Trapped traders

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Trading Strategies that Profit from Trapped Traders: How To Trade Against the Losing Traders ?

12 664 views | 6 Nov. 2017

Contrarian Strategy

Contrarian Strategy http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Trapped Traders Setup. How To Trade Against The Losing Traders. Trapped Traders Trading Strategy. This video is more of a broad approach; we are capitalising on people who take traditional breakout trades and getting it wrong. Their stops and exits are triggering and helping us make money. Big money is made here if you can get the strategy right. Traditional strategy argues that you should sell the breakout to new lows and so on and so forth and then it just reverses aggressively on those people and it catches them right out. We have USD/JPY and a 5 minute chart but the beauty of this strategy is that it works on any timeframe although of course you have to adjust your stops/targets and expectations to fit your setup. The risk-reward parameters of this setup are normally favourable because the potential gains can be many multiples of the risk. When everyone is piling up to one side you may want to take the other side.

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Trading Strategies that Profit from Trapped Traders: How To Trade Against the Losing Traders ?


medqen medness

I've watched many videos
Learned a lot too
But this video
I can't get it

ma.theresa sarmiento

A great add-on to the 5-minute playbook. Thanks!

raj singh

Thank u very helpful

I'm The Original

What strategy???


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Damn, I think I've been the trapped trader a few times...

Nathan Julien

How many strategy should you use or should stick to one


Nice video but it would be helpful if you told us how to spot a trapped trade.


Do you use rsi divergence, I trade something similar to that but only if divergence is showing. It’s done pretty well for me


"Trapped traders trading strategy" - it's like a tongue twister.

Boon Leong Teoh

Excellent analysis of trapped traders scenario and way to benefit from it,thanks...

husnain khan

simple say go with trend

jes kg

Are you a pure chartist or you do "fundamental analysis" also? Is it really realistic to find a strategy that has an edge based only on charts? Would be an interesting subject to discuss. Thanks for great videos anyways.

Eleonora El

Watching this video somehow for the first time...may be because at that time I was still beginner and was too busy with my other business as well...do not understand then why today, Mark, you never talk about manipulation in the markets and do not agree that it exits? I based all my strategies on that...and as I can see you do too....

Trapped traders

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Bid-Ask Profile: Take Advantage of Trapped Traders

4 611 views | 28 Oct. 2019

This video analyzes

This video analyzes trapped longs and trapped shorts and how those levels can become support and resistance. The theory of the video is from timestamps 0:00 to 6:39. Application and live strategy

is from 6:39 onward.

The website used: https://exocharts.com/

Learn how to day trade price and volume professionally: https://bitcointradingpractice.com/guide/


Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!

Tim Welsted

tsize no longer available on free :-(

Komron Erkinov

I like your ideas, but have you used them to actually set positions?

Top Tech

kinder garden student lol


lol you assume ask trades = long and bid trades = short. How can you make such a bold assumption ?

Mayank Jain

Mind blown! Thanks for sharing! Could you show this with volume profile on trading view?


maybe your best ressource yet. It's indeed I think the most useful information to make prediction on support/resistance. If the dynamic of the market is somehow random, human psychology is always the same.

Startrader Paulus


Jaden Johnson

the underwater effect, learnt that one in the gravity trading guide highly recommend


You're the bob ross of trading


why you make all the shitty video ,it's funny people think you can do TA & profitable trader ,Educate yourselves people via @CryptoCred resources

Dante Bouzas Suarez

Ty for the quality video??

Kolega FX

i can not figure out where to find bid ask on Binance. do you guys know?

Ex Ow

What other software supports such charts? The provided website seems to have limited data.. No binance no kraken.

Raja Ali


Jeroen Erne

Love this one! good shit!

Varmint Valorian

It's almost as if we're in a ranging ?
Jokes aside, nice video, thank you again. I'll definitely give it a closer look.


great vid and videos. do you have any videos that shows you the actual short positions. bid and ask we can only assume buying and selling not shorting as the data is aggregated

Grant Robinson

hahaha youre funny

Ami Ami

Thanks! ...but Honestly PA chart movements can tell me the same ...without the special effects.

Altuxa Ermahanov

Pooh! Now the public ICO telegram is available! Don't just walk past, for detailed information go on gramwiki. info

Ex Machina

Which charting software/site is this?


Nice explanation, and I do subscribe to the idea that the market fcks over most traders, so will move to where most liquidations will occur. But would you not agree that looking at a derivatives market can be a bit misleading because the underlying is the spotmarkets (bitstamp/coinbase pro/kraken)

KM Dao

Hmm...I feel some truths are not considered in your thinking ,Ben :
Trapped sellers when the price comes back to them, often wanna buy to break even , willing to take a tiny profit . >Buying
trapped sellers often FOMO panic and decide to , besides of breaking even by exiting their position, enter a buy position to join the wave >more bying
(even tho this last mechanic is more delayed and will probably be triggered a the first fibonacci level .)
So at the ned of the day , this set up is not necessarely favorable to a specefic direction, one has to compare the volume of the 2 forces, to know which one is more likely to prevail .

are these forces that im considering above too weak ? should they be dismissed ? real question

thx for the videos , and i love drawings, it makes us really visualize the mechanics , thumbs up =)

Trapped traders

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Learn Trading - Trapped Traders® Allow Other Traders To Make You Money!

601 views | 19 Dec. 2016

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