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IM Will Paschall hosts Pawnda Swiss ! Join Us on lichess

5 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Upset winner in the weekly

Upset winner in the weekly Pawnda Tournament !

February 9th 2020 -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/sladgie

Twitch swiss

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Trolling Twitch/YouTube streamers by destroying their lobbies.

38 views | 30 Jul. 2020


Quadfaun: http://www.twitch.tv/quadfaun_?sr=a


first again heart my comment or i will never luv u again

Twitch swiss

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Blitz Swiss Tournament! (new feature on lichess)

56 242 views | 22 May. 2020

0:14 Black vs

0:14 Black vs el_guapo_diablo (1500?) -- Never play f3 on move 2

17:47 White vs terrormt (1504) -- 2 knights attack vs Caro Kann

51:53 White vs paire (2291) -- London Opening

35:14 Black vs Ezrazeev (2056) -- Jobava London

1:10:02 Black vs ImKindOfAlright (2090) -- Smith Morra Gambit Accepted

1:28:00 White vs chesskim4217 (2143) -- London Opening

In this video, I organized a Swiss tournament on lichess. The tournament featured 6 rounds of 5+3 blitz chess and attracted 115 players. The new Swiss tournament format is still on beta mode on lichess. More information can be found here: https://lichess.org/swiss

Final tournament results (spoiler): https://lichess.org/swiss/ska2LRL8

Watch live on Twitch: at https://www.twitch.tv/imrosen

Stream schedule: https://imrosen.com/schedule

Support my content: https://www.paypal.me/ericrosenchess

Now accepting fan mail! My mailbox address:

Eric Rosen

4579 Laclede Ave #205

St. Louis, MO 63108


WEBSITE: https://imrosen.com/

TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/imrosen

DISCORD: http://bit.ly/2KTDlBK

TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2sFmNqa

INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2HspaBa

LICHESS: https://lichess.org/@/ericrosen

CHESS.COM: https://www.chess.com/member/imrosen


Chess book recommendations: https://imrosen.com/book-recommendations/

London Opening 8-hour video course: https://www.ichess.net/sale/8020-tactics-london-system-im-eric-rosen-offer/

Ich7 Me

Can you create more swiss tournaments and send a message on lichess to the teammembers before it starts
I would really enjoy that

Shanmugarajeshwaran R

Who is toggi? ?

Lucas Burke

Poor Toggi

Tanzid Mohammad

Your Microphone Volume is very Low.
Try increasing its Sensitivity

Sean Dickens

does it bother anyone else that the first opponent got the noun-adjective order wrong in their username?

Fayaz P. A.

Toggi did that on purpose to entertain us.

Arthur Clay

"The queen can't infiltrate because it'll be taken. Hey! Let's go!" -IMROSEN



Ryan Davis

Rosen. The greatest weakest player ever. Damn

moo mee

?? it's not a weird game is is 1100 can't see 1500? When u see the ? Means he is yes just a new player lol ?


Last game, 29.Bh6 Kxh7 30.Bg5 would win the queen by discovered check. Would have been a nice "sack". Engine recommends 29.g4 (which was played) over it anyways though. Timestamp 1:40:00.

Mustafa Abdullah

Why Eric hates castling?


Everyone on my stream forced me to play the tournament so I could play Eric. Mission not accomplished lol


Early notification squad.

Nano Nipples

good fight runescape reference hahaha

Noah Urie

42:28 Qd6 is just mating net no? If Kf3 Nh2#. If Kh3 Nf2+, Kh4 Qh2+, Kg5 H6#.


I hope the lower rated players don’t get tilted from being demolished by the higher rated players to start the tournament though...

Omri Lavy

how can he eat a pon like that 1:41:07

Alexander Ngatia

Poor Toggy. We have all made that mistake. ?




Nice video

Toni Kretz

Hi Eric, if you want to come to Switzerland, I'm happy to show you around in Bern, the capitol city. It's just beautiful ;)

Daniel M

Sviss? Never heard of that? Whats that mean?

Alfredo Ilustrisimo

Epic moment of the tournament 5:38 wishing for a miracle to happen.. ^_^ poor Toggi7..


Yes, Swiss on liches :)

Conor McKee

I watch a lot of chess streamers, but the reason I like Eric is because you can tell that he's such a good person.

Charles Richard

9:14 I did this yesterday, I had a winning position and was about to queen a pawn, but then he attacked a different pawn with his own pawn, I took his pawn. . . Discovered back rank mate. I was so sad, then i tilted all the way down to 950 (from 1050) it was a terrible night

César Gómez

Just came to say that the position of the thumbnail really reminded me of a game between Alpha Zero and SF


Omg im so happy boxbox is taking chess more seriously after playing Hikaru!

Nathan Fleurisme

44:19 couldn’t you have played h4 CHECK? If king moves to f3, knight h2 CHECK, forcing the king to e2, the bishop CHECKS on g4. If h3 knight has a discover check on e3 !

Muhammad Hammad Dar

In first game it was painful to watch you miss simple mating pattern in opening

zachary pulling

1:19:53 isnt E5 knight hanging? that would have been better than moving the pawn up right?

Angry Angel Ant

Eric rosen nailing the nail home to his homies...

Andi Goldberger

c. .

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Vigueras

Qué? Que me destierras? Está bien, no estoy de acuerdo con tus políticas.

Andrei Ermakov

Eric: "I still don't know how the pairing system works. Is it using a traditional swiss formula?" Sounds like Ricola sore throat relief with traditional swiss formula.

Keith Rowley

Your playing some awesome chess Eric. Have you heard anything about the isle of man tournament this year. Things are opening up here so maybe a possibility.


I'm getting unsubscribed from many of the channels I watch inculding you. Does anyone know how to stop getting automatically unsubscribed?

Sebastian's Handy

Wow Eric did you cut this?

moo mee


Damian Kowalski

Timecode of games? It's paintfull to watch whole clip to see few games.

Steve Thach

Hm, you said your outlet isn't working? If your Alexa was plugged in to something called the GFCI Outlet (near water, so in the kitchen or bathroom), that set of outlets could have tripped.

Another thing you can check is your breaker panel. A breaker could have "popped" (meaning switched off). Let me know if I can help you troubleshoot!

Rasmus Bergström

I don't know if it's been said but I really enjoyed the breaks between games where you were speed analyzing other games in real time. You have so much experience and are great at sharing the essence of the game in a way that I can learn something new for my own play. ?

B Amit

47:18 Isn't Qxf2 mate in two? epic stream!!!

Enrico Dandolo

Gonna be hell of a fun to watch this!!!

tr1ggeRED Dots



Wow Feardragon is a very cool starcraft guy


Hi .. First game what is the problem with 6.. Nxg4?

Ty Quin

What is more difficult: bishop knight mate, or 2 bishops mate?

Riven s

This format with you having the chance to both play and watch has good pacing for us. Great to watch. Thanks

Beter Weter


Þorgeir Karlsson

Im here 58 min from the upload of the video! And the video is 1h 44m. Noone is done watching the video! Allreddy 4 dislikes, are folks just joining to dislike and go to new video to dislike?

Kurt James Malapascua

Sir Eric, can you also stream on youtube? It's hard for me to watch you on twitch because I only use mobile data or prepaid load. I know this is a unfavorable request, but I hope you notice me!

Bogdan Dolana

59:05 how you make that Blue line?

Uroš Mirković

Finegold's comment gets you demonatized

It's Just A Ride

I used to play a lot of poker but now I find myself returning to chess. Would you say chess is becoming more popular with poker players or the other way around?

Rhoddry Ice

YouTube-viewer say hi from the future. And is greatful for a full tournament.


In the Swiss tournament, what happens if there is an odd number of players? Does the player who can't play get the point because of it or is the whole tournament delayed?

steven deslauriers

wait.. Boxbox is playing chess now?!

Minh Khánh Vũ


Ryan Bone

I normally can't get through a 10 minute video but I had to watch the first 10 minutes of this video twice.


Eric love you!! You could’ve won the queen at 45:42 with Bg4 check.


3:40 "Every player has been at this level"
Disagree, I was born better than that player.


So water is flavorless tea.. I like that. I guess sugar-water is flavorless Sweet-tea then.

LiChess has Swiss tourneys now? Cool!

Rhoddry Ice

Would Qg5 have been better?

Joel Koh

That awkward moment when you are Avalon but he just happens to have a game of you but as a mic stand HAHAHAAA

Alex Slater

1:33:20 Eh? Finegold's rule is always sac the exchange!

Steve Thach

Toggi losing the first game to give the rest of the tournament players a fair playing field


45:23 why did he not play Bg4 here?!?! That's a free queen man... Skewer that king!!! I was looking at that move for so long while Eric kept saying "I'm losing some attack..."

Przemysław P

39:44 Two bishops, wat else?

Cidadão Anônimo

may the force be with you

Jeffrey Wright

28:15 Learning openings. Just starting playing chess- is there one or two openings you would recommend to learn first? TIA

King Sethos

Eric is my favorite instructor. I have raised my rating just by watching him play and explain his reasoning behind his moves. Thank you, sir!

Aiken C.

haven’t watched ur stream b4 and rlly wanna join the fun :(

Nevada ZG

When black king was on other side of pawns after having castled:
(W) knight H2 - check
(B) king E2
(W) bishop G4 - check
(B) king either E1 or D2
(W) bishop takes queen D1

Lincoln Vansmoorenburg

13:44 "I've never been so excited to say hello to chronic pain"


Game 3: Five more minutes fiddling with the chat and it would have been a lost game. You bore down just in time!


Time to start drinking coffee Eric

April Ludgate

what's the point of feature?

Warren W

hey! I was the guy who beat toggi!


35:23 Lol

Keith Andrade

Who is Toggi? Felt bad for him or her.


Me, single during quarantine, not having dated in almost 3 months: 21:12

Rhoddry Ice

1:44:16 Stay safe Twitch People until next time.

Jacob Goldman

wow @15:00 can't believe Tyler did not flag there, he was playing with fire.

Sebastian's Handy

It was funny when he mentioned the boxbox stream? I watched the botez video where they destroyed boxbox in his stream