmed today, with Trump as president... For my upcoming exam I have to consider him >.<


can trump order around ajit pai, for example? or fire him altogether?


For anyone who thinks executive orders are very limited in scope and only apply to fill-in areas of law passed by congress, may I direct you to EO9066 that forcibly removed american citizens of japanese decent from their homes into concentration camps (FDR's words). Emergency powers and martial law exist in the US too. President is given far more leeway then. Scared people dont hold people to account.

And for Star Wars fans, some believe palpatines "execute order 66" was based on FDR's EO 9066.


Thought the electoral college would safeguard against electing a demagogue? It failed. Massively.

Delta Side

You know, one of the reasons the American colonists became an independent country apart from Great Britain, was to separate church and state. That did not seem to happen. Its all a big lie. The government is now corrupt.

Alex Ray

Error: The founders didn't trust the people so they created the electoral college. This isn't entirely wrong, but you're also forgetting that the fastest way for information to travel back then was the fastest horse. The electoral college made it easier to get up to date information to those who were doing the actual voting.
Also, "its not democratic" would only be a valid argument against the electoral college if America was a democracy instead of a constitutional republic.

Mahir Rahman

John green is s much more fun

Dabi isabottom

You make the only kind of educational video that I like.

Joseph Hsu

"military things". Wow, I'm not eligible for military service, but people should learn more about the military.

Trump 2020

Donald Trump anyone

Miles hardin



wait are all of these formal powers of the potus???


Chris Hemsworth is Australian God Damnn it!!!

Eviyon Griffin

last part not for kids and yes my icon is a google picture

Menrite Mansour

he didnt punch an eagle in this episode

Robert Boekee

I am kinda tired of crash course telling me that The founding fathers created the electoral college because they didn't want Al Gore to be president. they created the EC because they thought it would stop the tyranny of the majority over the minority.

J Williams

But can the President use Ultra Instinct?

Epsilon Lives

Who is here for block 3 Civics?

Elijah Ford

George wasington lead us in the feild during his presidentsy. That’s just awesome.


"I can feel my powers expanding"
-Me when getting an erection.

Ajbrown 360

Thanks for the video. This was surprisingly non-partisan and very educational. I appreciate it.

Feynstein 100

But what if the president decided to go Caesar and lead the army against the senate? Are there safeguards to prevent that from happening?


I think you got the electoral college thing wrong. In 2016 the electoral college elected a scary demagogue in opposition to the popular vote.

Julian Ackerman

whos here for online classes currently?

zubi afridi

Plz dont speak so fast.

Nguyen Hang

we need a crash course about animal abuse

Alexdope 29

That’s fake boiiiii


Didn't James Madison also lead troops during the war of 1812?

Sergio Giovannetti

I hate this guy so much

Taylor Brooks

Who is here because their teacher made them watch it...

Elijah Ford

0:18 ?

Unappreciated Treehouse

Clones good.

sore loser

The electoral college was designed to protect the minorities voice in a country with vastly disparate values and goals.

Simplifying it a not trusting the popular vote, is like saying I don't trust two wolves and a sheep to vote on what's for lunch. Mob rule, is not desirable. And there is no reason people in Wyoming should have the same laws applied to them because of high populous states like New York and California.

Stevie Mauldin

I wish they went into the informal powers

Wicked Wigheard

Hey Mr. Pav

Nafis Ayazi

Have I mentioned how much I love it when he punches the eagle?

Stephan Pierson

Should have been John Green ?

Lee Dong-Wook36 lover 4ever

Wook is 36 and he still lives with his mom

Eric Yager

RIP Scalia

mathew idicula

I think we took a historical erring as a country when we fused the executive branches office of President, and vice president. They used to be of separate statures running on their own merits and yes the outcome was at many times to have a truly split ticket. Right now there is no incentive for that. In our present time there has been two recent presidents and how have won by the smallest margin George the Dubbya 43 Bush and Donald is our nightmare over yet Trump they have won by slivers but yet in Machiavellin poetry come to o please god make it stop politics. They have been the most destructive presidents EVER. Now why did we stop the practice of split ticket executive seats, well political parties are at worst big business and both sides have long ago through Rube Goldberg like measure scratch the other ones back yet keep the other at bay, sort of like X Files the coming alien invasion and the old farts meeting gathering around a room. I hope Alex Jones does not read too much into this, but then again there it goes. Yes people of ordinary scheme to enact there own plans, but if your going to have power, over people you need their consent and that means transparency. And yes we may hesitate but even the Moe, Larry, and Curly crowd have their say, if it only test the resolve of the stalwart among us.

Miles hardin

electoral collage is booooo. I dont like it.

Niccolò Seilo

How is this hyperactive, speed talking, meandering style of teaching supposed to help high school students learn? Slow the format down and try and make it an interesting learning experience. All of these crash course videos are the same, the speakers ramble all over the place speaking a mile a minute.

Matt Jenkins

this guy some BUNS!


I am currently constipated.

Frenchcadien homme

Electrical college is for each state to have a fair share of the power to vote for a president. Did this guy even go to college or study government

Jacqueline Anderson

the hulk isnt in fantastic 4 lol


U literally said that they didn’t want to give the president to much power so citizens wouldn’t think of them as a king/queen but the royal family have no power they are just a public figure

Willy Ghost

I love the electoral college! #ElectoralCollegeForever

Lyle Kirsch

Back when the gov had rules

Shanna Gilpin

Anyone here trying to pass finals?


(Thank you, you educate us Pokémon)


me after I drink coffee:
"I feel my powers expanding..."

spilly eyes

Can you run for president?

Anthony Pilo

who else thinks he said "Trees" and not "Treaties"?

Matthias Frank

There’s also James Madison who personally led his troops to liberate DC during the War of 1812.

Able Bodied

Loved this, so much.
Please tell me your opinion. With Trump saying he wants the wall for National Security, and as he has now shut down the American government, can't he use presidential powers, to build the wall WITHOUT Congress approval?
I believe so, and this government shut down has much more far reaching reasons and consequences, how about you?

Romulo Silva

Is the teacher on 2:24 mr.bean

Edward Brotherton

Being born in the US or one of it's territories does not make you necessarily a Natural Born Citizen which is the actual requirement not just being born in the US. Natural Born Citizen means a person who is born of Citizen parents. Specifically the citizenship flowing from the citizenship status of the father.


An update is needed. A Natural Born citizen does not have to be born in the US or it's territories. In addition to being born in the US or it's territories a Natural Born citizen is anyone born to a parent that is already a US citizen. So in regards to President Obama it doesn't matter where he was born since there's never been a question his mother was a US citizen.

Lucas Comanici

The real question is: why is the symbol for fascism in congress at 4:51

Court Courtmail

Crash course? These people are criminals. End of story. They and their families need to be dead.

Bibha Adhikari

Who is here in 2019??

Patrick Cassidy

"But only one president has led the U.S. troops in the field while he was president and that was George Washington." Not true.


Who's here for the online test?

Cole Tanner

The POTUS and entire Executive Branch can be usurped by Congress if both House and Senate hold same party majority. House impeaches POTUS, goes to Senate for vote..Senate impeaches POTUS..POTUS removed, VP becomes POTUS, House impeaches POTUS, goes to Senate for vote, Senate impeaches POTUS, POTUS removed, Speaker of the House becomes POTUS..Executive Branch taken by majority party in Congress..No balance of power in our system. Has never happened but our system allows it.


Why doesn’t this video have YouTube’s new warning about government supported government? PBS is partially funded by the government and this show is funded by PBS.

Dali Wang

Creative, informative and interesting. Thanks a lot for your effort. Very helpful.

Bailey Elise Davis

I actually love that these episodes start from the Constitutional law and spin outward, because that's how the whole system (is supposed to) work(s) :)

Feline Fellow 1

OBAMA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ari hello


Delanie Bernier

okay but saying that the whiskey revolution was something worth fighting for, gives the incorrect implication that George Washington was fighting in the revolution when in actuality he was fighting against people who wanted to have a military takeover of the United States government due to taxes on whiskey and other goods that they saw as unfair.

Coby Johnson

great video

Eilish Crossley

President ensures laws are carried out

Hayden Claborn

Anyone know Obama's last name?

Robin Chesterfield

Destroy the Electoral College! It's a remnant of old, aristocracy-style government--being told what we "really" want by our "betters". Can't let the peasants ACTUALLY decide for themselves, the silly little children! The whole concept itself is SO patronising! Every other democracy on Earth has ACTUAL democratic voting--why don't we?


I really don't need you to waste my time w your shitty jokes

Miles hardin


Giant Joe

this guy sucks and talks to fast

Ethan Siyu Kim,



Okay someone please explain the clones to me

Samuel Hauptmann van Dam

I wish there was a Crash Course Gov for all countries in the world.


You spelled powers wrong at 2:34 in the captions

Fabian Shedenhelm

Watching this series to prepare for Tuesday when second semester begins and I start government

Jim Coley

Why are you not John Green?

Leah Peregrino

This is helping me with my friends and my game about politics and astronomy and being president of a fictional country (fictional means pretend ) now I know what my presidential powers are

lylkym malabad

too much explanation for me to understand.


Few USA-Americans (seem to?) appreciate the extent to which the executive Presidential system reflected the existing British monarchical system. The Westminster system came after.  It appears to me that the executive presidency was mostly a means of replacing the King. So it was not a political revolution.


this is helping me study for the EOC


you sound and look like big head from silicon valley, if he was older

Kathleen Ochoa

where tf is John Green

leo the idiot

I like Scalia

Fraser 1558

anyone here after nancy the ripper had a meltdown

Sicko Chungus

Who’s here because quarantine made them interested in politics?

Simps With Attitudes

I'm just here for homework....


Came here after Trump Declared a National Emergency.


Why is your first video called "Presidential Power:" but your second video is called "Presidential Powers 2:" (note the absence and then presence of the letter s on the word "power")

Josephine Mensik

Watching this in June 2020 hits different. also, online classes woo


Crash Course, I know you are trying to not be biased against the left or right, but you are over compensating your liberal tendencies by trying to make the left wing guy worse than the right.