Reversal bar

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Key Reversal Bar Chart Pattern

9 325 views | 7 Jun. 2012

This video explains the

This video explains the key reversal top and key reversal bottom as well as chart examples of each. Also, see the videos "Bearish Engulfing Pattern" and "Bullish Engulfing Pattern"


Cant hear

Ice cream123



U have a f***ed up voice man!!

Pritesh Hathalia

thank you. very good video, voice dont matter, its the information that is more important. 

Rhameen Shadid

U sound like a stock with no volume lol

Reversal bar

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Trend Trading Using Reversal Bars

4 711 views | 20 Sep. 2017

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Reversal bar

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Reversal Bars Trading Techniques

12 700 views | 21 Aug. 2009

http://www.tradingfives.com Reversal bars are an objective technique used to time the entry and exit of a trade. When pattern, price and time all come together at a suspected major pivot, and you hesitate while wondering if the prior trend will continue against your new position, a reversal bar can be the objective trigger to prompt you to take action. The examples have many variations. The example given is not the only possible configuration for that reversal bar type. The important concept is that with every configuration, prices make a new high (or low) but close opposite the direction of the open and the trend. The reversal bar is telling you that the trend for that time frame has run out of gas and that no new buyers or sellers are coming into the market. For bullish reversals substitute low for high.

Gopalakrishna K R

Sir I'm not able to find part 2 & 3.


the most beneficial video ever for any one.

Hass Saleh

Thanks for sharing cant wait for 2 and 3


Unique and straight to the point! This is probably the best price action video I've ever seen. I wonder why so few comments? Certainly a lot of viewers don't realize the value of it.


Good video, cheers!

Nitin Jain

sir excellent information as always.... thanks !!!

Forex สบาย ๆ

Thanks so much for your sharing. Could you pls tell me where I can find part 2&3?

Rasheed Rehman

Good Sir Please Till me Top Reversal Bar

Conor T Keane

Excellent video. You are a great teacher.