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Oncoming Crypto Moonshots For 2021

1 495 views | 7 Jan. 2021

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Since it was requested for me to cover more upcoming launches and sales of the next possible gems and moonshots, I'm here to deliver you some potential picks here. We gonna have big focus on #Polkadot especially here today among some #Ethereum based projects as well.

1) K!M - https://k.im

2) Bridge Mutual - https://www.bridgemutual.io

3) BiFrost Finance - https://bifrost.finance

4) Flux Protocol - https://www.fluxprotocol.org

5) Karura & Acala - https://acala.network/kar-crowdloan

AS ALWAYS DYOR - There is risk involved with all investments and especially at initial buying price which may cause heavy drops in the beginning or even bumps in price. #Cryptocurrency


Join my lounges to hang out and talk about general crypto stuff! For Business, inquiries drop an email to [email protected] and ill get back to you in 24h

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Political Alien

BiFrost finance link not working

Kosta Trivic

Hi Lite, I had work to do for the holiday so I missed the chance to congratulate you, so happy new year, good health and may you also have a good crypto year!!! :)

Hot Girls Video XXX

Good. I wait for love from you ??

crypto rick

Wuhan fried bats?! lmao. nice gains this week!

Vlad Mateita

Where can we but Kim?

Zibele Xhayimpi

Great content.been going thru your videos,almost everything youve covered has been a success.

Wish I found you earlier.


Do your research on WISE token , going parabolic like crazy , $150 million in liquidity, on its way to #1 on uniswap and the biggest whale could only dump the price 4%


Karura is going to be astronomical. You're one of the first I've seen cover this before it hits the mainstream 'Tubers. Good work... $KSM

Moonshot crypto

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BEST Low Cap Coin to 100x your GAINS! MOONSHOT of the WEEK

18 647 views | 7 Aug. 2020

Friday is moonshot day!

Friday is moonshot day! This week we got a winner! Another low cap coin that promises to 100x during this bullrun. This low-cap altcoin has potential for both short term AND long term gains. It is important to hold this coin for at least 6-12 months. Dether (DTH) is currently ranked 810 on CMC and has a market cap of 2.4 million. Get your bags ready because this project is going to the moon.


17 year old Graham Ivan Clark was behind 1 of the largest tweeter hacks yet! Clark hacked many celebrity tweeter profiles asking for BTC donations. Authorities confiscated 400btc from Clark, but after review returned 300 to him. Watch the full video to understand it all!

If you would like to be highlighted on my channel please reach out to me at [email protected]

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.


DIA is the next chainlink, get em now!

Moto Productions

Check out AUX


Have a look on FSN, Fusion. That is a hidden gem undervalued. Project ceo is the incubater of Qtum and Vet! All time high was 9$ now 60cents . They have recently been approach by Link and Band to get a key integration of fsn special tech. 37M market cap. 20% on staking apr....Do i need to say more?! DYOR ;)

Joseandres solano ramirez

Thanks for a+the advise Cartmann


Will you do a video on NCASH as well please ?? It already up so much, not sure if it’s good time to get in. It’s still 1/10 of a cent though.

Retrograde Movie Art Theatre

Guys get some plutusdefi before it explodes

Manzey ey

youre the man...if you got time try to take a look into TrustSwap(SWAP)..

John Thompson

Bitboy do you still hold any APOLLO and would you invest in them

Thought Frankly

PAR Coin Low Cap has its own telegram crypto exchange/wallet!

Mark Mac

ANKR for the win!! It’s a micro cap coin with potential to replace Amazon AWS! Please do a review?!!

Yi Zhang

What is a good app to start buying bitcoin for a starter?

Joe Turton

go digibyte

Mahesh Thambi


Oscar Leo

Thanks bitboy! I fomoed in to DTH! I HOPE IT WONT DUMP AGAIN LIKE RELEVANT

Clarence Davis

Thanks for the information still learning just on Coinbase right now

Jesse Nobles

Yeeeee!! ??????

Country Mile

What do you think of Egretia? Would you invest in it? I think you should do videos about projects and whether one should go for or let go

World of Arthur


Chance Hines

dude you only showed how to buy dether ... tell me about the coin, show me the app, something.. dont just be a shilsero

Nic Brown

@BitBoy ... mate have you looked at ANKR ? Quality project.


FYI Bancor and Metamask work together fine on Opera browser, but not Uniswap. I had to open a new MM wallet in Chrome and add the Uniswap app, then was able to buy DTH. Thanks. Hope this helps others

Cryptopreaching Pedro

Dos Network a direct Chainlink competitor, will go up 100X! It’s the best project for 2020!!!!

E money bags The don


Jeff Abounader

Ehrt, don’t miss out it’s going to be big. Bitboy it seems right up your ally I’m surprised your not into it yet..

Samantha Atkins

Man, it would take full time work to understand how to get in to each of these projects and use each of these, often unique to coin/project tools. This sucks. Are geeks setting this up deliberately obfuscating the hell out of everything? No competent UI/UX design. Opportunity for new projects/tools?

And BitBoy. WTH aren't there links and/or transcript to all the info you spew so copiously here?

RiskitAll Crypto99

Disregard, I just watched the rest. Thank you for actually going thru the buy process.

My bad

Nikkash Poonee

Can you comment on band protocol and when would be the right time to get in since its mooning


Deflationary Tokens is the next Wave...
Cybercoin and Axion are extremely undervalued..
Don't miss the boat


If you want to travel further than the moon, lets see a video on High Peformance Blockchain (HPB)! It's gonna come sooner or later, guaranteed.

A.J. Ram

Waiting for the tutorial so I can buy...thanks for everything bitboy


Great video, I stay watching you... closely

The Wonder Squad

You should look for a youtuber called CM topdog, he does stuff for a crypto currency called Zilliqa its gonna be massive.

Altaf Lallany

Keep up the great work......

Zachary Barlow

$CNS is less than .01 cent and you can convert it to $cnr for 28% rewards the next three months. Moonshot incoming soon

Dejan Roso

Check out DEXA COIN hidden Gem just doubled in price :)

Cryptopreaching Pedro

Ring and edgware are fantastic projects on Polkadot!!!


mybit (myb) defi coin is looking good nice call

Gary Lang

Looks like a good service, but here in the U.S. people could get in trouble for money laundering, or being a money trader without a license.

Stephenson Simikiss

What about ZAP?

Trading SCS

This one looks really good man...
Haters will always hate...
You're doing the leg work and we appreciate it

Blair Darby

You're doing great bit boy, fabulous Channel, thanks for bringing it on

R James

Bitcoin reward halving supply shock closer each minute..⌛️..⏰

2012 and 2016 halvings ignited ? the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!


What do you think about $HPB?

Frosty Dog

Great Video BitBoy Bro !

Faat Lee

BitBoy appreciate all the vids and info. Keep it up! You take a look at XIO. Already been pumping but I think the idea they have will go big. Up and coming DeFi project. Lmk what you think.

Mark Kay

Your so wrong about NIMIQ so far

jd dewart

Other good projects to look at cybercoin. Donut. Bonk. Ubomb. Pux all moon shot coins

Block Chain Gang

Great video. I'm on one of your telegram groups. I'm just starting off in the crypto YouTube space. Gotta say your one of the only ones I listen to. Your definitely educated and diligent. Keep up the good work. I just think if your saying makes sense with the data to back it up. As a Marine the saying goes. Common sense is not common valor. But I think you have to be a special kind of stupid not to see potential in some of these projects.

DizmonD ديزموند

It's pumped already bitboy .

Abel Sanchez

Thank you for another great pick and great video. I enjoy your content.


Keep up the good work BitBoy .

Millennial Money

And that is why I don't use Twitter or Facebook. Thanks Bitboy!!

The Gonz

Bitboy do a video on NCASH and BNT. Big gains in both over the last 90 days. Plus I own both.

Alex Paterlini

bitboy do a reivew on VRA verasity gaming crypto! we need your analysis!

nathaniel leon

is it still a buy?

John Walter

Wow. I may only know the word moon, but at least I know how to password protect my zoom meetings! ?

Sam Lin

Could you take a look at unitrade ?

Kevin Miller


Ptd Ali

Kid is just the fall guy. He will have a bright future working for the CIA.

Brynn Burmester

As a video editor myself, the stock footage inserts are just absolute gold ?? I legitimately look forward to seeing what new and interesting use cases you find for the most random stock


UNC(unicrypt) next up token

Gary Shelton

Ncash micro defi cheap for now

Isle Of Skye Digital Assets

Just bought Energy web token.....is it a good one? Looks good but bought just under 12 dollars

Rebekah G_Stacks_Sats

These comments on negative feedback are hilarious. After following bitboy for the past 4 months every single coin except perhaps 5-10% have pumped after his videos. Wether you are looking for a quick ride for profits or long term hold... either WAY his coins do well! ONG pumped YUGE after his video for days and remained high weeks later, UDOO another great project, ZIL, chainlink, ve chain, nimiq. I wrote all these down when he posted videos and they are ALL up with big gains. Let’s say he does profit on his vids SO what? Everyone does.


SRK video please

leo vincent

Only on uniswap? not for me will wait for the next one.

Michael Liu

Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips revealed that he doesn't respond to trolls. All they want is attention and just responding to them, even though are blatantly wrong, means they win. Some trolls are obvious, posting something very controversial to get a response, and when ignored, will immediately post something that contradicts what they just posted. BB is large enough and attracts quite a few trolls, you've made it. Thanks for the channel.

Hristo Dimitrov

What do you think about WAN? Great content btw!

Roger Strom


Ferhat Ciftci

Check out DIA, the new BAND and LINK


That vertical DTH price drop freaked me out

Scott Davidson

Dang bro where were you when I was tryna get DIA yesterday. I stayed up all night ?

maaike de haas

The best way to become a millionaire is to invest in nr1 moonshot : eon (exscudo) soon known as Nimera .

Crypto Mike

TRADE is gonna be huge, UniTrade. I assume you already know. And ETHV Ethverse. Also KTON. And PIE.

Strong Planet

Thanks BitBoy! Keep up the "Strong" work!!

Ammar M

Sharering (SHR) video please

Zachary Barlow

Damn I thought $cns was coming

franklin mayor

I received 45 minutes payment from fextyhackers,com thanks to them

rich hue


Crypto Grease


Cryptopreaching Pedro

Projects that are extremely undervalued are Aergo, Morpheus Labs, Oneledger, Fantom!!! 100X projects...

Praise and Love

Bitboy, you can't worry about the negative comments, you will ALWAYS get a TON of those, and they don't represent the majority. Just keep plowing forward. GREAT work by the way! I am in some of your coin pix (UDOO, EDI, etc.)

Ross Held

Is this something that you can keep on my ether wallet or do you need something else?


elrond 20 mil supply son skyrocket

Mihail Konstantinov

Add $KAI in your portfolio now ☝️


I bought this token 40 mins ago at 2 cents i just look at your video and than look at gecko and now it up 5cent

Block Chain Gang

What do you use to make your videos

Martin Peters

Bitboy thanks for the SLP tip. Made serious profit from it. Keep up the work!

Be plantic

Can you look into Ethv ?
it is a gaming coin just launched ?


Every youtuber is talking about this coin dafuq

Steffan Walters REALTOR

DTH up 100% today alone

Martin Boudreaux


King D


Florence Nwoko

I hope you get to read this. Remember it is not everyone of us that has much money to invest in different coins for a long time. We are all here to make little money and that is why we follow you but I have not made a penny since following you as all your coins pump by the time you talk about them in your videos. You can help us by hinting us on your telegram group about the coins you want to talk about.


have a look at orion (could be a top 20 market cap coin, 39% staking yield, DEX arbritage and more)

Grant Kelynack

Love You're Channel Bitboy :)

Isaac K

We need bitboy to do a piece on ETHVERSE .. minecraft with blockchain ... it would be huge

red apple

Watching from Philippines, learn a lot.


God bless Bitboy. Thanks a lot.

RiskitAll Crypto99

Again as always just went on uniswap searches DTH and it's not listed. This happens all the time to me. Why is it so impossible to find the coins you recc? ONG has been the only one I was able to find.

What am I doing wrong? Last time I follow you off I get ignored over more time.