Megaphone pattern stocks

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Price Action: HOW to trade Consolidation PATTERNS (advanced trading lesson)

4 891 views | 23 May. 2020

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My name is Vasily, I am a full-time forex trader and trading coach.

I have a 7-year trading experience and privately educate for more than two years.

I am expert in technical analysis.

During the last year, I have worked with more than 70 struggling traders on a one-on-one basis.

Under my care, they managed to evolve and got to the next level.

Don't miss your opportunity and start the change today.

I am here to help you!


Ego123 Chime

I love this video..it has really shown me a lot that i never knew


Well done

Yasir Ali

Love u dear

Mc Temple

Hey what nationality are you? Your accent sounds like your from new zealand or russia, i cant tell.

Fabio Milazzo

Great video! Thanks to share your knowledge

Naomi L

Another great video, thanks so much Vasily ?

Mohamed Hassan Ahmed

Good lesson , We always support you, thank you.


Hey guys, let me know what do you want to learn in next videos?

Keith Greenshields

Great Video, I always look forward to your next vid.

man kemo

thanks a lot

chun Det Lin

Another great video on multitime frame analysis.
A structure approach in technical analysis.
Can you share day trading technical analysis.

Reddy NR

Thanks Vasily for nice video. I wish you good luck and CU Very soon.

Ernestas Jokubauskas

Hey Vasily, great video again. Just one question on the GBPCAD it looks like H%S pattern on the daily timeframe , would this mean that the market would keep going downwards?

Виталий Цыба

Привет. Хороший английский.) Спасибо за анализ.

Keith Greenshields

I know come the weekend you are looking for new trade set-ups for the following week. If you summarise your finds in a video and publish it before the trading week begins you will have more subscribers.

In this video you covered a few set-ups and I enjoyed that more than just going over one idea. So seeing this video gave me this idea of covering the whole week with trade set-ups.


Abdisalan Hassan

proud of u, thnks alot big fun to u

Pro Trader

Top content sir.. Really like your teachings.

Saudgh Alkhaldi

Really you great man and smart you know how make good chance we need more to learn thank you

Megaphone pattern stocks

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Megaphone Pattern Diwali special

149 views | 14 Nov. 2020

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Small Video but content is very helpful....the way of explanation is also best to understand....

Nelly Nelson

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Please make vedio on intraday startigies

Sexy Mama

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raj choubey

Very Nice Video .................Happy Dipawali ..................Video Quality thoda aur thik kijiye baki sab No 1 hain

Michael Robinson

Interesting, I'll be reaching out to you...

Daisy Duckface

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Theresa [PayMewXBT]

Hello Yoda. How is it now? Thanks for the info. Any help is appreciated.

Charles Emuze

Hi Yoda, Thanks for the video. I followed your instructions and when I entered my wallet ID on the genesis mining website, I noticed i dont have the option to mine for ZCASH . I only have the option of mining for X11 and Bitcoin. Am I missing something? Pls respond.

Moses Macheru

Is it advisable to buy zec now


How to make a zcash address now and where to store it since Jaxx is gone.

Megaphone pattern stocks

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92 views | 24 Nov. 2019

The Dow Megaphone Pattern

The Dow Megaphone Pattern - what it is and what you need to know about it inorder to protect your stock portfolio and make profits in a downwards market. The Megaphone Warning has sounded. Attention, all traders BEWARE of the Dow Megaphone pattern. Just a month off as I called a Bottom and a forthcoming MARKET CORRECTION.

As of November 1, 2019 the tides are changing and I can hear the Megaphone being turned on. The Dow is now 27,800 but beware...


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Hammer Down

Seams to be fairly simple class to understand, Thank you for teaching Options !

Hammer Down

Great Video explaining the Megaphone pattern, and what might happen with the near future. D