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XIX Crox Plays Minecraft 2-19 | The Walled Village

29 views | 31 May. 2014

In this episode I work on

In this episode I work on the wall around the village.



Twitter: @ReblCrew

Cooper Peck

nice vid man.

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Shibby Plays - 01

52 views | 26 Jul. 2013

This episode Shibby plays

This episode Shibby plays Surgeon Simulator and we do a live commentary over his gameplay!





Wow, so no way to stop the bleeding eh? bummer...

Rolyan Industries

Apparently not...if only there was a chainsaw handy...


i give up, ill just shut of the machine. I wish you were my doctor!


if only.......


my anti bleeding drug floated to the top of the screen

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5 Summer Perfumes That Will Bring ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD!!

28 550 views | 20 Jun. 2019

Be sure to use the link

Be sure to use the link and get 50% off your Scentbird subscription!


Thanks, Scentbird for sponsoring!


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SelfTaught Beauty

Mariah Fauntroy

YSL Black Opium
Marc Jacobs Honey
Red Door


Great video! I love hearing about perfumes that I may not be familiar with. One of my favorites that I discovered from Scentbird is Gucci Bamboo. I love it. I had to get the full size.

Tashida Buchanan

I loveeeee when I'm watching HeyParis and slay Paris makes a post ???

Roof Korean

Just signed up for Scentbird, can’t wait to try some new scents!

Eileen Ortiz-Camacho

Congratulations ?!!!!!

Coco bean

Hi can you do an updated perfume collection ? ❤️

Ginnita Greagor

Please list all the perfumes in the video

emmy cutkosky

i love you paris amazing im so proud on your wedding

Zerdali Perez

Paris try Dylan blue by Versace

paint it 6lack

My favorite summer scents...I'm with Mama Paris, live for Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense. Clinique Happy Heart, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and original Juicy Couture.

Amelia Drayton

I just got Avon Honey Blossom ?

emmy cutkosky

and vacay day from tarte

Its Kimanii

My fav perfumes are La Noche by Claude Marsal, 3 L’imperatrice by Dolce&Gabbana, and Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne by Jo Malone London

Sendy Soleil

PARIS! I KNOW you're gonna LOVE this new fragrance that just came out by Lise Watier. Its Lise Watier Sunset Vent du Sud. Smells like orange blossom, coconut, vanilla, and some other amazing fruits. So far every person I've showed it to lovvvveees it. It should be at a Shopper's Beauty Boutique.

Jonique Perzentka

Prada candy and Gucci bamboo are my favorite perfumes ♡

Samantha Lurachy

Do you have a new perfume you're going to wear on your wedding day? Love your content!❤

paint it 6lack

Missed you, Slay

Jan L


Yolanda Howard

I like these kind of videos; hey Paris . ?

Broke With Expensive Taste

Maison Margiela - by the fireplace

Joyce E.

some of those perfumes are expensive as hell..love u doe

Cuban Barbie

Can you do a full perfume collection soon, would love that.


Try out Nina Ricci - Elixir perfume

Mollie Schonberger

when I was on my honeymoon in Costa Rica last year I wore atelier orange sanguine with Sol De Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream. oommmmggg you have to try it! you won't regret it!

Mariah Fauntroy

Ima Try All The Layering You Mentioned. Can You Do A Perfume Collection Video Cause Your Girl Is Trynna Smell Like A Whole Meal. Love You Paris ♥️

Asia Moore

I have scent bird and I love it I got it as a birthday as a 3-month subscription I have versace bright crystal now it smells so good and I had versace crystal loving it

CoCo Brown

The 10 crosby collection by Derek Lam some of my faves are hi-q ,silent street, rain day , but basically the whole damn collection smells great lol

Jasmine Malayne

My favourite is YSL Black Opium Floral Shock ?

Nikki S

I was literally just searching for perfumes. Its a sign. Killian Princess is one if my favorite. You Smell Like You Just Walked Out A Bakery. I love sweet smelling perfumes.

Jezebel Vs Tiff

As soon as I read scentbird was sponsoring you, I was like BYE. I will say anything anyone tell me to say if they pay me.

Bianka Ryan

Ur so AMAZING Paris. Imma bout to smell delectable

Adaeze Nebe

Maybe Aerin hibiscus palm it smells delectable lol ?


We like the same fragrances I’m wearing good girl, and orange sanguine this summer


Girl!!! I just lost 1 hour of my time picking my perfume to find out scentbird is only available in the U.S.!! ?

Aeelyn Villacarra

Love it ???

owen rush

Will you do a review of Dior hypnotic poison? I wanna hear what you have to say about it!

Adelaide Kwarteng

You have an amazing collection

LK Rebel

Hi please can you list them on description box thank you.
Also my fav fragrance all year are viktor & Rolf bonbon or flowerbomb and good girl by Carolina herrara

Ornella Tieide

Scent bird doesn’t work in Canda Paris !!!

Michaela Reilly


Stazi M

i love you !!!


Paris I saw this idea and thought of you b/c I know how much you love perfume! For your wedding, buy a new perfume that you really love. Then, only wear it on your wedding and every anniversary after that. The scent will remind you and Cam of your wedding day every anniversary! You may already have heard of this but wanted to share <3

Nessa Gorr

Yes! I am trying the Scentbird, today!


gurll try the classic black opium parfume by ysl like the name it makes you addicted

dalida cotton candy

montale intense café, u will love it sooooooo much, try it, xxx

dom shand

scentbird isn’t in canada tho -_- why you playin me paris

Victoria Cruz

Ugh I wanna try scentbird but they don’t ship to Canada :(

Burak Çetav • Circassian •

Parisss what parfum would u recommend for a gay boy like me who wants to pull all the cute boys to my yard!

J St

Thanks I enjoyed the video but about the Atelier perfumes it’s orange sanguine SANG-IN it’s French you said it like it was Italian

Mariah Fauntroy

Ima Try All The Layering You Mentioned. Can You Do A Perfume Collection Video Cause Your Girl Is Trynna Smell Like A Whole Meal Lol. Love You Paris ♥️


Yeah. You better sell that scent you make as well. Thanks.


Paris you must smell the ysl mon paris! Ommgggg like versace bright crystal

Iesha Dear

My Summer Scent is Burberry Brit Sheer layered with CK Eternity Air.


I don't use perfume much but my pen pal suggested that we send each other scraps of paper scented with perfumes / scents we like, and your passion for perfumes is contagious so I subscribed! Win-win :-)

kathy leners

I don't get the pretty case Every time.. I've only got two so far

Mariah Fauntroy

Ima Try All The Layering You Mentioned. Can You Do A Perfume Collection Video Cause Your Girl Is Trynna Smell Like A Whole Meal. Love You Paris ♥️

Eileen Ortiz-Camacho

U so pretty with or without makeup! U go girl❤️

Ashley Williams

We missed you Paris!!! Thanks for posting!!! ☺️

paint it 6lack


Lise Hb

You should try Le jardin de monsieur Li by Hermès since you like citrusy smell, it's my fave for summertime

vannesa hall

What’s Paris last name,.out of curiosity??

Wifey B.

I love chanel chance and black opium by ysl

Chayana h

Parfums de Marley Meliora

India Bertram

For some reason I’m addicted to my way by giorgio Armani

Beautifully Imperfected

Tom Ford tobacco vanille, Burberry Britt sheer, and Versace crystal noir and tocca cleopatra are my jams from my collection at the moment

Bojana Đurić

Your skin is GLOWINGG

sdwejs 2ejfl

My top:
Crystal Noir versace
Coco mademoiselle Edp Intense
Chanel Chance Edp
Rebl Fleur Rihanna
Alien Mugler

Leila Rosette

Do your perfumes ever go bad? I can never finish mine fast enough

lil cookie1


Jaimie Edmond

Actually what you're holding is Good Girl EDP and Good Girl Légère EDP. Neither is an eau de toilette. Thanks for sharing.

daisy young

i am absolutely obsessed with what you have your perfumes stored in! Where is it from if you don’t mind me asking? :)

Shayna Allen


Christabel T

Paris can u do a review on il makiage foundation please?


My momma love light blue too??

bb gg

Cloud by Ariana Grande girl I swear it’s the best

T Gardner

You are really great at describing the scent of a perfume. Thank you for the content! :-)

Kellie Turner

What do you think of Beautiful Bella/ Belle

Mariah Fauntroy

Esacada Moon Sparkle
Haiku By Avon

Iesha Dear

I find Good Girl is too heavy for Summer on me. I like fresh, sweet for summer daytime. I do want to try the liquid diamonds though.

Perfume Lover80

Burberry her, Parfums de Marley Delina, Tresor la nuit la folie, Lancôme midnight rose, jo malone blackberry and bay, Dior absolutely blooming

Iesha Dear

Where’d you get your case for your perfume?


Yas kay Ali poppn LOVE U BEESH

Tai Mo

Did they start shipping to Canada??????


You look so good and beautiful

Kim deady

Where’s the list of fragrances u mentioned?!


Can you please do a video on your favourite perfumes that aren’t tested on animals ???

Kiana Ontiveros

Why does Paris not post on her other channels anymore? Anyone know ?

Selena T.

Lite Blue is the best and prada Candy.


Versace Red Jeans & Rihanna Reb’l Fleur!!!!?? Deadly combo...I get so many compliments especially from guys!! I start with rebl fleur then top with red jeans !

jazzmyne xx


yo momma bald with sideburns

A cheap scent that really turns heads is pink sugar men and women be on me when I wear it be smelling like a cookie

T Gardner

Hello Paris. I feel the same way you do about perfumes...they make my heart flutter, lbvs. You have some very good recommendations here....thank you so much! Carolina Herrera seems to know exactly what she's doing! TFS xoxo

Nessa Gorr

I love perfume!! I use alot of body mists from Victoria's Secret in the summer!

phoenix victoria

?what happened youve been gone so long

Mari Mohamed

Girll!! You definitely should try Signorita by Salvatore Ferragamo it has beautiful pink pepper and pannacotta notes


I love dior jador the original one not sure if you will but that's my all day, every day, every night, only perfume I wear love it so much

Chels Chats

Guerlain - Mon
Jean Paul Guiltier - Scandal

sevi r.

Try the perfume "Bamboo" it is perfect its very clean and i love it

Queenie St jean

Try Santal Blush by Tom Ford ?